US Open Tennis 2018

US Open 2018

Update: Djokovic won! A correct prediction. See astrology below.

The major controversy, however, came in the women’s final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka – the battle of the Sun Libra women. This is the signature of Uranus conjunct the Descendant of the tournament chart – Uranus symbolising controversy. Plus, note Venus’, the planet which rules women, hiding away in the 12th house.

On the day of the women’s final, Venus was in her sign of rulership, Libra, and heading towards an opposition with Uranus. The following day, Venus would move into Scorpio, her sign of detriment and perfect the opposition to Uranus in Taurus three days later. I won’t say more about what happened as everyone has their opinion (see the comments below) but the astrology hints at all the themes raised – Venus in all her guises and how people react/respond to Venus (women).

As promised, here’s a snapshot of what to expect at this year’s US Open, 2018. As always, I’m hoping my lovely set of astrologer tennis fans will be alongside me to comment on the astrology. Heads down, let the tennis begin.

Tournament Chart

Astrological points to note: Mars turns direct only a couple of hours before the tournament begins. Mars is strong in Capricorn but currently moving slowly. However, as it picks up speed, this feels forceful and if players have key planets at 28/29 Capricorn, this could be useful to note.

As per last year, Uranus is conjunct the Descendant of the chart, highlighting the unexpected, perhaps an outsider who does well. Last year, this was Sloane Stephens’ moment, seeded 83, who won her first Grand Slam.

This year, Venus is the ruling planet as the Ascendant is late degrees Libra – Venus rules women. Hidden away in the 12th house, Venus is strong in Libra but keeping herself to herself after a challenging square to Pluto. Tricky to interpret for the tournament – any thoughts, please comment below.

Therefore, we must turn our attention to the Moon which is in Pisces in the lucky 5th house. The Moon is coming off a conjunction to mysterious Neptune but its next aspect is a trine aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio in the 1st house, therefore a nod to the favourite. We already know Jupiter is a key planet in prediction, as proven by this year’s Wimbledon, when Djokovic won with transiting Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven, the success point in the horoscope.

The other symbolism which suggests the ‘favourite’ to win is the lucky north node conjunct the Midheaven of the tournament chart.

To show how this can play out, Harry Kane (b. July 28 1993) had the transiting north node conjunct his natal Sun in Leo during the recent football World Cup and he won the Golden Boot, i.e. most goals scored. Gorgeous symbolism for a Sun Leo as Leo rules the colour gold.

On to the players. I’ve looked at the astrology for the top seeds and below is what stands out at first glance:

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3 1986, 7:10pm, Manacor, Spain – no. 1 seed

The favourite for the tournament and the defending champion. It’s all about Jupiter for Nadal, as the planet of good fortune moves closer to his natal Ascendant, the point which represents your self. The time of birth that fits best for Nadal is 7:10pm which means his Ascendant is 19 Scorpio 45. Jupiter starts the tournament at 16 Scorpio 35 but by the final is at 18 Scorpio 27. This is encouraging astrology for him, although nothing else in particular leaps out.

Roger Federer b. August 8 1981, 8:40am, Basel, Switzerland – no. 2 seed

Federer’s not been playing brilliantly of late and has lost some final matches. Like Nadal, there is a tantalising Jupiter transit, because Federer’s natal Moon is at 20 Scorpio 44. Jupiter’s honing in on his Moon but won’t quite reach it during the tournament. I’m struggling to find lots to say about Federer’s astrology, except that he’s a Sun Leo and the north node remains in Leo during the tournament.

Alexander Zverev b. April 20, 1997, (11:00pm or 3am), Hamburg, Germany – no. 4 seed

I can’t remember whether we have decided which time of birth works best for Zverev. He’s a hot young talent and I would dearly love him to do well. A Sun Taurus, he is one of many players who now has innovative Uranus in their star sign and this is particularly pertinent for Zverev as his Sun is either at 29 degrees Aries or 0 degrees Taurus depending on his time of birth. Either way, Uranus is triggering his natal Sun this year and next. I hope it brings him glory rather than flips him over.

Also, either time of birth is positive for Jupiter transits as 3am puts his Midheaven at 25 Scorpio and 11pm his Ascendant at 27 Scorpio. Jupiter’s a way off for now but will be honing in over the next few months. Finally, his natal Mars is 17 Virgo, the exact degree of the New Moon on September 9th, the day of the final.

Born at 3am and Mars is his career planet; born at 11pm and Mars is conjunct his Midheaven. Either way, it’s significant. Therefore, if he made it to the final, that’s some lovely astrology going on.

Novak Djokovic b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia – no. 6 seed

It’s important to point out that this has been a huge year for Djokovic. He was off the radar for a couple of years but won Wimbledon 2018 with transiting Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven (success point) and a stunning Sun/Mars progression which was exact on August 16th 2018.

Plus, he won the Cincinnati Masters on August 19th which meant he was the first man to win all nine Masters 1000 events since the series began in 1990. Awesome tennis and awesome astrology because Mars rules his Scorpio Midheaven.

Djokovic’ astrology remains strong with Jupiter in his 10th house, ruling career and status. The Saturn-Uranus trine that dominates September’s astrology also highlights his natal Mars at 1 Cancer 19 backing up the progression to Mars.

David Goffin b. December 7, 1990, 2:35 pm, Liege, Belgium – no. 10 seed

Goffin is a Sun Sagittarius and the north node was at 28 degrees Capricorn 56 when he was born. This is exactly where Mars is turning direct so it will be interesting to see whether this proves positive for him. He also has his natal Pluto at 18 Scorpio 46 and by the final, Jupiter will have reached 18 Scorpio 27. Not convincing astrology, but worth noting.

Pablo Carreno Busta b. July 12, 1991, time unknown, Gijon, Spain – no. 12 seed

A Sun Cancer, Carreno Busta has Pluto at 17 Scorpio 38 and Jupiter at 16 Leo 40 in his natal horoscope. Therefore, the Mercury/Jupiter transiting square is connecting to parts of his horoscope although, without a time of birth, we don’t know what it means exactly.

Borna Coric b. November 14, 1996, time unknown, Zagreb, Croatia – no. 20 seed

No time of birth for Sun Scorpio Coric, but his Sun is at 20 degrees Scorpio so lucky Jupiter will soon make its once-every-twelve-years transit over his Sun. Plus, his natal Venus is at 19 Libra 25, very close to where Venus begins the tournament and the chart ruler. What it might mean, I’m not entirely sure!

Milos Raonic b. December 27, 1990, time unknown, Podgorica, Yugoslavia – no. 25 seed

A Sun Capricorn, Raonic’ north node is at 29 degrees Capricorn. Therefore, Mars has turned stationary direct conjunct his lucky north node. We’ll see if this plays out well for him, although a lot depends where the north node is positioned in his horoscope and, without a verified time of birth, we don’t know.

Andy Murray b. May 15 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK – not seeded

Andy Murray is playing at the US Open but he’s already counted himself out. He’s says it’s ‘highly unrealistic’ for him to win considering his injury problems of recent times. The astrology doesn’t suggest a lot different. On the day of the final, there’s a New Moon at 17 degrees Virgo, close to his natal Ascendant at 14 degrees Virgo, but it’s a big ask.

Who Will Win?

The tournament chart suggests one of the favourites and out of the top 3, I would favour Djokovic’ astrology.

Womens’ Tournament

I don’t often look at the women’s tennis but I decided to check the astrology of both Serena Williams (b. September 26, 1981, 8:28 pm, Saginaw, MI, USA) and Simona Halep (b. September 27, 1991, time unknown, Constanta, Romania).

Firstly, note they are born one day apart, albeit different years. Both Sun Libra and the ruler of the chart tournament is Venus in Libra.

Secondly, Serena’s natal Venus is 16 Scorpio 20 so transiting Jupiter is conjunct her Venus as the tournament begins, Venus being her chart ruler. Simona’s natal Pluto is 18 Scorpio 33 and transiting Jupiter is conjunct her Pluto on the day of the final. Both strong transits, although we don’t know what Pluto rules in Simona’s horoscope, as there’s no time of birth for her. Still, lovely Jupiter transits for both players. Therefore, you would expect them both to do well. [Update: Halep crashed out in the first round, a reminder that Pluto either raises you to power or wipes you out!]

310 thoughts on “US Open Tennis 2018”

  1. Hi Sally,

    Tons of Thanks to You for the astrological prediction.

    I eagerly wait for both the tournament and your astrology, as usual.

    Best Regards.

  2. Go Fed!!! Has never beaten both Djokovic and Nadal at the same major and looks like he needs to if he’s to nail it in New York.

    Anyway thanks Sally.

      1. I think initially everyone thought Federer and Djokovic have the tougher draw. It potentially was. But the way it has materialized, it looks like Nadal has played a tough opponent in every round.

        Pospisil, Khachanov, Ferrer were all quite capable. Basilashvali was no pushover either. Now, Thiem.

        Next 2 are also going to be good. If Nadal wins this open, he would’ve won by defeating a decent opponent in almost every round.

        Let’s see what ultimately happens.

        1. Your comments are coming through, Norma. I sometimes need to approve them, as with this comment. I do know people are having problems though. Over the winter, I’m going to get some more tech help as my website isn’t happy accepting all the comments for the tennis forums and I don’t know why.

  3. Well, draw wise, apparently Nadal has the relatively easier one this time, although a lot depends on player current form and how things materialise by the time we get to the 3rd and 4th round.

    If Nadal were to win, he would be the first player since 2008, to win the U.S. Open in consecutive years. That generally does not happen, if one looks at past records.

    Djokovic has reached 7 U.S. Open finals and won only 2 of them. His poorest conversion rates in grand slam finals are here and at French Open.

    Nadal has only won 9 times with Djokovic 2011 onwards in a total of 29 encounters. Only 2 of the encounters on hard courts. But he’s 2/3 with Novak in U.S. Open finals. Last one in 2013, when he won (one of the 2 encounters mentioned).

    Tennis wise, Nadal is in good form. But Djokovic seems close to his best. I suppose astrologically, the period can’t be bad for Nadal, given that he has got a reasonably comfortable draw.

    Don’t think anyone’s counting Murray as a contender, given his poor form. Federer hasn’t been as good as last year. Nadal should get to the final, if he plays to full potential. Djokovic too, given his current form, should manage to overcome obstacles on his side of the draw.

    After that, given there are no upsets in between by some upcoming prodigy, may the best man win on the day of the final. That’s my non-astrological tennis prediction. 😀

    1. Easier one this time ? 🙂 Wimbledon 2018 was an exception to the rule.Nadal has easy draws everywhere time after time. Think of any of his USO draws in the past 10 years or so, he has consistently had it easier than any other top player, irrespective of his seeding. Last year was the icing on the cake with him winning without facing a top 25 player.

      This may have something to do with astrology (the only other possibility is that draws are being fixed). Sally, is there anything in Nadal’s astrology that determines why he gets lucky with the draws almost always ? The other 3 players in the big 4 regularly get tough draws till the final. Especially Djokovic and Federer , who repeatedly drew each other in the semifinals everywhere outside of the French Open for several years in a row, with Nadal being the beneficiary in the other half. (Many people say this is a clear case of draw rigging)

      1. Thanga Srinivasan


        don’t you know that in that last 10 years .. he has not played any matches .. but given the championship trophy .. because he is nadal and Rina said so ..

        1. @Rina & Pagal Baba Your accusation of draw rigging is completely unfounded . Didn’t you notice during Djokovic’s no.1 reign , he always got cake walk draw . Hence , it was a lot easier for him to win GS one after another. May be you were just too blind or too happy to notice it. Like this year US Open , he has a very easy draw till the QF when he has to face Federer. Is it because of Federer that his fans think that he has a tough draw ? Please open your eyes .

  4. I think based on Sally’s astrological analysis, on the day of the final, it is positive for both Djokovic and Nadal. But nothing necessarily leaps out for either on that particular day. Maybe the day of the final will be worth scrutinizing more w.r.t. both of them if they do appear to be heading towards the final.

    If Federer were to reach the final, he is 5-0 with Nadal since 2015. All encounters on hard courts, including grand slams. He is certainly doing something better against Nadal than previously. Apparently, his backhand works better against Nadal’s forehand nowadays.

    But based on this year’s form for Federer, I don’t really expect so. Although he must certainly not be short of motivation, not having won a U.S. Open since 2008.

    1. Yes, it is, Lesley. Just separating slightly but close enough at the start of the tournament. You’d want to see more major progressions/transits to back it up though. He’s got a tough draw too. It is an intriguing Mercury Leo in the 10th house of the tournament chart – I did wonder about it, it seems to give a nod to Sun Leo and Mercury-ruled signs, Gemini and Virgo. Very closely square to Jupiter in the 1st house and the Moon is also picking it up by quincunx – a blind spot, something that isn’t obvious at first perhaps.

      1. Maybe as I am clued in to Roger it wasn’t a blind spot! 🙂 Am intrigued like you to see how this plays out. Also noticed that the tournament chart’s rising sign Venus is conjunct Roger ‘s natal Pluto. Another intriguing feature to watch….

  5. Hi Everybody! Hi Sally, thank you very much for opening up a new Grand Slam blog although time is currently short for you. I hope you are fine and your move happens smoothly! 😃 With what I have learned from your expertise over the years and with some insights from your beautiful Astro Podcast – which I strongly recommend to all here – I have tried to interpret the current astrology for the US Open in the following.

    As you tell, after Mercury has turned forward on the day of the Cincinatti final, it is Mars to follow at the opening day 27th August after two months of running retrograde. This shall be good news especially for Mars ruled players with natal Sun/Mars/Midheaven in Aries or Scorpio as Mars has (co-)rulership in these signs. At final we have a New Moon in Virgo in Opposition to Neptune which catches up a Jupiter Pluto sextile. Moreover, there is the powerful trine of Saturn and Uranus harmonically bringing together the Old (Saturn) and the New (Uranus). It comes smoothly into the tournament start with a continuous 0,14 orb over one week.

    Roger Federer‘s critic about the current youngster generation‘s performance comparing with his peer group by the example of the young Rafa appears symbolic for this astrology. Sally‘s words to this Earth trine: „we need both working together: the Old and the New.“ In Men’s tennis we still need the legendary four while the young guns still need their time to rise.

    The announcement of Ivan Lendl (old tennis champ) as the new coach of Zverev (new tennis star) is discussed while the Sun (symbols father figure) entered Virgo building a Grand trine with Uranus/Saturn. Sasha Zverev is one of the NEW/younger players to be influenced by the current astrology as he is Earth embossed with a Virgo Midheaven (MC=Career) and the URANUS/Saturn trine picks up natal North Node (destiny point) in a Grand Trine and falls 2 degrees next to his Taurus Sun. This pattern of major change is emphasized by Saturn which stabilizes progress for Zverev. This theme is moreover represented by progressed Career Ruler Mercury who has entered the 1 degree orb to conjunct natal Sun. It strengthens a further unfolding of Zverev‘s potential in the upcoming years. Regarding his birth time I strongly favor 10:55 PM as having compared his career highs so far. Also Sasha‘s (often too) patient play speaks for a Sun Taurus rather than Aries.

    From the older veterans Rafa Nadal shares a Virgo Midheaven with Zverev. One year ago Career Ruler Mercury turned forward in the second week and was conjunct ATP 1 Rafa Nadal‘s MC at final. This year Mercury, also ruler of his Gemini starsign, falls 2 degrees near Nadal‘s MC at this year‘s Semis, travelling through his tenth Career House, and bulding a Grand Earth Trine with Uranus/Saturn. Saturn turning forward at Sep 6th – when Mercury is conjunct natal MC – may give a nod to the older players – another parallel to Federer‘s mentioned remark. Tremendous astrology for Nadal.

    As you write, Sally, Jupiter favors Nadal, too, yet has not reached the 1 degree orb to conjunct AC/trine Jupiter at final – almost same positioned as at Melbourne when these transits were precise but didn’t play out as expected for NYC‘s defending champion. Promosing astrology for Nadal who is lucky with the draw and with slow courts.

    The final’s New Moon bang on Zverev’s Mars brings him an especially empowering Sun Mars conjunction at final. It‘s near his natal Virgo Midheaven – and triggered by the Jupiter Pluto sextile. Massive astrology! In addition, the competitive Mars Venus square falls on his natal Neptune Chiron square which is T-squared by natal Sun.
    Ivan Lendl may become the game changer for Taurus Sasha, whose starsign doesn’t belong to the ones favoring the unknown. Lendl’s natal Sun and Jupiter are triggered by the New Moon/Grand Trine Patterns. Progressed Uranus bang on the 3 time US Open Champion‘s MC. Papa Zverev with Jupiter sextile Jupiter strengthens signs of an outstanding Grand Slam for his younger son.

    Djokovic has Pluto square natal Jupiter (trine natal Saturn) – almost exact at Round 5 – potentially facing the Maestro. ATP 2 Roger Federer has overcome his Saturn Saturn square from Wimbledon and Mars/Mercury – both connected to his Career – are back moving forward. Mercury in his 12th House seems not favorable – as the slow surface – and further transits lack for Roger. Next to Zverev, he is another favorite to be influenced by the New Moon, which, beginning to dissolve, embraces Roger’s natal Venus. Uranus square NN comes with the final’s New Moon hit coach Ljubicic’s natal NN.

    ATP 4 Sasha Zverev comes with an exact Jupiter Jupiter square at the second Semis which is balanced by Pluto. Like Nadal, he enjoys his Career Ruler in a Grand Earth trine. We will see if Roger’s critic against today‘s Youngsters is going to backfire on him. His remark came one week before Zverev announced Lendl as coach.

    I am curious if Nadal can overcome Uranus once more. I expect Zverev to reach his first Grand Slam final and Nadal to successfully defend his title. The precise Mars Venus square promises a very competitive final.

    1. Thanks Patrick for your time and analysis. Could you clarify what did you mean by ‘ Overcoming Uranus’ for Nadal?

      1. Regarding the Esrth trine I discuss, it seems a battle between Uranus (the New) and Saturn (the old). Zverev the New to overcome…

        1. Practically speaking Zverev hasn’t reached QF once . Federer won’t even reach 4th round. It’s good for zverev if he beats Djokovic in semi’s.

        2. Good for zverev if he beats Djokovic in semi’s. He has underperformed in slams till now. I expect Fed losing in third round to Kyrgios.

    2. Patrick, thank you. Really helpful for a couple of reasons. I didn’t realise Lendl was Zverev’ new coach. Will check out his birth data. Also, thank you for pointing out the Grand Earth Trine which is significant this tournament because of Mercury, once it enters Virgo. It completes the Grand Earth Trine once again (the Sun did so on August 25th) on September 7th. The Saturn/Uranus theme is totally relevant for the old & the new working together, which makes Federer’s comments even more interesting. Lendl/Zverev a case in point, as you say. The Grand Earth Trine is good news for Zverev with his Moon at 0 Taurus (the 11:00 pm chart) and also Nadal with his Midheaven at 0 Virgo and his Moon at 0 Taurus. Nadal often does well on Mercury transits. I guess because he’s a Sun Gemini/MC Virgo combination – both signs ruled by Mercury. I had also missed the fact that Pluto is exactly square Djokovic’ Jupiter during the tournament. I don’t know it’s about his tennis necessarily, it could be linked more to money/finances, but I consider it a tricky influence rather than a positive one. So, lots of food for thought.

    3. Very precise and detailed prediction…Apart from Zverev, I also see Nick Kyrgios having a good chance of making a final this time around…..

    4. I left a comment above with regard to Nadal being lucky with the draw. Definitely not the first time and I cannot remember the other top players ever being so lucky consistently. Think of all the USO Nadal has won. Except in the final where he faced Djokovic twice, he faced literally nobodies. You can understand someone getting exceptionally lucky with draws once or twice, but this many times ? What does Astrology have to say about that ?

      1. It is an interesting point. I don’t think it’s about the draws being rigged, I do think it’s simply the luck of the draw (then I do tend to always think the best of people 🙂 ) I took a look at Nadal’s chart again and the time we use puts the two most significant angles, Ascendant and Midheaven, close to two Fixed Stars. Nadal’s Midheaven is right at the start of Virgo and is within one degree of Regulus, the Royal Star, [29 Leo 35] which bestows good fortune in leadership and status. His Ascendant is very close to the Northern Scale [19 Scorpio 22] which is associated with riches, honour and good fortune!

  6. Thanks,for all the insights but how come,no one is talking about Del Potro? I think he could be the spoiler for everyone.

    1. Lisa, I know! No time of birth for Del Potro sadly and I expected him to have some good astrology. Only a minor transit of Mercury conjunct his natal Venus at 17 Leo as the tournament begins. It really depends on the angles of his chart and that we don’t know without a birth time.

  7. Zverev hasn’t even reached fourth round in grandslams let alone reaching the finals. I expect Djoko – Nadal finals. Anying about Stan and Juan del. They are definitely going to give a tough fight.

  8. Zverev hasn’t even reached fourth round. I expect Djoko to reach finals from bottom half. Nadal- Delpo / Wawrinka semi’s won’t be easy. Who ever has strong astrology on Sunday between Nadal -Djoko wins this tournament.

  9. This blog got kickstarted once again. Thanks-a-lot Sally. Hats off to you for finding time in between your personal pre-occupations. Patrick has already given his views on US Open 2018. The blog is sure to get many many more hits in the days to come.

    Thanks once again Sally for ploughing back your knowledge for the benefit of tennis fans.

  10. I still feel Federer is going to win this slam. It looks like Pete Sampras draw of US open in 2002. Sampras had to encounter rusedski in third round. He won in 5 sets. Similarly Federer will beat krygios in 5 sets. I am expecting shock exits of Djokovic and Nadal before round 4. This will make the way for Federer to win his final slam .

  11. sally thanks for your prediction on the usopen. let me see from the sidereal astrology point of view how the chart works out.7th degree of libra rises at the start of the tournament with mid heaven at 12degrees in cancer in rapt conjunction with north node. the ruling planet venus is debilitaded in the 12th house which is normally not a good augury for the favourite but the moon of the chart is in an exact trine to jupiter and the conjunction of north node to the mid heaven points to the favourite doing very well.jupiter of the tournament chart is in an exact sextile to djokovics point ascendent and jupiter is the ruling planet for jupiter. this is very good astrology for djokovic.for federer the tournament chart jupiter is in an exact square to his natal sun and mercury is on his natal sun.but jupiter does not have anything to do with federers mid heaven or his career this does not augur success for him.more over saturn turning retrograde in his 5th house may see him make an earlier than expected to the top seed and defending champion nadal.jupiter of the tournament chart is 4 degrees away from his ascendent degree. mars which turns direct 55 minutes before the tournament starts is doing so at close to 6 degrees in capricorn which is in the 10th from his natal moon about 2.5 degrees from exact and also aspects his mid heaven about 2.33 degrees from exact.north node conjunct midheaven suggests a old winner and not a first time winner.on the day of the final mars aspect on his mc is much more closer though still more than 1 degree and venus on the day of the final is in an exact sextile to his mc.venus is the ruling planet of the tournament chart. so djokovic and nadal have the best astrology during the tournament and my prediction is nadal vs djokovic in the final and nadal winning the tournament.

    1. Thank you, James, for your sidereal perspective. A lot similar to my prediction too, except perhaps for the winner of the final 🙂

  12. The draw for federer is similar to Sampras one in us open 2002. Sampras had to encounter Greg rusedski in 3rd round then . He won in 5 sets. Similarly Roger is drawn to krygios in third round. Roger should win in 5 sets. Djokovic need to overcome fucsovics and Nadal has tricky rounds in the form of kachanov. In the event of both falling before 4th round. Roger may take this slam and will match to Sampras what he did in 2002. Looks surreal though, but I hope.this to happen one final moment for Roger.

  13. Sally – You picked the following: FYI

    2017 Australian Open – Murray or Djokovic – I forgot
    2017 US Open – New Winner
    2018 AO open – Nadal
    2018 French open – New Winner
    2018- Wimbledon – Federer

    1. hi Chandra, I’m not sure what you’re getting at and I don’t think you understand how this forum works? It’s not for sports betting. If there’s any astrologer out there who can do tennis predictions for the winner of a whole Grand Slam (that’s 8 matches per tournament) with 100% accuracy, then please follow them. They are not just astrologers, they are prophets.
      What we enjoy doing here is looking at the astrology for the tournament and the timing for the players (many of whom we don’t have birth times for, so not 100% accurate information to start with) to see how the astrology plays out, what it can tell us. For example, when a top player has major transits to their Midheaven, there is a very high chance that they are going to win – Djokovic proved that at Wimbledon (Jupiter cnj MC) and he was my other pick alongside Federer. Myself, like many other fans of this forum, have a high percentage of accuracy but yes, sometimes we get it wrong. I hope that clarifies what we are doing here and I suggest you follow someone else if you’re not happy with our outcome.

      1. Well explained Sally !! Yes, we are here to find out how Astrology plays out for the tournament and players. You take the lead in starting this thread with your views and other astrologer friends provide their views. I am always thankful to you for your Grand Slam Tennis astrology.

    2. Dear All,

      I am from India. I have been a keen follower of this amazing blog of Sally Kirkman. I am pasting below what I came across in an article on astrology :

      ” Once Lord Shiva and Devi Parvathi were telling Lord Murugan about time and its uncertainty. Lord Murugan told Lord Shiva that he was aware of a way to predict the future. Lord Shiva was pleased and asked Murugan to predict Lord Shiva’s future. Lord Murugan told Lord Shiva about Astrology and said that according to it, Lord Shiva would prove his supremacy over Lord Brahma. Lord Shiva was greatly impressed.But, Lord Murugan added, Lord Shiva also had the fate to roam the earth as a beggar. Lord Shiva was greatly angered by this and cursed that Astrology would only be half true from then on. But, Lord Shiva himself was unable to overcome his fate and had to roam the earth as a beggar eventually.

      In Phalit(Predictive) Astrology there are hundreds of combinations and rules which one has to learn and try to specialize in order to gain more proficiency, while giving predictions. As there are many missing links and pitfalls, the general rules of astrology can make even the most sincere Astrologer stumble and miss the mark, and your Guru can also be one of among them!”

      I had posted this on 20th July, 201 in the Wimbledon 2018 blog. Since I posted this after the close of Wimbledon, 2018 many of you may not have noticed this. I am posting this here since I feel it has some relevance.

      Thanks to all.


      I posted this yesterday. I am reposting this.

  14. the tournament chart ruling planet venus is debilitated and the women no 1 seed and favourite has crashed out of the tournament in the first round.

    1. Yes – it makes sense astrologically. There’s the ‘hidden’ Venus, although in tropical astrology Venus is strong in Libra, her sign of rulership, but I did wonder what she was doing in the 12th house! I got my prediction wrong with Halep and in retrospect I wouldn’t always favour a Jupiter transit conjunct Pluto. Also, no time of birth so tricky to know what that Pluto is about. Will be watching Serena with interest…

  15. chandra you have to understand we do not have the birth times of all the 128 players who start the tournament. never the less sally has a high degree of success in predicting the grand slam winners and even if the actual winner she predicts is not exactly correct in some cases the overall theme she says of the tournament chart is generally correct

  16. Hi sally during Wimbledon I am not posted comment due to my mother under go small surgery on her leg.sally may be chandra is not following ur blog properly .During French open 2018 every body is telling sally is predicted winner wrong .But u r the one who predicted correctly .when u explain about Nadal mercury return lovely nod to victory on day of final.This is pointed out by Indian astrologer lakshmi shankar shukla then I asked him about final prediction how she say zverev will win .He given me beautiful explanation to me .one day if sally friend borrow money around 100 pounds from sally when sally is busy in her work. After 3 days sally friend came to her and giving 100 pounds to her then sally says to her friend why u r giving 100 pounds to me then sally friend says 3 days before I took 100 pounds from u I think u forgot that.This is due to sally is under end of satrun mahadasha .satrun mahadasha will end in 2018 November. Just every body read once again sally French open 2018 prediction what she explained about Nadal. During Wimbledon she say either Federer or djokovic have good chance to win Wimbledon.

    1. Hi Krishna, I’m fascinated by your story about the £100. I have to say I’m really looking forward to my life after Saturn mahadasha! Let’s see how it plays out 🙂 I hope your mother is doing well now. Sending her best wishes.

  17. Hi Fellow astrologers,

    Is it similar story like Wimbledon, that both Nadal and Djokovic have good astrology but Nadal doesn’t have bad things going on and Djokovc has “tricky” issues?

  18. I have a general comment- nadal always get night match( twice) whereas Djokovic n others gets day match. It is absolutely absurd. True champion should be exposed to all weather conditions. Then I call him a real champion. I hope my opinion goes to the organizer of the us open tournament. However, what is ur opinion on this? Tq

    1. Nadal is the Top Seed. Top Seeds usually play night matches. I could not see any guidelines in the Official Website of US Open Tennis 2018. I have always found that night matches and centre courts are more often than not reserved for top seeded players. We must also view the whole thing from the Organizers’ perspective. Night matches featuring top seeds would enable better commercial exploitation. Djokovic is not among the top 4 seeds. Djokovic is seeded No 6 in US Open 2018.

      1. It’s a similar story to the Premier league football. A lot of fans complain about the timings of the matches, especially when they begin at 8:00pm mid-week and travelling fans come from all over. It’s nothing to do with what’s best for the teams/fans. Instead, it’s all about the TV rights and people trying to make the most money!

    2. Surely, Djokovic can ask for the roof to be closed even on a very hot summer day like he did in Wimbledon. But I don’t think the U.S. Open organizers are as ridiculous as the Wimbledon’s .

  19. We are yet to hear from Astrotennis this time.

    Dr Dhairya Roy had given meaningful comments during US Open 2017.

    Mr Amado Bustamante had posted comments and shared one of his ‘amusing’ personal experience during US Open 2017.

    Where are you all ?

  20. Rafa through to the 3rd round with a comfortable win over a good opponent in Pospisil. Looked good in today’s match, played at a good level. Kachanov next…

      1. Let’s face it, Delpotro (if he survives long enough to meet Nadal) is the only threat in Nadal’s half. Nadal is pretty much a lock for the final given the draws he gets at the USO. You can predict that much without any knowledge of astrology.

          1. Thanga Srinivasan

            Oh my god .. what a story .. I did not realize that Top 25 ranking players did not participate the US open that’s why Nadal was able to win the US open ..

        1. So who has the tough draw? Nadal’s level of play make everyone so small that u cannot treat his opponent as opponent.. Djokovic n Federer too has easy draw as long as they keep playing at the level they usually play.. Don’t keep crying on the draw, let’s face the reality

          1. So I was right. When he faces a semi decent draw off clay he loses. Facing Kachanov, Thiem who surprisingly gave a tough fight and then Delpotro back to back sucked the energy out of him.
            Same thing happened at AO’18 , he lost when he faced the first top 20 player.

    1. hi James, there must be different systems because my vedic astrologer confirms that my Saturn mahadasa ends in November 2018. I also feel from personal experience that the shift is going to be happening this November because of all that’s going on in my life.

      1. Hi Sally it depends on the ayanamsa used to calculate the horoscope in India most vedic astrologers use lahiri ayanamsa whereas in my experience I found that Raman ayanamsa gives the best results moreover in calculating maharadas the year is only 360 days and not 365 days please tell whether you had more writing opportunity after last may

        1. Interesting. You are right I have had more writing opportunities – my book deal came in after May 2017, so that fits the Mercury mahadasa. Although, I am currently unravelling a lot of responsibilities that came into my life at the start of the Saturn mahadasa, in the 365 day system. I am expecting them to be complete in October, which seems to fit the symbolism of the major shift in November 2018!

          1. sally the unravelling of a lot of responsibilities for you can be because of saturn transiting over your mc and turning direct very close to your mc on 6th september.the fact that your book deal came through after may 2017 confirms that you are running mercury mahadasa from may 2017 onwards.

          2. James, that would make sense. Thank you so much for your astrology advice. I love hearing it 🙂

  21. I hope Andy Murray gets better, it would sad if he could compete for grand slams like he used to with his hip issue. Hopefully his astrology will start to look up.

    1. I know. I do wonder whether Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius on November 8th might help him. Jupiter rules hips, it’s strong in its sign of rulership, Sagittarius, and remains there until December 2019. Andy Murray started to fly high when Jupiter was in Gemini, his career sign and Sagittarius triggers the Gemini planets. He has a lot of planets in both signs. We shall see next year.

  22. Nick-Fed 3rd round prediction please. Fed is playing below average Nick is playing good after 1st set . Please I need astrological predictions not casual predictions.

    1. No birth time for Kyrgios so we don’t have the full story astrologically. I think his big year will be next year when it’s also his Jupiter Return.

      1. I did! When Nadal has the easier side of the draw theoretically… We know with Djokovic that when he’s on a roll, he’s invincible. To hold all four Grand Slam titles at one time is incredible. I thought he would come back to his peak this year because of his progressed Sun conjunct Mars. As Mars rules his Scorpio Midheaven (career point), that is a powerful symbol for success. He’s proved it once again as I mention in the article by breaking another record of being the first person to win all the Masters events. Also, good fortune planet Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven was the transit backing up the progression (always what I look for) to get back to the top in the Grand Slams and win Wimbledon. During this tournament, he has another compelling transit, Uranus exactly sextile his Mars, career planet on September 10th, so it’s applying during the final. This is why I went for Djokovic – when he’s on form, he stays on form. I didn’t see the Pluto transit square his natal Jupiter, exact on September 2nd, which isn’t helpful as it suggests an issue around money – Jupiter in his 2nd house. That could mean not winning the prize money or it may be a problem elsewhere in his life or a problem with his values/self-esteem, also signatures of the 2nd house. Nadal has Jupiter moving closer to his Scorpio Ascendant, always helpful, and he’s in the earth sign vibe that’s dominating right now. I love the Grand Earth trine on September 7th for Nadal with Mercury close to his Virgo Midheaven, which again I didn’t clock writing the article as I was pushed for time. The two of them have the best astrology (of those players whose birth times we know). Will it be the returning champion or the player who’s returning to form? You can make a case for both astrologically.

        1. HI Sally,

          something from the Hindu astrology –
          11th house is the house of earnings. 2nd is for food and speech. Therefore, I suspect some controversial post-match conferences (bold/controversy), or it could be food related issues. For e.g. throwing up because of heat (he had a bucket by his chair). This may sound bizarre but why not ..

          Could you please tell what do you find in terms of Novak’s 10th and 11th houses.

          Many thanks

    1. Thank you for posting. Juan Cruz is using a time for the tournament chart of 11:10, which gives a Scorpio Ascendant, not Libra. So that is partly his prediction on Nadal as the ruling planet is then Mars in Capricorn and Nadal has Mars at 22 degrees Capricorn natally. He’s also using the Lunar Returns (a monthly calendar) to make favourable predictions for both Djokovic and Nadal – his predicted final with Nadal to win. He also likes Zverev and Del Potro, although Del Potro has one unfavourable factor too which he thinks will ultimately be restrictive.

      1. sally I sometimes wonder if we should use 11.00am or 11.11 am for the tournament chart because in all tournaments the players come to the court at the appointed time but after the toss and warm up by the time the first serve is hit it is anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes has lapsed. your thoughts please

      2. Actually after the players come to the court toss and warm-up by the time the first serve is hit it is anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes.the first serve at the usopen this year was only at 11.10 AM which time should we take your thoughts please

        1. James, planet conjunctions for successful players usually show that the scheduled full hour times work best.

        2. Personally I would go for 11am, the time the match is scheduled for. You can’t know in advance what time the first serve will happen.

  23. Thank you very much Sally for answering our questions and your outlook to Taurus players Murray and Kyrgios. I am curious with Kyrgios if he can turn around his psyche when Jupiter will return for him next year. Such a gifted player.

  24. HI Sally,

    I feel that Rafa can WIN US open 2018 for sure this time also.

    Djokovic also deserves but I think Rafa can able to lift the title again.

  25. Sally
    I’m enjoying how you and James interpret astrology. I doubt whether the level of Djokovic now is the same when he won the 2 US open. He was more dominant then than now. It seems that he is luckier in Australian open and Wimbledon than in French and US open while the reverse applies to Nadal. I am leaning towards Nadal to win US open 2018.

  26. I was just watching nadal match, – nadal could have lost 2nd set if the crowd did not shout n make noise during kahachanov service game. This is in called for of New York crowd. Now this shall give momentum for nadal to take the next two sets. Anyway crowd is helping nadal. That’s for sure. Later if Federer were to meet djokovic, the crowd will make rowdy noise during djokovic service games for sure. To me I think the New York are uncivilized. They should only make noises after the point won. This does not happen in any other grand slams.

    1. You just want Nadal to lose & Federer to lose , too ! Sadly , Djokovic is not like by the crowd as much as they like Nadal & Federer. That thing is earned !

  27. chocolateboy1234

    Is Nadal really injured his knees or faking it . If he is favourite to win he should’nt have any problems with his body. Yesterday’s match shows any version of Djokovic can beat him.

  28. Absolutely, even Anderson or shapovalov can beat him in quarters. Alarming bells for him, I hope he remains fully fit throughout the tournament, if he is fit he looks different altogether.

    1. The match had become an indoor hardcourt & everybody knows how poorly Nadal plays in any indoor surface . The bigger concern is his knees. It is alarming given his history of injuries , especially with his knees.

  29. Short note to the opening chart: another meaning for MC conjunct North Node can be the 50 years celebration of the ‘Open Tour’

    1. Coincidentally, the name ‘Roger Federer’, numerology wise equal to 50. I don’t know how they come to that; i’m taking it as face value. You got to google yourself.

      1. As per numerology Federer’s name adds to 79=9+7=16=1+6=7
        A=1, B=2 and so on.. so this news is not true that his name adds to 50 or 5 that matches US Open. Though I would have loved to see that. Nevertheless, after I saw his match against Kyrgios, I am pretty confident that he can make a case for the 21st..

  30. The way Fed played today his astrology shouldn’t be that bad. He even hit shot of the tournament..may be one of his best career points

    1. I know. He seems to have a real block at the Grand Slams. It’s a shame because his astrology is exciting this year and I hoped it would prove to be a breakthrough for him.

  31. Hi Lesley & Sally,
    Roger played a near perfect game against Nick . Serve, volley, forehand, backhand, everything was working perfectly.

    Do you think he has any little chance astrologically or completely discarding his chances?????

    1. Federer doesn’t have difficult astrology. In fact, he has a Jupiter transit exactly sextile his Venus Virgo, exact on September 4th. If the shot he played yesterday doesn’t show that Venus in Virgo – beauty (Venus) and precision (Virgo) – I don’t know what does! There are some astrological signatures in Federer’s chart that show his talent and his love of the game. Each Grand Slam we astrologers look for the player who has the best astrology taking place and who’s more in tune with the astrology chart for the start of the tournament. Personally, I was excited by the astrology for Djokovic and Zverev. I did miss some key astrology for both Djokovic and Nadal, as mentioned previously in the comments. Zverev seems to struggle with self-belief (I wonder if this is his natal Moon opposite Saturn – Moon in the 10th). The tournament chart once again leans more towards one of the favourites doing well. Hope that helps.

  32. Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are above astrology. It’s a belief in spirituality that if you are a saint or master of your mind, the planets and the Universe and changes in them doesn’t matter. I think Nadal, Federer and Djokovic are those masters playing games and trying to master their spiritual self on this arena. The art could be different, the process could be different but they are there doing similar stuff by mastering their minds and just getting better there. Now whosoever controls the mind better at a particular duration (read tournament) wins the game.. Their games are near perfect, they only have to be at peace with themselves while playing and they create magic. So eventually astrology may or may not work for them..

    1. hi Johny, thank you for your comment. Interesting to read. You see with all three of them – Federer, Nadal, Djokovic – the astrological signature in their birth charts for them to excel at tennis (it could have been another discipline but they chose tennis). You can also see in their astrological charts their mastery of their minds – often indicated by the Moon & Mercury. As long as they have some positive astrological progressions/transits, this is going to boost their potential to win. Whereas with other players, it would take spectacular astrology for them to win and even then, it depends on the promise in their birth chart, i.e. I think Zverev is currently such a player. It’s also amazing how often the astrology chart which symbolises the start of the tournament has shown that it will be a favourite rather than an outsider to win. Which is another nod towards the top players dominating the Grand Slam tennis for many years now. It’s still rare for someone new to win. That is going to change sometime soon with all the top players getting older but as long as they stay fit…

  33. Zverev out. Keeps his GS block. Lendl no magician.
    Roger improves with Mars slowly catching up speed. Djoker very convincing.

  34. Sally/James, do u guys see any injury problems for Rafa, which can ruin his US open chances? Could you please check his chart from injury point of view?

    1. In Australian Open 2018, Nadal was having good astrology ; but retired in between while playing Cilic. Could there be a repeat ?

    2. Rafa’s big injury problems coincided with Saturn transits – Saturn ruling the joints/bones and generally weakening vitality. That’s not evident at the moment. I do wonder about the final Mars-Uranus clash for Nadal, as it impacts his natal Moon. As you may remember, I didn’t like the Uranus transit conjunct his Moon earlier this year as it can signify an emotional or mental imbalance and his Moon is in the 6th house ruling his health. He overcame that. Mars will square his Moon on September 11th and the final Mars-Uranus clash is on September 18th. He is a steely character though and has incredible mental strength and focus.

  35. Sally, in the opener, the Moon trine Jupiter is also conjunct Neptune. What do you think this could mean for the favorite? Possibly a hindeeing detail? Thanks.

    1. Hi Patrick, Neptune’s a tricky planet to interpret in this respect. It may suggest an emotional victory, one that has great public appeal? It may represent a player’s long-held dream, a yearning as Neptune rules romance, fantasy. Not sure, otherwise. The nod to the Moon trine to Jupiter in the 1st house is obviously nice for the favourite.

      1. Emotional victory or playing long held dream means it may be Del Potro winning the championship !! I am a Tennis and Astrology and Sally’s FAN. Not astrologer !!

        1. If there is anybody that deserves to win a slam, it is Potro. It would be so awesome to see him win again and well-deserved.

  36. Hi Pagal Baba. As I mentioned earlier in the blog I feel that the tournament Mercury in the 10th house conjunct Roger’s natal Sun has to be significant in some sense. Sally mentioned the other influences on that which are interesting too. So – don’t give up hope!

        1. Roger’s fan, the North Node is often in play with larger life occasions. It can be a hint that Roger goes deep at the Open, but need not be. Whereas his wife has a positive NN NN sextile, Roger has a Uranus NN square. But with the nodes I remember to have noticed squares at times of success in the past. So let’s see.

        2. Roger’s fan, the North Node is often in play with larger life occasions. It can be a hint that Roger goes deep at the Open, but need not be. Whereas his wife has a positive NN NN sextile, Roger has a Uranus NN square (tension). But with the nodes I remember to have noticed squares at times of success in the past. So let’s see.

  37. The next match will be crucial for Nadal. The Sun squares his Sun and Career Mercury is still 2 degrees from his tenth Career House. Mars to square natal Moon (feelings) may be the reason for his decrease of form compared to Toronto. That can be a fiesty energy you have to deal with. For Thiem I cannot find outstanding transits, he had his Birthday against Anderson.

    1. hi patrick if the birth time of 1.30 am given by you are sally last year is correct then jupiter exactly trines his ascendent now.this is a very good transit. but his career planet saturn is retrograde till his quater final against nadal is played.

    2. My gut says that Thiem will beat Nadal in the next clash. I have no astrological reason for this but I believe that Nadal is overrated.

      1. I’m not sure ‘overrated’ is a word that can be aimed at any of the top tennis players. If you can win Grand Slams frequently, then surely you are never overrated? You’re either playing your top tennis or you’re not, for whatever reason.

        1. Sorry Sally, maybe I wasn’t being specific enough. I think Nadal’s chances of winning against Thiem are overestimated. They are pretending that he’s already in the final and nobody can stop him. Nadal’s chances of winning are estimated at over 80%, even though Thiem is the only one who has been able to beat him again and again and Nadal has never had to play against a top 20 player at the US Open since 2013.

          1. Thank you for replying. It was the choice of language that was strange and yes, ‘overestimated’ is much kinder. Thiem has got some nice astrology. He’s a Sun Virgo, so it was his birthday yesterday (Sept 3 1993). We have a birth time of 1:26 am for him and I can’t remember where that’s from. It’s not public knowledge, at least. If that is the correct time, he has a lovely Jupiter transit during the final to his Midheaven (career point) at 18 Pisces 59 and, even if it isn’t the correct time, Jupiter still makes an exact transit to his natal Uranus at 18 Capricorn 28. So definitely one to watch.

          2. Thanga Srinivasan


            Your still being disrespectful … as if Nadal played few kids become a 2017 US Champion

            In US Open 2013, Nadal defeated Novak to be Champion
            In US Open 2014, Not participated, nothing to talk about
            In US Open 2015, got defeated in R3, nothing to talk about, did not even reach QF
            In US Open 2016, got defeated in R4, nothing to talk about, did not even reach QF

            In US Open 2017, Nadal defeated Kevin to be Champion, Here is the Quarter Finalist

            In 2017 Nadal was seeded 1, I hope I don’t need to explain that

            Nadal (1)
            Andrey Rublev (unseeded)
            Roger Federer (3)
            Juan Martín del Potro (24)
            Sam Querrey (17)
            Kevin Anderson (28)
            Pablo Carreño Busta (12)
            Diego Schwartzman (29)

            For what ever reason only 4 people from the top 20 manage to reach QF, I don’t think Nadal has anything to do with it, it’s the nature of the tournament (pyramid structure), also have some respect for people reached QF because they survived while many top 20 players got defeated.

            Nadal has to defeat Andrey Rublev, del Potro & Kevin touch the hand on the trophy, saying there is no top 20 players is being disrespectful to Andrey Rublev, del Potro & Kevin.

            Rublev defeated Dimitrov (7) & Goffin (9) to reach QF
            del Potro defeated Thiem (6) & Bautista Agut(11) to reach QF, post QF he defeated Federer
            Schwartzman defeated Pouille (16) & Cilic (5) to reach QF

            I don’t think anyone saying that Nadal is the undeclared 2018 US Champion.
            People are saying that there is a possibility of Nadal vs Novak Final, it’s just possibility, also because Novak is playing really well & Nadal is the defend champion & playing well. However both of them are not playing at there highest level. So anything can happen.

    3. I expect an open match. Thiem comes with confidence but it’s the question if he has the mental edge to beat Nadal at a GS. Rafa is known to improve from match to match and if he moves on, Career Mercury is conjunct his MC at the Semis.

      1. Patrick Do you still stand by your prediction that Nadal would be able to defend his title successfully after all the tough & long matches he’s been through so far ?

  38. Note from administrator: Sally. IMPORTANT. If any of you are having problems posting comments, please can you contact me by email to let me know. Also, please inform me if there is an issue with a different name appearing when you post or a different name to yours appearing in the address box when you go to post a comment. Ideally, keep your replies off the forum and contact me directly. Thank you for your help.

  39. Since no one seems to be giving love to the ladies in the WTA, I’d like to know WHO has the best chart moving forward to the finals next Saturday?

    Serena, Pliskova, Maria, Keys, Naomi, Sloane, Carla, Sevastova?

    Thank you so much IF I get an answer 😊

    1. Thank you for your comment. I stopped trying to predict the women’s tennis because it was so much more complex than the men’s tennis. Originally doing these predictions, I tended to concentrate on the Big Four – Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray – and we have birth times for all of them. The women’s game seems much more unpredictable and there are no accurate birth times for a lot of the players. So I tend to only look at the more obvious players, like Serena.

    1. Big Upset !! I was kind of expecting an upset in 3rd round but this one is completely unexpected and shocking. But, Federer Service let him down. John Millman played really big and his backhand is a beauty !!

      1. The shot which he missed, leading at 4-2, A-40 in the 4th set was really laughable 🙂 …Had he not missed that shot , he could have won that set …

        And also the two double faults, easy misses in the 4th tie breaker was too funny 🙂

        Age is fast and thick catching him up….these days , even when he leads 40-0 on own serve , still you can’t be sure that he is going to win that game.

        1. Pagal baba, you were criticizing Nadal won us open 2017 without facing top 25 opponent, now Federer is beaten by a non top 25 player, lol… My point is seeding does not matter, you have to play good Tennis to be the champion..

          I hope you stop making non sense comparison.

          1. Rafael Nadal served like Pete Sampras in 2010 US open just by tweaking the grip . And after that he forgot that grip 😉 Even McEnroe was surprised .

            Hope you understand 😉

  40. The field has narrowed down to 8 players.

    The setting is right for a closer astrological scrutiny.

    Looking forward to views and comments from all in general and Sally, James, Patrick, Lesley & a few others in particular.

    Sally, if the correct time of birth is available for all the eight quarter finalists, I guess you could treat us with a player specific snapshot of their chances.


  41. I think Djokovic draw has opened up much better that previously anticipated and on the contrary Nadals one has become more difficult. Let’s see how it turns out.

  42. I expect an exciting Night Session. Rafa is known for improving from Round to Round in a GS. Thiem comes with confidence, but has to prove of being capable to beat Nadal at a GS on Centre Court. If Nadal wins, Career Mercury will be conjunct his MC at Semis.

  43. We talked about Roger’s new clothing deal at Wimbledon and since playing in Uniqlo he loses matches being clearly upfront in score. He appears mentally uncertain. What do you think about this guys?

    1. It has nothing to do with clothing Patrick, as he explained after the loss he could not get air and was feeling drained because of too much sweating. He is not used to those conditions while milman is familiar with hose conditions being grown up in Brisbane. It was more of tough conditions rather than anything else and I totally agree with the legend.

      1. Rafafan, I suppose that reaction to heat also can interplay with the mind – nervousness and inner stress. Roger said surprised he normally is not as sensitive to the heat as he was yesterday. There is a mind body correlation which also shows at a high percentage of athletes’ injuries. Due to holistically working physios. Since Wimbledon, Roger chokes when about to close an lead on several occasions, it seems he is sabotaging himself with unknown unforced errors. So it is a reaccuring pattern. Of course, he won’t tell the media to be mentally instable these times.

    2. I am just looking at his chart again. I’m wondering whether it’s to do with the Mars-Uranus square that’s dominated over the last few months. Federer won at the Australian Open but mid-May Mars entered Aquarius as Uranus entered Taurus when Mars was exactly conjunct Federer’s south node at 0 Aquarius 54. Both planets are going back and forth over the south node – Mars is about to make its third and final transit mid-September and Uranus takes longer. I guess Mars triggering Federer’s south node in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus could be destabilising?

      1. Thanks Sally. I wonder whoch private/professional themes could be connected to this astrological pattern for RF,

      2. hi sally saturn retrograde in the 5th house of roger is not good for career.if you recall i had said that federer may lose early in my first post on this blog

      3. Thank you Sally. That’s interesting. What do you think which subjects could be connected to this astrology for Federer? With Sun Sign astrology Uranus has entered the career sector and Mars in Aquarius for Relationships. Relating to the fans/his team/sponsors?

        Its clear for me that the heat/physical argument is not the core of his current struggle. Many unforced errors from first match on at NYC. He chokes at closing out big leads which he is not known for since Wimbledon.  Since the Saturn Saturn square began and the Uniqlo deal came to surface.

      4. Hi Sally ( and Patrick and James and all the contributors)
        Normally I wouldn’t ask predictions for future, however, being a Roger fan and Rafa admirer, I am a bit worried about Roger right now. I believe, his age not being on his side is making him tired in extreme conditions and we can see that. I was hoping that he can play for one more year at the top before he hangs up. I request you to check his chart once for future in general with relationship to his game and see how he is poised to perform for the year ahead. Not a prediction to win slams, but how it looks like for him, physically and performance for the sports.. Just your views and I am not looking for specific prediction here. Will really appreciate that..
        thanks in advance

        1. Hi Johny, the glorious progression that swept Roger back to the top – Mercury/Jupiter – is now fading. So you have to look at the transits to see what next. In 2019, Jupiter is in fire sign Sagittarius which makes a lovely trine aspect to his Sun/Mercury Leo – key for his career and positive. However, he also has a challenging Saturn transit opposite his Mars Cancer. Mars signifies athleticism and Saturn slows you down. So astrologically, it’s both good news and bad news! I guess it depends how much will he has to keep at the top level of fitness or whether he wants to turn his attention elsewhere.

          1. Thank you Sally for your interesting observations with Mars Uranus for Federer. The Saturn Mars Opposition may harm Federer after Wimbledon 2019. I wonder what’s going on with him as his current struggle in my eyes has nothing to do with aging. His choking and unforced errors clearly indicate a mental uncertainty. People try to find a reason and discuss his nearing career end. I think he ‚just’ has another crisis as others do have during a long career. At Novembre Saturn will square again natal Saturn. I assume he will be strong next year again reading the following text.

            Johny, here is what Greenstone Lobo thinks:


          2. Thanks Sally, looks fine to me. I see ups and downs for him as per your inputs. This could mean he plays good in some phases. The key could be to preserve his health and play least possible to be at the top.. Would you want to add timelines to the phases mentioned by you. I am sorry as I know I am asking you to invest little more time here. If you can it will be nice; having said that you have already shared some insight and given your useful time to my question. I do appreciate that 😂🙏🏽. Thanks again!

  44. James,

    Can you please check for Rafa’s match against Thiem tonight? Also assuming that Rafa will face del Potro in semis, and Djokovic in final, can you please check and update your analysis here?

    You and Sally both predicted a Rafa vs Djokovic final and you both are very much on course with your prediction. Also, take a look at Djokovic vs Millman quarter final and Djokovic vs cilic semifinals.

    1. Are there any accurate start times for the US Open matches? Rather than look at specific transits for both players and trying to work out which combination is best, it would be helpful to consider the astrology chart for the start of each match. Then you can look at which planet signifies the favourite, which signifies the non-favourite and use this technique to make a prediction.

      1. Sally, Rafa & Delpo play their first semi at 4 PM EST followed by Kei & Djok.

        Can you kindly provide your prediction for the matches?


        1. No time of birth for Sun Libra Del Potro (b. Sept 23 1988, Tandil, Argentina). Nishikori’s birth data is December 29 1989, 5:30 am birth time unverified, Matsue, Japan. Nadal and Djokovic we know – both Sun Gemini. Nishikori has Pluto at 16 Scorpio 59, a similar Jupiter transit to Simona Halep who went out in the first round. I mentioned in a previous comment how Pluto is always extreme – you power to success or get wiped out. I still favour a Nadal-Djokovic final.

    2. rafafan i stand with my prediction of rafa beating novak in the final. by the way nishikori has beaten cilic to reach the semifinals

      1. james green Wishing & hoping , & praying ,too , for your prediction to come true ! With all the tough matches RAFA has gone through so far , he deserves to be the champion !

  45. After today’s Nadal match Djokovic has to be favourite by a mile, not forgetting Nadal vs Del Porto which could be another war.

  46. Hi Sally and all astrologers,
    Apart of the astrology Nadal should not win this grand slam because he spent so many hours on the court. Djokovic, Del Potro and some others have better chances to get to the finale. Do you think Cilic can go to the finale ?

    1. We do have a time of birth for Cilic (b. Sept 28 1988, 5:00 am, Zagreb, Croatia). What I love about Cilic’ chart is an incredible opposition between the Sun in Libra and Mars in Aries which is almost partile, i.e. exact to the degree/minute. This gives him a real fighting spirit with Mars in its sign of rulership, Aries. A Gemini Midheaven, career path – the tennis player’s star sign. I can’t see any major astrology backing him right now.

  47. Kannan C - Rafafan

    Rafa WON in thriller 5 sets.

    He has spent more time on court compare to others.

    Does he have chance of Winning in semis and final.. Hoping for the best

  48. What a match between Rafa and Thiem. Worried what it has done to Rafa going forward though. He was definitely walking very stiff afterwards.

    1. I wish I’d seen it! Nadal lost the first set 6-0. What happened there? Thiem had some good astrology for this tournament, as does Nadal and I thought it might be close. I don’t like not being able to watch the matches live at the US Open but I’d be up in the middle of the night if I did. Nadal’s up against Del Potro next, the no. 3 seed. Nadal’s having to play some tough matches, Thiem was no. 9 seed so he’s not able to cruise through to the final. No time of birth for Del Potro annoyingly so hard to make a clean prediction. I guess they play on Friday? If anyone knows what time the match starts, please let me know. Friday’s the day of the Grand Earth Trine with Mercury very close to Nadal’s Midheaven so the stars are backing him, if he can recover in time.

      1. Thiem is not at the level of big 3, too many errors close to the lines. He reminds of young Wawrinka who had great shots but not consistent enough to beat top 3. Nadal was not moving well the 1st set.

  49. there were comments in this blog about nadal having a very easy draw.but if one looks at the level of play produced by each of rafas opponents then it is rafa who is having the toughest draw.

    1. I completely agree ! The turn out of events has made Nadal’s route to the finals the TOUGHEST one . On the other hand , Djokovic will not face a top 20 opponent until the finals which makes his draw the EASIEST one ! I can see his fans jumping for joy !

  50. In view of this Grand Earth Trine combination and the fact that his level keeps rising as the tournament progresses, I feel Nadal has stamped his seal. Weather forecast is for rainy/cloudy conditions which will slow the courts and again would favor him, I think

  51. It is indeed surprising that there is no discussion at all about tonight’s quarterfinals – Cilic v Nishikori and Djokovic v Millman !!

    What do the stars foretell ?

    Many have gone on a silent mode.

    lets become more active


  52. Note from administrator Sally. As some of you are aware, there is now an issue with posting comments which is why it’s so quiet on the forum. Obviously, some comments are getting through but I already know a few of you are having issues being able to post. Huge apologies from me. I’ve been trying to sort it out with my tech help and the people who host the server but so far no-one has an answer. If you have any ideas why this might have suddenly changed, please let me know by email I’ve not changed anything on the settings page, so it’s not that. Also, do drop me an email if you are having an issue and you haven’t let me know yet. It would be good to gather as much information as possible.

  53. Note from administrator Sally. Comments update! I’ve found a whole load in the spam section of the comments box. They are being reinstated. Huge apologies again. Hopefully, I can sort out the problem now!

    1. please don’t be sorry Sally !

      all these things will happen.

      we will give the benefit of doubt to technology !!!


  54. I like what I have seen at the OPEN – the youngsters are stepping up and challenging the legends. I hope that we continue to see them rising to the challenge and win against the legends in 2019. It’s also refreshing to see new names on the women’s side and be champions.

  55. Paulametrius Wolf

    Serena vs Sevastova and Keys vs Osaka. Who has the best horoscope for this week to win the 2018 US Open?

    1. Sorry, didn’t get round to replying. Serena Williams v. Naomi Osaka (b. October 16 1997, Osaka, Japan, no time of birth). Two Sun Libras, which is interesting regarding the chart of the tournament. Libra ASC, Venus Libra. At the beginning of the tournament, Jupiter was almost exactly conjunct Serena’s Venus Scorpio at 16 Scorpio 20, which is a lovely transit. Also transiting Venus not far away from her natal Jupiter at 17 Libra. My pick is still for Serena to win. p.s. I got it wrong re. Simona Halep who went out in the first round. She also had a Jupiter transit but it was exactly conjunct Pluto, the wipe-out planet. Sometimes, this transit powers you to success, other times it wipes you out – always extreme.

      1. Sally, thanks. Naomi’s coach was a yearlong hitting partner of Serena and he is also a Libra (10/4/1984).

  56. Naomi Osaka in semi finals.

    There is a Japanese man and woman in the last four of a Grand Slam for the first time in the Open Era

    1. Naomi Osaka is in the women’s final. Amazing if Nishikori could make it a double coup for Japan.

  57. Hello Patrick,
    Thank you for your response on Federer’s 2019 session. I personally believe that if he is playing wise he can still win the tournaments at least for next 6-9 months. However, I have stopped believing in Greenstone’s astrology. He is very generic in his predictions and specific to Tennis, he only predicts before Grand Slam finals (where the chances of accuracy is higher, specially if Big three are meeting someone outsider). Nevertheless, he has some success and to be honest, even I have consulted him personally. He gives a generic prediction on how the times look like in future but no timelines. I don’t want to sound very critical of him (which I already have :-)). The point was I wanted to know in general how it looks like for Federer and I believe you suggested a strong first half (till Wimbledon timeframe) which is his forte -AO and Wimbledon. Thanks for your efforts and appreciate your inputs.

    1. You are welcome, Johny. Thank you! We have to see how North Node leaving Federer’s star sign and also Uranus remaining in square to his nodes will turn out 2019. I think we can’t be sure he adds another Slam to his collection, but personally I believe it’s possible.

      1. Thanks Patrick, I also believe it’s possible.. The only challenge would be his energy levels in extreme conditions. If he has favourable weather conditions, he is a different player, even at 37. Yes, we will see how astrology works out for him.. Thanks again.

    2. Johnny I do agree that lobo’s predictions not accurate but did he not predict 20 Slams for Federer. Also he predicts another 3-4 slams for Federer. So lets wait and see if that would turn out to be true.

      As per my understanding goes this USO is for NOVAK to take.

      Some astrologer predicted fight between the OLD and NEW. Turns out true – If you look at Matches of Federer, Novak and especially Nadal.

      Then someone predicted Federer will loose before expected. That also did happen – Everyone thought that he would loose to Novak but he lost to Millman.

      So predictions can be correct and some might go bust.

      1. Amit,
        I am only making an observation about Greenstone because of personal experience and his tendency to predict tennis tournament predictions only before finals. He is generic and not making any specific tournament predictions.
        Yes, he did predict World cup winner 2018 between France and Argentina and he was bang on despite of predicting the same even before start of the tournament.
        His choice on Tennis prediction could be simply to save his time and energy and nothing more.
        Well, I will be happiest person if all his predictions come out to be true for two reasons.. 1. I too love Federer just like most of the people out there. 2. He has predicted some big stuff for my future too 😉
        So I am not counting on his doom but bloom.
        That is all my friend.

    1. Hi Norma, try a different browser or clear your cache? There are plenty of comments all the way up to today. Hope you see this one!

  58. no inputs are coming from anyone. we are having the men’s single semifinals today.
    no comment is seen posted. is this a system error ?

  59. Only 4 players left in the arena.

    What do the stars have in store for the 4 semifinalists ?

    Waiting to hear from Sally, Patrick, James Green and all others.

    Astrotennis is making absence felt.

    1. No error. We are just quieter than usual this time around. I’ve just written my thoughts in a previous comment. I favour a Nadal-Djokovic final. If it is, then I favour Djokovic. I’m away this weekend so may not be able to comment. Anyway, that’s my prediction. As you know if you are a regular here, I rarely, if ever?, change my predictions mid-tournament.

  60. Rooting for Potro and Kei – I hope they come through today. A year of different champions would be nice.

    Australian Open – Federer / Wozniacki
    French Open – Nadal / Halep
    Wimbledon Open – Njokovic / Kerber
    US Open – ?

  61. Patrick u r rooting for Nadal or djokovic.sally is rooting for djokovic where as James is rooting for nadal .kindly give u r opinion.

  62. Patrick sally is rooting for djokovic where as James is rooting for nadal .kindly give u r opinion to whom u r rooting whether nadal or djokovic

    1. Krishna, I stick to my initial prediction with Nadal to successfully defend his title. As we already discussed, today Rafa’s Career Ruler Mercury has entered his tenth Career House involved in the current Grand Earth trine. I also prefer his astrology to Djokovic at the final.

    2. Krishna, I stick ro my initial prediction that Nadal will successfully defens his title. Rafa’s Career Ruler Mercury has entered his tenth Career House and is currently involved in the Grand Earth Trine as we discussed. I also prefer his astrology compared to Djokovic at the final. No outstanding transits for the Tower of Tandil.

  63. Nadal retires. I thought he was faking the injury to gain advantage over Del Potro as he has done a number of times with many opponents. But looks like the injury was genuine this time.

    1. I am not sure if he would retire if he thought he had a chance left vs a lesser player who could potentially choke. Delpo didn’t take his foot off the pedal. The Delpo that faced him last year was one that was ill and had nothing left in the tank after beating Thiem and Fed. Which is why draw is so crucial. If Delpo had faced Nadal instead of Fed in the QF, he may have won.

      1. Rina GIVE SOME RESPECT !! We all know that Nadal gives his everything in his matches. He wouldn’t retire if he was not injured . DON’T ADD INSULT TO INJURY !! His knees has been hurting since his third round match . Remember KARMA !!

    2. elegantscorpio EXCUSE ME !!! RAFA never fakes injury !! His fans will surely wish that his injuries were fake so he could still fight for more titles & never retire from matches . Keep your HATE to yourself !!!

    3. I am assuming you are not even aware what pain Rafa has gone through all his life. Are you even aware that he has some fault since birth in some ankle bone and doctors recommended not to pursue tennis further and now he has hardly any cartilage left in his knee so he always goes through pain sometimes more sometimes less.. but anyways you can think whatever you want..

    1. Kalpana sorry I did not get your comment. Assuming your are being sarcastic, right? Will be nice to know whom do you support. Other it waste of time.

  64. Fed adding more endorsements. I think he will retire next year. I read somewhere in twitter that Nadal can’t wins slams because of pluto transit or something like that I m not sure . When does next gen take over men’s tennis?? Bored of same guys winning

  65. Serena with Jupiter leaving an 1 degree orb of the trine to natal Midheaven.

    The coming weeks Saturn will return to square natal Sun as it did a few weeks ago starting with Serena’s loss of the final at Wimbledon and her 1-6,0-6 against Konta later. In the upcoming 1-2 years Saturn will square several planets in Williams’ chart and Sally already mentioned Uranus to conjunct her AC soon.

    Coach Moratoglou with Sun square Sun. Will we see a surprise tonight between the two Libras with the same hairstyle? Hard to say without Osaka’s birth time.

    Libra’s ruling planet Venus in exact square to Mars suggests a closed final and reminds of Serena’s natal Venus Mars square. Osaka’s coach Baijn:” we are trying to make the match competitive.”

    1. I escaped to the sea for the weekend and returned to a huge controversy in the women’s final. Astrologically, this is Uranus’ handiwork, going back and forth over Serena’s Ascendant at 3 degrees Taurus, Uranus being the planet of controversy. A real shame because Serena had a stunning Jupiter transit going into the tournament, Jupiter conjunct her natal Venus in Scorpio. As you mention, Patrick, Serena also has a difficult Saturn transit square the Sun this year and Saturn is linked to her career, as it rules her Capricorn Midheaven.
      I’ve added some more thoughts about this in my Update written today. Venus (women) moving from Libra to Scorpio, the weekend of the final, from her sign of rulership to her sign of detriment and heading towards the opposition to Uranus, exact on September 12th. Also, note Uranus conjunct the Descendant of the opening chart of the tournament and Venus hidden in the 12th house. I don’t want to comment too much on what happened as I don’t know the full facts and didn’t watch the match, but the astrology seems to suggest the flip-side of Venus and the unpredictability of what took place.

      1. Thanks Sally. You missed a fantastic match from Naomi Osaka. My hunch for a surprise proved right as Jupiter left the 1 degree orb of a trine to Serena‘s MC. Osaka with the Moon square natal Pluto possibly triggered her Midheaven. Nice how you analysed the happenings astrologically. See you soon!

  66. Osaka.. very bad behaviour from Serena and especially the crowd who booed. One of the worst GS in recent years. Nothing can replace AO 2017

    1. I disagree. Ramos’ behaviour ruined the night for both of them. Coaching from the box happens all the time. Racquet breaking happens all the time, from the men. Novak argued with Ramos at Wimbledon this year and didn’t get penalized. Nadal at French this year did the same, didn’t get penalized – he even threatened Ramos that he wouldn’t empire his games anymore. No penalization. Serena calls him a thief for taking a game away from her and he gets hurt and takes the set away from her. He is petty and shouldn’t empire. Props to Serena for asking the crowd to respect Osaka. Respect to Serena. Congrats to Osaka. Sad day for #usopen

      1. Crowd’s behaviour was disgusting. Accept it ..she couldn’t even enjoy her moment properly. Bringing her daughter into conversation really..Her coach accepted that he coached her..How is that umpire’s fault??He just did his duty. Booing winner is just disgusting. Imagine Nadal or Djokovic calling umpire thief ?? Would people defend them

        1. We can agree to disagree. The audience was booing the umpire, not the players – there is a difference. I am not faulting their reaction. The umpire did a bad job. If Djokovic and Nadal called him thief, they wouldn’t be penalized, that’s a fact. Let’s be real.

      2. Mac,
        I agree you are completely right. I think some referees should be penalized , ex : Kyrgios, match, etc.

    2. Many male players behave worse than this.. Djokovic, Nadal, Kyrgios and many of them have regular arguments with the chair umpire. None got penalised. And to get a game away is unprecedented. Come on.. Too harsh and could simply be chauvinism at play..

  67. Shocking behaviour from Williams. It was the extraordinary strength from that 20 year old girl that Serena‘s act did not bring her opponent out of focus. Again and again Williams started to argue aggressively with the umpire while calling him ‚liar‘. Strange a 36 year old champion does not know that a warning for coaching doesn’t need the player to get notice of. Moratoglou made clear signs. There are rules and I don’t understand why sometimes players come away with stuff. Serena ruined a happy celebration for Osaka‘s first Grand Slam victory. Very sad.

    1. Thanks Patrick for agreeing with my comment. Can’t believe there are people defending her . Do you know when does she retire . Which ever tournament she enters controversy and people drag Fed for no reason(him making more money than her is sexist) fed up of her and her fan’s behaviour.

        1. Hey Fedfan and Patrick,
          Seeena is a bad behaviour and that has been the case for long. She did wrong, what I don’t understand is the penalty of game on her and that was not only harsh but sad due to it’s timing. Osaka was unperturbed and was worthy winner anyways, but look what the umpire did was took some credit. And I am certainly not defending Serena, no way; just that chair umpire could have avoided this stuff himself. Players like Djoker, Kyrgios and others are known for such bad behaviour at times and many more but pennalizing a game rather than something else could have been avoided for sure..

    2. Serena’s behavior is shameful. Totally lost alll respect for her. She pulled the sexism card when she ran out of options to plead her case.

      BIG difference- other players, male or female, didn’t imply the umpire has integrity issue when they argue with the umpire and thus didn’t get penalty. Calling an umpire a thief is as bad as saying he is impartial and is cheating. Ironically Serena got so upset over the cheating allegation, and yet she accuses an umpire of the same and expects to get away.

      By the way, coaching violation is just that. Make a signal from the box, umpire sees it and it’s a penalty on the player, regardless player sees the signal or not. Umpire didn’t say she cheated.

      Who knows if that’s Serena trying to throw Naomi off her track and lose focus? The poor girl was crying the entire ceremony. For sure it took a toll on her. Kudos to Naomi for her strength. That’s the true champion.

      Serena tainted her legacy with her shameful meltdown. Woman’s tennis lost last night- unthinkable that Billie Jean king could even defend Serena and not a word to ask Serena to apologize to Naomi for ruining her moment. 23 majors ring hollow with a display of gracious-less

      1. Thanks Timmy. Good words from you. BJK, USTA President all failed. No leadership of Mrs. Adams while the audience booed. Serena went off with a dark blue eye – imagine Osaka lost due to this drama act.

      2. Billy Jean King did defend Serena. It is disappointing to see you judge without merit. The coach did make a signal but a video was shown that Serena did not see it. Ramos saw it and punished Serena without merit. Her racquet breaking was deserved a warning but a point? Her calling him a thief deserved a game? It wasn’t a meltdown. What do you call men like Novak and Nadal and even Federer breaking racquets and calling umpires names? Are they having a meltdown? Wow, judge a woman. Shame her. Don’t shame men. Double standards. Sad.

        It was Serena who comforted Osaka. It was Serena to remind her to enjoy the moment. It was Serena who asked the audience not to continue booing the umpire and respect Osaka. Nothing but division. I gained a measure of respect for Serena because I saw the hate she has endured with judgements. It’s incredibly sad.

        1. I’ve never seen seen Nadal or Federer break a racket, at least not in the past 10 years. Stop using the “others do it, why can’t Serena” argument – it doesnt mean she should. All of a sudden when Thai happened, Nadal, Federer, Novak become poster boys of bad behaviour (they hardly misbehave!) that never got penalized/ strangely no one mentioned Nick Krgious and his countless penalties and punishment for bad sportsmanship in trying to make a case of sexism.

          She wants to be respected as a 23 time major champion, she should know the rules better.

          Billie Jean king defended Serena- she lost the plot- Naomi is the true “victim” here.

        2. Mac, sorry, it was ridiculous what Serena did at the ceremony. Sanctimonious argument.
          Upon accepting her finalist award, she gave parsimonious praise to her competitor while telling the crowd she felt their pain. “We’ll get through this”: what should have been the greatest moment of Naomi’s career.

          She should have apologized or at least repair for Naomi by pointing out how phenomenal she played and that she was better. Adams did an absolute disservice to Osaka. Celebrating Williams as a Champion and just getting a word out about Osaka “you indeed are a Champion”. Again Serena in the centre (of celebration). Read the NYP article.

        3. I would love to see Carlos Ramos’ birth chart – no date of birth for him. Only his year of birth, 1971. If anyone knows when he was born, please let me know. Thank you.

          1. Serena’s supporters need to call a spade a spade – she misbehaved, and was rightfully called out for it. Billie Jean King says : “coaching is a problem, it needs to be allowed”. Then change the rules! You cannot fault an umpire for following and applying the rules.

            USTA’s defense was even more perplexing: “Serena was having a conversation with the umpire at changeover, she did not expect this to be aired or be caught on camera” – ?? A 20 year-veteran (Serena) of the game does not know that every proceeding on court is aired and broadcast ?

            Federer and Nadal have been the ambassadors of men’s tennis for the longest time. They argue with umpire, but I’ve never seen them break a racket or use bad language. It’s the tone and intent. They’re the worst example to use for bad behavior. Why not make a din about Nick, about Tomic? They’re bad boys on court and got rightfully penalized.

            My final thoughts on this: Serena has a history of bad behavior – so threatening to shove a ball down an Asian lineswoman’s throat : is that also her way of fighting for woman’s rights? She cannot be bigger than tennis and flout rules. There is a time and place for everything.

            So stealing Naomi’s moment, causing her to be in tears is fighting for woman’s rights? Whatever happened to women helping other women? Not a word from Billie Jean King or USTA Katrina Adams on how Naomi was robbed of her moment. Just pure shameful and classless.

    3. Retired US tennis star Andy Roddick tweeted, “I’ve regrettably said worse and I’ve never gotten a game penalty.” That’s the truth. I hope Ramos never judges more matches. Nadal hates him. Novak hates him. What that does say about him as a judge? He is in the wrong here. Serena is wrong for smashing her racquet but penalize a point for her coach coaching her? Come on. Him taking away a game for calling him a thief is petty and on an ego trip. He ruined their night. Not taking anything away from Osaka but he ruined her night.

      1. Coaching is forebidden and it is false that umpires don’t follow the rule. There were clear indications of visual and verbal coaching her coach acknowledged. Following the rules and drawing a clear line speaks for an umpire in my opinion. The reason for Williams‘ game penalty was not only her insulting, but Serena’s fierce manner of repeatingly offending the umpire. Certainly a different level from what countrymen as Roddick want to draw lines to. She provoked it and knew the consequences. Not the first time and I wonder why she had not been not sent off court when insulting a lines woman once at the same place. serena ruined the night by her own. Through her weaker performance and through not accepting the warning and play on.

        1. To make up a drama like that for a first warning is ridiculous. Even if the warning would have been wrong, she should have focused on play. All increased when Osaka turned the second set around and belief erased.

          1. You are entitled to your opinion which I happen to rightly disagree. Yours is a male’s perspective, which is understandably the norm in the comments about Serena. Sad and shame on you.

          2. We can agree to disagree. Because of the hate she has endured, she has gained a fan and support from me and Osaka as well. Osaka supports Serena – she has said Serena was unfairly treated and she was there on the court. Two great champions. Ramos will have a asterisk – hated by players because he has an ego.

          3. Patrick, we can agree to disagree. I don’t need a woman’s perspective to know that Ramos was wrong. Much success to you. Take care.

  68. Congrats Sally on yet another bang on prediction 👏👏👏. Only astrologer who predicted @djoker nole from starting. Women’s singles was a mess.

  69. dear sally congratulations for once again predicting the winner correctly. you have proved you are the goat among astrologers.

    1. What caused Nadal’s loss ?? This was his last chance to win a slam. His injury worstens next year looking at astrology.

    2. What caused Nadal’s loss?? According to astrology his injury will increase next year .Some one said he can’t win any more slams?? Is that true

    3. Why didn’t Nadal win?? Some astrologer said Nadal won his last slam and injury will worsten next year. Is that true.

      1. Which astrologer said that Nadal won his last slam? I’d be interested to know. I do think him having to retire at the US Open is a symptom of the Uranus transit to his natal Moon (in his 6th house of health) which began during the French Open – which he went on to win. Uranus is all about highs and lows – you win some, you lose some.
        Uranus transits exact for Nadal in May 2018, Oct 2018 and March 2019. Also Pluto opposite his competitive Mars Capricorn, also next March 2019, is going to be decisive for him, as it coincides with the final Uranus transit. Tricky astrology.

      1. I was going through twitter user name Capricorn Research said pluto will conjugate his natal mars and finish his knees for good

        1. Capricorn Research is a great sports astrologer. I mentioned that transit earlier for Nadal – Pluto opposite his Mars Capricorn – it’s a tricky one, especially as Mars is his ruling planet and Capricorn rules joints. We’ll know more next March.

  70. Bang on prediction by Sally. You are the GOAT among astrologers.

    So happy for Novak on his 14th slam and equalling Pete sampras is GS tally.

    Out of curiosity Sally, how long do you really expect big 3 to be around playing dominant tennis? I honestly don’t want the big 3 to retire at all 🙂

    1. Thank you. The big 3 are all going to run into some tricky astrology over the next year or so. It depends how they respond to the challenges. Simple as that. Although, we know that they can’t keep going forever…

  71. Great to see Novak Djokovic (Role model for those who want to relentlessly pursue greatness) Equalling Great Pete Sampras record in Grandslams. This is how great this Generation of Roger Federer, Nadal and Djokovic is. All three of them surpassed or equalled the record that kept in previous generation !! We are very lucky to witness this Golden Generation of Tennis players !!

    Congratulations Sally for spot on Prediction yet another time. I like and get inspired by your courage to stay with your pick despite many doubting it or asking you to review it !! That shows your confidence in your work !! Superb !!!

  72. How you can say that Serena takes drugs ? You don’t know. In this case we can also say that Nadal or other players are doped..

  73. Sally Congratulations! One year ago, when many doubted Novak Djokovic was ever able to come back at the top, you predicted his turnaround due to his Sun Mars Progression summer 2018. On point one year later Novak surprises the tennis world by winning Wimbledon, completing the Masters Series (as first man at Cincinatti) and reclimbing the top at NYC. You were the only one who saw him conquer the US Open trophy! Hats off, Sally!! 🏆😃👌

    The Women’s final brilliantly mirrored the theme of the Uranus (the New) Saturn (the Old)Trine Sally mentioned in her monthly Podcast. The best player of the last 2 decades to lose against the 2 decades old Naomi Osaka. Osaka expressed a childhood dream came true playing against her idol in the US Open final. Next to similiarities in their appearance and play style, Naomi went a similiar way as she moved to train in Florida from another part of the USA. Osaka‘s coach Sasha Baijn is Serena‘s yearlong hitting partner and used his experience to crown a new champ.

    As Sally says, „we need both the Old and the New“, in this case for a spectacular tennis. This theme also played a role in the Men‘s tournament as the best NEW clay court player Dominic Thiem came one step further to beat the King of clay at a Grand Slam. Hopefully see you guys at Melbourne. Have a good time, Sally! Thanks again! 😊

    1. Thank you, Patrick. Yes, you can clearly see the symbolism of the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus) in the women’s final in particular. I think the controversy of the women’s final also shows in the Venus/Uranus – I’ve written more about this in the Update. Thank you for your predictions too, I always enjoy reading them.

  74. Dear All, thank you for joining me at this year’s US Open. I’ve written the final update for the article. Hooray for a correct prediction in the men’s final and wow, what a controversy in the women’s final. Apologies for all the errors with the comments. I’ll be spending the winter trying to sort things out ready for 2019. See you soon…

    1. Thanks a ton Sally, Patrick and James,
      Specially Sally for all the efforts that you put in each time. Most of the times you win the slam in tournaments, sometimes you miss by a whisker. I mean no one can win all, not even Fed isn’t it..
      so thanks to you to try and share this every time and thanks to James and Patrick to contribute every time.
      We look forward to your predictions and I cannot thank you all enough.
      Keep shining.

  75. Can you see any good astrology for Federer for rest of this year. I remember in Wimbledon forum that November is good . Any good astrology in 2019. Mars -Saturn is the worst transit before that transit begans can he win atleast one slam??

    1. Federer has a run of Jupiter transits – late September, late October, then early December 2018. I wonder, however, whether they’re more to do with home/family than his career. The Saturn transit opposite his Mars Cancer next year could be decisive for him. It takes place in January 2019, then again September 2019 – I’m sure for Federer it all depends on his level of fitness (Mars) and how much he wants to keep training/playing.

  76. Thank you Sally for your talent. I hoped for Potro to win – I like him a lot. I am rooting for him to add more Championships to his 2009 US Open win. I am also rooting for the youngsters to take over the game. It’s time for that. I am also rooting for Serena Williams to silent the critics. I am also rooting for Osako to continue her success.

    Finally, I am rooting for you to continue your success. Cheers.

  77. Looking back at the Four Grand Slams of 2018 ….. Only the FRENCH OPEN had finished untarnished , clean and without controversy . The AUSTRALIAN OPEN was critized for favoritism and for scheduling Federer’s matches at nights during recod-breaking summer heat & for staging the men’s final indoors between Federer and Cilic that it became a hardcourt indoor event in the absence of rain . Cilic’s play was greatly affected , according to him. WIMBLEDON ,the supposedly most prestigious of all Grand Slams , was ridiculed for favoritism , poor scheduling and most importantly, for closing the roof on CENTER COURT on a very hot summer day during the continuation of SF between Nadal & Djokovic . It cost Nadal the match & possibly another Wimbledon title . Now the U.S. OPEN controversy between Serena & the umpire…. All these controversies have blemished the images of these events in more ways than one. Congrats to the organizers of the FRENCH OPEN for standing up to the integrity of the game . Lots of respect to all of you !!!

    1. Oh yeh Cilic and Nadal can’t play indoors.
      Even Fed and Djokovic were playing on same court and won fair and square because they were better players. Stop making excuses.

      1. Hey FedFan1, Mr Lobo said when Fed comes back there will be no competition to Fed but here we are as soon as Djokovic started dominating Fed is fading.. so all astrology about Fed does not seems to be coming true so hoping that Nadal is playing good tennis beyond 2020…

        1. I am surprised by how people look at situations. Please note that while Federer was at his best during 2017 season Djokovic couldn’t even come to face him in any tournament. He was loosing much before. If he had faced Federer last year, he wouldn’t have won. At least Federer’s level is still where he is making finals and quarters etc. So before making comparisons, please understand how the rivalry things work. When Federer or Djokovix or Nadal are loosing to each other cause of their bad games, they are not loosing cause the other player is better “always”; it is also because they are also not playing that great and during those days they are loosing to lot of small players (by ranking). You take any season.. Any of them and see for yourself. Great players rivalries only is for marketing etc; stop judging their level by win loss against each other. It Djokovic played so great always he would be winning everything but he played best for one year and very very good for some years and bad for sometime during his career. So is the case. If you really wanna go into statistics and understand. Federer was 29 -30 in 2010 and 12 or 13 of Djokovic slams came from then on (wiki will who you). Not discounting anything from him; to beat Federer at 29-30 needs the best player in the world and Djokovic is no less. Nadal, Federer and Djoker are beyond comparison. Stop blaming the conditions etc. for god’s Sake.

          1. It can not de denied that the playing conditions are the same for both players , for instance , indoors ; but those VERY SAME conditions can FAVOR one hugely & HAMPER the other one immensely. We had seen a number of times that they could mean the difference between winning and losing .

      2. Fedfan You are absolutely right !! Nadal can’t play his best with any indoor surface conditions , maybe Cilic , too ; that was why he complained . This was the very reason why the Australian Open and Wimbledon were criticized and ridiculed for favoritism . Lest we all forget , these are supposed to be summer OUTDOORS tournaments . Nadal’s play was hampered tremendously by the closed roof conditions , whether you ADMIT IT OR NOT . Lastly, Djokovic & Federer are the two best indoors players now which spoke volumes for their wins.

  78. Please note, I will be closing comments on this article in a few days time. I want to sort out the various issues that have been happening with regard to comments during the last two tennis forums. Hopefully, the new version of WordPress which is coming this autumn will help. Enjoy the next few months wherever you are. Warm regards, Sally

    1. Dear Sally I was surprised that Nadal again had to withdraw from the usopen due to injury which I did not see from his astrology can you enlighten me please

      1. hi James, I don’t think it was obvious astrology for Nadal during the US Open. However, I do believe it’s the ongoing transit of Uranus over his Moon in the 6th house ruling health. As you know, I didn’t like that astrology during the French Open when the first hit was exact. You never can tell, however, with Uranus. As with all the outer planets, they flip from extremely good to extremely difficult and it didn’t stop him winning. In the US Open tournament chart, Uranus is retrograde at 2 Taurus heading back towards Nadal’s Moon at 0 Taurus and conjunct the Descendant at 29 Aries. You could say that Uranus was going to catch someone out and sadly it was Nadal. I hope that helps.

        1. Thanks Sally for the explanation as you said Uranus is making the astrologers look like fools Nadal won the French open with Uranus over his moon but the same transit now sends him out with an injury probably Uranus retrograde this time made the difference

          1. I love your comment, James. Uranus is the planet that often symbolises the astrologer and it has a trickster element. I do think it’s one of the most unpredictable transits but when it works well, it can be date-specific. I still would like to know what was going on with Nadal that he sailed through the first transit at the French Open 🙂 Yes, I agree, the retrograde or middle transit of the slower-moving planets is often the trickiest, when you see what it’s really about.

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