US Open Tennis 2022

Update: Carlos Alcaraz has won the US Open tennis. Born on May 5, 2003 in Murcia, Spain he is only 19 years of age. There is a possible birth time of 3am for Alcaraz. He’s born on a Mars-Jupiter opposition which mirrors the Mars-Jupiter signature in the US Open chart and is the young winner, resonant of the Moon/Mercury conjunction. The tournament chart suggested that the favourite would win – he was the no. 3 seed and was the only top seed left in the competition after Nadal was knocked out in round 4.

It wasn’t clear astrology for his win. Yet, I believe one of the reasons Alcaraz is doing astonishingly well from an astrological perspective is because of the combination of Uranus & the nodes/eclipses in Taurus which started last year, 2021.

Eclipse cycles often coincide with career highs in a person’s life. You would expect the star signs Taurus & Scorpio in particular to be on a roller-coaster ride now and through until the end of 2023, when this particular eclipse cycle completes. Bravo Alcaraz!

Tournament Chart

I’ve put up the tournament chart for those of you who want to comment on the astrology for the tennis of the US Open. I’m not going to write a lot as it’s almost impossible to predict who will win with so few players with accurate birth times.

A Scorpio Ascendant makes Mars in Gemini the ruling planet moving towards a lovely sextile aspect with lucky Jupiter retrograde in Aries. On its own, that combination can spell good news for the favourite – you would expect the no. 1 seed Medvedev and no. 2 seed Nadal to be in with a shout. Medvedev also won this event last year.

The ruler of the Leo Midheaven is the Sun in Virgo which is moving away from a challenging square to Mars in Gemini. Maybe a nod towards the missing Gemini from the tournament – Djokovic?

Intriguingly, the Sun doesn’t make another planetary aspect until the day of the final, September 11th, when it finds a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus. As we know, Uranus can often spring a surprise.

Plus, on September 10th, Mercury (tennis planet) turns retrograde and there’s a powerful Full Moon in Pisces – an indication of a possible change of fortune. These two events may be significant for players with planets/angles at 8° Libra (the degree Mercury turns retrograde) and 17° Virgo/Pisces – the degree of the Full Moon.

The Moon is also important to note in these charts. The Moon in Libra is making a lovely conjunction to Mercury in Libra, which often suggests a younger player doing well.

2021 Tournament

The two winners of the singles titles in 2021 were Daniil Medvedev (b. February 11 1996) and Emma Raducanu (b. November 13 2002). They both had Jupiter transits happening by conjunction – always a powerful indicator of success.

Jupiter was in Aquarius during the tournament and sat between Medvedev’s Sun/Mars conjunction in Aquarius. Raducanu was a real surprise winner and no surprise to find that Jupiter in Aquarius was on her natal Uranus Aquarius, the planet of surprises.

The Players

I’ve had a quick look at some of the players’ astrology for this tournament but can’t find anyone as yet with an exact Jupiter conjunction. Jupiter is retrograde and moves back from 7° to 5° Aries during the fortnight. Interestingly, Djokovic has his Moon at 5° Aries and he’s not playing!

There are some players who have Jupiter active in trine aspect and may be worth noting.

Nadal (b. June 3 1986, 7.10pm, Manacor, Spain) is the only top seed with an accurate birth time. He has a nice trine aspect from Jupiter to his natal Saturn at 5° Sagittarius 55 in his 1st house. It’s also helpful that he has action planet Mars conjunct his Sun at 12° Gemini on the day of the final, if he gets that far.

What’s not so good is Pluto making an exact quincunx (blind spot) aspect to his career/tennis planet Mercury at 26° Gemini during the tournament. Pluto has a theme of endings, so definitely mixed astrology for Nadal. It will be interesting to see what the other astrologers see in his progressions & Lunar Return.

The other two players with Jupiter transits are Aliassime (b. August 8, 2000) & Norrie – (b. August 23, 1995). Neither are the all-important powerful conjunctions.

Otherwise, not a lot to say about this year’s tournament without any more accurate birth times. I was in two minds whether to post this tournament but hopefully it gives you all a chance to share your ideas & thoughts. If you hear of any other astrology predictions, please do post them in the comments box below. Play nicely 🙂

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  1. Hello sally thank you for your blog on US Open 2022.With your permission let me give my thoughts based upon sidereal astrology. 8 degree libra rises and MC falls on 13.52 degree in cancer making venus the ruling planet and moon the planet ruling Success point. The ruling planet venus is placed in the 10th house which is normally good for the favorite but placed in a cuspal degree ie last degree of cancer which is not generally good for the favorite. The MC ruler moon is in rapt conjunction with mercury in 11h degree of virgo which is good for an younger player winning the tournament but it is in the 12th house which again gives mixed results. The MC is aspected by Jupiter almost exact just half a degree to exact meaning the tournament will be won by among the top seeds mostly within the top 4 seeds. I shall write my view on the chances of individual players (whose birth chart is available) at a later time.

  2. Thanks a lot Sally for finding time to write about the astrology of US Open 2022.

    May the Giver of All Good bless you at all times.

  3. This is cool – thank you Sally. I am not a huge fan of Novak – however, I am disappointed he is not allowed to play.

  4. Thanks for your valuable time & this blog Sally.
    Thanks James Green for your comments and eagerly waiting for your further thoughts about the winner of this US open 2022.

  5. Since 2009 no player has successfully defended the US Open title. It was last defended by Federer in 2008. So i do not think anything is going to change especially with Medvedev’s current form.

    Looking at a new winner this year again.

  6. Thanks Sally for doing this one more time.

    I’m a novice in this so bear with me. I looked up Nadal’s, Medvedev’s and Alcaraz’s month (the 8th month on lunar calendar) in Tze Wei Astrology. Major caveat for Medvedev: Since I don’t have his birth time, I can’t convert it to China time zone, which is 5 hours ahead of Moscow. I used “time unknown” option, but IF he’s born late at night, his birthday could be the next day in China. Then the following will be invalid. For Alcaraz, I used 3AM per a report online (not confirmed). Here are my observations:

    For Nadal, this month rhymes with the 12th month of last year (Australian Open 2022). His Self House of this month trines his Self House during AO Open. He has almost all good main stars in the most important houses (Self, Career, Wealth and Travel) and no “Broken” or “Injured” stars. He has many good luck and helpful people in these 4 houses. But he lacks “action stars” in those 4 houses (something Medvedev has plenty). The intriguing part is that 3 of his main stars in those 4 houses are also in the tournament’s 4 houses. Based on what I read here before, this is a good sign but I don’t know exactly what it means. I think he can go far because of his relatively easy draw or his stronger competitors get knocked out by others. This will fit the fact that he has many helpers and luck but no “action” stars in his main houses.

    Medvedev, on the other hand, has General stars in the Self house, Emperor star in Traveling house and Talent star in Career house. These are all strong stars that usually indicate fighting spirit and dominance. But he has bad luck stars in all 4 main houses. So this is a mixed bag.

    Alcaraz has no A level star in his Self house. The next level star is a bad luck star. In his 4 houses, he has stars that are better for wealth than for action or career. IF the time is correct, I don’t see many good things for him this month.

    P. S. Nadal has a Happiness star in his Self house this month (Aug 27 – Sept 25). That’s usually associated with major events in life, e.g., wedding or giving birth. I think his baby will not wait till Oct. He’ll come before Sept 25. 🙂

    P. P. S. Mercury once again turns retrograde (Sept 10) during a GS. As I pointed out in AO, that can mean a returned winner and during AO, the only returned winner was Nadal. He turned out to be the winner. In this USO, Nadal, Medvedev, Thiem, Murray, Wawrinka are past winners. Thiem and Wawrinka were out. Will one of the remaining 3 wins it?

    1. Thanks for doing this – I don’t really understand it but interesting to read. I think this Mercury retrograde is slightly different to previous Grand Slams in that it takes place just before the final. Usually with a ‘past winner’ theme, it was a symbol in the tournament chart. I think it may bring a change of fortune but hard to say what that means until we get closer to the final.

      1. Sally, this is a brief explanation of Tze Wei:
        It’s probably the most popular and accessible Chinese astrology. Thanks the note about Mercury. We’ll see how that plays out.

        I match up Rafa’s chart and the tournament chart again. Here’s the really interesting part: Both the tournament’s and Rafa’s Self House have Tian Liang (the Blessing Star). Not only that, both are enhanced by Hua Ke (Career Success Star) this month. The tournament’s Self House also has Tian Tung (the Caring Star) and Tian Tung is in Rafa’s Mental/Karma House. I’ll see whether this kind of alignment means anything after the USO is over.

        Since James Green mentioned potential injury for Rafa. I rechecked Rafa’s chart and found the Injury Star and the Broken Star in his Mental/Karma House this month. These were the stars that derailed his Wimbledon. Now they’re back. The Mental/Karma House doesn’t trine or oppose the Self House so their effect should be less but they’re potential bad omen and I missed them yesterday. I only focused on those 4 main houses.

        1. @J. C.
          The month of August is almost done . Do you see the injury extending to September or at least during the US Open fortnight ?
          I worry about this recurring injury, it just won’t go away !

          1. By “this month”, I meant the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It just started on August 27. It runs till September 25. Chinese astrology always go by the lunar calendar.

            Tze Wei has daily reading as well, but the software I use doesn’t go down to the daily level. It only gets to monthly reading.

  7. Looks like no one is able to say anything clearly with confidence due to all conflicting signals ..

    Sally ..u tending towards ?

    James : eager to see your pick

    Anyone has a view also how Serena will do ?

    1. No, this is the issue when there are no birth times and no obvious astrology significators, i.e. a major transit by conjunction of Jupiter or Uranus. I’ll only be doing the tennis/astrology blog in the future if we have either or both. I simply wanted to put this one up to end the year with a forum for those of you who wanted it. It will no doubt generate less interest when the astrology is limited in what we can and can’t see.

      Re. Serena – I’d like to see her do well one last time – she does have the karmic south node on her natal Venus, her ruling planet, which seems to be a symbol of this being her ‘swan song’ and her life path is changing. The Moon/Mercury conjunction in the tournament chart are on her Sun at 3 Libra, so another nod towards the importance of this tournament for her – a minor aspect though.

      1. I just want to write and say what an incredible tennis star Serena Williams has been. I’ve been reading about her final match that she almost won – she really has been the star of this tournament so far. 23 Grand Slam wins – the 2nd highest ever. Super-star. I love that the Moon/Mercury conjunction at the start of her tournament was on her Sun Libra – the Moon = the people, Mercury = being talked about – a standing ovation as she twirled off the court – in her specially-designed outfit and diamond-encrusted sneakers 🙂 Au revoir, Serena.

  8. We have a confirmed birth time for nadal and as per this saturn squares his Ascendent exactly during the tournament and this may lead to injury as he has an injury prone horoscope. But apart from this there is no other bad astrology for him. The Jupiter of the tournament chart is in exact trine to his secondary progressed mercury and mercury is his secondary progressed career planet. The moon mercury conjunction of the tournament chart is on his 11th cusp. 11th house is the house of desire fulfillment. The MC of the tournament chart falls on nadal’s progressed mercury. So i don’t rule out nadal from winning the tournament. The question is will saturn squaring his Ascendant give him an injury which will prevent him from winning it. Got to wait and see. No birth time for Medvedev but saturn sextile to his natal South node means he may not win the tournament. No confirmed birth time fot tsitsipas but saturn in opposition to his natal sun and south node in 8th from his natal moon has seen him lose in 1st round. For Andy Murray the Jupiter of the tournament chart is in exact sextile to his MC which may see him do very well. Alcarez the no4 seed assuming his birth time is 3AM has Jupiter sextiling his natal career planet Mars but is seperating. He may do well but i don’t see anything spectacular astrology to say he will win the tournament.

    1. Thanks James. Interesting that you mention Saturn square Nadal’s Ascendant – it’s not exact during the tournament, but it could be seen as a similar theme to Pluto quincunx Mercury, his career planet. Both astrological indicators suggest he’s going to have to dig deep to win this one – not impossible for him by any means as we’ve seen in the past! I don’t look at transits to progressions very often but I know you favour doing so.

      1. Thanks James and Sally. Good to know Rafa is not ruled out totally.

        Saturn not exact means no sure injury but can’t rule out ?

        He anyway had an ab tear during wimby n was saying he is taking care of his serve during uso .I interpret taking care as sliding it in choosing the spots but cannot go full throttle ..wonder if it’s the same injury that’s restricting him.

        As always injury is hi biggest challenge but maybe he would not have won 22 slams had he not gone fie his style of play either…

        1. Hi James…what does this mean ? He can get injured anytime on or after 6th or on 6th only?

          Qfs are usually his waterloo ..maximum injuries have happened there. 2010 ao,2011 ao qf I clearly rem. even in 2022 ao, he had a very tough time in qf where he got dehydrated due to heat

  9. Hello once again to all fans of astrology and tennis, I hope true passion and not mere fans.

    For me it is difficult to confirm these US open, because when you oust once again a player without any valid reason, and incidentally the strongest and even more so on the concrete thus allowing him not to be able to compete, it is clear that everything is distorted and loses interest. But it is precisely the history of tennis that by now in this way is irremediably compromised and unreliable at the level of the roll of honor of the slams, and not only, as same commentators of the caliber of Wilander and McEnroe have said and reiterated.

    As I wrote at the end of Wimbledon, I believed and hoped that there was hope for Djkovic, in virtue of Jupiter’s stop, albeit retrograde, on the natal moon.
    But in this tournament not only would he have had this powerful ally in his favor, but also the transit of Mars on his Sun. said more than once, even the transits have an orbit, and that of Mars is about 18-19 days from the passage on the exact degree on the natal planet, in this case its Sun. So it would have been precisely at its maximum potential radiant.
    I therefore believe that it would have been very difficult to miss this umpteenth trophy.
    Mars in favor, which in my opinion will not be for Nadal, even if the day of the final will be close as a conjunction to his native Sun. But for what has been said above he will not have time to be able to express all the strength of him.
    This does not mean that the Majorcan cannot win the US Open, but if this happens it is not because of Mars, in my opinion not.

    For the rest I have not yet had the opportunity to investigate and as mentioned I am sincerely unmotivated.
    I just wonder how the fans of nadal or who else, cannot recognize this incontrovertible fact and will be able to enjoy an eventual victory of their favorite when this has happened for an incredible and shameful criminal injustice in sporting terms.
    It will not be a real victory, but one marked with an asterisk, and it is already the second time.

      1. Once again , you have proven yourself how biased you are with your analysis. Djokovic was not thrown out . He doesn’t qualify with the immigration rules . It has been his own doings , no one else’s. His fans don’t seem to understand it .

      2. Being vaccinated is a very VALID reason . After all , this is the USA’s rule to enter the country.
        Many of Djokovic’s fans have dismissed it as political and he is a victim of politics . They are blind to see it as a HEALTH issue and that Djokovic has only himself to blame because it has been his choice all along .
        I can’t understand why his fans can not accept it .

    1. Hello Andreas even if Djokovic had played the tournament I don’t think he would have won as South node is transiting over his MC during the tournament. But i agree it is a shame he has been prevented from competing in the tournament.

      1. Look James who has had the southern node on the MC for several months now … and if you remember I think I was the first to analyze this aspect as a contributing cause of the last difficult months, which were certainly not at the level of tennis played. , but of a very different nature.
        I say and I am convinced that he absolutely could have won the tournament, but not as a logical favorite of all time regardless of astrology, but precisely by virtue of what was said before on the favorable aspects.
        Then this negativity of the lunar node at the MC now seems to me to have, as it were, “exorcised” enough (more than that …), and has lost its nefarious potential.
        I mean obviously at the level of tennis played, which we were talking about.
        But if you don’t play it ….

        1. Andreas what do you mean he has had South node on his natal MC for several months. It is just coming close to his MC within a degree now during the US Open.

          1. That this aspect has nothing to do with tennis played!
            But that is only causing him problems in his career, but certainly not on the pitch, when he can play very rarely.
            Clearer than that…

    2. @ Andreas I beg to disagree !
      Djokovic wasn’t “thrown out “ of the tournament . He did not qualify per immigration rules . It has been his own doing , not anyone else’s .
      I don’t know why it is so hard for his fans to understand it .

    3. Good afternoon everyone, Thank you Sally for your astrological contribution to this beautiful sport.
      Mr Andreas, the true Fans of Tennis, we care about the tournament and tennis above the players, since they come and go, but tennis remains. Although I would very much like Nole to have played, the fact is that he is not playing and therefore the rest of the tennis players deserve respect for their work and daily struggle. Cheers

    4. “Criminal injustice”????

      Wow! I guess we should let a foreign tennis player and his fans decide what our border rules should be.

    5. What I miss in the discussion is more respect for Djokovic. He could easily fake a vaccination pass as many players certainly do and still remain unvaccinated and play the US Open. But decided against. Because he lives high values and wants to publicly support human rights as the free decision over your body. Let us not be sanctimonious. Athletes‘ body is their highest value and not everyone will take that risk.

      This is tremendous. He gives up a lot of personal needs in order to stand for a huge part of society.

      1. Like his bogus recovery certificate that was called out back at AO? Do you have proof to say many other players faked vaccination pass? It’s truly shameful to throw shade on others to make Djokovic look better.

        Please remember this, US border rules don’t just apply to tennis players. Even in professional sports, all international golfers, basketball/soccer/baseball/hocky players have to comply. Not one asks for exemption or has any ill effects from vaccination. Not one. But I guess Djokovic is more special than anyone else.

        1. We already met in January. You have your beliefs, I have mine. I support Djokovic who tweeted the media serbes a global elite. Let the people decide on their own personal experiences of the last 30 months.

        2. Reminder that the US border rules allow migrants to come into the country by the thousands every week without being vaccinated.
          So this is very much political.

    6. There are no asterisks in tennis or any sport. Whoever reaches the final and wins the 7th match has worked hard for that trophy, whatever the circumstances. There is no guarantee of any player winning finals, so no talk of asterisks please!

      1. I totally agree !
        Everyone works or plays hard to earn the trophies . Djokovic’s fans were quick to put asterisks to Nadal’s AO title as Djokovic was not allowed to play , but they NEVER ever did that to Djokovic’s Wimbledon title as the Russians were banned from playing . Their reason : the Russians were not good on grass anyways , so they wouldn’t make any difference at all .
        Extreme double standards I must say !

  10. As per Djokovic fans ,he has every right to decide what he wants to put in his body because his body is his holy abode .point taken..


    A country cannot decide what its border security rules are and whom to allow entry or not. If the rule in USA is no one unvaccinated can enter , why should he be an exception?

    Pls stop this hypocrisy. The rules are the same for all and a tennis player is just doing his job and getting paid for it, his work is of no significance to anyone whatsoever for betterment of the larger community. Didn’t he say he is willing to accept the consequences of his decision, so simply accept it period

    Lets not also forger that djokovic has lost countless other slams he has played in , lost 11 gs finals itself. No one is guaranteed to win any slam they play in, not even Rafa at RG .

    1. Agree. Entrance to a country that you’re not a citizen of is a privilege, not a right. US rules state that exceptions may be granted for national security reasons. Playing a professional tournament is hardly national security.

      ALL other professional athletes who want to play in the US were vaccinated. That includes every tennis player who’s in New York right now. Some of them might have trepidation about the vaccines but they took it because that’s the only way they can earn money in the US. Djokovic doesn’t have to worry about money. It’s his decision. No need to feel sorry for him.

  11. One more player with promising tranists: Jupiter triggers Cilic‘s natal Sun Jupiter Mars chain in the upcoming days. Same as at Roland Garros when he reached the Semis.

  12. My gut feeling says Carlos Alcaraz is going to win USO and become youngest World No 1. US open often provided the first slams for past greats. I’m sure the time and chance are both there for alcaraz

  13. Dear all, please stop discussing about Novak’s absence. As said earlier entry to a country is solely related to the rights of its rules. Novak himself minding his job now but still people in this blog posting comments on it. As usual too many surprises in this USO (exit of top players), please discuss / speak about stars, astrology and tennis.

  14. Sally said if rafa has to win , he will have to dig deep. We’ll it had to start from first round itself ,dropped first set. However he was playing well next 3.

    He is recovering from ab tear however he served well this match. The serve placements were good and he had 9 aces though speed was just 116. Is that good enough? He said he was a bit nervous as he was playing here after 3 years , hence took time to warm up.

    Rafa has a decent draw but if you take a closer look, it’s not that easy. He has Foginini who has always given him headache ,then kecmanovic in third ,then Schwartzman or tiafoe in 4th. All these are no way walk in the park. They will all test him.

    James -I had asked you a question below, you say Saturn exact on are you saying any injury concern on 6th or post 6th .? I read ur post on the probable winner ,there is no name…is it all up in the air and there for anybodys taking ?


    1. Sanju Astrology is a science of tendencies and Saturn square Nadal’s Ascendent can tend to give nadal an injury as nadal has an injury prone horoscope. When Nadal got injured in indian Wells saturn was in same position but in direct motion. Now saturn is retrograde so it may give him the injury or it need not happen as Mars is in a better position for nadal now than it was in March. So we can only wait and see. Regarding probable winner it is very difficult to say now as there are conflicting signals from the tournament chart. My interpretation is one of the top 4 seeds should win the tournament. No 4 is already out and from the top3 seeds nadal and Alcarez have better chance than Medvedev. But without a confirmed birth time for Medvedev and Alcarez difficult to say now.

  15. I recheck Alcaraz’s chart and found something I missed in my 1st review (too late at night). Again, this is based on Chinese Tze Wei Astrology.

    He has no A level star in his Self House this month and only a B level bad luck star. I brushed him off in 1st reading because I didn’t see much happening. Now I see he has a Tan Lang (“Ruining Star per Wikipedia’s translation) Hua Chiun (“Gaining Power”) in his Travel House, which is opposite to his Self House. Whenever there’s no A level star in the Self House, we could use the Travel House as a substitute. That Tan Lang Hua Chiun could mean out of ordinary performance.

    Tan Lang is called Ruining star because it has implication of sex appeal which may lead to ruin in traditional Chinese thinking. But it also has implication of talents (not academics but other talents). Professional athletic is counted as talents under Tan Lang’s domain. Alcaraz’s Tan Lang star is weak by itself. But this month’s Hua Chiun enhancer stregthens it.

    In addition, he has a pair of C level stars, which usually only impacts things in monthly reading, that indicates “Promotion/Elevation”. One of the star is in his Self House and another one is in his Career House. So they trine each other. This alignment is quite good for career.

    So he does have some good aspects this month but it’s still a mixed bag. Injury star is in his Travel House and a bad luck star is in his Self House. But I dismissed his prospect too quickly in my 1st reading. He has a chance.

  16. Hi Sally and everyone.

    This years has been so brave and so are the changes is us. 15 years ago I leave the university of medicine when I meet a woman with “aids” and I discovered that hiv doesn’t exist. That change my live, because means that in this world without a title of university, posibilties to work change. Years later I started to study astrology with a woman of rumania (there is university of astrology) and later I went to India to try a bit vedic (Jyotish). The astrologer from India told me that my studies where interrupted and almost o cried (because ketu and other things), but reading my chart and my hand, recommended to my to study astrology.

    12 1 2020 started the 3 world War, but this time the scenario is on people’s mind. The weapons this time was the vaccine. And there is nothing to do now with that. As player I prefer Federer, but what did Djokovic for me has all my respect (I think similar to you – I think – Patrick). As hiv, there is no probe to the isolation, purification and the sequence (the real, not the one created by a computer) of covid, and is the mind is clear in thus world times, in a few months never was a created a vaccine… But this war is lost…

    As astrologers or people who likes astrology, looking to the sky is also very hard, because there is a new “type” of clouds at the sky; the ones that are created by airplanes and together with other things, is not allowing to rain. And as I did at the Olympics games in China, “they” can manipulate the weather. The media will repit, as did with covid, global warming and propaganda, but it’s so easy to see looking at the sky everyday what they are doing… Is in front of us… And if as humanities we don’t realize that, they are announcing that three will be no water for everyone in a years. The agenda is depopulation but many people can see it.
    (people can check henry kissinger NSSM2000 from the seventies..)

    Chem trails and geo ingeniería is in front of us. It’s hard to see the sky…and I we don’t realize and do whatever together we will continue losing rights and freedom…

    I don’t like when a astrologer is not brave and no make a prediction.,.. Or only says Nadal will win roland garros or this year djokovic will win a grand slam and no say WHEN, because Nadal wons almost ever RG, and I don’t remember the year when Djokovic didn’t won a GS. But this is the first time I don’t want a make a prediction… What is going on at the sky is far more important.. Because affect to the cycle of water, and our lives.

    I was observing what happened to Dimitrov, because there was no news at the media, and I am happy he don’t have heart problems, as many people (not only in sports) is having since the poison appeared (and is necessary to enter a countrie). Dimitrov is one of the players who Can have a good tournament because jupiter and Mars, as Alcaraz, Rune, Félix auger (maybe can be his best GS), Cilic, Hurzack. So there can be very good games.

    Did you realized James Green the amanzing sideral chart of alcaraz? Sun in Leo, jupiter in cancer, Mars capricorn (raja yoga with jupiter),, venus in piscis and moon in taurus (he was born 3 am). He is in the Dasha of rahu – moon (both powerful in taurus, and during the tournament rahu is arriving to his sun. The moon is his atmakaraka. So in this Dasa he will win GS. What do you think about rahu arriving to his sun? Eclipse or title.? Also rahu and ketu powerful in his chart. The pitty is lord of lagna at 6 house (saturn). For OA 2023 and in special for US2023 as commented long ago, he has main chances to win.

    1. Hello javier Regarding the sidereal horoscope of Alcarez with 3AM birth time He has Capricorn 17th degree rising and 7th degree of scorpio as MC ruled by Mars. Mars is close to his Ascendent in his sighn of exaltation and mutually aspected by Jupiter making it a very powerful horoscope. Moon is not in taurus but in the 1st degree of Gemini just 8 minutes in Gemini ie moon is in a cuspal degree so not very strong. Venus and sun are in their sighn of exaltation exaltation but sun gets debilitated in the Navamsa chart so loses much of his power. He is running the sub period of moon in the major period of Rahu(North node) from December 2021 till june 2023.He can get success during this period as moon is placed in close association with Ascendent Lord saturn and Rahu is placed in his exaltation sighn. One interesting thing to note is Mercury turns retrograde on 9th September in an almost exact trine to his point Ascendent.

        1. Hello J C Mercury turning retrograde in an almost exact trine to his Ascendent is very good for success in tennis. But if he plays the semis against Nadal on 9th September it has to be noted that mercury turns retrograde in an almost exact conjunction to nadal’s secondary progressed MC and this could mean the older champion winning.

          1. Hi James, why do you think that Mercury retrograde is a strong aspect? I understand when it’s turning direct as it has more power but turning retrograde weakens Mercury?

    2. Felix Auger-Aliassime is out now , defeated by the British Jack Draper in straight sets last night .
      It was one of FAA’s earliest exits from a Grand Slam event .
      It was FAA’s shocking loss , but Jack Draper was very impressive and played almost flawless tennis !

    1. He also got injured during the match when his racquet hit him on the nose and was bleeding and had to have treatment. Is that his injury I wonder James?

      1. Hello Leslie Jackson Rafa I am told even cut his finger while practicing before his match against Fognini and was bleeding from the finger too. Apart from saturn squaring his Ascendent Mars was transiting right opposite his natal saturn. Jupiter trining his natal saturn has protected him from even more serious damage.

    2. Doesn’t matter as matches are still exciting. It not a movie that it needs a star. It’s a sport and need good matches which are happening. Star players played bad hence they are out. That’s the beauty of sports. Nadals match was very very good.

  17. The US Open has lost some of the top players and looks a bit damp this time. Djokovic, Thiem, Sasha, Tsistipas, Felix, Hurkacz are out.
    There are upcoming talented players who would be aiming to make a strong impression. Among the notable ones left are Alcaraz, Cam Norrie, Ruud, Sinner and Rublev. Berretini and Cilic are making a comeback and will give strong competition. Pablo and Kyrgios continue to add spice.

    Rafa, Rublev, and Norrie are in quarter 4 and Rafa will meet Rublev/Cam. Alcaraz, Sinner and Cilic are quarter 3 and may have a semifinal between Rafa/Rublev/Cam vs Alcaraz/Sinner/Cilic.

    Do any of thew new players have any strong transits to make it far and beat the favorites and have a new champion.

    Last 10 yrs US open has not seen a repeat champion and last 2 years – 2 new players have become champions, which has been thier first title as well – D Thiem and D Medvedev.

    1. Djokovic had been out , not by tennis , but by his own doing . On the other hand , others were just rusty or tired and didn’t live up to expectations. This is the last GS and most players are worn-out going to the last stages of the season.
      Meanwhile , the event is unfolding as it should under the planets and stars !

  18. We haven´t discussed yet Saturn squares Nadal`s Ascendant while Uranus is conjunct his Descandant/in Opposition to his AC.

    Uranus may lead to surprising encounters with others as in person of his coming opponents. I wonder yesterday´s weird incident hitting his nose with his racket maybe is expressed by Saturn square, and Uranus oppose, his Ascendant (his body) as a surprising event.

    That means, the grand transit of our world changing time, this autumn´s last clash of several encounters of Aquarius´ruling planets during the last two years, kicks in Nadal´s current life phase. A child is on the way and we will see how the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus) will further unfold in his career.

    The Aquarius Age began 12/21/2020 when Jupiter was conjunct Saturn on 0 degree Aquarius. One astrologer, if I remember right it was Javier or Juan, once analysed the tennis circuit for this new cycle of 20 years.
    The time around 2001 has brought a change of generations and 2021 has shown a rapid acceleration of the new generation entering the best players in the current Men´s Top 20. While Federer and Williams are
    finishing their careers, others may follow. The mentioned astrologer´s analysis was that the current younger generation will share big titles among many faces – there will be no reign of 3 players as we have seen in the circle before. Added Murray and Wawrinka.

    Experiences of the last two years seem to confirm this Aquarius like, more balanced theme, both for Men and Women. We have brilliant new athletes. In comparison Gauff seems not to have the shot weapons like the Williams sisters, several new female Slam Champions emerge since a while. Auger is born on August 8 like Federer but is not comparabel – also we have another Sun Leo among new top players with Tsitsipas. In the last circle there was Leo Roger besides two Geminis Rafa and Novak.

        1. Hello Patrick Uranus is retrograde and has moved beyond one degree of Nadal’s AC so i don’t think that is a problem. Saturn squaring Nadal’s Ascendent is exact now. It is 100% exact on 6th September about 10pm NewYork time.

          1. The current orb is 0,9 Uranus (18,52) conjunct Nadal´s DC (19,44) and it becomes closer because of the retrograde motion, James. For the day of the final, my program gives a 0,15 orb for Nadal´s AC squared by Saturn.

          2. Hi James, what degree do you use for Nadal’s Ascendant. Saturn is currently at 20 Aquarius 22 and will exactly square Nadal’s Ascendant at 19 Scorpio 44 on September 15th? So, we have a different timing, I think?

  19. Gasquet should get Rafa’s winnings from this round…for being his hitting partner and upcoming therapy bills. Man that was hard to watch even for a Rafa fan!

    1. But what was third set about. Another sh!t show..

      Do you know what was rafas average first n second serve speed this round? Us open site does not give it

      This level just won’t cut it from next round ..tiafoe is big danger. .with this level he is surely losing to Alcaraz n med unless he steps it up bigtime

      1. Nadal is finding his form and rhythm , albeit very slowly .
        His mind isn’t very focused as his wife is in a hospital due to complications of pregnancy .
        According to reports , the wife and the baby are out of danger now .
        Thank God !
        I’m praying and hoping that everything will be all right and Nadal will not be distracted by family concerns from here on till the tournament is done .

          1. Tiafoe is playing very well in this tournament , has never dropped a set so far .
            Their head-to-head is 2-0 Nadal. They played in 2019 ,one in clay in Madrid and one at the Australian Open when Nadal won in straight sets in both occasions . Although most analysts are predicting a Nadal win , his fans should not be over confident . It is a match after all .
            Anything can happen . I sure hope that Nadal wins .
            Now that Medvedev is out , I’m more worried about Alcaraz and Kyrgios . These two can really do damage .

  20. Final 16 are almost set and four of them are Spaniards. Medvedev vs. Kyrgios and Cilic vs. Alcaraz will be the most interesting matches tennis-wise.

    I charted Kyrgios’s astrology during Wimbledon. This is kind of freaky. Kyrgios, Alcaraz and Medvedev all have Tan Lang Hua Chiun in 1 of their 4 main houses. Medvedev has it in his Career House. Alcaraz has it in the Travel House. Kyrgios has it in the Self House. As I said, Tan Lang Hua Chiun can mean extraordinary performance. Kyrgios’s Tan Lang is slightly stronger than the other two. All three have bad aspects as well as good one.

    I like Kyrgios’s astrology a hair better than the other two. He has the Emperor Star along with Tan Lang Hua Chiun in his Self House; the General Star in his Career House; the Finance Star in his Wealth House. He also has the pair of C level stars that mean “promotion/elevation” Alcaraz has for the month. One is in his Self House and one is in his Wealth House. The bad part is a Broken Star in his Travel House, which is opposite to his Self House. That could mean broken dream. So there’s still no clear winner.

    1. did you check tiafoe and sinner ? jc

      cilic too..

      did you recheck rafas properly

      I think none of the 4th round matches will be easy..all will be tricky

      1. No, I haven’t checked those two. I may do it when the field is further trimmed down. I’m very busy with a house.

        The unknown birth time really impacts Tze Wei chart because it has to be converted to China time on a lunar calendar. Anyone who was born late at night in Europe would have a different birthday by Chinese calendar. That would throw the whole chart off. So take everything I say with a big dose of salt.

        After looking at Medvedev’s, Kyrgios’s, Alcaraz’s chart, I actually like Nadal’s astrology more. He has good luck/helper stars all around. He has no strong action star and his sun/moon are weak in Career/Wealth. But he has no bad astrology either. He won AO this year with these stars. His current Career House was his Self House in January. He’s not blowing people off the court. He just somehow “found a way to win” as an announcer said. Maybe because of the blessing from the lucky/helper stars?

        As previously mentioned, the pesky Wounded Star and Broken Star are in his Mental/Karma/Ancestry House. I suspect those may impact his family (his wife is in the hospital) instead of himself. We’ll see.

        This is the 1st time I compare a tournament chart with a player’s chart. Does the tournament have Tian Liang in the Self House mean a player with Tian Liang will win? I don’t know. I’ll get wiser in Tze Wei after this tournament.

        1. wife is better now , he himself said..that’s why his Dad n sis have joined him in nyork since yesterday…I saw them yesterday in his box

  21. Ms Sally Kirkman,

    We are now into the 2nd week of the last Grandslam of the year. We are looking forward to your next installment of ” what is in store ” in the second week.

    Please find time.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Hello sanju i predict nadal to beat tiafoe. I don’t have tiafoe birth time but for nadal venus teansits his natal MC exactly during the match and mercury is close to his secondary progressed MC and mercury is his Lord of secondary progressed MC.

  22. Hello Sally I am using 27.30 libra ascendent degree for nadal which works out to which works out to 19.43 scorpio tropical. Curiously in the software I have as per sidereal positions saturn is in exact square to nadal’s Ascendent on 6th September about 10.51pm NewYork time. But when I switched to tropical in the same software saturn squares exactly his Ascendent on 15th September. I am at a loss to understand the difference.

    1. That is weird! Yes, in tropical astrology, the Saturn square is exact mid-September but getting stronger now. It depends whether the same degree area would be triggered by a minor aspect to bring it to life.

  23. Hello sally Mercury turns retrograde at about at about 11.38 pm NewYork time on 9th September at 16.11 degree virgo just over a degree from its deep exaltation degree. Any planet gives stronger results in transits when it turns direct or retrograde over a sensitive point in an horoscope. In this case the point where mercury turns retrograde is in an almost exact trine to Alcarez Ascendent degree (with 3AM birth time) and it is in almost exact conjunction to nadal’s secondary progressed MC. What makes it more interesting is if both nadal and Alcarez if they reach semifinals will be playing each other during that time as I am sure they will be put on night session on Arthur Ashe stadium.

    1. Hi James, I agree with Mercury turning direct – super powerful – but not when it turns retrograde. Personally, I think it has the opposite effect and can be an awkward time.

  24. Ha! I said I liked Kyrgios’s astrology a hair better than Medvedev’s and Alcaraz’s and he just beat Medvedev in 4 sets! If not for the Broken star opposite to his Self House, I’d like his chart even better. He looks great and I’m never his fan.

  25. I wonder if anything is currently going on for Nadal in relationships. Besides Uranus conjunct his Descendant, Saturn squares this conjunction and his AC. Moreover, I observed Chiron squares his natal Venus. Does this connect to his wife´s complications, this square was exact during these days one week ago?

    Nadal won a Masters tournament and the French Open in 2007 when Saturn was square his Ascendant in Leo. The difference to US Open 2022: Saturn also trined natal Uranus back then. This time transitting Uranus is involved in a square to Saturn – both triggering his Axis.

    Uranus just turned retrograde, I remember you mentioning, Sally, the retrograde circle often comes with the most intensity. What do you think, Sally and James?

    Someone uses 6 PM for Kyrgios – it would be the same Ascendant as Nadal has – 19 Scorpio, currently squared by Saturn. Same like Nadal, Uranus would be conjunct DC.

    Kyrgios significantly raised his level during Wimbeldon as the North Node and Uranus lagged his natal Mercury. The Node trine natal Chiron obviously came long with an inner healing. Kyrgios significant wound is obvious in his personality. Uranus will be conjunct natal Mercury 20 degrees Taurus next spring triggering his wound (Chiron). Finally he puts his potential into the Slams and Uranus looks as this continues, he certainly enriches the Men´s competition. At least his game does 🙂 Saturn just squares natal Mercury.

    1. I think Uranus stationing direct close to Nadal’s Descendant is about his wife. It was active all last month as the inner planets clashed with Saturn & Uranus and is only just calming down. Interesting that Kyrgios may have a similar Ascendant to Nadal if the time’s correct – they’ve always had interesting matches! I think Kyrgios is doing well this year because of the Jupiter transits – Jupiter conjunct his Venus, also close to his Moon (if time is correct). There is more intensity when a planet switches direction but not in the retrograde phase itself. It’s energy is then effectively weakened or has a more inner effect rather than out in the world..

      1. Thank you very much Sally! That makes sense with Nadal´s wife. Have we already discussed that there´s a full moon trine Uranus at the day ogf the final – 9/10/2022?

        1. Another thought about Uranus DC: Alcaraz as young countryman challenger and “nemesis” Kyrgios are potential opponents for Nadal who can bring special mathces?

  26. Nadal is out – I watched the first three sets and he wasn’t playing at his best by any means. You could tell he was still not physically 100%. The top older players need good fortune on their side to do well and Nadal had two tough transits taking place – Saturn square Ascendant (physical body), Pluto exactly quincunx Mercury (his career planet). The minor transits i.e. Venus conjunct his Midheaven aren’t going to help when you have tougher astrology. Again, without a birth time, it was impossible to predict how Tiafoe would fare with no major transits taking place to say yes or no. Even the Sun changes star sign on the day Tiafoe was born, although I would guess Capricorn rather than Aquarius. I’ll take a quick look at the astrology of the players who are left – we are looking for major transits and Kyrgios does have a Jupiter conjunction as mentioned in previous comments.

    1. It’s going to be a new grand slam winner and somebody who is below 28yrs of age.
      Both Alcaraz and Ruud have a chance to become world no 1 as well.
      So time for change in the tennis order.
      All matches were highly competitive and exciting what a tennis fan would like to watch.

      1. Moon conjucnt Mercury in the opening chart already proves rithght for the young(er) generation do well this Slam as all remaining players are from that generation. Sally predicted.

        1. Technically Kyrgios is a young millennial (like Thiem), whereas all the rest are Gen Z. But Pluto did enter Sagittarius already but it retrograde back into Scorpio on April 21st 1995. Kyrgios was born on April 27th. Then again when you are that close to a generation split I am sure you take on elements of both.

          1. Interesting point – and yes, I don’t know that there are definitive dates for the different ‘Gens’. You often find different dates/years on different lists.

  27. The saturn square his Ascendent has demolished nadal as nadal was far from his best and it was clearly seen he has not recovered from the injury he sustained at Wimbledon. No birth time for tiafoe but I think he must have had some great astrology as he played lights out tennis. At the time the match started the moon was at 17 degrees Saggitarius (sidereal) and may be his Ascendent Or MC is at 17 degree Sagittarius.

    1. I am not sure Nadal suffered from injury. His play was great again and again, but not constant as we are used to. It was more a mental issue from my perspective yesterday. He seemed uncertain, but had no treatment. Maybe his wife is a concerning issue, we don´t know. Saturn proved right and I still think Uranus did his part, Tiafoe was surprisingly calm and an unexpected strong challenger. He has had no significant results this season so far. I cannot recall someone in the nearer past that was so mentally stable other than Djokovic against Nadal at a Slam. His play in the end was total flow zone.

      1. I think it is the on-going injury with Nadal. Watching the first three sets both commentators mentioned how he wasn’t going for balls he would normally reach for as if he was trying to save himself physically.

        1. I cannot confirm that, Sally. But I recognize commentators jump on the injury bandwagon very easily. They did at Paris against Djokovic when Nadal was outplayed in the end, but showed no physical signs. That was so unfair to Djokovic who played his “best clay match in his career”. In press conference, Nadal yesterday denied to have called for medical timeout. Shaking the head multiple times. “The difference is easy: he played a good match and I played a bad match”, Nadal´s words. The best can have a bad day, too. Watch yourself and see Nadal moving:

          1. No Nadal was definitely well below par and wasn’t chasing balls down. He noticeably pulled up on his forehand side. I believe it’s physical rather than mental and that ties in with the astrology.

          2. Hello Patrick Nadal has not fully recovered from the abdominal injury he sustained at Wimbledon and with saturn retrograde in square to his Ascendent he is taking longer to recover.

          3. Watch the video please. You cannot move in any corner like this with an injury. Do you know better than the player indicates hisself?

          4. Hi Patrick, I don’t need to watch the video – I watched the match! We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one 🙂

          5. the Paris match you talking about at RG last year ,rafa was hobbled totally in fourth with the foot …he took the entire year off after that..

  28. I think for rafa it’s mix of physical and personal…he surely has limitations due to his abdomen n he had to change his whole serve motion because of it ..yesterday it was 50 pc rafa we saw..the movement was just not there..he kept telling Moya he felt very slow n 3 days back told him he feels lot of anxiety..

    in the presser he said he has more important things to go home to ..I understand wife in hospital is ofcourse very important matter n they are expecting their first child ..he however used the term ‘I need to go back and fix things ‘. If it’s a pregnancy complication, he cannot fix it , hence I am sure there is something going on personally too ..

    I think the multiple injuries this year…ribs ,ab,foot have taken their toll bigtime..

    I think he will put a lid on this season n not play unless he has a genuine chance for no 1 which is unlikely as alcaraz n rudd will keep playing tournaments n raking points which rafa just cannot afford ..he has played just 10 tourneys this year whereas Carlos n rudd may have played 17 types ..

  29. hi James,

    this Saturn retrograde in square to ascendant stays till when ?

    have we seen the end of rafa or he can be competitive again ? if you can pls tell…

    1. Hello sanju Saturn first started squaring nadal Ascendent from about 4th march and was exact on 14th march which is about the time he got a cracked rib when he was playing indian Wells semi finals. Then saturn moved forward turned retrograde and came back to square his Ascendent which is about exact now. Saturn turns direct on 23rd September and once again is exact square to nadal’s Ascendent on 6th December before moving forward. So nadal has been in the grip of Saturn square his Ascendent from march to December. No wonder he has suffered so many injures this year.

      1. Hi James, I have one question please. So after December 2022 Rafa will be playing competitive tennis! Very keen to see him again on the court James.

      2. thanks a lot James does it indicate that post December n starting next year things will be better for him ? he is ofcourse very old now in tennis terms ,unrealistic to even expect much from him now gives the age and repeated injuries

        1. Hello sanju transit North node will cross nadal’s natal moon in June next year and cross his own natal position in August next year. It may well be that next year could well be the end of his career.

          1. The end of a very illustrious career though! And now Nadal has made a little Nadal and will have other things on his mind….

  30. Juan Cruz Sirius

    Hola! Lamentablente no tenemos hora de nacimiento de los jugadores. A pesar de eso, haré una mirada general.

    Kachanov. No lo veo campeon. Neptuno en tránsito converso hace oposicion a su Sol natal.

    Kyrgios. Tampoco lo veo campeon. Urano hace cuadratura con Marte, y ese es un aspecto de tensión e incluso lesiones.

    Por ese lado veo en la final a Casper Ruud.

    A Carlos Alcaraz tampoco lo veo campeon, porque Saturno en tránsito converso forma tensión con su Sol y Neptuno natales.

    Sinner y Rublev no parecen tener muy buenos aspectos.

    Si le veo buenos tránsitos a Tiafoe, Jupiter trigono Pluton.

    Con lo poco que tenemos diria que la final es Ruud vs Tiafoe.

    Insisto, hacer un pronostico sin horas de nacimiento es muy arriesgado y puede perderse precision. Veremos que acontece.

    Saludos, Juan Cruz.

    1. Dear All,

      English translation is as given below :

      Hello! Unfortunately we do not have time of birth of the players. Despite that, I will do a general look.

      Kachanov. I don’t see it champion. Neptune in converted transit opposes his natal Sun.

      Kyrgios. I don’t see it champion either. Uranus squares Mars, and that is an aspect of tension and even injury.

      On that side I see Casper Ruud in the final.

      I don’t see Carlos Alcaraz as a champion either, because Saturn in converted transit forms tension with his natal Sun and Neptune.

      Sinner and Rublev don’t seem to have very good aspects.

      If I see good transits for Tiafoe, Jupiter trine Pluton.

      With the little we have, I would say that the final is Ruud vs. Tiafoe.

      I insist, making a forecast without hours of birth is very risky and precision can be lost. We’ll see what happens.

      Greetings Juan Cruz.

      Thanks a lot Mr Juan Cruz

    2. Hola! Thanks for your predictions, Juan. I watched Tiafoe play Rublev last night – Tiafoe looked on form, Rublev couldn’t compete with him. Your predictions are looking good so far 🙂 I’m not sure what you mean about Alcaraz and Saturn? That’s not a normal transit you’re talking about? I don’t see it in his chart.

  31. As per 6 pm birth time for krygious he has the same Ascendent degree as nadal and the saturn square his Ascendent and uranus in 7th cusp so he too lost. For Alcarez North node is now transiting in between his Sun and mercury which may mean he too won’t win.

        1. I would agree if it was the south node going over the Sun but not the north node? That’s usually a positive influence, in my opinion. I think one of the reasons Alcaraz is doing astonishingly well from an astrological perspective is because of the combination of Uranus/nodes/eclipses in Taurus which started last year. Eclipse cycles often coincide with real highs in a person’s life.

  32. I think Alcaraz was not mentally ready at Paris and Wimbledon to leverage his full potential as he did before in a phenomenal spring beating both Nadal and Djokovic in one tournament and winning his first Masters. No wonder, It shall be normal for a 19 year old to process all this development step by step. The difference with this US Open is that he already reached the second week last year, so together with the experiences of the first season´s half, he can go further this time I guess.

    His first tournament victory (Umag 2021), last years´s Grand Slam breakthrough and jump on the international screen with a win over Tsitsipas at Arthur Ashe and another victora at Barcelona 2022 all came along with Uranus conjucnt natal Sun to confirm your observations, Sally. A cirle would close at Sunday as the Node arrived on his Sun after Uranus being there last year´s US Open. On top, at final, there´s a Sun Uranus trine and it picks nicely up his natal Chiron. Alcaraz´ coach Ferrero has Venus conjunct natal Jupiter at Sunday. Sinner won the last two encounters with Alcaraz – Wimbeldon and Umag this year. So it would be no easy run for sure.

    May I ask from where we got the potential birth time of 3 AM? Thanks!

          1. Alcaraz played his first professional match 2019 in a Challenger (second ATP Tour level) in Alicante. His opponent back then in the first Round: JANNIK SINNER.

          2. Hello patrick can you check 00.18 birth time for Medvedev and see if it explains his career graph so far

          3. After I saw the rest of the video which you gave us, RKSO, I would say 3 AM is the right time to use for Alcaraz. Javier arguments with a surpising loss of Carlos at Monaco against Korda when Mars was in 28,40 Leo to square natal MC (3 AM birth time). In 2021 there was another unusual defeat at Kitzbühel – Mars was at 28,36 Aquarius, exactly to square natal MC (3 AM) which is at 28,36 Scorpio. Great job from Javier, thank you!

  33. Unbelievable match between Sinner and Alcaraz. Alcaraz, after looking down and out, came back and won the match in the 5th Set (after saving match point in 4th set). Loooong match. I thought Alcaraz would loose the match in the 4th set with early break advantage to Sinner. Again in 5th set, he lost his serve to give momentum back to Sinner but raised his level to win the set at 6-3.

    These two will be the next big tennis starts of coming decade !!

  34. Final Four decided:

    1. Alcaraz Vs Frances Tiafoe
    2. C Rudd Vs K Khachanov

    I hope birth dates of these players are available if not time. I request your inputs Sally on who would emerge as champion.

    1. The quick answer is ‘I don’t know’. No major astrology to suggest anyone is a definite winner and no definite times of birth for anyone either. I would like Alcaraz to win – he’s born on a Mars-Jupiter opposition which mirrors the Mars-Jupiter signature in the US Open chart. He would also be the young winner, resonant of the Moon/Mercury conjunction. What’s interesting looking at the probable charts for the matches – 3pm & 7pm on September 9th – is that it’s the same planets in play both times. If the match times are correct, the Ascendant (favourite) is Sagittarius or Pisces – both Jupiter-ruled – the Descendant (non-favourite) is Gemini or Virgo – both Mercury-ruled. And, Mercury and Jupiter are currently in opposition. You would normally say that Jupiter is the stronger planet of the two, giving a nod to the favourite. However, Mercury is still direct stationing ready to turn retrograde and Jupiter is currently retrograde, so is Mercury the stronger planet? Perhaps, either the two favourites win – Alcaraz & Rudd – or the two non-favourites win – Tiafoe & Khachanov. Intriguing astrology but nothing definite – sorry.

      1. Your prediction came through both favourites qon their SF. Casper Rudd Vs Alcaraz Final !!! Winner will take it all (firat grandalam and World No 1 Ranking)

        1. Yes, and it shows the power of Jupiter in these predictions! A retrograde Jupiter beat Mercury preparing to turn retrograde hands-down.

          1. Thank you, Sally. Just notice that the Moon is going to build a trine towards Alcaraz´ natal Jupiter during the final – exact about 2-3 hours.

          2. Yes, definitely – also impressive is the exact sextile from the Moon to Alcaraz’ Mars at 7 Aquarius as the match begins. However, Ruud does have Mercury at 9 Sagittarius so the Moon is triggering that too. I am still hoping for an Alcaraz’ win.

    2. Hello sathia The birth times of the other 3 semifinalists are not known apart from Alcarez is not known. At the time the final starts Moon is in an exact sextile to his natal career planet Mars and Mercury in a trine to his Ascendent.So he may have the better chance. But first he has to win his semis. Let us see what happens. Uranus going over my natal Mars and saturn squaring my natal mars is not helping my intuitive ability for this US Open.

  35. Hello Patrick when Alcarez won Madrid masters in may Jupiter was in an exact trine to his MC with 3AM birth time. I am confident 3AM birth time is correct.

  36. Despite not having the time of birth, it is easy to understand kachanov’s exploit.
    In fact he was born on May 21st, a day of difference with Djokovic, and at this moment Mars is beating hard on his Sun exactly the same at the 1 degree of Gemini.
    So it is clear that at the moment he is enjoying a top physical-athletic condition.
    In fact, I want to repeat it, even planets like aspects have an orbit of influence, and according to my calculations for Mars it is 18-19 days later from the moment this planet transited exactly on the degree of the natal planet.
    Obviously, the faster or slower they are, the more the difference is reduced or widened.

    But unlike Novak who has it in Aries and could enjoy the powerful influence of Jupiter, his moon is in Cancer (it can’t be otherwise even if you put any time of birth).
    I obviously don’t know if this aspect alone will allow Kachanov to win the tournament, also because looking at the rest of the planets in his birth chart I don’t see any particular aspects worthy of note.
    But without a time of birth it is clear that everything becomes just a hypothesis.

  37. We are all waiting for the final say from the astrologers on the Men’s Singles Final. Who will be the US Open 2022 champion ?

    Casper Rudd or Carlos Alcarez ?

  38. At the start of the US Open final Saggitarous rises and it’s Lord Jupiter signifying Jupiter is retrograde in his own sighn in 4th house. The 7th Lord mercury signifying the challenger is also retrograde (just turned retrograde) is also in his own sighn mutually aspecting each other 3 degrees wide so almost equal but i give more strength to Jupiter. As Alcarez is the higher seed he is the favorite and rudd the challenger. I don’t have rudd birth time but i am convinced about Alcarez birth time as 3AM.(I have actually rectified it to 2.59AM.Moon at the time of the final is in an exact sextile to Alcarez natal career planet and going towards an exact trine to his natal Jupiter. Mercury is in an exact trine to his natal Ascendent. So i pick Alcarez to win the US Open. In my 1st Or the 2nd post in this blog I had said one of the top4 seeds will win the tournament and Medvedev won’t win. The only top 4 seed left is Alcarez.

    1. Congratulations Mr James Green for being spot on !!!

      You have been accurate from the very beginning.

      Thanks a lot for your insights. They made very interesting reading.

      Looking forward to your views in Sally’s next edition viz., “The Astrology of Australian Open 2023”.

      1. Thanks Patrick please check the birthtime of 00.18 hrs for Medvedev based on his past wins and losses and give your findings. Medvedev married on 12th Or 13th September 2018.You may use this information too.

    2. James 2022 was completely worse year for Djokovic, similar to 2010. Similarly Nadal had 2010 and 2022 year went very well as these years were their respective Chinese Zodiac years. Djokovic came to prominence in 2011 in that context it appears 2023, 12 years later Jupiter would be in the same house and sign does that indicate 2023 could be great year again for Djokovic? Please suggest next year predictions for Djokovic and Nadal rivalry.

      1. hello vin It is best to see the prospects of players at the time the tournaments run based upon the tournament chart and the planetary position in relation to the players horoscope. Djokovic will be starting his sadesati in January 2023.This doesn’t mean he won’t win any majors. But he may not have the same dominating year he had in 2011.

    1. Congrats to Javier for your prediction Alcaraz will rise this year. I remember you also have forseen that there will be no domination of one or a few players in the new 20 years era. Strong achievements of this young guy. For me and for now, Djokovic is still the best player.

  39. I did post on Aug 31st that Alcaraz is going to win the USO. I was so convinced that he is going to do it. The nature had the opportunity to break a record and become the youngest world No.1. Records are meant to be replaced and Alcaraz profile is matching. Alcaraz didn’t have the best touch prior to USO but I picked him just because the desire of him to win matches at high stages. When the preparation meets the opportunity, good luck comes. Alcaraz was there and there is no surprise he won it

  40. Favourite and younger player prediction came true with Carlos Alcaraz winning !!! Incredible Player and I am happy that there is a new champion to take over from the Big 4 and take the Tennis forward !!

    Hardluck for Sinner ( he had match ;point and was serving for the match against Alcaraz), Frances Tiafoe and Casper Rudd …. These youngsters along with Medvedev and Zverev will make Tennis attractive !!

    Thank you Sally for yet another Grand slam blog and opening up the discussion with your inputs !! Very kind and sweet of you to have done this despite your busy schedule and having lack of data (Birth time of players)

    Thank You once again Sally !! My sincere thanks to all the contributors JC, James Green, Javier, Juan Cruz, Andreas, Patrick, Jay (that gut feel on Alcaraz !), Sanju …. Thanks to Raman for keeping the tread active prior to each round seeking the expert prediction !! Love you all, Have a Great Time Ahead !!

  41. Congratulations to Carlos Alcaraz, he is truly great to watch, a new player with a fine game and positive attitude and astonishing endurance.

    We were right with Alcaraz winning the final. Starting in a sextile to natal Mars, the Moon built an exact trine to natal Jupiter at the beginning of the last set.

    Thank you very much, Sally, for the recent two weeks and 10 years of predicting Grand Slams and offering your expertise!

    See you all for Melbourne, hopefully!

  42. So Alcaraz has won the US open just as the tournament chart suggested a young player to win with MC Lord moon in rapt conjunction with mercury. One interesting thing is when the final ended the moon was in exact trine to his natal Jupiter. I for one am totally sure of his birthtime (2.59AM rectified) The full moon the day before the final was conjunct his secondary progressed moon.

  43. Thank you for all your excellent astrology, Sally, James, Patrick, and all. You make it a pleasure to come here and see what’s up in the stars! How interesting it is to see how the planets, eclipses, etc. can express in tennis!

    1. Yes, it’s the end of an era especially with Serena saying her goodbyes as well – two of the all-time greats. Weird that Federer’s announced it during Mercury retrograde – I know he’s playing in the Laver Cup in London September 23-25 but I do wonder whether he may question his decision at a later date? Or, maybe that’s just me being hopeful 🙂 He’ll be missed. I started my tennis/astrology blog because of Federer.

      1. Sally, hadn’t you said there were some astrological signs he would retire this year?

        I’m looking at progressions, and I see that his secondary progressed Ascendant is conjunct his s.p. Saturn. It’s a little past exact, but still in strong range of effect. Saturn can represent a time of testing and difficulty. I had hoped he could successfully work through any difficulties, but Ascendant/Saturn could certainly represent the limits of the body. And, it is said that “Father Time is undefeated.” That’s Saturn.

        But I am hopeful along with you. He has a number of excellent progressions in effect next year. What could these bring? Perhaps an unexpected return to tennis? His s.p. Midheaven conjunct his Mars should bring emphasis to his career in sports.

        Roger made tennis beautiful. He’s the reason I got interested in watching the sport. I don’t know whether I will stay with it now that he’s retiring.

        He’s the reason you started your tennis/astrology blog, Sally, and I can’t tell you the number of hours of enjoyment I have received from it.

        All the best to Roger and to you in the future. May you both continue to bring us good things!

        1. Hi Astrotennis, I’ve been trying to find the comment I wrote about this but it’s eluding me – Mercury retrograde? Yes, you’re right, I did talk about Federer’s retirement. I have a feeling I thought it would be earlier – I was worried about the eclipses on his Midheaven – November 2020 & May 2021 – also the Saturn-Uranus square triggering his Sun/Mercury conjunction in Leo – that started in 2021 and is still ongoing. Weird that he’s announced his retirement during Mercury retrograde and he is playing in the Laver cup in one week’s time. He’s such a superstar I’m sure he’ll go from strength to strength in his career/businesses and no doubt he’ll be in demand for celebrity matches 🙂

          1. Just watched the Laver Cup – so emotional. Federer’s last match. I think the astrology – the eclipse on his Midheaven and the Saturn/Uranus square triggering his career planet Mercury last May/June 2021 – were the beginning of the end. He’s not played in a Grand Slam tennis tournament since Wimbledon 2021. What a player.

  44. Dear Ms Sally Kirkman,

    How are you ?

    Any prediction on ATP Finals 2022 ?

    Could we use this blog for an active exchange of astrological thoughts on ATP Finals 2022 taking place at Turin from tomorrow the 13th November, 2022 ?

    Thanks a lot.



    1. hi Raman, I’m well thank you 🙂 I’ve now retired from the tennis/astrology blog (I always said I’d go when Federer went and it’s been 10 years for me). I’m happy for people to post on here where there may be other forums or places to comment but I don’t want my site to be used as a forum from now on. Sending best wishes, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        Thank you for all the years you have given your time, hard work and expertise, in this study of astrology and tennis!

        You have done a great service in the advancement of astrology.

        And you have given us fans of astrology and tennis much enjoyment.

        Thank you, and all the best to you!

        1. Thank you – that means a lot 🙂 It’s not been an easy decision but I know it’s the right one. I’m sure I’ll be back when the astrology calls me but it’s likely to be about a specific player or something unique that draws me in. Take care too – I’m going to miss you all!

  45. Hello sally trust you are doing well. Do you mean you won’t do blog on tennis slam tournamens anymore? You had said in the past you will not do after Wimbledon 2022 but you did do the blog for USO22. Hoping you will continue to do so thank you.

    1. Hi James, no I won’t be doing the Grand Slams anymore. I decided to do the US Open to complete the year – 10 years astrology/tennis predictions 🙂 Over to you next year?

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