Venus Turns Direct: Morning Star

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Venus turns direct [12 Leo 12] 

– September 4, 2023 (02:20 GMT+1)

The planet Venus turns direct on September 4th after six weeks retrograde. This is good news for a number of reasons. As Venus represents love, money, art and beauty these are the key areas to investigate a little more deeply.

Venus turned retrograde on July 23rd in fire sign Leo. Venus shone bright in the evening sky leading up to her retrograde phase. She then dived deep into the underworld for forty days and forty night throughout July and August. This week, Venus turns direct on September 4th and will re-emerge as a morning star, a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

Venus Turns Direct

If the last few weeks have been testing for you when it comes to love, money or issues around self-worth, you can expect a turnaround this week, a shift in energy, a change of events. When a planet’s retrograde, its energy is weakened and your attention turns inwards.

You may have been reviewing your love life or your emotions have been confused. Perhaps, someone in your life has been absent or quiet or difficult to be around. Or, you may have found that you’ve changed your views on love, relationships and where your values life.

Whatever you’ve been working on regarding relationships, pleasure and creativity, this is your opportunity to follow your heart, give love, receive love and celebrate love. It could turn out to be a turn-around time for love or passion.

Perhaps, this has been a creative Venus retrograde phase for you. Alternatively, you may have found your creativity blocked and Venus switching direction brings a resurgence of creativity and heart-led activities.

Perhaps, the focus has been on self-love and learning to love yourself on a deep level. When you reconnect with your true values and you start to lead your life based on what you love, this can bring a deeper level of satisfaction, meaning and purpose.

Money too is a Venus theme and Venus rules women. Here’s what I wrote in my Weekly Newsletter on the week Venus turned retrograde:

It’s always interesting to see what appears in the collective at these key turning points and you may already be aware of the ‘Barbie‘ movie phenomenon that premiered recently.

The movie turns typical gender roles on their head. Venus isn’t only representative of love but is the planet that rules women. Therefore, it’s a synchronous moment for the film’s release – looking at stereotypical roles of women in a new way. 

The director Greta Gerwig is a Sun Leo and she was born during a Venus retrograde phase. Her Sun is at 11° Leo and Venus will turn direct at 12° Leo – perfect timing for her movie to be firmly under the cosmic spotlight. You would expect it do well and be a positive experience for her.

To say the movie did well is an understatement – it’s become the biggest-earning movie of all time for Warner Bros. A movie created by women for women starring women – Venus retrograde in Leo showing her power and influence. Perhaps, there are more women out there who’ve experienced success. I’d like to think so.

Other Factors

On the day that Venus turns direct in Leo, September 4th, Jupiter turns retrograde in Taurus. Therefore, you may gain something at the start of this week which means giving something else away. 

There’s a love dance going on in the cosmos – how’s this playing out in your life? Perhaps, you make up your mind about love but you’re out of sync with someone else. When in doubt, keep coming back to your heart and learn to love yourself deeply and fully.

While Venus has been in Leo, it’s clashed with both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, the money star sign, a cosmic reminder not to be overly extravagant or impulsive around money. Yes, there can be some big wins but this is about reevaluating what’s important to you.

Even though Jupiter switches to retrograde motion this week, the planet’s energy is amplified or intensified. Therefore, this could be good news if you have key planets/angles close to 15° Taurus. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the universe and the best planet in astrology. It represents opportunity, expansion and growth and is the planet linked to luck and good fortune.

Jupiter will remain on go slow until December 31st, New Year’s Eve. Looking ahead, this would be a positive New Year’s Eve to throw a big party or celebrate in a foreign country.

Back to Venus. Even though Venus turns direct on September 4th, don’t forget that communication planet Mercury remains retrograde until September 15th.

Therefore, it may be that things aren’t completely settled or clear just yet. Venus turning direct is the first step in the right direction, the first green light, but there may be more to come.

Venus has been in Leo for since June 5th. This means that one sector of your horoscope has been under the cosmic spotlight for an unusually long time. Venus will remain in Leo until October 9th.

What It Means For You

Where does Venus turn direct in your horoscope? Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Leo: Your relationship with love, your body, your image and appearance 
  • Virgo: Unrequited feelings, private yearnings, your inner journey and spiritual path
  • Libra: Love and friendship, a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship
  • Scorpio: Love and business, an affair with your boss, power and status
  • Sagittarius: Foreign connections, a long-distance love affair
  • Capricorn: Your sexuality, money and sex, taboo issues
  • Aquarius: Love and relationships, personal and professional, your exes, love contracts
  • Pisces: Everyday love, devotion and service, self-love and your well-being
  • Aries: Romance and love affairs, your creative source, whatever brings you pleasure
  • Taurus: Your family and past connections, love from the past
  • Gemini: Flirtations, love letters, numerous love connections
  • Cancer: Your values, love and self-worth, money and love

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