Venus & Mercury Turning Points

Venus & Mercury, turning points

It’s not often that two of the inner planets are retrograde at the same time. This is what’s been happening in January 2022.

The planet of love and money Venus has been retrograde from December 19, 2021 and the planet of communication Mercury has been retrograde from January 14, 2022.

This week brings two significant turning points as both Venus and Mercury are about to change direction. And, they both turn direct in earth sign Capricorn. Here’s what to expect:

Venus turns direct [11 Capricorn 05]

– January 29, 2022 (08:46 GMT)

Venus turning direct is good news for a number of reasons. As Venus represents both love and money, these are the key areas in which to channel your focus and attention.

In astrology, Venus rules two signs of the zodiac, Taurus and Libra. Venus’ association with earth sign Taurus links Venus to money, possessions and earthly goods. Venus’ association with air sign Libra is where Venus can charm, be gracious and kind as Libra is the sign of relating.

Therefore, if the last few weeks have been testing for you in either of these areas of your life, you can expect a turnaround this weekend, a shift in energy, a change of events. When a planet’s retrograde, its energy is weakened and your attention naturally turns inward.

Perhaps you’ve been reviewing your love life or your emotions have been confused or uncertain. Maybe someone’s been absent or quiet or difficult to be around. Whatever you’ve been mulling over regarding your close relationships, both personal and professional, this weekend is your opportunity to be decisive, to follow your heart, to give more love, to celebrate love.

All money transactions receive the green light too whether money comes in, money equals happiness, you decide to treat yourself and the ones you love or you hear good news financially for yourself or someone close. The alternative is that you hear about a debt or money that needs repaying as Pluto’s been involved too – see below.

Mercury turns direct [24 Capricorn 23]

– February 4, 2022 (04:14 GMT)

The planet which rules communication, post, transport and trade, Mercury, turns direct next week. Thank goodness! Trying to make plans has been a challenge, getting to the bottom of things has been tricky to say the least and sometimes it’s been hard to know which way is up.

I’ve been literally stopped in my tracks during this Mercury retrograde as I caught covid and had to self-isolate – talk about being slowed down.

Mercury turning direct often brings new information to light, you can start to sort out any misunderstandings and, whatever’s gone wrong in your life over the last three weeks, it’s the perfect time to try and fix it.

There may be important news that’s revealed as Mercury switches direction – new information or truth that comes to light. Here are some other Mercury direct pointers:

  • try again – second chances are a classic Mercury direct theme
  • consider what Mercury retrograde taught you, i.e. where have you been wasting your time?
  • initiate a conversation
  • start a new project, idea, plan
  • write a list – keep it short, deal with what’s most important or urgent in your life
  • handle any technological or transport issues
  • plug back in, renew your energy & focus

Pluto In Capricorn

Pluto is God of the Underworld and has been playing a hand in both these retrograde phases – Venus & Mercury – bringing an added level of intensity to events. Some people have experienced cruel behaviour, meanness or been on the wrong side of corruption. It’s not been easy.

Pluto’s an important planet because it takes you down to the depths where you can purge and excavate and dig out what’s hidden. This process will continue throughout February and the inner planets finally leave Capricorn with a bang early March.

Whatever’s uncovered this week while Venus and Mercury turn direct, there may be some way to go before you can finally lay an issue to bed or close the door on the past. This may link back to events mid-December 2021. Or, possibly even further back to 2020. A two year chapter is coming to a painful close.

What It Means For You

Here are the areas of your life under the spotlight now both Venus and Mercury are beginning to move forward once again. Read both your Sun sign and Ascendant sign:

  • Capricorn: image & body, reputation & appearance, personal goals
  • Aquarius: retreat, solitude, quiet time, sacrifice, inner work
  • Pisces: friends, groups, wider society, politics
  • Aries: career, reputation & status, future goals
  • Taurus: travel, education, philosophy & beliefs
  • Gemini: joint finances & shared resources, all things hidden & taboo
  • Cancer: relationships, personal & professional, your 1-to-1 negotiations
  • Leo: work & routine, health & lifestyle, your well-being
  • Virgo: your ‘fun’ sector: love affairs, children & pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment
  • Libra: home & family, your past & ancestry
  • Scorpio: communication, local community, transport, siblings & neighbours
  • Sagittarius: personal money sector, possessions, values, self-worth

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