Venus & Mars: Mutual Reception

On September 15, 2021, Mars enters Libra, the star sign ruled by Venus. Five days ago, on September 10, 2021, Venus entered Scorpio, the star sign ruled by Mars.

Traditionally, both planets are now in their sign of detriment, i.e. a star sign in which they’re not especially strong.

Mars likes to aim straight ahead, be self-oriented and Libra says ‘consider the other person, think things through’. Venus loves peace, harmony and loving relations and Scorpio says ‘dive in to the dark places, see what you can dredge up’.

The Perfect Seesaw

As each planet is in the other planet’s sign of rulership, they have a connection. In astrology, this is known as mutual reception, which means that working together, they can help one another.

The two planets remain in mutual reception until October 7, 2021 when Venus leaves Scorpio. You have a whole three weeks to find or work with your ‘partner’, your confidante, your support, the people who are there for you and you for them.

see saw

Find the person who is the perfect fit on the other end of your see-saw.

Together, you can support one another. When one of you is low, the other rises up. When one of you needs encouragement, the other finds the right words. Together, you’re stronger.

Feminine & Masculine

Venus and Mars were lovers in mythology but they also represent the feminine and masculine principles.

Therefore, this is about finding and balancing these qualities within yourself, so they work mutually and you get the best of both. Combine the different aspects of your personality to find inner harmony.

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