Virgo July 2017

Virgo July 2017

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Your ruling planet Mercury spends most of July in the fire sign Leo where it resides from the 6th to the 25th. This is the time to kick back a little and reconsider your priorities. Leo is a sign that wants and needs to shine but first you need to distinguish between what’s important and what’s not in your life.

Have a look at your whole life now and different aspects of it. Where are you happy and where are you ready for less or more, where would like to see change? When planets are in Leo, you have to revise your schedule in some way, as this is invariably a time of preparation before a new chapter, a new cycle.

There may be another reason too why you need time out or space to think. This is because July includes some major clashing planetary aspects which indicate that emotions could run high.

Both the Sun and action planet Mars are in Cancer for most of the month, Mars until the 20th and the Sun until the 22nd. Cancer rules friends in your life, your group sector, the people you hang out with, associate with, team up with. This could be for a political or social alliance, for humanitarian or community reasons, for fun or advice.

Yet both these planets have to run a gauntlet of outer planet aspects so it’s important to have your wits about you and only immerse yourself in a major argument or battle if it’s worth it.

The action starts early in the month on the 2nd when Mars runs into all-or-nothing Pluto in Capricorn. This can indicate a clash, coming up against someone who’s angry, whose emotions are on the edge.

Then on the 9th, there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac and one day later on the 10th, the Sun is opposed by Pluto. This could prove challenging and you might be forced to decide where your alliances lie. Pluto sometimes indicates it’s time to back down from a deal or turn away from a person/association that you no longer believe in, that no longer gives you value.

This could apply to a personal relationship, a romance, a child-parent situation, a long-term friendship. Tread carefully and be wary too of other people going off the rails.

Money is a factor to note because the Sun clashes with Jupiter in your personal money sector on the 6th and Uranus in your joint finance sector on the 21st. This is a month when, in general, you’re wise to keep your money in your pocket and not get involved in a get-rich-quick scheme or loan money, even if you want to help.

There’s too much going on and it feels a complex and muddled picture. There might be too much at stake and this is the kind of scenario when you could lose someone dear to you because money and emotions become entangled.

The period from the 18th to the 21st is not a good time to take a financial risk, however tempting it might seem at first glance.

It is also important however to know that you are in charge, at least of your own life. You might not be able to control what other people do but you can be responsible for your own situation. This is what the Mercury Leo planet/sign placing is about for you. Focus on you and pay attention to your own needs.

The planet of relating, Venus, is currently in Gemini and your career and future sector from the 5th. So here too there’s help at hand and when you get on the right side of the people you work with, a job switches from being to a chore to a joy.

Plus there’s a lovely interplay between the planets Mercury, Venus and lucky Jupiter. Strengthen the alliances that matter to you, perhaps with family and loved ones, with work colleagues and people who appreciate what you do.

The 7th, 14th and 18th stand out in this respect and when you look after your own money, your fortunes improve. You might want to keep some of your affairs private so don’t feel that you have to reveal everything.

A strong relationship is likely to prosper under July’s stars because Jupiter’s your partner planet and Neptune in your relationship sector is a supportive and helpful influence throughout the month. Yet when it comes to love, it’s a good idea to keep your relationship private and not feel that you have to air your dirty laundry in public.

This is a key theme of the month for you, looking after yourself and the ones you love and doing so behind closed doors when necessary. Both Mars and the Sun move into Leo and the most hidden sector of your chart on the 20th and 22nd respectively and on the 23rd, there’s a gorgeous New Moon in Leo.

This flags up a secret or confidence that you need to keep to yourself. There might be a gift from a benefactor or a karmic situation that restores your faith in human nature. This could out to be quite special on a private or inner level. You might experience a spiritual epiphany or a sense that you’re connected to something bigger.

Leo is a generous sign so if you feel called to help others, step forward. Your sign represents service to others and this is one of your greatest callings in life. In fact, what takes place at the end of the month could be in strong contrast to the first half of July. Put petty battles or issues behind you and focus instead on the values and things in life that really matter to you.

Finally, your ruler Mercury enters your sign of Virgo on the 25th, another sign that your personal skills and talents will be much in demand as July comes to a close. Be attentive to the details once Mercury is in your sign and get your thoughts and feelings down in writing.

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