Venus Trine Jupiter: Animal Symbolism & Abundance

deerThis morning when I was taking the dogs for a walk I was stopped in my tracks twice, firstly when a deer ran in front of the car causing me to brake suddenly and the dogs to bounce around and secondly when another deer shot out of the undergrowth in front of us all towards the end of our walk.

My early morning dog walk takes place in a beautiful wood and heathlands in Surrey and it’s an important ritual in my day.  It provides a perfect place and opportunity to mull things over in my head, to listen to my intuition and on the odd occasion (when fellow walkers are scarce) to have a good old rant and stomp my feet. In other words, my dog walks are a personal and cathartic experience as well as a chance to get some exercise and revel in the beauty of nature.

A Moment In Time

So this morning on seeing the first deer I thought ‘how magnificent’ but when the second deer strode across my path, I started to wonder whether there was something else going on and trying to grab my attention. This is when being an astrologer is brilliant because when this happens you can note the time of the occurrence and when you get home you draw up a chart of that specific moment in time and more often than not the chart helps to reveal what’s really going on and why it’s important.

The Venus-Jupiter Trine

I already knew that today’s main planetary movement is a lovely one between the two benefics of the heavens, i.e. the favourable planets, Venus and Jupiter, meeting in a trine or easy aspect. Venus is currently cosying up closer and closer to Jupiter and the aspect is exact today September 26th 2013 at 21:01 GMT. I also suspected that the chart would have these two planets dominant and this was the case with Jupiter slap bang on the Cancer Midheaven and Venus in Scorpio being the chart ruler and in the 2nd house.

Animal Symbolism

The symbolism of the Venus-Jupiter trine could easily resemble a leaping deer as Venus rules nature & beauty and Jupiter is the planet associated with large animals, freedom and space and together Venus and Jupiter feel joyful and expansive. Delving a little deeper into animal symbolism I also discovered that the deer not only represents grace, compassion, gentleness and femininity but also abundance. In fact, in China, the symbol of the deer represents happiness and good fortune and the chinese word for deer means abundance.


Suddenly the chart for the moment of the leaping deer became a big fat YES and as I was mulling over new work ideas on today’s dog walk, this felt as if life was giving me a gentle push in the right direction. The chart for the exact moment of seeing the deer had a Libra Ascendant and therefore I was the Venus in the chart, the chart ruler. Venus was in Scorpio (my own Sun sign) in the 2nd house of money and applying to an exact trine with an elevated Jupiter in Cancer on the Midheaven and the career point of the chart, strong and powerful promising success and abundance.

The World’s Always Talking To You

Charts like this are magical as they bring the astrology to life. The derivation of the word astrology means ‘language of the stars’ and this is how astrology can work so it feels as if life is speaking to you. One of my all-time favourite quotes comes from the singer Ricky Lee Jones who said:

“You can hear all kinds of things if you just watch and listen; the world’s always talking to you”.

Some of you reading this will identify closely with her words whether you know and understand astrology or not. There are many ways in life that we can access this deeper connection to the universe and astrology is one of them. Here’s hoping today’s Venus-Jupiter trine brings some happiness and good fortune your way too.

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