Venus conjunct Jupiter: Love And Luck

Venus Jupiter, love, luck

Venus conjunct Jupiter [16 Sagittarius 03]

– January 22 2019 (12:26 GMT)

Venus and Jupiter have special titles in the planetary treasury. Venus is the ‘lesser benefic’ and Jupiter the ‘greater benefic’. In other words, they are the two best planets and they meet on average once a year.

Today, Tuesday 22nd January is their next connection and this promises something special. They meet in Sagittarius, the sign of the traveller, explorer, philosopher, teacher.

These are loving vibes so mark this special occasion by doing something special. Express your love, open your heart, meet up with your girlfriends, use your feminine skills & talents, treat yourself or others, be indulgent, give pleasure, joy and happiness and be open and willing to receive in return.

Be kind, not cruel. Honour women, because Venus is the planet that rules girls, women, the feminine.

Here’s a list of the areas of your life being awakened by the Venus/Jupiter loving vibes:

  • Aries – travel, study & deeper meaning
  • Taurus – shared finances & all things taboo
  • Gemini – love & relationships
  • Cancer – work & health
  • Leo – new birth i.e. kids, love, creative project
  • Virgo – home & family
  • Libra – communication & ideas, good news
  • Scorpio – money & values, abundance
  • Sagittarius – personal goals, image & profile
  • Capricorn – retreat, secrets & personal issues
  • Aquarius – friends & wider society
  • Pisces – career & status

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