Venus Retrograde: Diving Deep Into The Underworld

Venus retrograde

Venus Retrograde

– December 19, 2021 to January 29, 2022.

Venus, the planet ruling love & money, art & beauty turns retrograde this weekend. This means Venus will be retreating back through the zodiac from 26 Capricorn to 11 Capricorn.

So what does Venus retrograde mean, what do you need to avoid and how can you make the most of Venus’ change of direction?

Retrograde Venus

When a planet turns retrograde, its energy is said to be weakened. Venus will disappear from the night sky and return as a morning star. She’ll be hidden from view for a short while.

This gives you a clue as to the themes of Venus retrograde. What’s hidden from you or is changing direction? Traditionally, this is not the time to engage avidly with Venusian pursuits, i.e. don’t marry, have cosmetic surgery or make a major investment. This is because you may regret your decision or choice once Venus is back up to speed.

When planets are retrograde, ideally turn your attention and focus inwards. You may be reflecting about love, what it means to you, whether you’re in the right relationship, what sort of relationship you want, etc. 

Money too may fall under the cosmic microscope during this retrograde phase. A time to let go of some of your long-held beliefs or ideas around money or explore new ways of making money. It’s a time for contemplation rather than out-and-out action.

Sometimes, a lover goes absent or quiet on you during Venus retrograde. Alternatively, you’re the one who’s in retreat. 

As with all retrograde phases, Venus retrograde connects you to the past. You may hear from an ex or a childhood sweetheart. If you still have strong feelings for someone in your past, this can be a good time to get back in touch to explore those feelings once again.

Venus conjunct Pluto

There is a big proviso this time around, however, as Venus is diving deep into her retrograde phase alongside Pluto. Venus turning retrograde often conjures up the myth of Persephone.

Venus is currently the brightest star in the evening sky but when she turns retrograde for approximately 40 days & 40 nights, Venus disappears from view to re-emerge as warrior woman in the morning sky.

Therefore, it’s doubly powerful that Venus is turning retrograde conjunct Pluto, the planet representing endings, loss, power & transformation. This adds intensity and drama to the mix.

There may be themes of jealousy or obsession, passion and extreme emotion. Here are the key dates of Venus’ transit through Capricorn:

  • Venus enters Capricorn – November 5, 2021
  • Venus conjunct Pluto – December 11, 2021
  • Venus turns retrograde [26 Capricorn 29] – December 19, 2021
  • Venus R conjunct Pluto – December 25, 2021
  • Sun conjunct Venus R [18 Capricorn 43] – January 9, 2022
  • Venus turns direct [11 Capricorn 05] – January 29, 2022
  • Venus conjunct Pluto – March 3, 2022
  • Venus leaves Capricorn – March 6, 2022

The Venus-Pluto conjunctions are at the beginning of the retrograde phase i.e. during this period of the year and when Venus leaves Capricorn early March. If you have planets close to 26/27 Capricorn, you’ll be feeling this partnership most intensely. Pluto’s role is to purge, regenerate, turn something old into something new, take you into the dark side of life.

Be wary of corruption but don’t be scared to expose any secrets or taboos that are lurking. Pluto takes you down into the depths of the Underworld, which is rarely easy. Yet, it’s a place where there are hidden riches to be found if you’re brave enough to venture into the unknown.

You may dive deep into an intense period of learning, insight and transformation now and over the next few weeks. 

Wait until late January 2022 before making up your mind about any Venus-related issue. Apply what you’ve learned during the retrograde phase once Venus emerges from her journey into the underworld.

In The World

This powerful Venus-Pluto astrology is re-triggering the hotspot astrology of January 2020 when the major Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn became the marker for the pandemic. Saturn & Pluto are the two planets linked to loss, endings & death – it’s not been an easy couple of years.

A new virus variant is raging again and the end of 2021 is bringing yet more challenge & restriction our way. Therefore, it’s important to note the dates of Venus in Capricorn – maybe March 3 2022 when Venus, Mars & Pluto all meet together in Capricorn will be a finale or turning point. It certainly feels dramatic.

What It Means For You

Venus retrograde will fall in a particular sector of your horoscope. This is where you’re being asked to tread gently or to dive in deeply, passionately & obsessively if you’re ready for a dose of Venus-Pluto intensity. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign. 

  • Capricorn: Your relationship with love, your body, your image & appearance 
  • Aquarius: Unrequited feelings, private yearnings, your inner journey & spiritual path
  • Pisces: Love & friendship, a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship
  • Aries: Love & business, an affair with your boss, power & status
  • Taurus: Foreign connections, a long-distance love affair
  • Gemini: Your sexuality, money & sex, taboo issues
  • Cancer: Love & relationships, both personal & professional, your exes, love contracts
  • Leo: Everyday love, devotion & service, love & health
  • Virgo: Romance & love affairs, your creative source, what brings you pleasure
  • Libra: Your family & past connections, love from the past
  • Scorpio: Flirtations, love letters, complex connections
  • Sagittarius: Your values, love & self-worth, money & love

Venus-Pluto Role Model

To find out more about the Venus-Pluto themes, look no further than the talented Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. A Sun Cancer, she was born on a close Venus-Pluto conjunction in Gemini. She married the artist Diego Rivera twice & they both had affairs. Frida was bisexual and her Venus in Gemini evokes the themes of duality in her life. It was an intense, passionate & at times torturous relationship.

The theme of beauty was also foreground for Frida as she suffered physically throughout her lifetime. A bout of childhood polio left her with one leg slightly shorter than the other and she suffered a devastating accident in her teens. A bus crashed and an iron railing went through her pelvis. She was in pain a lot of her lifetime and said she would have killed herself if it were not for her love of Diego.

Frida’s may be an extreme life example of Venus-Pluto themes but hopefully this gives you a good idea of how they can play out. You live & love intensely.

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7 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde: Diving Deep Into The Underworld”

  1. Many say March will be the turning point, Sally. So the astrology suits to that. Thanks for your extensive blog about Venus (r). My mother will love it, she is a painter and has made several paintings of Frida 🙂

    Hope you are fine!! Merry X-Mas to you and your family, as well to Christina. Your Astrology Podcast is brilliant!

    Kind regards,

    1. Happy solstice Patrick. Wishing you and your family a happy festive season. Thank you for your lovely comment. best, Sally

    2. I meant to say where are you hearing March is the turning point? Astrology or elsewhere? It would be helpful to hear. Thank you.

      1. Sally, a friend told me she received several indications from the spiritual world that early March could be an end of this insanity. I observed that several key politicans in Germany have negative astrology in Januar whereas people as discriminated medics have very good transits. Also I have seen that 15 degrees Uranus in early spring falls on key planets of German politicians. Do you agree Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto may indicate the rising waves of people fludding the streets?

        1. Thanks Patrick. The protests are best symbolised by the Saturn-Uranus square. The Venus-Pluto conjunction is re-triggering the dark side of the virus which is spreading fast again and bringing despair and destruction to many, especially due to the fatalities & the economy. I think we’re going to see the start of an economic shake-up as the US Pluto Return kicks in. Venus/Mars/Pluto all in Capricorn on March 3rd.

          1. Thank you Sally. Interesting that the US Pluto Return falls into these time, too. Things will peak in order to heal I hope… Have a good start into 2022!

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