Valentines Day Love Alert: Full Moon In Leo

Love HeartsLove it or loathe it, romantic tradition or commercial rip-off, today is Valentines Day.

What’s so glorious about today’s astrology is that on this February 14th 2014 there’s a glorious Full Moon in Leo. Leo is the sign that wants to shine and be centre of attention and a Full Moon represents a culmination when the brightness of the Moon is at its peak.

For all you lovers out there, this feels powerful and important so don’t let the most romantic of days pass by unannounced or unnoticed. Keep love in the dark and it has nowhere to shine.

Leo is the sign where the Sun is as it’s best, big-hearted and proud. This is a giving combination so if you want to make an impression, show your love and be generous. It’s a wonderful day for a proposal, making a commitment and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

If you’re single and whether you’re looking for love or not, make the most of this fun-loving Full Moon in the party sign of Leo and celebrate life and the love that’s around you. Love comes in many guises; seek out the places and people where your passion and heart lie and there you’ll find love.

Here’s a quick round up of all 12 star signs, the areas of your life that this Full Moon connects with most deeply (read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant) and your star sign love teaser.

A gift from me to you, Happy Valentines Day.

Aries: 5th/11th houses – romance, love affairs, children, creativity, gifts & friends, groups, networks

Aries love teaser: A suave type swooshes into your life and catches your attention in sophisticated surroundings. Check out the clothes, the look, the cool demeanour. In love? Be the yin to their yang.

Taurus: 4th/10th houses – home, family, your past & career, vocation, where you’re heading in life

Taurus love teaser: Ker-ching. You’re seeking stability and what you find is serious money.  If the smooth operator knows the way to your heart is yummy food, s/he’s a keeper. In love? It’s serious – commit or quit.

Gemini: 3rd/9th houses – communication, words, lyrics, siblings, neighbours & travel, poetry, truth

Gemini love teaser: Swoon for the poet or song writer who encapsulates your beauty in words and enjoy the naughty texts and sexy suggestions. The poet wins hands down. In love? A romantic holiday will do nicely.

Cancer: 2nd/8th houses – money, possessions, what you value & joint ventures, money, sex, hidden desires

Cancer love teaser: Your perfect Valentine knows instinctively how to look after you, can master practical tasks and soothes your fears. In love? They wipe away your tears… of sadness and love and hold you close.

Leo: 1st/7th houses – appearance, personality, vitality & love, relationships, 1-1 connections

Leo love teaser: Oh glorious Full Moon in Leo, thou art a signal to shine and shimmer. Shake thine glossy locks and sparkle centre stage. In love? A relationship is peaking and about to reach its climax.

Virgo: 12th/6th houses – retreat, meditation, peace & exercise, health and diet, employment, service

Virgo love teaser: The one you seek is found when you’re out exercising or volunteering to help people in need. In love? The floodgate to your emotions breaks wide open at a wedding or close to water.

Libra: 11th/5th houses – friends, groups, networks & romance, love affairs, children, creativity, gifts

Libra love teaser: Follow the friendship that develops into love over time, the romantic who knows the beauty and symbolism of a red rose. In love? The big family events, dramatic and otherwise, create a lasting bond.

Scorpio: 10th/4th houses – career, vocation, where you’re heading in life & home, family, your past

Scorpio love teaser: The unrequited love or the affair that was never meant to happen is not going away any time soon. In love? The subtle gestures mean the most even when the words remain unspoken.

Sagittarius: 9th/3rd houses – travel, poetry, truth & communication, words, lyrics, siblings, neighbours

Sagittarius love teaser: Nurturing without clinging, eager without appearing desperate, to win your heart that love of yours knows exactly what you need. In love? It’s all in the words including ‘I love you’.

Capricorn: 8th/2nd houses – joint ventures, money, sex, hidden desires & money, possessions, what you value

Capricorn love teaser: It’s not all about the money and yet it is all about the money. What the gift says means a lot. In love? You’re the rock who underpins and holds tight the strong emotions.

Aquarius: 7th/1st houses – love, relationships, 1-1 connections & appearance, personality, vitality

Aquarius love teaser: You’re cool and easy-going about love and yet for a relationship to develop it needs to be  more than just a friendship. In love? When your heart and head are in unison, love grows.

Pisces: 6th/12th houses – exercise, health and diet, employment, service & retreat, meditation, peace

Pisces love teaser: Look out for the big personality, someone taller or a cuddly type. The bigger their heart, the more you want to hug them. In love? They’ll surprise you at work and a private retreat creates intimacy.

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