Virgo August 2016

Virgo August 2016Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Your ruling planet Mercury is in your sign of Virgo throughout August. This is an insightful, precise Mercury, brilliant for paying attention to detail, being thoughtful and planning ahead.

Mercury rules all forms of communication, the written and spoken word and it’s linked to the mind. Put your mind to good use now and make the most of your clever and analytical brain.

It is especially important to be thorough this month if you’re dealing with correspondence or paperwork and this is because Mercury isn’t moving at top speed. Your planet usually whizzes through one sign of the zodiac in around two weeks but Mercury will remain in Virgo this time around for 10 weeks.

This tells you that Mercury is slowing down in order to turn retrograde at the end of August, on the 30th. So this is why it’s really important to get organised and be prepared for next month when Mercury’s on go slow.

Yet Mercury isn’t the only planet in your sign in August. Venus, the planet of love and relating, is here too from the 5th to the 30th and this is often a time when you benefit from your relationships in some way. Work alongside other people to fulfil your goals and aims, create a supportive or buddy-style partnership to ensure you’re moving forward with what you want to achieve in your life.

Venus often brings a sense of gratitude or happiness to everyday activities when it’s in your sign. Appreciate what you have, do more of what you love and make the most of life.

The other key planet in Virgo is Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth. Jupiter has been in your sign of Virgo since August 2015 and next month it leaves Virgo to enter Libra on September 9th. When Jupiter’s in your sign, you’re often involved in activities which expand your horizons. This can include travel or study, learning and knowledge.

Jupiter represents freedom so it’s a positive period to move away from areas of life that feel restrictive or trap you. This month is the final hoorah of Jupiter’s transit through your sign so make the most of it. Jupiter is also linked to hedonism, this is jovial Jupiter and it’s a prime month to plan a party or celebration.

Key dates for you are the 22nd and 27th when Jupiter teams up with your ruling planet Mercury and Venus respectively. Plus Mercury and Venus unite on the 29th, another good date for socialising and teaming up with other people to take part in a fun activity.

This month there is a strong focus on you and what you need and want in life. It’s time to put yourself first and other people second. The Sun remains hidden in your chart until the 22nd in the sign before yours Leo. This is often a time when you benefit from retreat, quiet times, prayer or solitude.

So don’t line up too much in the month ahead and make time for you. The New Moon on the 2nd confirms this because it takes place in Leo, linking you to your past and reminding you to rest, relax and be pampered.

At the beginning of August, you might be able to move things forward quickly with regard to home and property matters, family finances. Use the New Moon energy to set plans in motion and act fast to secure a deal or contract.

This is especially important because of the planets Mars and Saturn which take up residence in this sector of your chart ruling your home and family life after the 2nd. Saturn has been down at the base of your chart for some time, since December 2014 and it remains here until December 2017.

On one level this creates an opportunity to lay strong foundations at home or within your family but Saturn is also the planet of hardship and responsibility. You might find that caring for young children or elderly parents takes up a lot of your time and energy. There might be issues around your home, either the bricks & mortar side of your property or feeling that you don’t have a place you can call home.

Mars joins Saturn in Sagittarius on the 2nd where it remains until September 27th. Mars has been here before from March 6th until May 27th and on April 17th of this year, Mars turned retrograde. So this flags up a theme of second chances and you might be returning to events which took place earlier in the year.

This time it feels urgent and Mars is pushing hard to make things happen. Yet it’s not a smooth run by any means because Saturn turns direct on the 13th and on the 24th Mars teams up with Saturn in the heavens.

This could prove stressful, an obstacle in your path which can’t be overcome. Decide which battles you’re prepared to fight, linked to your home and family, your past, and decide where it’s best to back off and even give up for now.

Saturn represents endings as well as commitment although if you do push through this month’s challenges regarding these area of your life, then in September Mars is more effective. Either way, you’re going to have to be extra savvy to deal with what’s taking place and use new skills and strategies to achieve your goals.

If doing the same thing over and over is getting you nowhere, change your plans and do things differently. This applies to several areas of your life, home and family, work and health and also personal goals.

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