Venus Direct: Love And Money

love, money, VenusVenus, the planet which rules women and the feminine principle, turns direct this weekend after six weeks on go slow.

Venus turned retrograde on July 25th 2015 and is stationary direct tomorrow, Sunday 5th September (9:30 am BST).

This is good news for a number of reasons but as Venus represents both love and money, these are the key areas in which to channel your focus and attention.

Taurus & Libra

In astrology, Venus rules two signs of the zodiac, Taurus and Libra. It’s Venus’ association with the earth sign Taurus which links to money, possessions and earthly goods and Venus is also strong in Libra, where she can charm, be gracious and kind. Libra is after all the sign of relating.

Shifting Stuck Energy

So if the last few weeks have been testing for you in either of these areas of your life, you can expect a turnaround this weekend, a shift in energy, a change of events. When a planet’s retrograde, its energy is weakened and your attention naturally turns inward.

Perhaps you’ve been reviewing your love life or your emotions have been fickle or uncertain. Maybe someone’s been absent or quiet or difficult to be around.

Whatever you’ve been mulling over with regard to relationships, both personal and professional, this weekend is your opportunity to be decisive, to follow your heart, to give more love, to celebrate love.

The All-Important Degrees

Venus turned retrograde at 0 Virgo and turns direct at 14 Leo. This is an especially powerful planetary turnaround if you have key planets/angles within 1-2 degrees of these points in the zodiac.

Giving & Receiving

All money transactions receive the green light too whether more money comes in, money equals happiness, you decide to treat yourself and the ones you love or you hear good news financially for yourself or someone close.

I experienced a totally unexpected gift yesterday when a cashier in a supermarket offered me an opportunity to put my shopping through in three small shops and receive a £5 discount each time. How lovely was that?

Whether I was the only customer benefiting or she was doing it for everyone, didn’t matter. It was the thought that counted and the way it made me feel inside which was so heart-warming.

Venus in Leo

Bask in Venus’ glow this weekend. Venus in Leo is confident, generous and seeks out pleasure wherever she can find it. Art and beauty come under Venus’ domain as does nature. Be abundant, be loving and attract more of what you love into your life.


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