Virgo June 2017

Virgo, sky

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

An idea can turn into reality early in June. As the month begins, your ruling planet Mercury is in your fellow earth sign Taurus, highlighting travel, study and new experiences. Mercury is linked to communication and the mind and it’s the ideas planet. If there’s something you want to do, explore your options in the first week.

Then on the 6th, Mercury leaves Taurus and passes the baton on to Venus, the planet of relating, which remains here until the end of the month. Venus in Taurus represents sensual experiences and it’s about living life to the full. What starts as an idea early in June can quickly become reality if you act swiftly on what you want to do.

Venus in Taurus indicates that this is a lovely month for a holiday or trip away. Even if you only have little time available, a change of scene can have a big effect on your well-being. You need beauty in your life when Venus is in Taurus, so seek out inspiration, art, nature and beautiful places.

The best weekends to take off somewhere new are the 9th-11th and the 23rd-25th. This is also a good month for a holiday romance or a romantic trip for two. In fact, it might be your partner who surprises you with a special gift this month.

The two planets connected most closely to love and relationships in your chart are Jupiter and Neptune and both of them switch direction this month. Jupiter turns direct on the 9th and Neptune turns retrograde on the 16th.

So this is about switching things up, losing the rose-coloured glasses perhaps and being positive about your relationships and the two of you together. Don’t let things slip into a rut and be bold and seek out new opportunities together.

For some, this switch in direction could mean that you’re going your separate ways or perhaps one of you is off on an adventure whilst the other stays home. Ring the changes now and have faith that some time apart will help you to reassess and review your love relationship.

For some, this might not be the best month to go away, which is why a day trip or weekend break might be best. There is strong emphasis this month on the sign of Gemini ruling your career and vocation. Action planet Mars is here until the 4th and the Sun is in Gemini until the 21st.

Most important for you however is the fact that your ruler Mercury enters Gemini on the 6th and remains here until the 21st, the same day as the Sun. Mercury is strong in your career sector so make the most of this quick whizz through Gemini to line up important meetings or interviews.

Mercury in Gemini is fast-paced and quick thinking and if you keep your wits about you, you can make great strides this month in very little time. The 9th could be an important date in this respect when the Full Moon cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac lighting up your foundations.

This is when you can get the work/life balance into perspective and it’s a strong date to look at where you’re heading and why. In addition, opportunity planet Jupiter turns direct in Libra and your personal money sector on the same day.

This feels like a whoosh of positive energy surging into your work and money sectors. Look out for a lucky opportunity that comes your way or the fact that you find yourself in the right place at the right time. The 3rd and 13th are expansive dates for your work and career and a new job, position or contract could pay well.

There may be some opposition from close to home, perhaps with regard to your family. The trickiest dates to negotiate are the 15th to the 18th when taskmaster Saturn opposes the Sun and Mercury in Gemini.

This feels like someone or something holding you back, not allowing you to make progress as you would like. You might have to care for someone at home or perhaps you find that other people aren’t as convinced of your new plans or ideas as you are.

If their doubt comes from a place of fear, it’s important not to let this hold you back. However, if you do have to postpone some work commitments and there’s no way round it, then look at how you can do things differently. Money is important now and ensuring that you negotiate a good deal. Don’t undervalue your skills and put your own needs first.

Friendships are under the cosmic spotlight this month too especially once Mars enters Cancer and this sector of your chart on the 4th. Mars represents passion but also anger and this can be a tempestuous placing for the planet of action.

Try not to let this spill over into your close friendships or group activities. Yet at the same time, know that you might clash with other people so be aware of this. The best date to sort out any friendship difficulty is the 21st, the day of the Solstice.

The Solstice is the midpoint of the year and it’s also the day when both the Sun and your ruler Mercury enter Cancer and your friend and group sector. Plus the Sun and Mercury unite in this sign. Ensure you have the conversation that matters the most.

There’s also a New Moon in this same sector of your chart on the 24th, ideal for new beginnings, meeting new people, making a fresh start.

Yet, feisty Mars isn’t going away completely as you might discover on the 28th when your ruler Mercury runs into the God of War. It may take a lot of forgiveness on your part if a friendship isn’t to crash and burn.

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