Virgo April 2021

Virgo, April 2021, grass

This is a month to get ahead and fast. This is the message of your ruling planet, Mercury, as it whizzes through three star signs and three different sectors of your horoscope. Yes, there will be a few challenges or obstacles to overcome but quick thinking and and fast action solves most issues.

In the first days of April, Mercury completes its journey through dreamy, romantic Pisces. This means that close relationships are moving into a new phase, more practical & less emotional perhaps.

Mutual Reception

The best period in the month for you could be the 4th to the 19th when there’s a helpful connection between your planet Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini. The theme is communication and networking.

This is important because the two planets representing forward-moving motion are in each other’s sign of rulership. In astrology, this is called mutual reception. It suggests the planets are working together and cooperating with each other.

This lights up your joint finance sector (Aries) and your career and vocation sector (Gemini). Therefore, it’s about work and money and this is where you can make progress swiftly. In fact, what you initiate or get moving on mid-month could quickly accelerate and bring success.

Action planet, Mars, remains in Gemini and your career sector until the 23rd. This adds drive and ambition to your career toolbox. Mars is assertive, dynamic and go-getting. You might be looking at ways to create more variety in what you do or take on an extra job or role.

There’s a question mark around your personal life, however, perhaps someone who needs your attention or is putting demands on you. This could be a child or lover.

The key dates to note are the 12th, 16th & 17th. If in doubt, don’t let anyone hold you back as the forward-moving vibe is taking place at the top of your horoscope. The New Moon on the 12th falls in Aries and your joint finance sector, an excellent time to focus on money and getting ahead.

The only cautionary note is that Aries is a fast-paced fire sign and there may be times mid-month when you feel as if you’re out of control and that life is too full on. You could also be delving into taboo areas, another feature of this sector of your horoscope.

Foreign Connections

There is a strong calling from mid-month onwards towards travel and study. Travel or expanding your horizons can be wonderful for shifting your perspective and bringing in new opportunities.

Venus, the planet of relating, moves into Taurus and this sector of your horoscope on the 14th, traditionally a lovely time for a holiday romance. Venus is swiftly followed by your planet Mercury and the Sun moving into earth sign Taurus on the 19th.

This could coincide with a work trip or a plan to extend your business globally. Foreign connections are well-starred and fizzing with excitement. This has a lot to do with Uranus’ move through Taurus and your travel and study sector. Uranus is especially lively from the 23rd to the 30th.

Notice what opportunities pop up on or around these dates. Being spontaneous and taking a risk could work out for the best. Earth sign energy is strong late April and this is your element. Trust your natural instincts and follow any hints or clues that lead you in a new direction.

Uranus is unpredictable, however, so you do need to be prepared for the unexpected, especially if you want to travel or study on or around the dates mentioned. Allow yourself extra time and be willing and flexible to take a diversion if needed.

Uranus brings change which taps into the mutable side of your Virgo nature. Even though you’re an earth sign and you need security in life, you also crave variety. Bear this in mind late April and see what adventures or new experiences you can line up.

Full Moon Energy

Finally, the Full Moon on the 27th falls in Scorpio, one of the water signs and your communication sector. Expand your thinking on or around this Full Moon and open up your world.

It might be a friend or someone you’ve known for a long time who introduces you to an alternative outlook, a new way of viewing the world. This could turn out to be a truly remarkable experience.

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