Virgo July 2016

Paris, VirgoVirgo (23 August – 22 September)

Turn to your friends as July begins and create supportive relationships in your life. Your ruling planet Mercury is in Cancer, the sign which rules friends, group activities, clubs and societies, up until the 14th.

You might especially want to focus on your social life if you’ve been busy at work recently or with other areas of your life.

People count now so reach out to old and new friends alike and have some fun. There are likely to be other reasons however why you want to join forces with a group, whether this is for political or society-related reasons. 

You can make a difference now and being a Virgo, one of your best roles in life is as a supporter. This is what you do well and it’s important to recognise that your vote counts. Whether you’re keen to pursue a worthy cause or you’re willing to help other people pursue their goals and aims, it’s the ideal time to come together.

Action planet Mars is currently strong in Scorpio and your communication sector. This is a passionate Mars, it’s the activist and when you speak with confidence and authority, your voice is heard. Let your anger guide you and do something important with your life in the month ahead.

Personal relationships are highlighted this month too and romantic Neptune is in flow. The first few days of July could prove special for love and relationships when Neptune teams up with the Sun on the 3rd and your ruler Mercury on the 5th.

These two planetary aspects fall either side of a New Moon in Cancer on the 4th, so this feels significant as if you’re ready to make a fresh start in love or declare your true feelings. Ensure love is high priority in your life and don’t shy away from confrontation but be true to your convictions.

If you’re looking for love, love and friendship are linked during the New Moon phase. This is another reason why July is a positive month for making friends and widening your social circle. There may not only be one reason why you want to spread your net wide but different reasons and personal goals.

Romance is also highlighted this month during the Full Moon on the 19th which cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac. Capricorn rules your romance sector and emotions are heightened during the Full Moon. This is potentially a positive period for love and commitment.

You often see your own situation clearly during the Full Moon and it’s a time when your head and heart are in unison. If there are other personal reasons that need to be taken into account with regard to love, e.g. children or family concerns, this is the perfect time to address them. Make a decision one way or another when it comes to love and do what’s right for you and the people closest to you.

As July continues, you might find you want more time to yourself. Love planet Venus enters Leo and the most hidden sector of your chart on the 12th and your ruling planet Mercury enters Leo on the 14th.

This turns your attention inward and at its best, you can create some quiet time in your life so you get back in touch with your natural instincts. This is where intuition lies, knowingness and especially if you know you have some big decisions to make over the next few months, even more reason to slow down the pace.

If you can take some time off work or a few days away from your family, depending on your personal situation, make it happen. Listen to your hidden motivations, your inner feelings and follow your heart. Venus in Leo can flag up a love affair or unrequited love affair and if so, you need to decide what you want to do about this before month’s end.

Sometimes when key planets are in Leo, your energy is low or your confidence drops. You need to care for yourself or you’re caught up caring for other people close to you.

There’s a link to the past when planets are in this sector of your chart and whether you’re dealing with an inheritance, past debts or karma, you have to deal with what’s gone before in some shape or form.

The unpredictable planet Uranus turns retrograde on the 29th in one of the most hidden sectors of your chart and it’s towards the end of the month when a blast from the past reemerges. Dealing with home and family affairs could prove troublesome but do whatever’s necessary to finalise or complete issues from the past and tie up loose ends. This might relate to financial or emotional matters.

It’s even more important that you find a way to close a door on the past because your ruling planet Mercury enters your sign of Virgo on the 30th. This is about you and your own wants and needs, separate from your connections to family or the past.

The next couple of months are pivotal for you and the movement of the planets indicate that you’re entering an important stage in life. The planet of opportunity and growth, Jupiter, is strong now in your sign of Virgo where it remains until September 9th 2016.

The focus is on your personal goals and aims and if there’s something you’ve been dreaming about or been wanting to achieve, the time is almost upon you.

This might be another reason why you feel as if events in July are the preparation stage, doing whatever’s necessary in your own life to ensure you’re ready for exciting new beginnings.

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