Virgo January 2019

Virgo, 2019

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Your everyday routine could be up in the air until later in January. This might prove unsettling for you being one of the earth signs. You like to know where you stand and you have a common-sense approach to life. Take the pace slow as the new year begins. Or at least, don’t make any major decisions if you’re feeling unsure. 

This is because January is eclipse month and eclipses have a hidden or shadowy theme. The Solar or New Moon Eclipse takes place on the 6th in Capricorn and the Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse takes place on the 21st cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac.

For you, the Solar Eclipse highlights one of the liveliest sectors of your horoscope. In your horoscope, Capricorn rules love and romance, children and pregnancy, creative projects, fun and entertainment. Your planet Mercury is also in Capricorn from the 5th to the 24th.

It’s here where change is likely and unexpected events may occur. Eclipses symbolise a time of highs and lows when you have to change your expectations or alter the way you do things normally. Plus, during the Solar Eclipse, the Sun and Moon are wedged between Saturn and Pluto, planets representing power and responsibility.

Therefore, you may have to put limits in place during the eclipse period or be aware of your limitations. There’s a somber feel to proceedings and it’s important to be realistic, although not give in to fear.

Try not to rush into things during the eclipse period, especially the areas mentioned above. Instead, take your time, explore your options and keep life flexible where you can. If new people or new life appear, go with the flow and don’t have overly high expectations. For some Virgo individuals, events close to the eclipse may bring joy and happiness but there could be a catch so keep your wits about you.

Close relationships are also highlighted this month, thanks to the planet Neptune. Neptune is in Pisces, your opposite star sign ruling your 1-to-1 relationships. Neptune brings romance but possibly confusion and illusion.

There are two major planetary aspects involving Neptune this month. Jupiter square Neptune on the 13th and Saturn sextile Neptune on the 31st. Plus, your planet Mercury teams up with Neptune on the 14th. This combination feels as if you’re living in a fairy-tale. The challenge is how to turn the fairytale into reality and whether you can or not. You might be feeling wistful about love or perhaps your dream doesn’t fit the expectation. 

Why are other people so important to your own progress? Are they helping or hindering? Do you want to move away from the past but are finding it hard to do so? Are you feeling disappointed with someone close or disillusioned with your current progress? These are important questions to ask yourself especially if you feel stuck or trapped.

You may want to help someone close this month too, perhaps someone close to you who’s going through a difficult period in their lives, someone who feels cut off from reality. This is where you can be a grounding force. Don’t hesitate in reaching out if you see someone in your life who’s floundering or emotional.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st is about service to others and sacrificing your own needs to care for people in need. This is when you’re wise to focus on your work and health and deal with any challenges that come your way head on. Your planet Mercury joins the Sun in Aquarius on the 24th. Aim for balance in life and prioritise your well-being.

The most promising sector of your horoscope and where the loveliest planetary activity is taking place this month is represented by the star sign Sagittarius. 

On the 7th, the planet of love and relating, Venus moves into Sagittarius and your home and family sector. This is where happiness can be found and your closest connections can help to bring the love and reassurance you need, especially if you’re the one who feels unsettled or unsure.

Focus on these areas of your life and consider what next. This is also where you find the biggest planet, Jupiter. Jupiter entered Sagittarius in November 2018 and it’s gorgeous astrology when you have the two best planets in the same sector of your horoscope.

Whether you’re planning a family celebration, you want to expand your home, open your doors to others or move somewhere new, this is where good fortune lies. The 22nd is an especially lucky date when Venus and Jupiter unite in the heavens. This is one of the best dates of the year. It lights up your home and family sector, your past and where you come from.

Note too that Jupiter rules space and freedom and is linked to foreign connections. You might be considering a move abroad or a member of your family is moving on, fleeing the nest.

You can also achieve a lot with regard to money this month, as long as you’re forthright and ambitious. Action planet Mars is storming through Aries and your joint finance sector throughout January.

Push for what you want financially and be willing to take a risk or speculate to make progress or move your financial goals in the right direction. Mars represents courage and there’s a sense of nothing ventured, nothing gained, at least if you time your moves well.

It’s a good month to sit down and work out your budget. Get rid of any unnecessary expenses – that unused gym membership for example – and work alongside your family to pool your resources. Together, you’re bigger and better.

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