Virgo May 2018

Virgo, Uranus lightning

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Your ruling planet Mercury is finishing its long transit through Aries and your joint finance sector in the first half of May. Early in the month, Mercury moves out of its shadow phase and this is the time to move quickly and sort out any issues from the past couple of months.

Mercury in Aries is direct and honest and likes to get straight to the point. The communication planet is on fire in Aries and it will be hard to hold back what you’re thinking. 

Mercury still encounters some difficulties as it completes its move through Aries as it clashes with Pluto on the 7th and Mars on the 12th. This feels volatile and arguments are likely. You might be arguing about money and emotions could run high. Both Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn until mid-month, perhaps raising issues around children or your sex life.

It’s best to get things off your chest and then decide what next. Change is coming and you may need to take a leap of faith in order to move on.

This is because the middle of May is packed full of exciting, yet potentially dramatic planetary activity. Firstly, your ruler Mercury meets Uranus in Aries on the 13th and this is the last time these two planets will unite for eighty-four years.

If you want to cut your losses, either emotionally or financially, this is the ideal time to do so. Or perhaps you come up with a genius idea that can help solve a tricky situation. Uranus rules technology and all things new. Some quick-thinking on your part could save the day.

Mercury leaves Aries on the 13th and two days later, Uranus makes an epic shift away from Aries, the star sign which rules not only money but taboo issues in your horoscope. Uranus is back in Aries from November 2018 to March 2019 but then it moves on for a long time.

This is intriguing astrology, whether you make a sudden big decision that affects your finances or your values shift dramatically. It might be external events which trigger a crisis or the recognition that you need more security than you have currently. 

It may help to think back over the last seven years as Uranus first moved into Aries in 2011. Has this been an unpredictable time emotionally or financially and where and how can change revolutionise your life?

Mercury moves into Taurus on the 13th followed swiftly by Uranus on the 15th, on the same day as a stunning New Moon in Taurus. This is about the bigger picture in life, travel and study, exploration and learning.

You want to see the world or save the world with this planetary combination and it would be the ideal time to set off on a new adventure or make a big decision that could change your life.

There may be other factors involved, for example, friendship. On the 19th, the planet of relating, Venus, moves into Cancer and your friendship sector and, on the same day, it makes a helpful planetary aspect with Uranus. Someone close to you, probably a woman, could be the catalyst in your life for change.

Plus, work too is under the cosmic spotlight so don’t count out a new job abroad or a desire to emigrate for move to improve your circumstances. The Sun enters Gemini and your career and vocation sector on the 21st and is joined on the 29th by your ruling planet Mercury.

Keep your eye on the future and consider what next. The Full Moon, on the 29th, could prove pivotal in this respect and it’s an excellent Full Moon for making a decision about your home and working life.

There is another planet to bear in mind and this is Mars, the action planet. On the 16th, Mars moves into the air sign Aquarius where it remains for the majority of the next six months. This is because Mars will turn retrograde, i.e. be in retreat throughout July and August.

Aquarius rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health. This can indicate a busy period in your life, when you need to pay close attention to your stress levels and work on your time management.

Plus, Mars clashes with Uranus on the 16th and this is a volatile and impulsive combination. It’s not the time to take any major risks and it’s wise to put your health and well-being first. Events mid-month may prove to be the catalyst for changes to your diet, your fitness and prioritising self-care.

The 24th is the best date for your work and career when the Sun and Mars are aligned in air signs, great for strategic thinking and taking the initiative.

Love may take something of a backseat in your life this month or perhaps it’s the love of your friends that calls you. It depends a lot on your experience in the first two weeks of May when Mars is rampaging through your romance sector. You might have lost patience with someone close by the end of May or perhaps you’re ready to move into calmer waters.

There is one date in particular that could be glorious for romance and that date is the 25th when Jupiter in Scorpio aligns with Neptune in Pisces and your relationship sector. These two planets are your partner planets so allow the one you love to take the lead. Let yourself be won over by kindness, caring and a soulful connection.

This is a time when you and someone close are in flow or you see someone you know in a completely different light. Trust your heart when it comes to love.

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