Virgo August 2019

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Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Mercury Direct

The best news for you this month is the fact that on the 1st (July 31st in America), your planet, Mercury, turns direct after three week retrograde, i.e. on go slow. Mercury switched direction on July 8th and, at the start of August, turns again and is getting back up to speed.

Notice what information comes to light on or around this date and what news reaches you. Things remain hidden while Mercury’s on go slow but tend to come out into the open when Mercury’s direct.

It’s also an excellent time to speak up or sort out a misunderstanding. Mercury turns direct in Cancer and your friendship and group sector. Consider whether you need to make amends, chase someone up or make a key decision about this area of your life.

Plus, when Mercury’s direct, you can think straight. If you’ve been feeling confused or disoriented, now’s the time to make decisions. Listen to your inner voice and recognise what you want and need.

Also, this could be a significant turning point for your relationship with a child or lover. Mercury turns direct at the same degree in the zodiac as the Lunar Eclipse on July 16th. Therefore, events back then could be linked to events early August. Life presents you with an opportunity to resolve a complex situation or heal a rift.

New Moon Leo

The other major planetary factor at the start of the month is a New Moon in Leo, again on the 1st (July 31st in America). New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings and Leo represents the most hidden and personal sector of your horoscope. It’s about what happens on the inside. This might be linked to your spiritual path or inner concerns or issues.

Here too, there’s a sense of progress, a chance to move things forward. Whatever you need to sort out personally, now’s the time to get moving. Leo is the star sign that’s ruled by the Sun so it represents vitality and energy. In August, do whatever’s needed to recharge your batteries and boost your energy.

The first two weeks would be ideal for a holiday or seeking out the sun. Either that, or go on a retreat. Also, it would be an ideal time to a take trip in to the past or go somewhere you’ve been before.

Home Expansions

Home and family are another big feature of your astrology mid-August. This is due to the biggest and best planet, Jupiter, which turns direct in Sagittarius on the 11th. Sagittarius rules your home and family, your past, your roots and where you come from.

Take a voyage of discovery, open up your home to loved ones, organise a big family get-together. Jupiter teams up with planets in Leo on the 7th, 8th and, most importantly for you, your ruling planet, Mercury, on the 21st.

Notice who comes in to your life on or around these dates and notice who you find yourself thinking about. There’s a sense of karma or destiny involved, whether you hook up with a benefactor or bump in to someone unexpectedly who turns out to have family connections.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is about expanding your home, the space where you live. You need freedom in your life with this combination, whether you’re moving things around at home or looking for somewhere new to live. 

Changing Plans

The Full Moon on the 15th can also be important in this respect. Although, there is a hint that you might discover where you want to be when you find yourself in the wrong place. This is because you have Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, currently in Taurus and your travel sector.

Uranus clashes with your ruler, Mercury, on the 16th, the day after the Full Moon. You could end up being somewhere only to find you want to be somewhere else entirely. Trust your intuition mid-month and follow your heart. Events around the Full Moon could prove pivotal, whether this is linked to your work or your wish to be of service to others.

Star Of The Show

After the 18th, it’s all systems go as the inner planets move into your star sign, Virgo. In fact, if you are on holiday or taking a step back, you might want to re-organise your schedule so you’re ready to get things moving from the 18th onwards.

The first planet to enter Virgo is action planet, Mars, on the 18th, where it remains until early October. You only have Mars in your star sign once every two years, so this is great for being ambitious, dynamic and to get things moving.

Mars is swiftly followed by Venus, the planet of relating, on the 21st, the Sun on the 23rd and your ruling planet, Mercury, on the 29th. Plus, if that wasn’t enough focus on you, your personal goals and aims, on the 30th, there’s a New Moon in Virgo.

This is a real star show of planetary energy on your sign, Virgo. You might want to boost your image and profile and let people see who you really are. You might choose to express yourself in the spoken or written word. Or, you find yourself in a way that you haven’t for some time. 

During the last week of the month, you could have a strong intuition of who you are or where you need to be. This might mean a certain place in the world or the next stage in your life. This could include a study course or teaching and passing on what you know.

Love & Foreign Connections

Also, there’s a strong focus on love during this period. Venus graces your star sign from the 21st until September 14th. Plus, on the 24th, the lovers of the heavens, Venus and Mars, unite for the only time this year in your star sign, Virgo.

This is gorgeous if your birthday is late August, when love has a foreign theme. Bear this in mind, whether you’re seeking a holiday romance or you fancy a first or second honeymoon. Love and destiny are intertwined.

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