US Open Tennis 2021

US Open tennis astrology

Update: Djokovic reached the final but it wasn’t an easy route for him. Only one 3 set win, he had played a huge amount of tennis and ran out of energy. Medvedev was seen as a real threat – see below – born on a Sun/Mars conjunction at 21/26 Aquarius, Jupiter is currently sitting between the two. No birth time for Medvedev makes it a challenge to predict. Yet, quite a few of the contributors to the forum got the result right, so well done to everyone involved and enjoy the rest of your year. I may be back in 2022 but I’m running out of steam myself with so few birth times in the public domain of the top new players. I started this tennis/astrology forum back in 2012, so it’s my 10 year anniversary coming up 🙂 Finally, a big shout out to the amazing Scorpio Emma Raducanu who won the women’s tennis final age 18. Again, no time of birth but Jupiter in the picture almost exactly conjunct her natal Uranus. A truly epic performance!

The US Open is the final Grand Slam of the year. Djokovic is on course to win the Calendar Grand Slam and complete the full set of Grand Slam wins in 2021. Plus, if he wins in NY, he will have won 21 Grand Slams edging above Federer & Nadal who are both on 20 wins.

At this US Open, there’s no Federer, no Nadal, so it’s Djokovic’ to win, surely.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, no. 1 seed – Sun Gemini

The astrology/tennis predictions returned for Wimbledon 2021 and the chart clearly showed the favourite winning. We also saw that Djokovic has some top astrology this year.

Progressed Venus is conjunct Djokovic’ natal Mercury in Gemini, the tennis planet in the tennis sign – it was exact on August 27th so leading him in nicely to this tournament. His progressed Moon has moved on from his natal Mars, his career planet, which lead him into Wimbledon.

It is, however, making a progression to his progressed Sun at 4 Cancer, which is exact later in September. Also, Djokovic’ progressed Midheaven, career point, is conjunct his progressed Saturn, his ruling planet. It’s a powerful list of progressions which does suggest this is his moment.

However, Djokovic also has unpredictable Uranus stationing opposite his Midheaven – exact on July 12th & September 28th but lively all summer.

During the Wimbledon chat, it was discussed that this could produce an upset – it didn’t at Wimbledon but Djokovic crashed out of the Olympics at the end of July without a medal. 1 out of 3 upsets maybe? Or will Uranus be a problem again.

As always in these astrology predictions, it’s worth watching what Jupiter is doing, the success planet. Jupiter is currently retrograde and slowing down ready to turn direct on October 18th.

During the tournament Jupiter moves from 25 to 24 Aquarius and important to note which players have Jupiter transits happening. Djokovic is one of those players as Jupiter is exactly sextile his natal Uranus on August 31st which sits opposite his Mars, again leading into the tournament. To be fair, that transit could go either way.

As long as Uranus doesn’t trip him up, surely it’s Djokovic’ tournament.

(There is one more transit that’s exact which is Saturn square Pluto, co-ruler of his Scorpio Midheaven on September 4, 2021. That’s not easy but as Djokovic is Saturn-ruled, i.e. he has a Capricorn MC, he might have to fight for his life on or around that date. If he’s going to win, he needs to dig really deep!)

Tournament Chart

During this tournament, the astrology isn’t as convincing for the favourite – see chart above. An early Scorpio Ascendant, the chart ruler is Mars in Virgo, great for precision tennis, but moving towards an opposition to Neptune. The dream is there but there can also be disillusionment.

The Moon is in the tennis sign Gemini and is picking up nice trine aspects to Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius. However, the Moon is also square the Mars/Neptune opposition – so something is amiss. Not an easy progress to the final, perhaps.

The Moon’s final aspect to lucky Jupiter before changing star sign is promising for the favourite but the Moon never meets up with the ruler of the Midheaven, the Sun.

It’s certainly not as convincing a testimony as the Wimbledon tournament chart for the favourite winning.

What is intriguing is that the chart for the final of the tournament has Ascendant 16 Capricorn and Midheaven 14 Scorpio – closely mirroring Djokovic’ chart – Ascendant 15 Capricorn and Midheaven 10 Scorpio.

Plus, the Moon in Gemini in the tournament chart gives a nod to the awesome Gemini player, Djokovic.

– I gave a little sigh when Nadal and Federer were both out as we have birth times for both and it would be great to watch the Big Three compete together.

It’s getting harder to make these tennis predictions when so many players don’t have birth times in the public domain – you only have a snippet of the information for them and you can only look at what astrology leaps out, i.e. a major Jupiter transit or stunning synastry with the tournament chart.

I did want to get this post up so you all have a forum to discuss the tennis astrology over the coming fortnight. The information re. the other seeded players is below – if anything, it makes Djokovic’ tournament all the harder as you’ll see.

I’d love to hear what everyone thinks and whether Djokovic will complete his Calendar Grand Slam.

Happy tennis!

Rest of the Players

Alexander Zverev, b. April 20 1997, 3:00am, Hamburg, Germany

Zverev is one of very few of the top ‘new’ players to have a birth time. What’s fantastic about Zverev is that one possible birth time gives him a Sun Taurus, the other a Sun Aries! n.b. the Sun always changes time at some point during one day. As Zverev has been seen to wear an Aries chain, you’ve got to love the Aries birth time, which is the one above.

Plus, this gives him a similar ASC/MC mix to Djokovic – ASC 18 Capricorn, MC 25 Scorpio – so that gives him real grit and determination. And, he’s likely to be around for some time as both signs are known for persistence and longevity.

This year has been Zverev’ Jupiter Return year – Jupiter 18 Aquarius – and even though Zverev’s struggled previously in the Grand Slams, this year he took the Olympic title which must boost his confidence and tell him that he’s a winner.

It may be his Jupiter Return year which was exact in March 2021, but Jupiter isn’t wildly in play this tournament. Jupiter was sextile Zverev’ Sun Aries on May 13th and again July 28th but will only return to make an exact aspect on December 29th.

Other Players

What’s noticeable about looking at the other players vying for top spot is that a lot of them have planets that are or have been getting a nice aspect from Jupiter this year. Here’s the line-up:

Daniil Medvedev b. February 11 1996, Russia – Sun 21 Aquarius 55, Mars 26 Aquarius 45

Andrey Rublev b. October 20 1997, Russia – Sun 26 Libra 58, Jupiter Return year

Matteo Berrettini b. April 12 1996, Italy – Sun 22 Aries 47, Moon Aquarius?

Denis Shapovalov b. April 15 1999, Israel – Sun 24 Aries 57

Hubert Hurkacz b. February 11 1997, Poland – Sun 22 Aquarius 46; Jupiter Return year

Diego Schwartzman b. August 16, 1992, Argentina – Sun 23 Leo 59

Jannik Sinner b. August 16 2001, Monaco – Sun 23 Leo 48

Roberto Bautista Agut b. April 14 1988, Spain – Sun 24 Aries 52

Aslan Karatsev b. September 4 1993, Russia – Saturn 25 Aquarius 47

Alexander Bublik b. June 17 1997, Kazakhstan – Sun 26 Gemini 26, Jupiter Return year

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  1. 2343 / 5000
    Risultati della traduzione
    Greetings to all, of course primarily to Sally.
    It is obvious that all the attention, even the astrological one, is on Nole, and on what could be the greatest feat in the history of tennis, not even comparable to that of Laver, who made the grand slam in 1969 but playing on solo. two surfaces, while here they are practically 4.
    I say 4 because everyone knows that American concrete is very different from Australian, in effect two different surfaces.

    My opinion, which of course I have already had the opportunity to train for some time, is that Djokovic could do it, but there are also reasons why he could fail.
    The main reason why I have doubts is looking at the graph of the final, with that Moon in Sagittarius in the first degrees opposite the Sun of Nole.
    The first thing I do for any event is always to look at the last graph of the final referring to the favorite player, or to a set of favorite players, when this is possible.
    And the Luminaries are always infallible indicators for better or for worse.
    It is also true that this Transit moon opposite to the Sun is trine to its natal Moon in Aries, which therefore gives another indication.
    Above all, the natal Moon, with its aspects, is always a symptom of good days or not. I have verified this several times.
    It is very rare to have a positive day with a bad Moon on that particular day. It can only happen if your opponent is in the same astrological condition as you, or maybe even worse.

    Instead, the aspect that makes me think we can witness this epochal triumph is the Saturn in Aquarius in the first degrees, in my opinion still active at this moment especially since it is retrograde (the transit of the planets has more “latency” time, as Andrè Barbault taught us), and above all the Moon conjunct the Sun in its progressed theme.
    As I have already had the opportunity to say this is an aspect that happens very rarely, and that can only have a benign meaning (unless there are serious injuries in other aspects that are not here, however).

    Basically I think Djokovic can do it, but if he manages to triumph it will certainly not be a walk in the park.

    Unfortunately, as Sally says, for many athletes the complete horoscope is not available due to the lack of the time of birth. This not only makes everything more complicated, but also makes it useless.

    1. Thanks Andreas. Great to have some astrological comments coming in. Interesting what you say about the Moon in opposition to Djokovic’ Sun Gemini in the final chart. I haven’t used that technique previously. Do you have more to say about Saturn in Aquarius and why that is significant? It would be helpful to hear. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Sally, for making the predictions for US Open, analysing the tournament chart and Novak’s chances. It is a shame that we don’t have other players’ time of birth, but it is still interesting to see Novak vs everyone else and making history. I can see some fans would not be happy if that happens, but I think it would be great for tennis, just like Steffi Graf said. It would be great to see a player wining a calendar slam on 3 different surfaces, as that has never happened before. True tennis fans would love to see that regardless of who achieves it and Rod Laver said he would love to shake hands with Novak if he does it and he would welcome him in the club.
    Looking forward to watching tennis and possibility to witness history.

  3. Hi Sally,

    It’s wonderful to see you posting your predictions for the US Open! We so look forward to it.

    Things are so interesting now with Djokovic having the chance to make history in the sport. There are strong progressions that could bring this about, as you noted.

    I wonder if his progressed Moon conjunct his progressed Sun could be especially significant. I read somewhere that major events in our lives often have a progressed Moon factor in effect. The progressed Sun involved could bring emphasis in the career, and the conjunction could bring things coming to a culmination. The end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. It seems making history in the sport could be an expression of this factor.

    One does wonder about the Uranus transit opposite his Midheaven causing problems. It’s not terribly close to exact on the day of the final, though. A transit that is close to exact during the final is a minor one, the Sun squaring his Chiron. It will be separating during the match, but it’s pretty close to exact. A “wounding” of some sort? But in light of the powerful progressions, it may not be seen in expression at all.

    It will be interesting to see how the astrology plays out. It would be nice if we had times of birth for both finalists, but I doubt that will happen.

    1. Thanks for your well known top analysis of progressions, Astrotennis, and thank you very much for your comment on my analysis!

      Next to Chiron and Saturn it will be interesting to see with Djokovic how Uranus opposite natal Midheaven will play out for him. Usually this is no favorable astrology for career, isn’t it? At Wimbledon it played out in a minor way as his family (Uranus conjunct IC) couldn’t be there due to the regulations, how Sally reasoned back then.

    2. Thanks Astrotennis. I appreciate your comments. Yes, Djokovic’ progressions are definitely of note this year. And, as you say, Uranus isn’t exactly conjunct his IC – I often find that Uranus transits play out to the day. Although, having said that, Uranus wasn’t exact at the end of July when he crashed out of the Olympics. The last exact hit was July 12th – maybe something happening then? – and next hit September 28th. I wouldn’t worry about a square aspect to Chiron personally – I think they’re more important by conjunction only. And, it is separating so not as strong as if it were applying. It’s not likely to be a walk in the park if the tournament chart plays out – but I don’t know as yet how that might come to pass.

    1. Thank you Javier – good to see you doing more sports predictions 🙂 I like that you use a different technique – the Lunar Return to make your judgements. It will be interesting to see how it plays out this tournament and your track record for predictions is great.

    2. Congratulations for yet another correct prediction !
      You have improved your track record again . I will always look forward to your next tennis prediction in the Australian Open 2022 .
      Good job !

  4. Hi Everybody,

    thank you very much, Sally, that you took the time to start another prediction just after publishing your monthly horoscopes!

    For this US Open, there’s Saturn, Djokovic’s ruling planet, to effect his Pluto Venus Opposition in a T-Square. That means Saturn squares his Midheaven Co ruler, precise during the first week and still active in the second week. At the final’s match time, the Sun is in exact square to Djokovic‘s Chiron – his wound as you mention, Astrotennis! So this may indicate a painful experience is my thought? I don’t believe in a Grand Slam and the outlook for the favorite in the opening chart is not as good as in comparison to Wimbledon, as Sally points out.

    Berrettini is one of the younger players of whom we haven’t got an official birth time yet. He reached his first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon when he lost against Djokovic who, especially in mental aspects, was ahead. Berrettini has North Node in a close trine with natal Uranus, the surprise planet, at final. The recent Wimbledon final could find a repetition at the Quarters.

    The Italian before could have to overcome the Polish Hurkacz who possibly finished Federer’s career at Wimbledon. Hurkacz has a stellium in Aquarius. Even more significant than with Berrettini, North Node builds a precise trine not only with natal Uranus in the following days but with Jupiter at final when natal Saturn is in precise sextile to the Node, too. Natal Libra Mars even extends the trines to a Grand trine.

    As you point out Jupiter once again, Sally, Hurkacz could be a Man to focus the US Open. Because there‘s even more Jupiter for the Polish on top: at final, Jupiter is approaching his Jupiter and at final it will be conjunct his natal Sun. Of course, same with Berrettini, we don’t know what his career planets are, yet.

    Hurkacz practices with US coach Craig Boynton at Florida. Suitingly he played himself among the world class as he won his first Masters title at Miami this year. This time in April Jupiter was …guess.. conjunct his Sun! The difference to this US Open is that Jupiter does not cross the 1 degree orb to his Sun, even if he’s born late. Hurkacz won two ATP 250 tournaments, again in the USA on hard court: Delray Beach 2021 and Winston Salem in 2019. At Delray Beach (01/13/2021) several transitting planets were conjunct his Aquarius stellium as carmic Node now triggers this part of his chart so strongly.

    The Man of the current hour appears to be Zverev. He comes with huge confidence of an Olympic Gold medal and the recent Masters title of Cincinnatti. At Tokyo there was Mars trine his natal Aries Sun and Jupiter in sextile to his Sun. So, shortly after Jupiter moved back in Zverev’s natal sign, the German began his current success run. At Cincinnati, North Node was in trine with natal Uranus (see Berrettini). The Full Moon on Regulus (natal Sun of brother Misha) triggered the Mars position of the Olympic Games and trined natal Sun.

    The last year’s Runner Up will be on fire to heal his trauma against Thiem when he was two sets in front and lost in a five set Tiebreak as both players nearly collapsed. There is Jupiter travelling in direction to his natal position. The Node – in opposite to Berrettini/Hurcasz – is not in a favorable position with an Opposition to natal Pluto, Co Ruler of his Scorpio Midheaven.

    Medvedev, another Sun Aquarius, of course, is among the favorites and Jupiter is on his Mars in the first days and approaching his Sun. In their progressions these two natal planets currently are conjunct – but not precise. Another Russian and Co favorite Rublev recently beat Medvedev for the first time, on hard court, reaching the Cincinnatti final vs Zverev. Jupiter is in trine to his Libra Sun seperating in the final Rounds. Does it affect his Moon then? As Berrettini, Rublev has North Node in trine to natal Uranus.

    Maybe the Champion will be a Russian.

    1. Thanks for your analysis, Patrick!

      From a tennis perspective, some commentators have been saying there are more guys who could beat Djokovic on the hard courts of the US Open than at Wimbledon. It just could be one of the Russians!

      I will be fascinated to see whether the transit of Sun square Chiron for Djokovic during the final could bring his downfall (maybe even literally!), or whether the strong progressions will bring success. I have read that progressions tend to be stronger than transits, but on an important day an exact transit could tell the story. And there is the Saturn square to his Pluto as well that you mentioned, though not so close to exact.

      I so wish we had times of birth for all the players, so we could see the progressions for everyone.

      1. You can make predictions more confidently when a good transit backs up a strong progression. The Company of Astrologers always used to teach me – progression, transit, lunation – get all 3 in alignment and you can be spot on.

    2. Thanks Patrick for all your astrological insights. I’m looking forward to delving a little deeper into the astrology of other players some time this week. You’ve made a great start for us and looks like there are going to be some contenders trying to stop Djokovic achieving his epic battle 🙂

        1. Some conflicting astrology for sure as many of the astrologers have mentioned. Weather is disrupting play which may be partly what makes Djokovic’ journey through the tournament more challenging. Also, had a quick look at some of the key players with no birth times and quite a few of them have strong Jupiter transits especially Medvedev but he’s not the only one. So I don’t have a strong intuition one way or the other this time. I would really like to see Djokovic make history as it would be an awesome achievement.

  5. thanks to sally and other astrologers for their predictions on the usopen. i shall give my analyses as per sidereal astrology.the ascendent is 9 degree libra making venus the ruling planet and MC falls at 15.04 cancer making moon the lord of MC.The ruling planet venus is debilitated in the 12th house which is not a good sighn for the favourite winning the tournament.Saturn is in almost exact aspect to MC which can suggest a 30 plus player winning the tournament but saturn is retrograde which may mean the opposite also.moon the ruler of MC is in the 19th degree of taurus and associated with north node though it has crossed it and 5 degrees away can show a new champion.
    Djokovic is the no1 seed and favourite.i use a time of 23.29 for him.other astrologers have spoken of his secondary progressed moon conjunct his secondary progressed sun which can help in realising one”s dreams.The dream of djokovic is to do the calender slam and win his 21st major title.this progression can certainly help him achieve that but it may need jupiter’s aspect for the fulfilment which is not there for the it can be a slip between the cup and the lip for djokovic.
    The other player whose horoscope i am sure of is zverev.He is saggitarius born with jupiter as ruling planet and MC at 3 degrees scorpio making mars as career planet.Jupiter of the tournament chart exactly squares his MC.In his progressed chart also mars is career planet and it aspects the progressed MC almost exactly.This can bring him success at the usopen.but other players birth time is not available so making a prediction is very prediction is a new champion will emerge and it can be zverev.

    1. Thanks James. It looks like all astrologers are thinking Djokovic won’t complete his epic achievement at the US Open. I’m not so sure personally but he is going to have to work hard for sure. I appreciate your comments.

      1. The tournament chart gives conflicting signals. Saturn aspecting MC can show an old champion who is 30 plus in age.This points to Djokovic.But Ruling planet Venus in 12th in debilitation shows the favourite not winning.Let us see what happens.

        1. Hi James Green,
          Planet debilitated in the 12th house is a Vipareetha Rajya Yoga, in BPHS.
          I don’t necessarily know if it can be applied in sports or an event horoscope.

          1. Ascendent lord debilitated in 12th is not vipareeta raja yoga. placement of one bad lord in another bad house is vipareeta raja yoga.

          1. Hi!

            I don’t usually use the tournament’s starting card as a determining factor. I am curious to know the following, I ask you if you study it: do you see the champion in the ASC, Luna or MC? And the favorite? In this case, Djokovic, where?


          2. Hi Juan, there are different things to look at but I look at the ruler of the Ascendant and the Moon to tell you more about the favourite. So, Mars rules Scorpio in the US Open chart but is straightaway moving towards an opposition with Neptune – tricky. Also, the rain has been disrupting play – Neptune is often about water being God of the sea. The Moon in Gemini is great for Djokovic as it’s his Sun sign and you then look at its next aspects – are they helpful or not? The Moon picks up two good planets -Venus & Jupiter but in between has to navigate square aspects to both the Mars and Neptune, so that looks like a fight or disruption of some kind. However, the final aspect before the Moon leaves Gemini is a positive trine aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius which seems to be a positive omen for the favourite doing well. Not as straightforward as it was in the Wimbledon chart – ruler of ASC was Mercury in its sign of dignity in Virgo in the 10th house (success house) conjunct the north node – nice. Also, the Moon was void of course, i.e would make no new aspects before leaving its sign and that often means the situation won’t change – Djokovic won the last Grand Slam so a nice showing for the favourite repeating his achievement. You also consider planets on angles too and sometimes what’s prominent can tell you about what to expect during the tournament. The Part of Fortune is on the Midheaven of the US Open chart so that could also give a nod towards the favourite doing well. Hope that helps 🙂 One more thing – sometimes you get an incredible piece of synastry between the tournament chart and a key planet in a player’s chart and that’s noteworthy too. Which is why I mentioned the final chart ASC/MC similar to Djokovic’ chart.

  6. Hi everyone! What a pleasure to read to you again Sally, it is always good to exchange opinions.

    I agree that Djokovic is having excellent progressions. But the transits of him are unfavorable. What will have more weight? It’s risky to say it, but I think transits + lunar revolution.

    For me the champion will be Medvedev, and further back I place Zverev.

    I share the article where I develop the astrological analysis:

    1. Thanks Juan. Always great to have your perspective on the astrology. Hmm – so interesting re. Djokovic just in the transits. Saturn square Pluto, co-ruler of his Midheaven; also Jupiter sextile Uranus – opposite his Mars, co-ruler of his Midheaven. Bad news on the one hand, potentially good news on the other hand. I am rather gripped by the ASC/MC positioning during the final that mirrors Djokovic’ natal chart. I suspect he may have a lot to overcome if he’s going to go the distance and maybe the astrology is confirming the weight of this epic achievement if he makes it. It’s almost as if it would kill him if he wins! And what does that mean….

    2. Spot on , Juan , for predicting Medvedev as the new US Open Champion !
      You were also right on predicting that Djokovic would not win the “ Golden Slam “ , failing in the Olympics . Your analysis of Uranus , the surprise planet , has been excellent .
      Congratulations !

  7. As I have already had the opportunity to exhibit for other tournaments, for me another excellent yardstick beyond Astrology, is represented by the Biorhythms of each player.
    But over time, experience and repeated tests, I discovered that what matters most, with a very high percentage of success, is not so much the single personal biorhythm, but it is the biorhythmic relationship of the personal day in parallel with the biorhythmic compatibility with the day. where the event takes place.
    A bit like comparative astrology between two people, from which a single natal chart is drawn from which, for harmony or not, the affinities between the two people are drawn.

    So, in this sense, I am going to represent what are the semi-final predictions in order to the favorites of the seeding, and objectively for the forces in the field, based on the biorhythm calculations of the comparative cycles of the 4 players.


    Emotional 0%
    Physical 78%
    Intellectual 58%

    Emotional 85%
    Physical 46%
    Intellectual 100%

    Emotional 97%
    Physical 7%
    Intellectual 14%

    Emotional 53%
    Physical 78%
    Intellectual 93%

    From here it is clear that the one made worst of all, especially in an emotional sense, seems to be Djokovic.
    And the other “penalized” player seems to be Tsitsipas.
    The probable final should therefore be Zverev-Medvedev

    FINAL, 09-12-21

    Emotional 71%
    Physical 20%
    Intellectual 100%

    Emotional 71%
    Physical 58%
    Intellectual 84%

    Summing up, it seems that the best odds of victory on the basis of the comparative biorhythm calculation are for Medvedev, albeit slightly.
    I certainly do not hope this, being a player for me unwatchable, truly horrid, a bad example not to be followed.
    But the objective biorhythmic indications seem to say this.

        1. However, as obvious, having better biorhythms does not mean that that particular player will surely win, because above all else the intrinsic potential of each one counts.
          It is simply an indication that, on that day, one player should feel better than the other, and therefore be able to express more of their potential.
          Clearly if a stronger player also has better biorhythms, it is almost certain that he will win. And this I have verified several times.
          In the reverse case there is more balance.

          On the other hand, this also applies to astrology: having better transits certainly does not mean that you are favored for victory, if there is someone over there who is clearly stronger than you.

  8. Defending Champion Osaka has Jupiter trine her Libra Mercury at final which is conjunct her Libra Sun in her natal chart. Transitting Sun is directly on her natal North Node at final. Last year – vice versa – Mercury trined natal Jupiter at final. Osaka started with Mars conjunct her Sun and Mars will be trine natal Neptune at Sep 11th. The only challenge seems Mercury to opposite natal Saturn. Maybe this transit will have something to do with her dislike to talk (Mercury) to the media and the duty (Saturn) to hold press conferences? Saturn is conjunct her Moon, her feelings and Inner Child in her natal chart. Will she surprise us with another speech? Probably Jupiter will be stronger than Saturn in match aspects. And Osaka has North Node in nice trine with Uranus which is sextile natal Pluto. Strong stars! Sabalenka has Uranus on her Sun, as at Wimbledon. No birth time for both women.

      1. hi Patrick – no time of birth doesn’t help with predictions as we know. I think the major transit that’s important for Naomi this year is Pluto square Mercury at 24 Libra. She’s talked of depression and mental health issues and there’s been controversy about her media decisions too – Mercury communication. Anyone with planets/angles at 24 degrees of Aries or Libra this is important to note. Yes, Jupiter is currently trine that planet/angle at 24 Aquarius but Pluto is square that planet/angle at 24 Capricorn. So, something has to come to an end (Pluto) for a new opportunity/freedom (Jupiter) to begin. The Pluto transit was active at the start of the year when she won the Australian Open but that was also her Jupiter Return exactly and Jupiter was stronger by conjunction than it is now by trine aspect. I always look to the slower-moving planets first to see what they’re doing – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto as they’re going to outweigh the minor transits of Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus. I hope that helps. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Naomi becomes more of an activist after this, perhaps the new opportunity. She’s a Sun Libra, a political sign. Although Pluto will have moved away from Libra planets by next year so she may be back playing tennis – with no time of birth, we don’t know what degree Aries her Moon is likely to be and whether that is being triggered by Pluto too – the Moon & Mercury are both about mental/emotional issues.

        1. Thank you very much for your brilliant analysis, Sally! I didn’t see Pluto afflict her Mercury and how you explain, it makes absolutely sense. I agree, Naomi will continue to engage for social issues. It suits our time that athletes like her arrive and play their part in the upcoming years of change.
          So it is really exciting to see what happens at the Women’s competition. Barty in my eyes is a bit like Djokovic, she currently seems to have a mental advantage over her competition. No wonder she is No. 1, too. So often we observed players challenge Djokovic with their hard hitting skills, but he is several levels ahead in the mental and spiritual area. Barty is no typical female who shakes in her play, also her playing style is somehow like a male – positivily meant. Osaka can overpower her, but she is not mentally stable this year. Pliskova currently has a Uranus Saturn square which gives a nod to the astrology of change of this year.

  9. Hi everyone.

    In a few minutes will star Medvédev vs Pablo Andujar. This year Pablo Andujar defeated Federer and Thiem (even lossing the first 2 sets). Today mars is arriving to the degree 23 of virgo and natal saturn of Medvédev is at 23 piscis. Last 2 months i was thinking how this transit will affect Medvédev (because fpr the second week his astro is better). Andujar has his natal jupiter at 23 degrees of aquarius (now jupiter is at 25 aquarius) and mars in sextil to his natal mars and venus in trine to his natal jupiter. Normally Medvédev will win 3-0 , but this game looks like the most difficult one to Medvédev according to astrology of this tournament…

  10. Unfortunately, both astrological and biorhythmic predictions for the semifinals among the top 4 of the seeding are no longer valid, having released Tsitispas at the hands of a phenomenal Alcaraz.
    On the other hand, I have never considered Tsitsipas a player at the level of a champion. I don’t like it as a player or as a person, but these are my considerations.
    However, it does not change much, Tsisipas was not a candidate for victory in an astrological sense, or even biorhythm, I think for anyone.

    Now we should understand if Alcaraz can enter that piece left empty, and seeing the board this is certainly not impossible.
    In the next round, round of 16, he will face Gojowczyk, to whom he is absolutely superior in tennis, and then in the quarterfinals with Aliassime or Tiafoe, and the speech is the same.

    If he came in semi against Medvedev, his biorhythmic situation would be as follows:

    Physical 33%
    Emotional 20%
    Intellectual 93%

    And so his race would probably end there.

    1. Well absolutely superior in tennis Gojowczyk was over long periods of the match over Alcarez. No pace too high for him and he brought back the Youngster in Set 4 after an early break lead.. All that coming from Qualificatiin and here without a coach!

  11. So, Medvédev didnt have problems with mars opossite to his natal saturn (there is a lot of different in the quality of their tennis), .and his next game will be with Daniel Evans who has mars at 24 piscis and mars will be in oposition to mars of Evans, so Medvédev will arrive to the second week crossing the worst aspect that he has in open usa. 10 or 11 september he will star a new lunar return much better than he has when he arrive to other final at GS.

    There are 2 young players that have very good astrology: one is Carlos Alcaraz, and next year he has a solar return for big things :
    The other one is Jannik Sinner. His chart is similar to Nadal one’s because both players has 4 planet with strong esencial dignity (sun in leo, moon in cancer, mercury in virgo and júpiter in cancer). This is why Sinner won titles at and age similar to Nadal, but i think we will see winning GS-importan titles first Alcaraz because saturn in aquarius will not help Sinner.


    1. I didn’t understand your reasoning Javier, because if we talk about Saturn it shouldn’t help even Alcaraz, who is Taurus 🙂 …
      And indeed, he was born on May 5th, so Saturn is close to square his Sun, more than he will be in opposition to Sinner who was born on August 16th. There is still time for him.

      However, I still want to remember, that Cecchinato’s explosion in 2018, when he defeated Djokovic and reached the semifinals at the RG, plus other great results including some victories, coincided with an exact square to the monomer of Saturn in Capricorn to his Sun Libra. ..
      I think some will remember this, including Sally.
      Mysteries of Astrology.

      The only explanation I can give myself is that when you receive a so-called negative aspect, which in any case is all to be verified in the general context if it is really negative, it is necessary to see if the planet that squares or opposes is at home or not, in which chance can also be something that, despite the fatigue of a “tension”, pushes the person to bring out the best of himself.
      On the other hand, the square is the typical aspect of “rupture”, which leads to situations that can no longer be postponed or bearable, for evil but obviously also for good.
      And I am verifying it that I am Gemini with the square of Neptune in Pisces…

      1. Hi Andreas, Saturn is stil” 7 degrees away from Alcaraz’ Sun. Born 5/3/2003, he breaks through into the World’s tennis elite as Uranus is conjunct his Sun. He won his first ATP Tour at Umag in July when Uranus was in similiar position at 14’31 degrees Taurus. Against Tsitsipas Uranus was at 14’41. Alcarez also has Saturn conjunct his Mars extending his power these days, Jupiter trines natal Saturn. So, Saturn currently supports him. Uranus often plays out exact and I wonder if the planet of bringing new things was exactly conjunct Alcaraz’ Sun at Umag. Maybe he hasn’t reached the climax at the US Open, yet, if his Sun is at 14’3 and success continues for him in the upcoming days up when Uranus further approaches his Sun? Uranus will be at 14’33 at final. Just as you predict with your Biorhythm analysis, the draw favors him.

        1. I know Patrick, he was born on May 5th so obviously there is still time.
          I said that in his case he is getting close to the square point, not that he already is.
          But obviously this is even more true for Sinner, and in any case an opposition of Saturn in Aquarius should not be scary or worry.
          It could also be an aspect that leads to “maturation”, especially in the case of a 20-year-old person.

          And, as mentioned in the example of Cecchinato, evidently not even a square of Saturn can have evil effects.
          You always have to consider the big picture, and what sign the squaring comes from.
          Besides obviously not only the transits but also the progressions and the solar revolutions.

      2. Hola.

        I made a mistake! I studied his chart as he was born on 5- march and he was born 5 of may…so next year he will not have in his solar return a exact conjuction of jupiter to his natal sun…but, as Patrick says now uranus is over his natal sun, and next year for his solar return, the conjuction will be partile. I,d like more his fake chart than he real one jaja. Now he is having a great pyramid in air element with jupiter-venus and his natal saturn and maybe his natal moon.

        Using chinese and tibetan astrology, in the last buffalo year (2009), there was a new champion (Del Potro) who defeated number 1 (this is another reason why i think Djokovic will not win).

        Where i dont make mistake with the chart and the prediction was with Federer:


  12. Attention, at the time of writing Djokovic and Nishikori are on the pitch.
    The situation is 4-2 for Nishikori in the first set, with a truly apathetic Nole and seems lacking in energy.

    So I went to look at his daily comparative biorhythm situation, and it is this:

    Emotional 62%
    Physical 7%
    Intellectual 5%

    That is really bad, it is certainly not a great day.

    Nishikori’s site is this:
    Emotional 62%
    Physical 92%
    Intellectual 50%

    That is much better than him, and good in a general sense.

    This does not necessarily mean that Djokovic will certainly be beaten by Nishikori, given the difference in values on the pitch, but to win he will certainly have to sweat.

      1. Andreas, Djokovic’s biorhythm shows a suitable picture as Saturn square his Pluto very precisely at the moment. Nishikori beat Djokovic at the US Open 2014 – it was September 6th. Today the square Saturn to Novak’s Career Ruler Pluto is exact. The match chart shows the Moon (favorit) in a square to Uranus (surprise) and North Node conjunct DC. But at the Olympics Djokovic let Nishikori only two games when Kei showed severe respect for the No. 1. He seems blocked after winning the first set. Djokovic shows nerves and may be a bit lucky in this aspect…

        It is a Saturn shaped match: Djokovic with Saturn as his ruling planet and Nishikori has a Capricorn Stellium including the Sun with Saturn as Ruler of Capricorn. Nishikori once was given a Gaming figure by a fan which he carries in/on his tennis bag. It’s official name: Mr. Saturn.

      2. it was 2014.
        But he really did the feat of a lifetime by beating that Djokovic who was very centered.
        And in fact, after he lost 17 times, 15 of which in a row with today.

        However, today as predicted Nole had to sweat more than expected to beat him, and it was certainly not a great day.

        1. How do you rate his match against Brooksby scheduled tomorrow? Everyone’s saying Djokovic will lose I wonder if that will be in the quarter, semis or final.

          1. I haven’t said he’ll lose! I know that’s the general consensus here but Djokovic has some strong astrology this year which could mean he achieves this incredible goal. Also, the tournament chart isn’t completely against the favourite, although it’s not a walk in the park either.

          2. Nah, I mean the others Sally I knew you said he can achieve it but it wont come on a silver plate. His match against Nishikori was a fight for the first 2.5 sets. Although, I see Medvedev having strong chances to win this edition of US Open.

  13. In the tournament chart ruling planet Venus in debilitation in 12th house not being good for the favourite has played out in women’s.The no1 seed Ash Barty is out.

    1. Yes, I did wonder whether the 12th house Venus might not spell good news for the women’s top seeds, although in Libra its sign of rulership. It seems to be playing out that way.

  14. I reply to Azu, for the post below.
    I don’t know who said Djokovic will lose from Brooksby, I certainly don’t.
    In my opinion the “serious” problems will come not in the round of 16 but from the next round for him, the quarter-finals, and already now we see that he is not expressing his potential.

    I continue in the “game” of biorhythms, in this case those compared with the day on which the event takes place:


    Emotional 90%
    Physical 58%
    Intellectual 96%

    Emotional 43%
    Physical 33%
    Intellectual 24%

    As we see Nole continues in the rather negative trend of his cycles, and it will be like this until the end of the tournament.
    Brooksby, on the other hand, is in a highly positive phase, and on the other hand we have seen it in the results obtained so far, which for him are excellent.
    However, there is an abyss in terms of “tennis”, between Djokovic and the American.
    Anyone who has seen Brooskby has certainly realized that he doesn’t seem to have the weapons to beat Djokovic, at least on paper.
    So I don’t think the Serbian can lose tomorrow, it would be an incredible surprise, considering the difference in values ​​between the two.
    But probably also tomorrow he will not show a performance of his, because he is in a non-optimal phase, and could again suffer something like with Nishikori.
    This can also be emphasized by the fact that Brooksby will enjoy favor with the American public, which is very biased and disturbing to other players.

  15. Sathia (Mr.Sathiamoorthy, Chennai India)

    Dear Sally Mam, Thank You soooo much for coming in with this blog and space for Tennis analysis… as I always say… without this forum, Grand Slams are not exciting !!

    This Big 3 Era of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic is the simply the greatest era of Tennis. What would be the icing on the cake is that one of these Big3 matching Mr.Laver’s achievement of calendar grand slam at least one time. In my view, it would be incredible to watch that happening…. I hope it happens.. . It should happen as a sheer respect for the Tennis displayed by Big 3 and the top most performer of the Big 3 in the last decade Mr.Djokovic !!!

  16. I make the biorhythmic report of the meeting between Zverev and Sinner that has just begun, they are 2 even in the first set:

    Emotional 99%
    Physical 85%
    Intellectual 89%

    Emotional 62%
    Physical 33%
    Intellectual 98%

    As we can see, based on the comparative biorhythm, Zverev has a clear advantage, and today he should reach the peak of his form throughout the tournament, having the three very strong cycles.

    Sinner, on the other hand, is not in a good situation.
    So it is deduced that the player, already stronger on paper, should win and quite easily.

    1. I got Sinner’s data wrong, which are even worse in terms of physical and emotional cycle, which are the ones that matter most in sport:

      Emotional 43%
      Physical 7%
      Intellectual 100%

  17. I feel in last 10 years Djokovic is above all astrology and bio rythms and numerology. He has got the best kuch and game out of all. He always win nonetheless.

  18. Again on the comparative biorhythm regarding today’s meetings.
    I remember that by comparative biorhythm we mean the calculation between your daily biorhythm with that of the day on which the event takes place.

    Djokovic, 05-22-87
    Emotional 33%
    Physical 46%
    Intellectual 33%

    Berrettini, 04-12-96
    Emotional 22%
    Physical 7%
    Intellectual 79%

    It seems like a bad day for both of them, but considering the emotional and physical cycles which are the most important, and the difference in general value between the two contenders, it is assumed that Djokovic should win anyway.
    While, in fact, providing yet another performance not up to par.

    Zverev, 04-20-1997
    Emotional 94%
    Physical 68%
    Intellectual 96%

    Harris, 02-24-97
    Emotional 97%
    Physical 46%
    Intellectual 24%

    Here Harris, despite having a great emotional cycle, it seems unlikely that he can get the better of a Zverev who almost equalizes him in this sense, and is much superior to him in the other two cycles.
    So he certainly seems to be the favorite, even considering the same speech above concerns Djokovic, that is, that his overall tennis value is certainly higher than Harris.
    However, this Harris is a player on the rise, and for those who have had the opportunity to see him these days, he has realized that he has improved in every shot.
    So beware.

    1. Good prediction again.

      Djokovic struggled initially and picked up well to win the match.

      Harris got chance to close 1st set but unable to do it and zverev closed it in 3 sets.

      1. Good prediction. The matches panned out as you said. Curious what the semi-final of Djokovic vs Zverev will say because Zverev beat Djokovic at the Olympics this year. I think we can fairly say, Medvedev is the first finalist and its now between Zverev and Djokovic.

  19. So Djokovic predominantly seems to live from his reputation so far. Every time he loses the first set and from that on people are blocked to beat the current king. It was a similiar pattern with Thiem and Medvedev at AO finals, with Tsitsipas at Paris and so at Wimbledon Semis and final. It is less a thing of tennis these days in my opinion. Djokovic much profites from his well deserved rank inside the heads of the Youngsters especially. With Zverev it could be different,,.

  20. I want to clarify on the previous post dedicated to the Djokovic Berrettini challenge and their respective biorhythms.
    It is true that Nole struggled even today, as expected, but then she played so well with a frightening performance that was frightening, accompanied by a series of stellar shots …

    But in the post I said that from the biorhythms it did not seem at its best, haha ​​:-) ….
    That one there is truly a devil who is beyond any astrological or other prediction …
    It is simply impressive. Probably he has found a way within himself to cope with any situation and eventuality, even when he is in emotional or mental difficulty.
    And in this sense his Pluto at the MC, which is definitely in the 10th house, is highly significant. That is, he continually manages to find and churn out energies that are closed to others, even in difficult conditions.

    Now let’s see if this reversal of astrological and biorhythmic conditions works with Zverev.
    If we were to rely on those, it seems to me that almost all of us agree that they are not optimal for Djokovic, while they are optimal for the German.
    But as I said since Wimbledon, looking at his progression there is that perfect conjunction of the Moon on the Sun, a very rare event, which can only be highly simolic.
    Let’s see if that is enough to make him accomplish the greatest sporting feat in history.

    1. Berretini is a top 10 player but no where near to zverev or medvedev, interesting to see how djokovic handles both of these guys to create history.

    2. Andreas
      I don’t think he’s a devil.
      I think zverev the German might be a devil because he has serious abuse allegations against him

  21. I want to clarify one thing: I see that Sally proposes 3 am as the date of birth for Zverev.
    But as many know the time is uncertain, and there is another one circulating, that of 11 pm.
    I sincerely favor this second version.
    In that case Zverev would be asc scorpio in the last degrees of the sign, which is more in line with his character than Capricorn.
    In fact, we unfortunately know the German’s sentimental vicissitudes, from which emerges a certain cynicism not to say malice typical of the scorpion (I don’t want Sally, here we are talking about ascendant, that is, character).

    So, if this were the case, at this moment it has three very strong transits of the same type, that is of the Sun which is exactly placed on Mars in virgin of birth, of the same Mars which has recently transited on its mc, therefore in the X house, and of Mars again forming an exact sextile to its asc.
    These seem to be two already very significant aspects of what we are seeing of him, that is, this great energy and renewed determination.
    No significant positions are known in the progression.
    Let’s see if this will be enough to make him beat Djokovic and win the tournament.

    1. Hi! I had studied both charts a few months ago and the chart seemed more in line with ASC Capricorn. I studied it with dates of tennis achievements.

      It would be very strange if you are having this great 2021 with the transit of Neptune as opposed to your MC.

      On the other hand, with the ASC Capricorn chart, it has Pluto transiting sextile to the MC.

      1. Juan, as I wrote, I made it a question of an associated character, more than anything else.
        So to me it seems more scorpio than capricorn, of which I can not grasp the similarities.
        You realize that, as you know, Djokovic is a Capricorn ascendant, and honestly he seems very different from someone like Zverev.
        At the limit in Zverev the “symptoms” of a Sagittarius ascendant could be recognized, and in fact if he were asc Scorpio in the last degree, he would have all the first house in that sign, which could not but affect his character management.

        1. I once thought his playing style to go into long rallies instead of finishing the point early with his weapons, something he was criticized over years, speaks more for an enduring Taurus as Murray. But this comfort zone may be linked moreto his Pisces South Node. Aries-like, Zverev in interviews appears very straight forward speaking out what he thinks. Sally mentions in her prediction that Zverev wears an Aries sign around his neck.

          At Tokyo’s Olympic final Jupiter was at 29’34 in a closed sextile with Aries Sun 29’59. At final of the ATP Final 2018 Uranus was conjunct his natal Sun at the same point 29,33 Aries and the Sun was conjunct his 25’ Scorpio Midheaven. At Cincinatti two weeks ago, at match start the Leo Sun fell almost in exact trine to his Sun: 29,57.

          A birth time of 11 PM gave him a Mercury Career planet and I remember well that Zverev was not harmed by Mercury retrograd phases as these Midheaven players usually do. The London final 2018 was a good example when Djokovic (natal Mercury in his own sign Gemini together with the Sun) was so shaky in his forehand and couldn’t hold his level. Novak often suffers under Mercury retrograde. Zverev definitely seems to be an Aries.

      2. Djokovic vs Zverev. Who do you see winning this time?

        Djokovic seems to be getting stronger with each round. But I have a feeling he won’t get past Zverev dishing out those free opening sets like he did against Berrettini, Nishikori, Brooksby. That kind of slow start won’t help.

        1. It’s true, if he starts as slow as he often does, things could get very complicated for him with Zverev. But it is equally true that he knows everything very well about this, and he knows every player perfectly, he is a wizard of strategy.
          However, if we believe in astrology to biorhythms etc., Zverev is the clear favorite, as in this sense he is far superior to Djokovic.
          It is true that the same argument already made several times applies, that is that even if a player has better astrology or better biorhythms he cannot bridge the potential gap with the stronger other, but here Zverev seems to have clearly better evolution by no means a little.

          My prediction is therefore that the German should win, but I would not be surprised at all if Nole manages to overturn every prediction with another sensational performance, despite his negative tendency. Or so it seems.

          1. It is interesting that during the day, Moon and Venus change their sign, entering Scorpio, which is unfavorable for both of them. For Djokovic, the transiting Sun today exactly squares the natal Mercury in the fifth in Gemini, and in two days it will square Chiron and Saturn. It seems that he will be defeated tonight, and that he will feel pain on Sunday because he is not on the field in the fight for the title.

    1. Wow! Both born in 2002 a couple of months apart. Interesting that age 18 you have Jupiter opposite Jupiter, which seems to be playing out well for both of them. It’s not an obvious transit but Jupiter acts as an awakener so can bring your potential to the front. Who will win the final? No time of birth for either of them. Interestingly, they were both born in Canada, although Raducanu moved to the UK age 2. Emma’s a Scorpio b. November 13 2002; Leylah Fernandez is a Virgo b. September 6 2002. I like Emma’s astrology slightly better – Jupiter closer to natal Uranus at 24 Aquarius springing surprises. Emma’s also having her Venus Return. We don’t know what planets rule their careers so not an accurate prediction by any means but the Moon on the day is also in Scorpio, Emma’s star sign. I wonder in the tournament chart whether this is the Venus in the 12th house – hidden away – the secret weapon being the outsider and not the favourite.

      1. It is remarkable how Jupiter activates astrological configurations of the charts of both.

        Fernandez has a large trigone of air: Venus / Uranus / Saturn between 26º and 28º.

        Raducanu has a trigone between Uranus / Saturn 24º and 28º.

        Jupiter is transiting those degrees of Aquarius now (25º – 24º).

        Fernandez has a Jupiter / Neptune natal opposition at 8º fixed sign. Saturn is up there now. Perhaps indicating defeat in the final? From this aspect, I think Raducanu has a bit of an advantage. I agree with Sally. But without time of birth the prognosis is uncertain.

        We will see what happens!

      2. Extraordinary achievement for Emma Radacanu! Stayed up to watch it and over the moon for her – huge achievement for women’s British tennis. Also, how lovely – Scorpio Billie Jean King hands the trophy to Scorpio Emma Radacanu when both the Moon & Venus – the female planetary bodies – are in Scorpio! Perfect timing 🙂 Really would love to see Emma’s full birth chart….

  22. Semi-final predictions today 09-10-21.

    Comparative biorhythm picture, that is the situation of one’s personal biorhythm compared to the universal daily biorhythm, practically like in a synastry or composite horoscope in astrology:

    Emotional 94%
    Physical 96%
    Intellectual 24%

    Emotional 53%
    Physical 78%
    Intellectual 93%

    Here the situation seems very balanced.
    If we focus on the two main biorhythms, emotional and physical, Aliassime seems to have a clear advantage.
    So we deduce that today it should be at its best from the point of view of athletic performance and control of emotions, but instead it seems to have a significant deficit from the mental point of view, which could lead to lack of clarity and poor game choices.
    On the contrary, Medvedev in this last sense seems almost at its best.

    Prediction: considering that the strongest player on the pitch is Medvedev, even if Aliassime seems to be rising in level, I believe that his biortimi are enough to bring home the victory.

    Emotional 11%
    Physical 68%
    Intellectual 50%

    Emotional 85%
    Physical 46%
    Intellectual 100%

    There seems to be a very clear advantage here for Zverev.
    Nole starts off from a physical point of view, but gives in to the opponent clearly from an emotional and mental point of view.

    Prediction: as already repeated, if we are in biorhythms but it also seems to astrology, Zverev should win, even considering that Djokovic is the strongest player, if he really is at this moment.
    But considering Nole’s seemingly infinite resources, I wouldn’t be surprised by another performance like the one with Berrettini.
    But it is also true that Zverev has a different type of tennis than the Italian, and he is certainly stronger than him.

    1. Yes, zverev is complete player with good defense powerfull shot from both sides , booming serve and decent return…..if it’s a tough match than should favour Djokovic nobody is stronger than him emotionally……zverev have to be emotionally stronger

      1. You say it Utkarsh. No player of the younger generation so far could handle that mental sphere against Djokovic at a Grand Slam. Novak knows this which holds his belief even if he’s behind two sets at Paris vs Tsitsipas. With Zverev it could be different as he has beaten Djokovic already three times in significant two setters and is in his head due to the recent Olympic match. Really an interesting constellation Djokovic has to pass Zverev again in a Semi on the way to a huge record while Alexander peaks in his career so far. Also Zverev must be extra motivated because of the final last year. It may help him that it’s the Semis at first, tonight.

        Zverev, back in form since Jupiter is back in his own sign Aquarius as Sally mentions, seems mentally on a new stage and also won Cincinatti overwhelmingly. Brother Misha seems to play an important part in this development. His role for his brother has recently grown as he acts as coach (together with the father)/manager and moreover helps to improve Alexander’s image (he had several turbulences) as he comments on Eurosport where even has his own rubric “Misha’s Mission”. He does that in a really impressive way, a very sympathetic Leo with four planets on royal fixstar Regulus trine natal Jupiter. He offers a balance to the temperament of his brother who often appeared arrogant in the past but seems more controlled on court this summer.

        Let’s see if progressions win over transits for the Djoker tonight. If Novak passes Zverev and, possibly, Medvedev he really deserves it in every bit as he already beat Nadal at Paris.

    2. Well, Djokovic is just is unbeatable. Astrology doesnt work when it comes to him. I see him winning the final he will crush Medvedev

      1. In final it will be very difficult to beat Djokovic in aus open 2021 Medvedev crushed under expectations….if it was any other match than Medvedev have good chances against Djokovic but it’s grandslam….it’s very difficult.
        But it is match between 2 best player of world at the moment and it favours djoker 9:1 I guess…….but djoker will also have history weight on him let’s see who win.

        Astrology take??

    3. Thank you for sharing your biorhythm information, Andreas. It’s been fascinating to have a new aspect on the players 🙂

  23. As for the astrological aspect, I add that if Zverev was born around 11 pm, as I suppose, on the day of the final he would have the Sun in transit almost to the vertex on the mc.
    Unfortunately we don’t know the exact time, so if he was born a few minutes before 11 pm, maybe his Sun is already on the mc.
    And having the Sun and Mars in transit at the highest point of the horoscope, it would seem to me a worthy symbol of his eventual victory at the US open.

    1. I favour the 3am chart, Andreas and I don’t think transiting Sun/Mars are major enough to warrant Zverev’ first Grand Slam win. The fact that he has Sun conjunct his Mars Virgo in tonight’s semi-final will give him extra fight (the 3am chart means Mars would be his career planet). Zverev also has Mars conjunct his Moon Virgo, so it will be interesting to see whether he can hold it together emotionally which he’s going to have to do. Looking at the chart for the semi-final, Djokovic would be Jupiter retrograde in the 12th house; Zverev Mercury Libra in the 7th house. The next aspect Mercury makes is a trine aspect to Jupiter which is very interesting – it could be a great equal semi-final. A 12th house retrograde planet isn’t a great symbol for the win for Djokovic but it is the best planet. It might give him that little bit of extra luck that’s going to be needed if he’s to achieve this major goal. Also the Moon in Scorpio will reach Djokovic’ Midheaven before Zverev’ Midheaven. Not a lot to go on but will be interesting to see how it plays out tonight.

          1. Thanks Sally you were spot on.Could you tell the percentages for the final match Djokovic vs Medvedev, as lot of people around the world would like to witness the history on Sunday? Match is starting at 1pm EST New York Time.

          2. Thanks Sally. Spot on analysis so far. Please let us know how the chances of CYGS is looking as we head towards the final. Lack of Med’s birth time can make it difficult to predict is my understanding. I’ll be happy to see if Djokovic has a 50-50 chance. I would like to witness the historic moment once in my life. But Djokovic playing tough 4 and 5 setters makes me want to think he will be gassed out.

      1. Brother Misha has four planets. at 28/29 Leo which makes it even more obvious Alexander must be an Aries with both brothers ‘ Suns at the two fire signs’ last degree. Misha’s natal Jupiter precisely falls on 29 Aries.

      2. Dear Sally,
        Thank you for all your hard work and impressive knowledge!🙏
        You dominate on so many levels, just as well as Djokovic does.
        God bless you and enjoy every moment on your jorney! ❤️

      3. so novak wins in 5 sets predicted by sally. Zverev couldn’t find his first serve in the times that really mattered. Also he was always serving behind Novak which made his task more difficult

  24. Nothing, deny all the hypotheses and predictions, both astrological and biorhythmic.
    Nole, despite playing very badly with an unwatchable forehand, and very bad in the response at least until the fourth set, wins it with pure mental strength, pure nervous solidity, which as we know is unparalleled for anyone in the history of present or past tennis.

    As I wrote for the quarter-finals, Nole seems to be able to exorcise any negative moment by virtue of the ability to find infinite resources and energies from the depths of his being.
    And that can only be her dominant Pluto of hers, moreover in domicile (or in exaltation as I think Pluto is in Scorpio, it’s my idea).

    And, in an astrological key, I think her progression is weighing much more than her transits.
    That is to say, I repeat that the perfect conjunction of the progressed Moon on its progressed Sun cannot be a coincidence, it must necessarily determine something great, something new.

    Let’s see if on Sunday he will be able to complete this feat that already seems superhuman in itself, even more so if we compare the hours left on the field of the two players.
    On paper in this sense Medvedev should be much fresher, who is also 9 years younger.
    And if we go back to looking at astrology and biorhythms, once again we see that it is all against Nole, who will even have a transit Moon in Sagittarius in opposition to her Sun Gemini, and bad biorhythms in further deterioration, as already reported.
    While Medvedev seems to have everything on his side, at least in a biorhythmic key, given that we do not know the time of birth for astrology.

    But at this point, Djokovic may know how to win in any condition, even the most adverse.

    1. Successful prognosis requires knowledge, experience, wisdom, intuition and without prejudice.
      You wrote:
      “Nole, despite playing very badly with an unwatchable forehand, and very bad in the response at least until the fourth set, wins it with pure mental strength, pure nervous solidity, which as we know is unparalleled for anyone in the history of present or past tennis.”
      This is what you think about Novak’s performance.
      Steve Tignor wrote:
      “Instead of matching Zverev tonight, Djokovic showed off all the things that he can do that Zverev can’t. Zverev hit more aces and more winners, but it was Djokovic who used his drop shot, who used his lob, who used his slice, who used his serve to get him out of trouble, who won 16 more points at the net than Zverev, and who ran after absolutely everything.”

      1. Nole has absolutely not provided proof of the height
        And in fact it is all the tournament that plays badly. This is indisputable.
        And of course it’s not just me saying that.
        In this sense, only the test of the previous round with Berrettini is saved.
        But evidently he is so superior in his tennis understood in a global sense, that is by adding the mental-athletic-technical sides, that he is able to make up for even the less performing moments.
        What he said what you mention I care less.
        And a great fan of Djokovic as I am tells you.

  25. I have finally read all comments and I see that all of you think progressed New Moon is good for Djokovic’s achievement.

    Last progressed New Moon for him was in Gemini on cusp of the fifth house in the begging of 1992. It corresponds to his first tennis lessons on Kopaonik and obviously it was great for his tennis career.

    I think that we can compare New Moon to a transit over the IC, and when that happens, the MC is activated as well.

    Progressed New Moon may be a low point in someone’s career, a time of obscurity, unemployment and confusion. (e.g. “After ten years as the British Prime-minister, Margaret Thatcher was forced to resign and Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney experienced the break-up of the Beatles.”)

    Major career transits are (as you have already mentioned) Saturn square Pluto and Uranus in opposition to MC.

    There is also exact T-square which will be formed tomorrow from transiting Sun and natal Chiron and Saturn.

    Additionally, transiting Saturn in first house is often about ego dissolvement. Part of that we saw in Tokyo.

    I think he will not achieve his major goal, and I’m convinced that progressed New Moon in Cancer (which is exact on September 23th) speaks about spending more time with family, his return to home country and consequently his new career – political one.

    1. Why do you say the progressed New Moon may be a low point in someone’s career? Do you mean the progressed Lunar Return which takes place every 27 years or are you meaning something different? Just not sure what you mean by the astrology so wanted to check. I think he’s going to win. I just think it means too much to him.

      1. I tnink on progressed New Moon, not on progressed Lunar Return. Progressed New Moon takes place every 29/30 years, each time in different sign.

        On the topic of The Progressed Lunation Cycle I warmelly recommend wonderful Mountain Astrologer article by Frederique Boele, republished on the Astrodienst website.

        1. Thank you – I understand what you mean now. Yes, I love working with the progressed Moon – it can be incredibly useful.

          1. I want to add one more thing and it has to do with my pseudonym. It’s a mystical but it has to do with astrology. Nikola Tesla, who was born in 1856, had natal Uranus in Taurus, as we have it in the sky now. After the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on 21 December 2020 in first degree of Aquarius we entered a new area in which Uranus will be prevailing force. Uranus had major role in Emma Raducanu’s victory (Jupiter in Aquarius almost exactly conjunct her natal Uranus) and in Djokovic’c lost (transiting Uranus in opposition to his MC). While Djokovic is declaratively Christian, he is actually more in all that New Age thing, while both Emma and Daniil are Ortodox Christians as was Nikola Tesla whose father was Ortodox priest.

    2. As I indicated in my article about all three “musketeers” I have a feeling that the universe may have the plan that they will end at 20 Slams each. The acceleration of the younger generation rising up comes along with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction and Federer came about 20 years ago. Nadal doesn’t play and Novak has Chiron on his North Node in the upcoming weeks together with Uranus IC. What do you think?

  26. I want to add that that Moon-Sun conjunction in Djokovic’s progress chart is also corroborated by a large near-monomer trine of the two Luminaries towards the ascendant, which is now in Pisces in his chart, just as Sun and Moon are now in cancer.

    And speaking of career and successes, we remind you that for years now, always in its progress theme, there is a Saturn in Sagittarius nailed to the MC, symbolically the time that does not seem to pass, but above all immediately after always in the tenth house there is a sensational Uranus in perfect trine to Jupiter.

    So, as we have said, contradictory and tiring transits for him, but a great background “perspective”, represented by the progression in progress.

    Here is the progression: = Belgrade% 2C + Serbia & muz_narozeni_podstat2_kratky_hidden = Belgrade & muz_narozeni_podstat3_kratky_hidden = Belgrade & muz_narozeni_sirka_stupne = 44 & muz_narozeni_sirka_minuty = 48 & muz_narozeni_sirka_smer = 0 & muz_narozeni_delka_stupne = 20 & muz_narozeni_delka_minuty = 28 & muz_narozeni_delka_smer = 0 & muz_narozeni_timezone_form = auto & muz_narozeni_timezone_dst_form = auto & send_calculation = 1 & zena_narozeni_den = 12 & zena_narozeni_mesic = 9 & zena_narozeni_rok = 2021 & typ = & house_system = placidus & hid_fortune = 1 & hid_fortune_check = on & hid_vertex = 1 & hid_vertex_check = on & hid_chiron = 1 & hid_chiron_check = on & hid_lilith = 1 & hid_lil ith_check = on & hid_uzel = 1 & hid_uzel_check = on & orb = 3 & hide_aspects = 0 & minor_150 = on & minor_45 = on & zmena_nastaveni = 1 & aktivni_tab = # tabs_redraw

    1. Sorry, I’m not understanding all the astrology that’s been shared. What’s the near-monomer trine of the Luminaries? I don’t understand what it means.

      1. I said that the Moon-Sun conjunction in the progression also makes an equally precise trioge to the ascendant, which in Djokovic’s progression is now in Pisces.
        Just as there is a trine between Uranus in the 10th house and Jupiter in the 2nd house.
        I hope I have explained.

        1. OK, I get what you mean now – I didn’t realise you meant the progressed Ascendant in your previous comment but it makes sense.

  27. Sally (and others), it looks like you are right on target yet again! Djokovic is having some tough matches, but he is making it through, and it looks like he will win the calendar year grand slam! Your interpretation of the tournament chart and additional factors is playing out before our eyes.

    His powerful progressed factors look to be bringing him success. It will be interesting to see if the potentially difficult transits are seen in effect at all. My guess is that the progressions will bring the historic victory!

    1. 386 / 5000
      Risultati della traduzione
      Look at that sally predicted that Djokovic probably wouldn’t make it as astrology wasn’t good …
      And not only her of course, but including myself and others.
      I only pointed out that his progressed card is very good, while the transits on his natal chart are not at all.
      But before we say they are wrong, let’s wait for the final.

      1. I haven’t said that Djokovic wouldn’t make it? Where are you reading that? The astrology looked tough from the tournament chart and so far it has been – I think he’s only won one three-set match on the way to the final. He has super progressions this year though and a nice Jupiter transit which seems to be overcoming the trickier astrology.

        1. Sally you wrote in your explanation, which everyone has read, that astrology for Djokovic was not favorable, at least in terms of transits. You haven’t talked about progressions, except now.
          But don’t worry, I too have said and repeated that his transits and above all his biorhythms are not good.
          I have only said and I have repeated it now, I have written it since Wimbledon if you remember, that that conjunction in the progression between the Moon and the Sun is a harbinger of something that cannot be usual.
          Especially if this is accompanied precisely by a Saturn planted on the mc, and by Uranus in the tenth which forms a perfect trine with Jupiter.
          They seem to me very promising symptoms for something great.

          But all this we are saying will be in vain, one way or another, if Djokovic were to lose tonight.
          Because if he wins we will have to admit that the prediction on transits and biorhythms were sanded, if he loses we will have to admit that even the progressions have failed …

          1. Hi Andreas, I talked about all Djokovic’ progressions in the original article which is why I felt he had a really good chance to win here. The transits are a mix, the tournament chart looked like the favourite could do it but only after overcoming some obstacles. So, I haven’t just started talking about his progressions now.

    2. I really hope so. I’ll be disappointed for him now if Djokovic loses. It would be such an epic achievement and it seems to be the progressions that are so fortuitous. As mentioned in the original article, the chart of the final has similar ASC/MC to Djokovic. If we read it as a tournament chart, Djokovic is ruler of the Ascendant, i.e. Saturn R Aquarius in the 1st house – so a similar planet/sign as for the semi-final and we know that Saturn seems to be strong for Djokovic, his ruling planet. Medvedev would be ruler of the Descendant, i.e. Moon Sagittarius which is conjunct the south node and not a good omen. The Moon’s next aspect is a sextile to Saturn, so again similar to the semi-final. Which makes you think it’s going to be equal but I can’t see Djokovic losing it unless something goes wrong.

      1. Thanks for explaining the tournament chart for the final, Sally!

        It’s so interesting how Saturn factors work out well for Djokovic, with his Capricorn rising.

  28. Canedian teenage Champion Radecanu has a Chinese mother and a father from Romenia and suitably she calls Li Na and Simona Halep her athletic role models. Never before a Qualifier won a Grand Slam and she didn’t even lose a set in three weeks amazingly ploughing through the draws. Never losing more than eight games in 10 matches. Never seen before… 18 years!

    Sally you were spot on one more time with favoring Radecanu to win the final.
    Her sweet face could be a Cancer Ascendant and yesterday’s final’s AC was at 15 Capricorn/Cancer. If you choose 14 Cancer as her AC you receive a trine to a 15 Pisces Moon and a very precise Scorpio Sun Mercury conjunction – the gorgeous conjunction many tennis players like Federer or Tsitsipas have in their charts, too.

    A 8.15 PM birth time gives Emma a Pisces Midheaven and it’s Neptune Career Ruler was strongly conjunct her MC yesterday while Saturn is conjunct natal Neptune. Dreams coming true. Surprise Uranus built an exact sextile to her AC. Sally already mentioned Jupiter on natal Uranus and Emma just having her Venus Return. As both teenagers are born only two months apart both had some similiar transits with Radecanu’s more precise. Interestingly, Fernandez, born around a Virgo New Moon at 6th Sep, had her Venus Return one day earlier. Mars reached a square to her natal Saturn at final.

    I think everyone who has watched the final is delighted about both teenagers as they not only inspire with their great tennis but with their authenticity and natural behavior. One of the highlights was Radecanu sitting with her trophy next to the ball children together like a school class who were just about her age. And a certainly disappointed Fernandez who quickly changed from crying to laughing again.

      1. Thanks for your hint Lesley. I love it when you write an article filled with an emotional topic and detailed astrological researches someone just sees one mistake. Or to say it in American Daniil Medvedev’s words “you give me a lot of energy..”! 😉

  29. One thing we don’t discuss: Novak already won all four Slams in a row in 2015/16. 2011 he won three Slams. Isn’t it just a mind thing that we focus so much on the Calender Slam…

    1. Agreed. Also, this would take him to 21 Grand Slams, another great achievement to move past Federer & Nadal on 20. I think that’s why it’s being seen as such a major coup.

    1. I think Patrick had said from the beginning that a Russian would win.

      And Sathia also had said it’s not the tournament for Djkovic.

      So Astrology has won anyway.

    2. I wouldn’t say that personally – Juan for one picked Medvedev to win right at the start of the tournament. I think Andreas too? Sorry if I’m missing anyone out. I favoured Djokovic but without a time of birth for Medvedev, you cannot predict as accurately as you’re missing vital information. As mentioned in the article, Medvedev had Jupiter on his side. Plus, a lot of the predictions played out well this tournament, including Djokovic not having an easy tournament! So, it depends how you view astrology and what you think it’s for. It is a brilliant tool that gives a new level of insight and adds rich layers and dimensions to life. Astrology wins in my book 🙂

  30. In the end, what was supposed to happen happened.
    We attached ourselves to progressions, perhaps to atropopic rites, but the transits and biorhythms, absolutely negative as we have said and repeated, prevailed.
    Tonight Nole even unrecognizable, but in my opinion that I am a fan of his and I know him well, he has already done too much to reach the final.
    He lost 6 sets in the whole tournament, 9 with tonight …
    Too many hours on the pitch for someone who is 34 years old and passing by, he didn’t have any more.

    For me he obviously remains the strongest tennis player in history, and tonight’s defeat doesn’t change much in that sense.
    He has all the tennis records, and who knows when they will be beaten.

    1. I completely agree, Novak is the best ever and today after 4-0 in the last set the way New York crowd went behind Djokovic,Medvedev who was far superior against fatigued Djokovic in today’s match was gone completely insane and lost his service first time in the match. It also depicts more greatness of Djokovic how he has been winning almost a decade against biased crowds.
      Novak didn’t win today but got the love of New Yorkers first time which made Djokovic emotional so much and in one way he loved it.
      Glad the people all across the world start seeing greatness of Djokovic and came out of their bias ness towards their favorites.
      Last but not the least Zverev and Medvedev in these two days has also acknowledged separately Novak is the greatest tennis player ever.

      1. Remarkably:

        All Federer’s Grand Slam final losses but one (Del Potro) have come against Nadal or Djokovic

        All Nadal’s Grand Slam final losses but one (Wawrinka) have come against Federer or Djokovic.

        So its not clear really when Nole has lost to much inferior players and is much younger

      2. Zverev and Medvedev aren’t afraid to say that Novak is greatest. Statistics say he is.
        He has come closest to Laver in 52 years. The pressure was too much to bear. Still 3 slams and a final isn’t bad. Ithink he will play 2 more years and may get 1-2 more. We shall see.

        1. Tbh, many others aren’t afraid of saying Fed is GOAT, just browse through ATP Youtube channel.
          Fed faced invincible clay Nadal on his quest for 28/18. Nadal has been injured both in 2015 and 2021 so it’s complicated..being the youngest of of great has to always the address the context of statistical achievements

  31. Hello djokovic has not won his 21st slam and calender grand slam.If you all recall i had said in my first post in this blog the tournament chart ruling planet debilitated in 12th house does not show the favourite winning and even though djokovic”s secondary progresed moon is on a conjunction to his secondary progressed sun lack of jupiter’s aspect on it cam mean djokovic not realising his dream.but i expected djokovic to lose to zverev in semifinals which did not happen.medvedev birth time is not available but from studying his past success i feel one of the three timings 00.18 AM 8.00AM OR 16.03PM.may be correct.taking his marriage date into consideration 00.18AM looks the most likely birth time.if we take 00.18am as correct time then 9degree libra rises and MC falls on 22.31 cancer making moon the carer planet.the usopen start chart ascendent degree is exactly the same as medvedev”s ascendent degree.For the final chart i have taken the time of 4.17pm when the first serve was hit.27.51 saggitarius rises and 22.31 libra is MC making venus the lord of MC.Venus at the time of the final was at 9.34 libra which is conjunctmedvedev”s natal ascendent degree as well as his natal venus.moreover the point ascendent at the time of final is in exact sextile to medvedev’s natal pars fortuna and sun of the final chart in exact aspect to his natal pars maybe 00.18 is his correct birth is for other astrologers to comment on this.

    1. Congratulations on your predictions .I always love reading your analysis and explanations.
      It’s fun and very informative.
      Again , congratulations to you , to Juan Cruz , to Javier , to Patrick and AstroTennis for predicting the right outcome of the US Open 2021 .
      To Sally , it’s been very entertaining and informative to read this forum .
      Hope all of you don’t get tired because it’s really a pleasure to read these astrological discussions .

    2. Thanks James for your input. I don’t do rectification of birth times – it’s so complex. Much easier when you can find out the birth time via the public domain. Maybe we need someone from the group to reach out to the tennis players directly to try and find more accurate times of birth.

      1. Sally please work with 00.18AM time for Medvedev from tropical astrology point of view and share your thoughts on it.thank you.

    3. Hi James.
      Congratulations on your prediction.
      You were spot on that things dis not point to the favorite to win.

      P.s do you do consultations? I would like to contact you by mail.
      Would that be possible?

  32. Hi everyone! What a pleasure to have shared another tennis grand slam with astrological analysis. Thanks Sally. You did a very good analysis. It was difficult to determine if Djokovic was crowned or not, because he had good progressions but bad transits.

    On 8/31 I published my article on my website where I predicted that Djokovic would not win in New York; based on his bad transits and his lunar revolution. And I predicted that the champion would be Daniil Medvedev due to good aspects that he was receiving the natal chart from him. I invite you to read that article:


    1. Excellent prediction. You are a genius Juan. I think you are the one who predicted Nadal’s win at US Open back in 2019 even before the start of tournament when he was ousted at Wimbledon.
      Medvedev truly deserve this GS for his game because it is impossible to beat a Giant named Novak in a GS final.
      Thanks Sally and other astrologers for this forum and making the GS more interesting with your analysis. Always love to read your analysis in this forum. Thanks a lot.

        1. Hi Sally
          Well said by Anonymous on your knowledge & commitment.
          I’d like to congratulate James, Patrick, Tesla, Andreas and Javier for correct prediction.
          Thanks all and stay safe.

  33. There are so many perspectives you can compare players. Today Djokovic, Nadal, Federer are even in Grand Slams 20 titles each. Djokovic is ahead in Head to Heads with both his competitors. He is the only one who won all Masters tournaments and who won all Slams in one year. Maybe he can extend his records in the future.

    To say the greatest of all time anyway is impossible in my eyes as there is no way to compare different generations. Rod Laver didn’t have the same material connected to the tecnique you can excelerate as Federer nowerdays is able and Donald Budge didn’t have the nutritional or mental resources and coaches as Djokovic of nowerdays. Vitas Guerulaitis didn’t have the physical coaches like Nadal.

    Novak definitely has the most effective package which made him the most successful player. Personally I admire his mental-spiritual consciousness paired with his work ethics and steeliness. As Federer fan I can live with it people saying Djokovic is the best player at least of this generation. He deserves it. A Federer or Nadal supporter could ask the question: is the best player the best player because of being ahead in the statistics?

    Nadal and Djokovic play their backhand with both hands and especially Rafa has a huge natural advantage with Roger, especially on clay, as his lefty forehand is more uncomfortable for a onehander. Roger twice won three Slams in one year, what would have happened if Federer played with both hands? On the other side Roger lost three Slam Semis/Finals having match point against Djokovic who obviously has the strongest mind. As supporter of Nadal/Djokovic you can say Roger is lucky to be more talented and have a full repertoire including the net game. Then again, isn’t Djokovic’s mentality or Nadal’s competitiveness a unique talent, too? I want to say it’s hard to compare players on this similiar level of performance.

    For Richard Gasquet, the best is Roger because of “his elegance”. Federer has a fascinating artistic style like nobody else in history. Shouldn’t the best player have the full potential involving the classic issues of the game as playing Serve and Volley how Roger does? Why God gave Federer a Leo Sun born on same day as Rod Laver while Novak and Rafa are Geminis.. That’s a perspective from a Federer fan, Nadal’s and Djokovic’s will prefer different measures…

    We discussed that in this blog in a similiar way in the past: maybe all players will stop their careers with 20 Grand Slam titles. Maybe that’s a way the universe wants us to remind to think less about records in the means of picking one out as the greatest (the Goat actually is an animal) but be grateful for all three of these musketeers and talk more about all the highlights they gave us in two decades. Not get lost in a possibly useless topic…

    Pictures of the movie “three musketeers” show four matadors. It reminds me not to forget Andy Murray speaking about this generation who won three Slams plus reaching 5 finals at Melbourne while competing on a similiar level for years. D’Artagnan won 46 titles and twice Gold at consecutive Olympic Games – something neither Athos, Porthos und Aramis reached once.

    1. Not forgetting Stan the Man who also won 3 Slams. Each player is unique and we should be grateful for all their talents which have allowed us in this time to see the beauty, the strength, the power and aesthetics of tennis as one of the greatest eras ever.

  34. Thank you very much Sally for this US Open blog and investing so much wisdom and heart for us. You were right predicting Djokovic would have a tough way into the final in comparison to Wimbledon. Eurosport yesterday showed a statistic Novak needed over 1000 minutes to get through, as much as never in his 31 Slam finals before. Thanks for all your astrological insights and comments which not only make a Grand Slam much more exciting and also offer us a great learning platform 🙂👍

    This was a special tournament with the Women’s competition on the one hand and the record ambition of Djokovic on the other. Boris Becker, former coach of Novak, commented that Djokovic finally gained the full support of the crowd in a big match. Something he dreamed for. Before the match I discovered wife Jelena having dreamy Neptune on her Jupiter. Maybe that weighs much more for the family than a Calender Slam, Something Uranus includes conjunct Novak’s IC? Maybe that’s something the T-square to his Chiron involved. His teers and his speech seemed so and I was really happy for him ❤️ Hopefully see you all in January!

      1. Sally you are a great astrologer. It’s interesting, there are times where I feel intuitively you know what the outcome will be even though you chose Djokovic based on info available since it was a close call. For example, in this case, you did say something was off “but the moon never meets up with…the sun”.

        There was another time in the past I forget which grand slam where the ultimate winner you picked was not the one but your write up and thoughts actually mirrored the tournament. It’s so interesting..for a literal reader they might get swayed by looking at this in a binary way but when someone reads through the analysis it’s really amazing how you capture the details so well (for instance djokovic having to work hard & it’s going to take a lot out of him this time…in 2019 US Open you spoke about the blind spot (which turned out to be Medvedev coming back from 2 sets down) in the final for Nadal but that all would end well…Incredible!

        Wish that your knowledge and commitment heals many, stay blessed! Lots of love

        1. Thank you so much – such a lovely comment 🙂 I hope that other people see how the astrology works and plays out. And yes, sometimes it’s my intuitive moves which work out for the best. That’s how I work with my clients too – your intuition develops a lot working with astrology day in, day out 🙂

  35. I think from now on Astrology will be more and more difficult as Nole/ Nadal/Fed are not going to be winning slams by default. So they are not safe choice.

    Thanks Sally and other astrologers(Juan, James, Patrick, Tesla, Andreas)who predicted very accurately that Djokovic will not be winning the 21 slams which was very difficult thing to predict.And we also learnt about bio rythms.

    Hope we can still continue in future.

    1. Please don’t forget Javier .
      He also predicted the outcome correctly . He has a very impressive track record for predictions .
      He also uses the Chinese and Tibetan astrology , ancient they may seem , but still proving to be very
      accurate and reliable.
      Greetings !

  36. Sally, you had said from the beginning that things were questionable, quite tricky this time. There was not the strong indication of success for Djokovic that was there to be seen at Wimbledon. And of course, no time of birth in the public domain for Medvedev.

    Congratulations to Juan and others who got the prediction spot on. Patrick, you had said from the beginning, one of the Russians.

    I feel I need to go back to the drawing board on progressions. They let me down this time! I know there were some unfavorable transits for Djokovic, but could it have come down to that pesky little Sun transit square his Chiron during the final? It was separating, but just within 7 minutes of arc past exact, still very very close. I have seen Chiron factors in transits or progressions tell the story in other cases. A “wounding”?

    Something also to consider. There was a solar eclipse within a couple degrees of Djokovic’s Mercury in June, and also opposite his Saturn. Could this have brought the great success he had at the French Open and Wimbledon? Perhaps it was spent by September, or even by the time of the Olympics?

    Well, live and learn. It’s always fascinating to see how the astrology plays out. We are just humans trying to figure out how the stars express!

      1. Thank you for your hard work and for providing this forum for our discussion of astrology, so that we can keep on learning!

        I’ve said it before and will say again, you are a treasure, Sally!

    1. Interesting that you mention the Sun Eclipse which also effected Nadal – both Sun/Mercury Geminis. Do you see any connection between Uranus conjunct Djokovic’s IC and yesterday’s happenings, Astrotennis?

      1. Yes, that certainly could be involved, opposite his Midheaven career point. But it didn’t prevent his win at Wimbledon, when it was exact almost to the minute of arc, if I remember correctly. I am wondering if the eclipse on his Mercury in June could have expressed favorably with wins at the French Open and Wimbledon? It seems eclipses often express for just a month or two and can be quite powerful for good or ill.

    2. Thanks Astrotennis.

      Of course, Djokovic’s defeat is not explained by the minor transit of the Sun square to Chiron. His failure is explained by:

      1) The opposition Uranus makes to his MC.
      2) The tension that Saturn places on his Pluto (co-ruler of his natal MC).
      3) Uranus converse opposition to your ASC.
      4) By secondary progressions converse, MC square Neptune.
      5) His lunar revolution had a partile Mercury / Neptune opposition: mental confusion, disappointment.

      He favored secondary progressions. But the foregoing seemed to me of greater weight, so I predicted that Djokovic would not win in New York.

      1. Do you see any future slams for Djokovic (or for nadal/Federer for that matter)? I feel like these aging super stars are the reason why I continue to follow tennis. i would be disappointed if their doors are shut for good. That would be a heart breaker for sure.

      2. Thanks, Juan!

        I had been puzzled about the positive secondary progressions that just didn’t seem to work this time.

        The Uranus opposition to his MC was also in effect during Wimbledon, but I suppose the additional negative factors were not in effect then?

        1. My astrology teachers taught me that when the progressions, transits and lunations all align, then you can make a confident & accurate prediction. It’s beautiful when that happens but quite rare in these situations when we’re attempting to use astrology to predict a specific event.

  37. Astrology may not be a science , but it has proven in countless times that is it more accurate , reliable and trustworthy tool for predictions than science . It’s just the interpretation of it that sometimes an astrologer fails to correctly predict the outcome of an event . Astrology doesn’t lie .
    I’ve been a fan and follower of this forum for years , hence , I know .
    I believe in astrology !

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