Virgo January 2020

Virgo, nature

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Eclipse Season & Saturn-Pluto

This could turn out to be an important month for you because your ruling planet, Mercury, is caught up with the major planetary activity. Mercury is in Capricorn, a fellow earth sign, until the 16th and Mercury is conjunct the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the 12th. 

This means that your planet is also pulled in to the Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse which takes place on the 10th. Eclipses often coincide with drama or a sudden turn of events and this eclipse is personal.

To make sense of what might be playing out in your life, think back over the last year and a half to when this eclipse cycle began in July 2018. It cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac and social sectors of your horoscope and completes later this year in July 2020.

This eclipse cycle is about your friends and group connections on the one hand, also children, creativity, romance, entertainment and luck. Notice what happens on or around the eclipse date as this is when key events are powerfully aligned.

On a personal level, this eclipse highlights children in your horoscope and lovers. There might be some tough decisions coming your way, having to play the bad cop or lay down the law. If you want to knock a love affair on the head, the Eclipse and Saturn-Pluto combination would be the perfect time to do so.

Ultimately, this combination is about setting new guidelines in place and closing a door on the past. It’s the time to speak up and decide when the authorities can be helpful and when not. You may recognise where in life you can’t have what you want and need to be realistic or realign your personal goals. This would not be a good time to speculate or gamble.

What this combination is good for is self-discipline and working steadily towards your personal goals. Capricorn makes a positive trine aspect to your star sign, Virgo, so aim to work with this astrology in a way that benefits you. Commit to doing more of what you love. The day to get serious about your 2020 goals is the 2nd when Mercury aligns with lucky Jupiter.

Work & Health

This month, there’s also strong emphasis on the star sign Aquarius. This kicks in for you after the 16th when your planet Mercury enters Aquarius, followed by the Sun four days later on the 20th. This feels collaborative, as if you can work alongside other people to get things done, achieve more and get better results.

Aquarius rules technology and all things new and modern. Bear this in mind if you want to get up-to-date dietary or health advice or you’re considering new work options. If you’re aware that you’re behind the times with regard to social media or online work opportunities, this is where to focus your attention.

The Aquarius influence peaks on the 24th, the day of a New Moon in Aquarius, a symbol of new beginnings. This would be an excellent date to apply for a job or negotiate taking time off work, especially if you’re keen to travel or study.

Love Vibes

The other major theme of your month ahead is love and relationships, thanks to a strong influence in your opposite sign of Pisces from the 13th onwards. This is when love planet Venus enters Pisces where it remains until early February.

The most romantic day of the month is potentially the 27th when Venus and Neptune come together in the heavens. Neptune is linked to romance and is currently in your relationship sector. The times when it connects with key planets in your horoscope often prove significant.

If you’re in a relationship or married, the second half of the month is is a good time to prioritise your love life and do something special with the one you love. If you’re looking for love, make the most of Venus boosting your chances and ask for introductions or be more flirtatious when you’re out socially.

Of course, it’s not going to be happy-ever-after for all Virgos and it’s important to realise that there’s a flip side to Neptune. Neptune is the opposite of your precise Virgo nature. Earth signs like yourself want to deal with reality and the facts, whereas Neptune rules fantasy.

Falling in love is often hard to understand logically. Instead, you fall head-over-heels in love and lose yourself in a romantic haze. Therefore, make sure that you keep a firm anchor on solid ground and don’t get completely carried away. Engage your earth sign common sense so you’re not seduced or deluded. This can also be Neptune’s way if you give in to the illusion.

This is important to remember with regard to other significant 1-to-1’s in your life, a business partner, for example. Don’t give over control to someone else completely. Even if someone is absolutely charming, ensure you keep a tight hold on the facts and are well-informed before making any key decisions.

Home & Family

This could be an exciting time for home and family matters. This is because action planet Mars enters Sagittarius at the base of your horoscope on the 3rd where it remains until mid-February. Events could unfurl rapidly in these areas of your life as Mars is speedy. Note, however, that Mars rules anger and is an impulsive, lively influence so this could bring more arguments, noise or stress.

The most confusing time for home and family affairs is around the end of the month when Mars clashes with Neptune on the 28th. You may not see eye-to-eye with other people. Or perhaps, you’re dealing with builders or estate agents who are slippery and hard to handle. Do what you do best and keep close tabs on what’s happening and read through the small print of important documents.

At its best, this month is a time to boost your energy and fitness levels and line up a new job or everyday activity that’s worthwhile and interesting. Indulge your romantic nature too. It’s sometimes hidden but is never far below the surface.

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