Virgo May 2019

Virgo, spring

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

This is a month to get ahead and fast. This is the message of your ruling planet, Mercury, as it whizzes through three star signs and three different sectors of your horoscope. Yes, there will be a few challenges or obstacles to overcome but quick thinking and and fast action solves most issues.

Speedy Action

It all starts for you on the 1st when there’s a helpful connection between your planet Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini. This is important because the two planets representing speed are in each other’s star sign. In astrology, this is called mutual reception and it suggests the planets are working together and cooperating with each other.

This lights up your joint finance sector (Aries) and your career and vocation sector (Gemini). Therefore, it’s about work and money and this is where you can make progress swiftly as May begins. In fact, what you initiate or get moving on early in the month could quickly accelerate and bring you success before May is over.

Help Is At Hand

Mercury’s also working well with big planet Jupiter in Sagittarius and your home and family sector. This will be evident on the first weekend of May. It would be an ideal time to get together with family or help one another out financially. 

Pooling resources, working with family, taking care of one another is the theme of this connection. It’s also helpful if you’re moving home, looking for new accommodation or, in some shape or form, making money from the place you live. You could also be discussing plans for later in the year, the month of August in particular.

Onwards & Upwards

Action planet, Mars, remains in Gemini and your career sector until the 16th. This adds drive and ambition to your career toolbox. Mars is assertive, dynamic and go-getting. You might be looking at ways to create more variety in what you do or take on an extra job or role.

There could be some rumblings from family or people close to you, either holding you back or needing your attention. This might issues around include child care or deciding who has the kids when if you and your partner are no longer together. 

There’s a question mark around lovers as well early in May, especially someone who’s putting demands on you. The key dates to note are the 1st & 2nd, the 7th & 9th. If in doubt, don’t let anyone hold you back now as the forward-moving vibe is taking place at the top of your horoscope. This is an excellent month to get ahead.

Career Peak

The peak astrology takes place on the 21st. On this date, both your planet, Mercury, and the Sun move into Gemini and your career sector. On the same day, they make a super conjunction. This is red-hot for you and an excellent date to plan a meeting or interview, to take a step up the career ladder.

It’s your chance to shine bright, for other people to notice your talents. Don’t hold back on or around this date and don’t hide your light away. It’s your chance to be vocal about what you can do and how you can bring your skills to the table. You’re right to get excited about work and vocational matters and to spread the word about what you’re aiming for.

Foreign Connections

There is another strong calling this month towards travel and study. Therefore, see how you can combine the two. Travel is wonderful for shifting your perspective and bringing new opportunities your way.

This month may coincide with a business trip or a plan to extend your business globally. Foreign connections are well-starred now and fizzing with excitement. This has a lot to do with Uranus’ recent move into Taurus and your travel and study sector. It took up residence here in March and is lively this month on the 8th and 18th.

Notice what opportunities pop up on or around these dates. Being spontaneous and taking a risk could work out for the best. Earth sign energy is strong in May and this is your element. Trust your natural instincts and follow any hints or clues that lead you in a new direction.

Uranus is unpredictable so you do also need to be prepared for the unexpected, especially if you’re travelling or studying on or around the dates mentioned. Allow yourself extra time if necessary and be willing and flexible to take a diversion if needed.

Uranus brings change which taps into the mutable side of your Virgo nature. Even though you’re an earth sign and you need security in life, you also crave variety. Bear this in mind in May and see what adventures or new experiences you can line up.

Expand Your Life

The New and Full Moons also highlight this same sector of your horoscope. The New Moon on the 4th is an excellent date to plan a trip or to sign up for a course. Either that or ensure you’re away. Ringing the changes is a good theme to bear in mind now as anything new and different will be a breath of fresh air.

The Full Moon takes place on the 18th when the Moon shines its light bright. This is a strong time to tap into your natural intuition and to do what feels right. You may sense a pull towards finding a deeper meaning or purpose in life. 

This Full Moon falls in Scorpio, one of the water signs and your communication sector. Expand your thinking on or around this Full Moon and open up your world. It might be a friend or someone you’ve known for a long time who introduces you to an alternative outlook, a new way at viewing the world. It could turn out to be a truly soul-ful experience.

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