US Open Tennis 2015

US Open 2015

Update: September 14th 2015. I have been thinking all day about the astrology for the US Open as I didn’t get this prediction correct. I now believe that I interpreted the chart for the tournament incorrectly.

The ruler of the Ascendant, Mars, is strong in Leo close to the Midheaven = the favourite; the ruler of the Descendant, Venus is weakened, i.e. retrograde in Leo = not the favourite, also elevated in the 10th house of success.

I thought this meant that the favourite wouldn’t win and as both planets go on to trine Uranus, I predicted a surprise winner.

In retrospect, the planet representing the favourite and the ruler of men, Mars, is strong (no. 1 seed Djokovic won) and the planet representing women, Venus, is weakened (the no. 1 women’s player, Serena Williams, crashed out in the semis to the unseeded Roberta Vinci, a Sun Aquarius).

Uranus rules Aquarius – was Vinci the surprise shown by the chart? I believe so. Plus, there were more players retiring this year in the men’s tournament and top seeds did go out early on making Djokovic’ path to the final easier than it could have been.

So the surprises came mainly in the womens’ game and also in the mixed doubles as the Kazakhstan player Yaroslava Shvedova had arranged to get married on the final Saturday but needed to change plans suddenly when her doubles partnership made it through to the final and were runners-up!

The US Open begins tomorrow, August 31st 2015, and once again this article is a look at the astrology for the tournament (see chart on left) plus the astrological predictions for the top players.

It’s also a forum for people to comment on the tennis as it plays out and the tennis blogs have become one of the most popular items on the website so thank you to all who contribute.

I know that for some readers the astrology is complex but I do want to write this to please everyone and a lot of people have a good understanding of the astrological symbolism. If the astrology bamboozles you, my advice is to jump to the bits that interest you/you understand and ignore the rest.

The tournament chart:

The chart for the start of the tournament (see above) gives you a symbolic picture of what to expect in the coming fortnight’s tennis. Here’s what’s important. An early Scorpio Ascendant means that the ruling planet is Mars at 14 Leo in the 10th house close to but not conjunct the Leo Midheaven. This immediately picks out the favourite doing well as the ruler of the Ascendant. Mars is the competitive planet and the Midheaven is the success point of the chart.

However, there is a second planet conjunct Mars and this is Venus, ruler of the 7th house. Venus starts the tournament retrograde, i.e. weakened but she turns direct on September 6th and by the time of the final will be strong once again. So the favourite will be challenged as the ruler of the 7th is emphasised. Both these planets Mars and Venus are heading towards a positive trine aspect to Uranus (classically the outsider). So nothing is clear cut here and it’s anyone’s game.

Plus, note the lovely Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo also in the 10th house and in the public eye. Will Virgos do well this year or players with their Jupiter return in Virgo, i.e. age 24? It’s their turn to play big and do well and I have noted a few key names below.

The Moon is always worth noting in charts which symbolise a specific moment in time as the Moon is the quickest-moving planetary body. The Moon is in competitive Aries and makes a few planetary aspects before it completes harmonious trine aspects to the Mars/Venus duo and ends up conjunct Uranus. I suspect that like last year when the final was an unlikely match between Cilic and Nishikori, we might see some new faces emerge and shocks and surprises (Uranus) are part of the picture.

Serena Williams b. September 26 1981, 8:28 pm, Saginaw, MI, USA

I don’t often comment on the women’s tennis but you cannot ignore the fact that Serena Williams is competing for more than the US Open title. She’s on target to win a Calendar Grand Slam (victor of all four Grand Slams in one calendar year) and to equal Steffi Graf’s record of 22 Grand Slam victories. It’s perhaps no surprise that the women’s final sold out before the men’s final this year.

I so hope she achieves this goal because she’s an awesome player. Here’s the link to an article I wrote about Serena recently. The Venus/Mars combination on the Midheaven looks positive for Serena. A Sun Libra with a Taurus Ascendant, her Venusian attributes are a wonderful mix of Venus grace and Mars power.

Plus in her natal chart, her own confident and competitive Mars is at 15 Leo 35 so Venus turns direct on her Mars. On the day of the final, her progressed Moon is exactly sextile Saturn ruling her Capricorn Midheaven and therefore her career planet. The stars are backing her, so here’s hoping she follows through.

Novak Djokovic b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

The current no. 1 seed hasn’t had the best run-up to the US Open. He was beaten in the final at Montreal by Andy Murray and in the final at Cincinnati by Roger Federer so is he on a losing streak? You can never count out the no. 1 favourite and he’s always the man to beat. Yet astrologically there’s not a lot to get excited about.

He has no planets/angles in Leo or Virgo, the signs of the moment and although his Moon is 5 Aries, close to the Moon in the tournament chart, that’s not enough to base a prediction on. Jupiter, the success planet, will make a positive aspect to his own Venus at 6 Taurus on September 10th but it’s not stunning symbolism for his career. Venus links to his personal/home life.

Roger Federer b. August 8 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland

Roger Federer continues to play amazing tennis and winning in Cincinnati last week beating his nemesis Djokovic (who beat him at Wimbledon) must have increased his confidence. The US Open isn’t his favourite surface but he has some lovely astrology boosting his chances.

Federer’s Sun is at 15 Leo next to Mercury, ruler of his Gemini Midheaven and therefore his career planet, and Mercury is at 13 Leo. Look at the Venus/Mars conjunction in the tournament chart. They fit snugly between his Sun/Mercury conjunction and competitive Mars would have been applying by conjunction to his natal Mercury when he won Cincinnati. He’s on a roll.

Venus turns direct on his Sun and on the day of the final Venus is at 15 Leo 26 and Federer’s Sun is 15 Leo 38 exactly. He’ll be popular, if nothing else! However, Federer also has his Virgo Ascendant at 11 degrees so Jupiter is moving ever closer to the Ascendant (self) and the Sun goes over his Ascendant during the tournament. Jupiter is at 7 Virgo on the day of the final.

Plus Federer’s progressions look lovely too as his progressed Ascendant is applying to a conjunction with lucky Jupiter, exact on September 22nd. It might not shout out career success but he’s in flow, in tune with the stars and anything can happen.

Andy Murray b. May 15 1987, 2:10 pm, Glasgow, UK

Andy Murray’s having an awesome year. He’s playing great tennis, he got married and he has a baby on the way. He does however have one of the hardest first-round matches in the US Open against notorious bad boy Nick Kyrgios. Nick Kyrgios, b. April 27 1995 is a Sun Taurus but his Mars is at 19 Leo and he will have his Mars return (a bi-annual event) during the tournament). Expect antics and some powerful tennis!

Like Federer, Murray has a Virgo Ascendant, 14 Virgo for Murray so Jupiter’s further away than it is for Federer. Uranus (surprises) makes a positive trine aspect to his natal Saturn at 19 Sagittarius, exact on the day of the final. Saturn’s not linked to his career though but is linked to children/family.

Murray’s coach Amelie Mauresmo b. July 5 1979 does have stunning astrology with a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction at 8 and 11 Leo respectively. Jupiter rules her 5th house of children and she’s just had a baby boy so she’s unlikely to be at Murray’s side during the tournament.

Rafael Nadal b. June 3 1986, 7:10 pm, Manacor, Spain

Rafael Nadal has himself admitted that this is his worst year of tennis in 11 years although he is starting to win some solid matches once again. I can’t see him grabbing a win at the US Open as he doesn’t seem back to his best yet and the astrology confirms this.

There are different birth times doing the rounds for Nadal: 6:20pm gives him a Midheaven of 17 Leo and the time used here gives him a Midheaven of 0 Virgo. Either way, Jupiter has now moved over his Midheaven (a once-in-a-12-year event) and he’s not back to his winning form which you would expect with Jupiter dominant.

However he does have Saturn in his 1st house ruling his physical body and he’s such an intense player that this must put great stress on him physically. His Saturn return is exact later this year in November which can be a testing time. So even with Jupiter (success) in his career house, Nadal doesn’t seem to be able to raise his game, as yet.

The Best Of The Rest:

I mentioned we might see some Sun Virgos come to the fore now Jupiter is blessing their sign for the next 12 months. Here’s a few of them:

Thomas Berdych b. September 17 1985, no time of birth

Berdych is seeded no. 6. His Sun is at 24 Virgo, Mercury, often prominent in tennis players, is at 19 Virgo and his Mars (competitiveness) is at 4 Virgo. Jupiter is conjunct his Mars as the tournament begins.

Gael Monfils, b. September 1 1986, 4:50 am, Paris, France

Monfils’ Sun is at 8 Virgo conjunct Mercury at 3 Virgo so Jupiter is lighting up this powerful duo. They’re in his 2nd house ruling money so he should do well.

Ernest Gulbis, b. August 30 1988, no time of birth

Gulbis’ Sun is at 7 Virgo and his Mercury is at 29 Virgo so Jupiter is exactly conjunct his Sun during the final.

Dominic Thiem, b. September 3 1993, no time of birth

Sun at 10 Virgo, Mercury at 15 Virgo.

Jack Sock, b. September 24 1992, no time of birth

Jack Sock is a Sun Libra but his Jupiter is at 26 Virgo so he’s heading for his 2nd Jupiter return, often a time of success.

Borna Coric, November 14 1996, no time of birth

Not a Sun Virgo but a Sun Scorpio. However, his Mars (competition/athleticism) is at 8 Virgo and Jupiter’s heading ever closer towards it during the tournament.

Who Will Win?

I think the astrology is pointing to a new name on the trophy, but I would love for Roger Federer to snatch one more title. It’s a real long shot but the astrology continues to put this majestic Leo centre stage.



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  1. Dear Sally,

    I hope you are feeling a lot better now.

    Thank you for posting USO Astrology. I love what you said about Roger. Sally, Roger has now entered his new Solar Return, you said that it is fantastic in August. Will Roger new Solar Return help him through USO?

    Also you said that there might be surprise winner? Could that be Roger? As a lot of people are writing him off for USO.


    1. Thank you. I am starting to feel better. I can’t make a clear prediction this time and no, I’m not thinking that Roger is the surprise winner. He’s definitely one of the favourites starting at no. 2 seed. Out of the top seeds, his astrology is the most interesting. I still think it’s a tall order for him to win at the US Open, not his favourite surface, but never say never… best, Sally

  2. Hi Sally,

    I am wondering if Berdych is going through his Saturn Return as he is now 29. I am worried now for Roger as Berdych is a Virgo.

    Can Roger Astrology over come Virgo Astrology, like Berdych’s?

    Sorry for asking you all these questions.

    Thank you.

    1. What I mean is Can Roger Astrology over comes Berdych Astrology? Is Roger Astrology stronger than Berdych? As Berdych might be going through his Saturn Return or coming to the end of his Saturn Return. I believe it takes good 6 months for Saturn Return to clear up. Am I right or wrong?

      Thank you!

      1. Hi Sally

        There is a Solar Eclipse on 13th September! I had a look at Berdych chart Jupiter conjuct Mars goes from 28th August to 7th September!

        I hope Roger win USO. I cannot stand another heartache.

        Could you please tell us who has got the strongest Astrology to win USO?

        1. Berdych also has his Mercury at 20 Virgo so the eclipse is exactly on it. Got to be interesting for him although eclipses are never definite pointers of success. They can wipe you out or thrust you to stardom. It goes either way. I can’t answer your last sentence easily this time around. Sorry. Roger has the loveliest astrology going on but whether it’s enough to help him grab another Grand Slam is hard to say. It’s not definitive. More complex astrology to other Grand Slams. best, Sally

      2. No time of birth for Berdych so too hard to give a full prediction on one versus the other. Once the final transit of Saturn has been and gone, then its influence begins to fade so not so long in my opinion. best, Sally

    2. Berdych’ Saturn return is over. His Saturn is mid-degrees Scorpio. He’s definitely one to watch and I do feel the Virgos are going to do well this tournament. Roger doesn’t play him in the early rounds, does he? best, Sally

    1. Wawrinka’s astrology didn’t leap out at me. Nothing amazing going on and I do have his time of birth. best, Sally

  3. I appreciate you taking time yo put the prediction before the tournament main draw starts. Good to know there may be surprise winner this time too… As usual, I want Federer yo win. Let’s see how it goes….

  4. espn picks:

    Chrissy, Gilbert, Bodo, Tandon, Wilansky pick Roger.

    Cahill, Drysdale, Fernandez, Shriver, Bialik, Isaacson, Garber pick Djoker.

    I wonder who their consult to the stars is…????

    1. hi Deidre, who are all the people you mention? Pundits? Interesting that quite a few are going for Roger as US Open isn’t usually his favourite tournament. best, Sally

    1. Well, Nishikori is out. The ones who leapt out for me astrologically I listed on the article. I’m particularly interested in the Virgos/players with key planets in Virgo now that Jupiter, the success planet, is boosting their sign. best, Sally

  5. Dissapointing prediction. With all respect, I was hoping you said a name like you often do but you as others like Greenstone Lobo follow his/her personal favorite player, in this case, old Federer instead to be objective and give a proper prediction even if you fail big time like Roland Garros 2015 when you pick Nadal. Hope you post my opinion.

    1. Hi, no problem to post your opinion, always appreciated. Yes, I can understand that I’m not as specific this time around but when the astrology is not showing I can’t be. The other problem I have with lots of the players is no time of birth and making predictions is so much easier when you know what planets influence their career/success. You only see that when you have the time of birth. Federer is the one whose astrology stands out but again it’s not necessarily career/success related but the guy is definitely on a roll. best, Sally

    2. You better inform yourself before you judge in this manner.

      Read again and you will notice that Sally`s prediction for Nadal at French Open was based on a wrong birth time from an Astro-databank.

  6. Thanks for the predictions sally!! As much as i want you to be right…I hope you’re wrong this time!! I hope Nadal wins!!!!!!…….heheheh…sorry..:):):):)

    Best Regards
    Ryan Fernandes

  7. Hi Sally,
    Based on your tournament astrology assessment, you mention that the most likely outcome is the favourite will not win. How come you pick Serena to win? Is astrology differently assess for men & women?
    I know the women competition is rather pathetic.

    1. hi Mike, I’ve always found the women’s tennis rather difficult to predict using astrology and Serena has often been an enigma from that point of view. However, this time around the astrology seems to be backing her to do something special and I so hope it does.
      The astrology of the tournament chart is slightly different for the men and women because of the Venus/Mars conjunction – these two planets are key in Serena’s natal chart so it’s picking her out to do well. Different for the men because Venus rules women so not relevant to their side of the tournament. Hope that makes sense. Not explaining it very well. For the men, Venus suggests the non-favourite. best, Sally

  8. Hi Sally! Thrilled to see you predicting a Roger Federer triumph!

    At the same time one has to acknowledge the surprise Uranus is capable of throwing…we all remember the Aussie Open 2014…don’t we ? 🙂

    Kudos to you Sally and hope you are well now!

    Go Roger!

  9. Hi Sally, thanks for the wonderful insights as usual. Another master class given reading a chart. I hope others are paying attention. My first love is Djokovic but It would be nice for one of the youngsters to come through. I was hoping for Kygrios to take the mantle but he’s got some big ego problems going on. And I’m not impressed. There’s a couple of them who seem to be very spoiled and need an attitude adjustment. Eugenie Bouchard is another one. I think Serena can achieve the calendar grand slam. She is the favourite so if she can do well this bodes well for Djokovic or is everyone seeing Federer as favourite.? What about Stan the Man?

    1. hi Shelley and thank you. I’ve just written a reply comment about how the tournament chart is different for the men and women or at least that’s my interpretation. I think the Venus/Mars conjunction close to the MC is good for Serena as these two planets are the signature aspect in her own chart. It’s different for the men because Mars is the favourite/Venus is the non-favourite so therefore it’s not a yes for Djokovic to win as it was at Wimbledon. Wawrinka’s astrology didn’t stand out this time. Uranus is past key planets in his own chart which was the signature for his win before. Hope that helps. I agree with your comment about some of the younger ones too, but then a bit of a cocky attitude could help their tennis? Not gentlemanly/womanly though 🙂 best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally, great to have you back! In recent predictions I remember you you have told that the ruling planet of the ascendant represents the favorite and mars represents the second favorite.

        Moreover the moon should represent the favorite, too? I would appreciate if you could point this out once again. Thank you!!

        What totally confuses me is that the ruler of the tournament’s AC in Scorpio is Pluto + Mars as well. So Mars in this case would represent the favorite and the 2. favorite ????

        1. hi Patrick. The ruler of the Ascendant is always the significator of the favourite in my opinion and I use the traditional planets so Mars for a Scorpio Ascendant. I don’t use Mars as the second favourite at all so that must have been a misunderstanding between us. The Moon isn’t a symbol of the favourite but if the Moon does well (i.e. makes positive aspects), the favourite does well. If the Moon does badly, (i.e. makes challenging aspects), the favourite tends to struggle. This time around the Moon ends up conjunct Uranus, the planet linked to the ‘outsider’ hence backing up my prediction for a surprise win. Hope that helps. best, Sally

          1. Great insights Sally!! ???????? Thank you!

            You’re right, “Mars representing the second favorite” I have read somewhere else.

            It’s very exciting to see who will evolve strong from the outsiders the upcoming days!

        2. Hi Sally,

          reading your blog from the recent Wimbledon prediction I have noticed your comment regarding the final prediction. You’re talking about Mars as the second favorite. Wouldn’t you use this for US Open, too?

          “The Final chart: The favourite is represented by a glorious Venus in Leo conjunct Jupiter as the Ascendant is Libra. The second favourite is represented by Mars in Cancer in its sign of fall combust the Sun. So the match prediction is clear – the favourite will win.”

          1. hi Patrick, I don’t know where the quote is from, not on the main article so I can’t link it to the astrology. I suspect that by saying second favourite I mean the person who will lose, i.e. who comes first, who comes second. Venus/Jupiter is glorious; Mars in Cancer combust the Sun is weak. So it regards to one match not the whole tournament I believe. best, Sally

          2. Thanks Sally! I found your statement from July 11th in your prediction of the final from the user discussion of your Wimbledon 2015 prediction. So yes, it was referred to one match and you were right. Just asked myself why you picked Mars as the loser /2. favorite. MC was in Leo and AC Libra. It’s ruler in Leo conjunct Jupiter.

          3. Venus rules the Ascendant (favourite) and Mars rules the Descendant (non-favourite). Standard astrological practice in match prediction. best, Sally

  10. Is it also significant that as the ruling planet is Mars and the Mars of the chart connects so strongly with roger’s sun mercury conjunction?

    1. Yes definitely Lesley. Mars is applying to his Sun as the tournament begins although it would be preferable applying to his career planet Mercury as it was when he won at Cincinnati. Mars quickly separates from both his Sun/Mercury during the tournament. The tournament chart is great for Federer though – the first player I thought of with the Venus/Mars conjunction close to his Sun/Mercury plus a Leo Midheaven. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally, what would be very interesting to understand is the importance between the symbolic chart of the tournament start and the particular aspects during the tournament.

        The significance of the tournament’s start midheaven in relation to player’s charts has repeatedly proved in your predictions (Wimbledon 2015, Wawrinka’s Grand Slam titles and many more), but I don’t understand yet it’s actual effect. When a player profits from a strong aspect (f.e. with Mars/Jupiter), he receives the energy through the current position of the stars. But the tournament start’s MC has only an effective impact for one day from my point of view. As it is simply symbolic, it has to be understood that god/the universe simply made a footprint to announce something to come in the following event. Is this how it works?

        A good example for this question would be Victoria Azarenka, who’s Sun directly hits the Midheaven of the start of The US Open. 2015. Moreover her natal Mars and Mercury are in Leo and not far from the MC. Sun conjuncts her Venus.

        Is she finally conquering her deamons and manages to mess up Serena’s Grand Party, making her a true VICTORIA? ????

        The MC aspects are convincing aspects I can see for her to accomplish this big task. But will be IC conjunct Jupiter, Jupiter conjunct Venus, Mars conjunct Mercury or Moon square Uranus (not exact) be enough on Saturday 12th…??

        Thanks again for your insights! ????

        1. Yes, astrology is a symbolic art which is how you use charts that symbolise a moment in time, the start of an event to predict the outcome. I’m always looking at the two forms together; the symbolic chart of the moment and the current transits to base my prediction on. Hope that helps and interesting what you say about Azarenka. Wonder if we have any Virgo women tennis players too? I haven’t checked. best, Sally

          1. Thanks Sally for taking the time!! That helps me to understand.

            There’s Romanian Irina-Camelia Begu (WTA 28 born 26.08.1990:

            -Jupiter just went over her sun ( 2′ apart)
            -Natal Jupiter in Leo (position: 1 degree)
            -Mars/Venus (tournament start) conjunct her Venus
            -Mar/Venus square her Pluto
            -Saturn Opposition Mars (!) > over at September 5th

            Begu plays another Virgo, Olga Govortsova (WTA 68, Belarus, 23.08.1988) tonight. Jupiter already passed Olga’s Sun.

            Second Round, Begu/Govortsova could confront Virgo and WTA 42, Tsvetana Pironkova (13.09.1987, Bulgaria). Sun conjuncts her Mars on day 7 with a possible 4 th round match against Azarenka on day 7/8. Funny, all those interesting players in the same area of the draw!

  11. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for the predictions of the US Open 2015.
    According to you, the astrology is pointing to a new name on the trophy. However, I am surprised that you have not included Nishikori in the list of the best of the rest.


    1. hi Shrini, the players who appear on the best of the rest are the ones whose astrology stands out. Nishikori’s didn’t. Nothing about his playing ability, simply the ones who leap out astrologically. Hope that explains. best, Sally

  12. Dear Sally,

    I am a member on another thread on Roger forum and there is a thread on Astrology. A lady is a student in Astrology.

    She said Roger is a strongly Uranian individual and has got a lot of Uranus in his birth chart.


    1. Roger has a Moon/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio but otherwise not particularly Uranian in my opinion. Uranus rules Aquarius so if he was Aquarius rather than Leo, perhaps and you’d want to see it close to his Ascendant/Midheaven for him to be Uranian. I’m hoping he plays well though. best, Sally

  13. Hi Sally,

    Great,many lovers for roger,roger fans are too excited and happy.he wins cincinatti this year and good in hard court but he will not take in trophy but for sure he will reach quater final,regarding other big four either djoker or rafa in semifinal,djoker always show best performance when the year starts once wimbledon finish he exhausted that is the history,Andy is okay but not in grand stand the i agree a new face will win the us open else as usuall i always go with rafa.

    thanks and warm regards,
    G saravanan.

    1. Pluto is Scorpio’s modern ruling planet. I always work with the traditional planets when using charts to make a symbolic prediction. Mars is Scorpio’s traditional ruler. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  14. Lots of big names already going out and Sally said things will not be as straightforward as they appear. Nishikori out in the first round. Wow.

  15. Dear Sally,

    Thank you for replying to my post.

    What you are saying that Berdych got better Astrology than Roger if they meet next Wednesday?

    This is not good for Roger isn’t it if he meets Berdych.

    I am Sad now that your prediction for Roger might be wrong but I am hoping that you might be right on Roger.

    Roger has now entered his new Solar Return, will that help Roger?

    Kind Regards

  16. Dear Sally,

    What I could gather from your opinion on Nadal is that although his astrology is good during US Open, because of his lack of form, Nadal is unlikely to progress far. Nadal has now beaten Bona Coric showing good form. Could Nadal find his lost form during US Open and spring a surprise ?

    1. Nadal still seems to be struggling physically which astrologically shows as the tough Saturn transit of his 1st house (physical body). He even had stomach problems during the 1st round match he won against Coric. So to overcome that, even with Jupiter in his success sector, seems to be really hard work for him. I would love to see him doing well but the reality is he’s still coming back to peak fitness or at least that’s how it seems. He might surprise us at the US Open but I’m not counting on it. best, Sally

    1. I saw that and Coric defeated by Nadal – two of my ‘Virgos’ – Monfils, Sun Virgo; Coric, Mars Virgo. Will be interesting to see if one of the Virgos does well. best, Sally

  17. Hi Sally,

    As I have mentioned to you before that I am a member of RF forum and there is a lady who is a student of Astrology. This is what she said about Roger for USO:

    For the whole tournament, of course, we will be looking for the expression of what I’d consider to be two huge factors. Roger’s progressed Midheaven career factor is almost exactly squaring his Jupiter. Will this bring “seeking the impossible” or will Jupiter, even in challenging aspect, bring career success? Could express either way. It may be this factor that expressed so well at Cinci. And then the solar eclipse of Sept. 13 conjunct Roger’s progressed Sun career indicator and his Venus “benefic” which could bring him success all tournament. An eclipse is a wildcard, can express in either a positive or negative way, but I’m hoping this one could bring Roger success with its conjunction to progressed Sun/Venus.

    What do you think of this Sally about the MIdheaven squaring to his Jupiter which is almost exact during USO? Can the positive transit outweigh this big progression in Roger Birth Chart?

    Kind Regards

    Thank you.

    1. I mentioned progressed Ascendant conjunct his Jupiter in my article. At the same time, you always have your progressed Midheaven square your Jupiter which is what Roger’s experiencing right now. It’s got to add a little luck to the mix in my opinion, although I think it was the Mars transit to his natal Mercury which helped him at Cincinnati. I don’t really hold with looking at eclipses on progressed planets as your astrologer is. There are other factors which are more important in my opinion but it’s good that she feels positive about Roger? best, Sally

  18. The moon ends up conjunct Uranus. This reminds me of Roland Garros this year when the last and final aspect of the moon during the debut of the tournament was also with Uranus. This means the favorites will not win. Just like none of the favorites won Roland Garros this year, none of the favorites will win the USO this year. Another surprise winner like at Roland Garros this year.

    1. Alex

      I have re-read that Astrology for French Open. Uranus was connected to Aries. Reading Stan the man chart it was strongef for Stan. Looking at USO chart it looks like Roger got strong links with the tournament chart and he is not counted as one of the favourites by a lot of people. A lot of people voted for Novak and Murray!

      1. hi Roger’s fan, butting in to your reply to Alex. Yes, it partly depends on whether you think Roger is the ‘favourite’ or not. He is one of the top 3 for sure but I always think of the favourite as the no. 1 seed, i.e. Djokovic, personally. best, Sally

    2. hi Alex, that’s what we have to predict from the Moon/Uranus – agreed. Plus not only is Mars, ruler 1st house (favourite), close to the Midheaven but so is Venus, ruler of 7th house (non-favourite), again suggesting an upset for the top seed. best, Sally

  19. None of the favorites won Roland Garros this year. Djokovic, Murray, Nadal and Federer all lost at Roland Garros this year. All because of Uranus…. Same story at the USO this year. None of the favorites will win.

  20. A surprise winner is someone like Wawrinka or Cilic. Not saying either will win but a surprise winner is never a big name….. None of the big names will win,

    1. That’s what I’m thinking too, Alex. I count out the big four of Djokovic, Federer, Murray and I’d still include Nadal in there. For the past umpteen number of years they have been the ones we’ve expected to win. I think the astrology is pointing to a name not on that list as a ‘surprise’ winner. Although if Nadal wins, that would definitely surprise me and many people right now because of his recent form. best, Sally

  21. This is key.

    Sally said,

    “For the men, Venus suggests the non-favourite.”

    “I’m particularly interested in the Virgos/players with key planets in Virgo now that Jupiter, the success planet, is boosting their sign.”

  22. Alex. Sally is not sure but Roger’s astrology is linked to the tournament chart. Novak might reach the final as his draw has opened up and has not got many Virgo’s players in his half. Murray got them. Roger got one of them and that is Berdych.

    Someone on another forum said Gulbis or Berdych are the dark horses for this tournament.

    We have to wait and see what ghe outcome. Uranus was stronger at the French Open than USO!

      1. Yes, the two together – Moon final aspect to Uranus; the Venus (non-favourite) prominent as well as the Mars (favourite) and both applying to Uranus.

    1. Uranus was stronger in the French Open chart. You’re right and it was linked in directly to Stan’s chart. Interesting that on another forum, Gulbis and Berdych are being mentioned. Both on my ‘dark horse’ list. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out. best, Sally

    1. Thanks for posting Juan Cruz’ comments, Alex. Always keen to hear what he has to say. Not Djokovic or Federer, interesting. best, Sally

  23. Today began the US Open and Nishikori was eliminated in the first round debut When you have all the cards will give my prediction. But anticipating the champion for me not out of Djokovic or Federer.

    This is what Juan said! By google translate.

  24. Oh well we have to wait for Roger to get his 18th. Why can’t Roger have Serena’s luck? Totally unfair! ????????????????

    1. The women’s tennis is a different game altogether. The big four (men) have all had the other three of the big four to contend with at different times during their careers so they have taken it in turns to shine. They have to work extra hard to win whereas Serena’s opposition comes and goes, or so it seems. You can’t just put it down to luck though, she’s a formidable player and never ever gives up. I love her for that 🙂

    1. I wonder who Juan pick! It might be Berdych who has got good Astrology! So, Sally predicition might be right for the champion. It will not be Murray either.

      Wonder who will win USO?

        1. I wonder who! The players I know are Virgo’s are Monfils, Gulbis and Berdych.

          It could be a new American star! I love to know. Sally, said the age as well.

      1. Hola!

        La traducción de Google no es exacta amigo!!

        Yo dije en Foro Astrodestino: “el campeon es Djokovic o Federer. El campeon será alguno de ellos”

        Cuando hayan debutado todos, doy mi predicción final

        1. Hi All

          This is what Juan said

          The Google translation is not exact friend!

          I said astrodestino Forum: “the champion Djokovic is Federer. The champion will be one of them”

          When they have all debuted, I give my final prediction.

          Looks like we got is translation wrong. I hope it will be Federer. Waiting for Juan predicition.

          Kind Regards

        2. hi Juan Cruz, hope all is well and thank you for clarification. You’re prediction either Djokovic or Federer to win. best, Sally

  25. Hi Sally,

    thanks a lot for another Grand Slam prediction! It’s nice to read that you can imagine a new champ as already been the case last year.

    I have seen that Roger has Mercury Square his Mars in the final and Uranus Opposition Pluto. Beginning the second week he has Jupiter square his MC, but already decreasing in the final.

    Andy Murray has Jupiter square his MC in the final exact yet. Remember that Roger profitated in the Wimbledon final 2012 that Jupiter went over his MC first then as both MCs in Gemini are only 1,37 degrees apart (Roger 6,08’/Andy 7.45′). Will this be Andy’s compensation giving him the title? He will have Jupiter Pluto Sextile (1′ apart), Sun trine his natal Moon and Moon square his natal Mars.

    Djoker has also Jupiter Pluto Sextile (0,4 apart) and Uranus conjunct his Jupiter.

    Moreover I looked at rising youngster Dominic Thiem, who you have listed in your prediction as interesting Virgo. Thiem personally gave German sports astrologer Janis Okun a birth time “in the night”. Jannis calculates with a rectified time 1:26 h.

    Dominic’s Venus conjuncts the Leo tournament MC. Beside his Sun near progressing Jupiter, his Mercury is als in Virgo – you have already pointed out. Starting tonight Thiem has Uranus square Uranus and possibly still Uranus Opposing his Jupiter and Mars. Also there’s Pluto Jupiter square and Pluto Mars square as Mon conjunct his Moon (3′ apart). A lot of Uranus: will Dominic be a big surprise?

    He’s won three tournaments this year, two of them in a row a few weeks ago. But I guess Andy will be too tough for him in the fourth round. In the final Dominic
    ‘s Jupiter and Mars would be near the MC in Libra. But he would also have Mars Opposition Saturn.

    Seems to be a more exciting Slam than the recent Wimbledon from today’s view.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Patrick

      Thank you for posting this! It looks like Murray, Nadal, Novak and Federer are not going to win USO!
      It is interesting about Thiem who is on Murray side of the draw. We have to see how Thiem will do and many others with Virgo in their charts.

      Out of all the players who do you think will win USO?

      Kind Regards

      1. Thanks for your comment. I have no precise idea as all of us, thinking about a new face. Dominic Thiem is an upcoming guy and Jupiter seems to support him since a few weeks. But I can’t imagine him winning against Murray or coming to the final. Last year, Cilic was someone who already messed with the great ones. Thiem once has beaten Wawrinka, that’s it so far. Who else? Berdych never realize his potential when it came to the end at Grand Slams.

    2. Thanks for your comments, Patrick, and passing on the rectified time for Dominic Thiem. It puts his Venus at 7 Leo in his 2nd house which links to the Midheaven point of the tournament chart – should be good for him financially. He’s still a youngster (22 on Thursday) so will be intrigued to see how far he progresses up to his Jupiter return – Jupiter in Libra in 2 years time and Jupiter rules his Pisces Midheaven so his career planet. Jupiter conjunct his Sun/Mercury Virgo planets has got to be helpful though before then. best, Sally

  26. Hi Sally,

    people this time are actually expecting Roger to win this time because of his recent form. With Novak, you never know. He can struggle against Andy or Rafa. About Novak’s chart, is it simply uninteresting like no positive planets etc. ?

    Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Alex

      Like I said that Djokovic is the favourite. Roger is not the favourite. That what I kept saying!

      Kind Regards

    2. I think they have to go with the no. 1 seeds, don’t they the betting sites? It would make sense for them financially. best, Sally

  27. Sally has been spot on this year.

    Predicted Djokovic for AO and Wimbledon and a surprise for RG. Now she picks a surprise at the USO.

    1. Yes, thanks Alex. It’s been a good run so far. There’s always a part of me thinking that it can’t continue but who knows. I must trust myself more 🙂 best, Sally

  28. It would be wonderful for the sport if Federer won his 18th slam at the USO this year.

    A player that has not won a slam in 3 years is definitely NOT going as the favorite…

    1. Yes, agreed. Federer would be a surprise winner as would Nadal. Djokovic is the clear favourite, even if his progress coming into the US Open wasn’t ideal. best, Sally

  29. Hi Sally

    Juan has made his prediction but he said it was difficult. He thinks that Djokovic will win as he got better Astrology than Roger. Oh great that Djokovic is going to win. ????????????????????

  30. Hi All

    This is Juan prediction????????????????????. Djokovic is going to win USO.
    Here I go with my prediction of US Open 2015. The letter tournament start has a MC in Leo and what stands out is the conjunction Mars – Venus to 15 ° Leo . Abounds Leo in the letter initial, for me it talks about one of the favorites will be the champion. So I said that for me the champion or Djokovic or Federer. Coincidentally, the Serbian has its Ascending native to 13º Leo and Federer has its Sun home to 15 degrees of Leo . Both have sensitive points of his native connected with the letter tournament debut. Now, who will be the champion of the two? For me it is very difficult because both have very good evidence of success. Djokovic has excellent Lunar revolution where the Moon – regent I RL is left in the X and Jupiter that rules the MC moon is trine to Venus hometown. And we know the importance of Venus in the natal Djokovic (regency and presence in the MC). Above Venus moon is left attached to Ascending Natal. So for my runs with slight advantage. Federer? Your Lunar revolution is not as good as Djokovic, but not so bad (Venus, Sun and Jupiter in V Trine Mercury – Moon but squaring Saturn – Sun ). But Federer has two excellent directions that allowed, for example, earn Cincinnati: 1) Mercury conjunction Venus (symbolic address by 1 = 1 year) 2) Ascending progressed conjunction Saturn natal Jupiter (for primary directions) If I look at the letters debuts Djokovic has the best of the tournament. Just the PF (14º Leo ) drops him over his Ascendant home, that can be decisive. While Federer is not that high (Jupiter combust and exiled). But I found that debuts letters are not the most important. And if we look at solar revolutions, there Federer lead part (already discussed both in this forum). For the final, 13/9, Jupiter will be the 7th Virgo : Still trigono closed to Venus Djokovic. And Venus ? On the 15th of Leo , partil to Sol Roger. I’m not able to opt for one or the other, I will not be up to this time. That will be more important ?: , Revolution Lunar, Transits and Charter debut? o Solar & Directions Revolution? I wish the latter, but for me a 55% Djokovic -. 45% Federer Greetings

    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks for posting the translation although the translation of astrology is never easy to understand! Plus, Juan Cruz is using a different chart for Djokovic than the one I use. He’s going for the Leo Ascendant and I prefer the Capricorn Ascendant so for me, Djokovic’ chart has no connection with the Leo planets/angles in the tournament chart. Another reason I’m counting him out although he is always the one to beat. best, Sally

  31. What’s worse is that Juan said this during Wimbledon

    Y por el lado de Djokovic, como dije, inició una RS con oposicion Sol-Saturno. Ya dije que esto le bajará el rendimiento y le será dificil ganar un GS bajo este periodo. Miren lo que le pasó en RG 2015, llegaba como maximo favorito pero Saturno ya empezó a mostrar su verdad. Puede hacer un buen Wimbledon pero para mi no lo ganará y capaz Wawrinka sea una sorpresa y llegue a la final porque lo veo con una buena revolucion lunar.

    And on the side of Djokovic, as I said, he began with an RS Sun-Saturn opposition. I said that this will lower the performance and will be difficult to win a GS under this period. Look what happened in RG 2015, he came as top seed but Saturn has begun to show its truth. You can make a good Wimbledon but for my win and can not be a surprise and Wawrinka reach the final because I see a good lunar revolution.

    1. Alex

      They said that Djokovic would not win anymore Grand Slams this year. I am more confused who is right and who is wrong. I hope that Sally is right about Roger. Sally said that Novak has not got any Leo or Virgo in his chart by Juan said that he has. It makes no sense what so ever.


      1. hi, just replied to a previous comment regarding this. Juan and I are using different charts for Djokovic. Djokovic is a Capricorn Ascendant in my opinion so Saturn is his friend. He’s not a Leo Ascendant but other astrologers disagree. best, Sally

    2. Maxi agrees with Juan prediction. Maxi was wrong with his prediction for Wimbledon. So, looks like that they have changed their minds that good Astrology. Roger Astrology is not good enough for him to win USO.

      1. Have I seen Maxi prediction? Not sure. Yes, I do think they didn’t like Djokovic’ Solar Return for this year (Sun opposite Saturn) but it’s never the first astrology I use for predictions. I prefer transits to the actual birth charts and the symbolism of the tournament chart. best, Sally

  32. Basically Juan has gone from saying that it will be difficult for Djokovic to win a slam during the 2015-2016 solar return year but now he is predicting the opposite. Too much contradiction.

  33. Alex,

    Sally said that Djokovic has not got good Astrology but Juan said he has due to Venus. It makes no sense. I do not understand it.

    Do you?

  34. It looks like that Juan does not agree with Sally’s prediction.

    Sally, do you understand what Juan is saying. He thinks it will be Novak not Roger. He thinks that Novak chart is better than Roger’s. Novak draw has opened up.


    1. Djokovic is always hard to beat – he’s a fighter. Juan & I are using different birth charts for him. Depends which you agree with. best, Sally

  35. Hola.

    “Roger’s fan” tranquilizate un poco. Parece que no leiste bien mi predicción. Utilicé %%% porque no estoy tan seguro y las cosas estan muy parejas. Dije 55% Djokovic – 45% Federer. Te parece poco para Roger? Si me equivoqué cuando le di 100% a Murray en Wimbledon, mirá si no me puedo equivocar ahora que sólo di 10% de diferencia.

    Por otra parte, yo dije que la RS de Djokovic era mala porque tenía Saturno opuesto al Sol. Y dije que eso le iba a impedir ganar un GS en este periodo. Pero sucede que no yo tuve en cuenta algo positivo que tenía esa RS: Jupiter solar en el Ascendente natal (13º Leo). Eso le permite a Djokovic ganar algun GS en este periodo.
    Y lo negativo que prometía Saturno oposición Sol? Pues eso fue la catastrofica derrota que sufrió Djokovic en su tan anhelado Roland Garros. La decepción que prometía Saturno-Sol en su revolución solar se cumplió en Paris, donde no pudo ganar el Grand Slam que más quiere ganar.
    Solamente eso? No. Djokovic cortó su racha victoriosa en Masters 1000, perdio finales vs Murray y Federer (Montreal y Cincinnati). Rompio raqueta luego de muchos años, a caso no es eso la frustración de Saturno oposición Sol? Yo creo que seguirá teniendo una temporada por debajo de lo esperado, lejos de los 4GS que se esperaban.

    Y yendo al tema natal de Djokovic, Sally considera una carta con Asc Capricornio. Yo tomo una carta con Asc 13º Leo, con Venus en el MC.

    Es muy dificil comunicarse en otro idioma, porque el Google Traductor no traduce la misma idea. Espero se haya entendido.


    1. Thanks Juan, I’m adding the translation of your comment here. Yes, I’ve been replying to comments saying that we are using different birth charts so we’re not going to have the same prediction for Djokovic. And yes, you are right, that he’s not had the best year so he is being affected by Saturn opposite the Sun. Hope that helps others to understand. best, Sally

      “Roger’s fan” calm down a little. It seems that my prediction did not read well. I used %%% because I’m not so sure, and things are very even. 55% said Djokovic – Federer 45%. Roger’s not enough? If I was wrong when I gave 100% to Murray at Wimbledon me see if I can not go wrong now I just gave 10% difference.

      Furthermore, I said that the RS Djokovic was bad because Saturn was opposite the sun. And I said that was going to prevent win a GS in this period. But it happens that I had not realized that something positive had that RS: Solar Jupiter in the natal Ascendant (13º Leo). That allows some GS Djokovic win in this period.
      And the negative promising Saturn opposition Sun? Well, that was the catastrophic defeat suffered in his long-awaited Djokovic Roland Garros. The disappointment that promised Sun-Saturn in your solar revolution was met in Paris, where he failed to win the Grand Slam you most want to win.
      Just that? No. Djokovic cut his winning streak in Masters 1000, lost final and Federer vs Murray (Montreal and Cincinnati). Racket broke after many years, if not frustration that Saturn opposition Sun? I think we still have a season below expectations, far from the expected 4GS.

      And going to the natal Djokovic, Sally found a letter with Asc Capricorn. I take a letter with Asc 13th Leo, Venus in the MC.

      It is very hard to communicate in another language, because the Google translator does not translate the same idea. I hope you have understood.”

  36. Sally, my question to you is this: Has Roger or any other player ever won a major with the stars not favouring them at all?

    You have to remember, that before his first decline set in, Roger had won five straight US Open titles, with six finals in total (for which he holds a record. He’s the only player to have won five straight at both Wimbledon and USO). He barely lost to Djokovic in semis twice after that but hasn’t done well thereafter. Yes, the courts have also gotten slower but the point is, he knows how to win here. It isn’t like the French Open where the disadvantage is so humongous.
    But somehow, it just doesn’t seem to be working out for him.

    1. hi, thanks for your comment. Since I’ve been doing the predictions for the tennis (3 years), even when I’ve got the initial prediction wrong, I’ve always understood the astrology for the victory (so the astrologer is to blame rather than the astrology!). That’s my experience of astrology at least. The difference with Roger right now is his age. He was in his prime when he was unbeatable. Don’t get me wrong though, he’s an awesome tennis player and amazingly so considering he’s 34!, but it’s got to be one of the factors against him now. I’m ever hopeful for Roger as he’s always been one of my favourite players and I do think he deserves to win one more Grand Slam the way he’s been playing over the last year. best, Sally

  37. Hi All

    This is what Juan said to us all.

    I hope you understand what he said.



    “Roger’s fan” diosnillaymi a little. Seems that you do not read well my prediction. I used % because I am not so sure and things are very couples. I said 55% Djokovic – 45% Federer. Do you think little for Roger? If I was wrong when I gave 100% to Murray at Wimbledon, see if I can do no wrong now that I only gave 10% of difference.

    I on the other hand, said that the RS of Djokovic was bad because Saturn opposite to the Sun. And I said that that was going to prevent winning a GS in this period. But it happens that not I had in mind something positive had this RS: solar Saturn in the natal ascendant (13 ° Leo). That allows you to Djokovic win some GS in this period.
    And negativity that promised Saturn opposition Sun? That was the catastrophic defeat suffered Djokovic in their cherished Roland Garros. The disappointment that promised Saturno-Sol in his solar revolution was in Paris, where failed to win the Grand Slam that most wants to win.
    Only that? No. Djokovic cut his winning run in Masters 1000, lost final vs. Murray and Federer (Montreal and Cincinnati). Broken racket after many years, a case that is not the frustration of Saturn opposition Sun? I believe that it will continue to have a season below expectations, away from the 4GS expected.

    And going to the birth chart of Djokovic, Sally considered a letter with Capricorn Asc. I took a 13 ° Leo Asc letter, with Venus in the MC.

    It is very difficult to communicate in another language, because the Google Translator doesn’t translate the same idea. I hope you understand.

    Best regards

  38. Hola Juan

    Please forgive us for misundstanding your predicition as we are using translator on the internet and sometimes the words get mixed up!

    Kind Regards

  39. Hi Sally, some new observations:

    I considered Wawrinka as he has partly similiar constellations as at his French Open triumph. Then, his natal conjunction Mercury/Venus was conjunct with the tournament midheaven added by a direct hit of Uranus at Ariens 19°35. Also he had a trine of planet of surprises: Uranus Uranus. In the final, Jupiter trined Uranus, in conjunction of Wawrinka`s Mercury and Venus.

    This time, Wawrinka`s Mercury and Venus again is conjunct by Uranus at 19°53. And again: Uranus trine Uranus. The tournament`s Mars/Venus combination opposing his Jupiter. Evil to him who evil thinks 🙂 In the final, this time it lacks Jupiter trine, but Mercury opposes this combination of planets, exactly Stan`s Mercury.

    He would be my man as he already proved twice. But there`s one thing that makes me doubt severly: Stan was far from his best at Cincinatti kcocked down 6-4,6-1 by Djoker. These days he had his Saturn Return what maybe the reason for his shaky game which proceeds at yesterday`s match at NYC. Stan could manage Ramos-Vinolas, but still had huge problems with his game. He appears very confused and unsure of his game – totally different from Roland Garros and with devastating mishits throughout the match and throwing away the racket. Or is it a combination with Neptun 4 degrees from his MC irritating him? Unless the reason for that doesn`t fade away very quickly he may move out at the latest against Murray.

    Would be nice to hear your opinion, Sally.

    Right now, it`s hard for myself imagining names as surprise winner this time, moreover Djoker and Roger started fabulously in the tournament. In Cincinatti, Roger`s Sun and Mercury already were closed between Mars and Venus, the four planets concentrating even more this monday. Also the final`s MC from Cincinatti was opposing Roger`s AC.

    Is it Tsonga who started as stunning as Roger/Djoker? He has Jupiter Opposition Mars/Venus and Jupiter sextile Pluto, Mars trine Uranus during the next rounds. In the final: Mars Mars sextile (1° apart) and Mercury trine Jupiter (2°). It lacks Uranus as with Stan or Thiem. Saturn only moved about 3 degrees from his natal position. As with Berdych he could never prove to be an honest aspirant to a GS title so far especially from a mental point of view. Tsonga no candidat for me as a surprise winner.

    1. hi Patrick, thanks for your explanations. In my opinion, the Uranus transit is too wide for Wawrinka. He started the tournament with Uranus at 20 Aries and I often find with Uranus that it works to exactitude. Uranus will retrograde back exact over his natal Mercury/Venus in October 2015.
      I think the Uranus transits aren’t just about his surprise Grand Slam win though, it’s also his personal life as Venus rules relationships. He has a lot of upheaval going on behind the scenes which also fits the Uranus symbolism. His Saturn return finished last year, 2014, so also not relevant for this year’s predictions.
      best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,
        thanks for your reply again! So Wawrinka should play no serious role as you can already see on the court.

        You say his Saturn Return finished last year, Saturn was conjunct exactly on his Natal position about two weeks ago?! Do I misinterpret the term?

        1. His Saturn is 27 Scorpio 46 and Saturn got back to 28 Scorpio 17 before turning direct early August 2015. I’d forgotten it got back that far so yes, it would have been activated again this year but his main Saturn return was the end of 2014 when it was an exact transit. I use a 1 degree orb for transits to planets. best, Sally

  40. hi people,

    Not understanding about the research and the good showing tennis player will win the crown,now serena and rafa producing good quality tennis and they have a good chance to win the title.

    Thanks and warm regarding,
    G Saravanan

    1. I wonder which top seed she predicts? Novak draw is opened. They might well give the trophy to Novak.

      Roger got a tougher draw.

  41. Hi Sally,
    What do you think of Simona Halep astrology? I think if she were to meet Serena in the final she has the ability to win. The only question is whether her legs will give her problem as in Toronto recently.

    1. hi Mike, Simona Halep is a Sun Libra. She’s just had her Jupiter return (Jupiter 3 Virgo 09) so that’s got to help. No time of birth for her. best, Sally

  42. I might be wrong but I thought all of these predictions were interpretations of what people are seeing. They might be right and they might be wrong but that’s what predictions are. I think the real question is whether Roger will ever win another slam and no one can say what the future holds for him but even when he has good astrology he can still lose. So I think we get caught up too much in astrology sometimes, and we should just watch what unfolds.

    1. “So I think we get caught up too much in astrology sometimes, and we should just watch what unfolds”…..aaaaaah thank you Lisa!!!

    2. Thanks for your comment, Lisa. Yes, it’s interesting isn’t it that we all approach astrology in different ways. Some people are very thorough and detailed and other people use it but in a way that flows. We’re all different. You’re right, there’s no definitive answer – you take your chances and when your fortunes are being boosted, make the most of them 🙂 best, Sally

  43. Hi lisa

    I got faith in Roger that he can win his 18th even the tournament chart is linked to his Astrology. Fed fans got hope that Roger can pull it off. I just want Roger tpnshut up the critics.

    May Roger’s astrology be right that he wins USO and break the record.

  44. Hi Roger fan,

    we need to wait for some time that how much days roger could stays in usa.
    again im telling u rafa and serena will win this year uso

    thanks and warm regards,
    g saravanan.

  45. Sally,

    Thank you for the update. Your interest and expertise is helpful and fun. I hope for Roger and Serena to win. I wish them and you well.


  46. Hi Sally,

    you wrote that “..Mars is the favourite/Venus is the non-favourite so therefore it’s not a yes for Djokovic to win as it was at Wimbledon.”

    So there`s a 50/50 chance for the favorite to win besides of the fact that the Moon hits Uranus?

    German astrologist Thorsten Krawinkel also included Venus, as ruler of the Wimbledon final 2015`s AC (Libra), conjunct star “Regulus” in his prediction for Djokovis win. Moreover he saw that Venus (his natal Venus and ruler of house 10 closed to Becker`s MC) conjuncted star “Princeps” when he won Wimbledon first back in 1985, Krawinkel says Princeps embodying “THE FIRST” (Michael Schumacher has his Mars on it and Putin his AC). Apart from the fact, that Krawinkel obviously made a mistake and this hadn´t been the fact in 1985, I have seen that the US Open 2015 tournament start`s AC (1°57 Scorpio) conjuncts Princeps (3° Scorpio). What could this mean? Will the favorite be the first??

    Krawinkel used the AC`s ruling planet representing the favorite in theWimbledon final, but used the ruler of the midheaven/house 10 as representation of the favorit in the opening chart of Wim` 2015: “the opening chart shows Mercury as ruler of house 10 at the peak of house 10 – the king remains king.” I remember your argumentation was again, that Mercury as ruler of the AC (Virgo) was crucial representing the favorit. Can you follow Krawinkel`s approach? Thanks again for your short assessment!

    Best, Patrick

    1. hi Patrick, thanks for providing more astro-information. Always interesting to read. I only use a few of the fixed stars and again it’s a secondary factor for me when it comes to making predictions. No, I wouldn’t say there’s a 50/50 chance for the favourite to win. The astrology points to a non-favourite, an outsider. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  47. Two more Virgo players competing with Serena:

    -German Sabine Lisicki (WTA 24, 22.09.1989)

    Sabine has already shown her great potential at Wimbledon 2013 beating Serena and reaching the final. She has a devastating serve and good groundstrokes. The only thing preventing her from the Top 10 seems to be mental. This year she has shown better results than last year, f.e. had matchpoints against Bencic in Toronto before the Swiss could win the tournament. Good start on Tuesday, but I think not already matured for a GS title.

    -Another German, Andrea Petkovic (WTA 18, 09.09.1987)

    Reaching semi-finals of Roland Garros last year and already Top 10, she is supported by Boris Becker (occasionally) since some weeks.

  48. Serena is more likely to win the USO than Djokovic because of their records in the tournament.

    Djokovic is 1-4 while Serena is 6-2 at the USO in finals.

  49. Hi Sally,

    Could you please tell me what you think of what my friend who is a student of Astrology on RF. com page.

    Here what she said:

    If I understand correctly, Sally is pretty much expecting a new men’s winner at this USO. I think she is basing that on the importance of Uranus in the chart for the beginning of the tournament. I’m hoping that Roger’s sabr could represent the Uranian newness instead of a new champion. Uranus can express as innovation and genius. And I disagree with Sally about Roger and Uranus. She doesn’t see him as strongly Uranian, but I think he is. Uranus is stationary in his birthchart. That means it was at a point of changing from retrograde to direct motion, seeming to stand still in the sky. That makes it powerful. Also, his Moon is conjunct Uranus. The Moon can represent one’s instincts, and I think Roger’s Moon conjunct Uranus is part of his genius. And then, let’s look at the year 2009, when Roger won RG and then Wimbledon to break Sampras’ record for GS titles. Uranus was strong for him then, with transiting Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, and yes, Uranus, making aspects to his natal Uranus.

    So, I’m hoping Roger with his sabr can be the Uranian winner. But could it be a new men’s champion instead? Yes. We just have to wait and see. Of course we hope it will be Roger!

    It seems Juan thinks Djoko will win, but he gives Roger a decent chance, based on his analysis of various factors.

    I am optimistic for Roger’s chances to win this tournament. I think, based on what we saw in Cinci, there’s a good chance his progressed Midheaven square to Jupiter can express in success rather than “seeking the impossible.” I think we may be seeing this factor in his new sabr. Though a square can be difficult, with Jupiter involved, it can express in success. We’ll just have to wait and see how things go.

    Same with the solar eclipse. I think the Sept. 13 eclipse could power Roger the whole way through the tournament and bring him the title. It is conjunct his progressed Sun career factor along with his Venus “benefic.” But there’s no way to know for sure if it will express this way or whether some other factors will be more important.

    I am optimistic for Roger’s chances to win the title. I think the eclipse and the Midheaven/Jupiter are huge factors, and if they express well, things could be great for our guy!

    What about Richard Gasquet Astrology – he got to play against Berdych in the fourth round?

    Kind Regards

    1. Well, that’s his/her opinion but I still don’t agree that Roger is Uranian. Uranus is erratic, unpredictable, disruptive and those qualities aren’t part of the graceful, fluid game of Roger or his charming personality. He oozes Mercury in Leo charm; he comes across as smooth and suave so I don’t see what your astrologer sees. Uranus is conjunct the Moon so it’s linked to his emotional life, both planets in Scorpio, and you can tell there is an incredible depth of concentration below the surface. Perhaps inside he’s jumpy as anything but you rarely see that on the outside. The other factors might help boost Roger to success.

      Gasquet’s astrology didn’t leap out at me. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  50. Hi Sally again,

    This more about potential Quarter Final between Roger VS Berdych astrology.

    If the eclipse expresses well for him, Berdych could be a powerful opponent. The eclipse lights up his chart strongly.

    But it’s also strong for Roger. And if Roger’s Midheaven/Jupiter expresses well, it could bring success. And it’s nearly exact!

    I hate to mention it, but it looks like transiting Mars will be in range of the square to Roger’s Moon during the QF. This could bring a tough challenge.

    But the transiting Sun could be within range of Roger’s Venus, and that’s a positive. And transiting Mercury sextile his Mercury could help with strategy and execution.

    Transiting Jupiter square Roger’s Midheaven. This is interesting because it basically repeats Roger’s progressed Midheaven square his Jupiter. Will it bring “seeking the impossible” and something too much to handle, or will it bring Jupiterian success? Could express either way!

    Well, let’s see how things go. It could be interesting!

    Kind Regards

    1. There are always many different factors to consider in astrological prediction and always therefore contradictions in what one factor says against another. That’s the skill in astrology to hone in on what’s most important and back that up with other secondary factors. Eclipses are tricky in my opinion. They can propel you to success but they can just as easily take something away too. n.b. the world ‘eclipse’ – someone or something is being eclipsed. best, Sally

  51. Hi All,

    This is for those who love Roger,

    Let’s look at some factors in effect for Roger’s next match, vs. Darcis.

    I think this should be a good day for Roger, with the transiting Sun conjunct his Ascendant. “A positive approach” says “Today you will be able to project yourself with vigor and energy… you take control of whatever situation you are involved in and make it work the way you want it to.” This should be an excellent transit for sports performance.

    Transiting Mercury will be separating from the conjunction to Roger’s Jupiter, but still within range. This could be good for strategy and execution of shots. The only caveat is too avoid getting sloppy by being too exuberant or overconfident.

    The transiting Moon will be conjunct Roger’s Chiron early in the match. Hopefully this won’t bring “wounding.” It’s a minor transit. It could express with something in the crowd, or we may not see any expression of it at all.

    GO ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kind Regards

    1. Yes, it is Alex. Virgo planets are building on the day of the final due to the Solar Eclipse in Virgo and Jupiter in Virgo too. That was part of the reason why I felt we would see players with Sun Virgo/other key planets and angles in Virgo coming forward. best, Sally

  52. Dear Patrick Rudolf

    I hope you don’t mind me asking this, what is your thoughts on Roger Federer chart for USO?

    Do you think he has got a chance to win USO? Sally thinks so as he got good transits that are matching to the tournament chart but his draw is a lot harder than Djokovic who will be in the final already!

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Roger’s Fan,

      thanks for your interest in my opinion about Roger.

      When it comes to astrology I am only a passionate observer, no expert. Following Sally’s predictions since a couple of Grand Slams I trust her analysis very much and Sally says good things about Roger this time from this astrologic point of view.

      Adding the physical and mental influences of player’s performances my feeling is contrary. On the one hand, Roger played huge at Cincinatti and seems to have conserved his form as his first round match against Mayer showed, who is a strong player.

      Comparing oRoger’s performance at Master tournaments and Grand Slams in recent years, I have doubts that he will get the 18th trophy now. As Sally also points out, he’s 34 and at Grand Slam level he couldn’t finish as strong as on best-of-3 at Masters tournaments in the past.

      Be added that from these outgoings and many upsets (in the final rounds) of recent Grand Slam events – especially when he faces the Djoker – he seems to have developed a certain disbelieve of being able to finish first. I think this is also connected to the physical factor – on this high level against Djokovic to win a 4 or 5-Setter in his age puts great mental pressure ongim, probably being aware of his disadvantage. Grass is different, not as physical as hardcourt.

      Nonetheless many factors as his astrology appear to speak for him now and I think it IS possible though. If everything comes together… Yet I personally don’t expect Roger to win. We will see! I would be happy for him!

      Best regards,

  53. Hi Sally,

    As much as I like your site, I find G quite annoying. His last statement in capitals is a testament to his rudeness. It had to be said, unfortunately.


    1. Hi Mac

      I have to agree with you. He is a big fan of Nadal. He says this everytime on Sally site. Infact I find him annoying.


  54. G Saravan, I have already asked you in the Wimbledon block to use small capitals as everybody else does in Sally’s blog. As you can see more users dislike your way presenting here.

    Other users’ comments and even Sally’s show you that your predictions are mostly far from tennis reality and very boring to read. They give others no useful information to share at all and appear simply self-presenting. Writing big capitals will not make it more interesting.


  55. Hi,

    I understand he is Nadal’s fan and that’s fine–personally, I don’t like Nadal but I choose to be respectful. May the best man win–and hopefully, it is Federer. If not him, Stan would be fantastic. If not him, I would like to see Ferrer win.

    Good luck to all the players–sad to see Jack lose to heat exhaustion, though.


  56. hi,

    im a big fan of nadal it not means nadal will uso,it depends on the player and how they handled the pressure on the court. fedex is exhausted by playing the best tennis for the last one and half decades and djoker is exhausted by playing high quality tennis for the last 8 months.why i choose nadal is because he is highly thirst to win a gs in this year,none of the tennis player in the wrold could do what nadal does and nadal win atleast one gs per year for the last 10 year.he needs to maintain the same in this year.let us see how god choose the best player at the end of the tournament.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    G Saravanan.

  57. Hi Sally

    This is from.Juan friend who agrees with Juan about Djokovic is going to win USO.

    I agree that Djokovic will win the US Open. Jupiter arriving already now to the trigone with his natal Venus suggests this degree, and more seeing that the only one who seems that you can fight him is Federer who in his RL has a fairly closed Sol-Saturno quadrature.

    The letter in the tournament, is Saturn high in the MC govern the ascendant, joined Moon applying to Mars – Regent of the MC-from the House of Mars – Aries-
    FranzuaDubal is currently online

    Do u understand this Sally?

    Kind Regards.

  58. G,

    You don’t make sense. However, we shall see who will prevail. As of right now, Roger is playing well and so is Novak, even Nadal. Enjoy the beautiful game. Personally, it would be nice to see a different champion win the US Open–Novak won the Australian Open and Wimbledon and Stan won the French Open, so it would be nice to see a different champion appear victorious. Sally mentioned a new name–what does that mean? Well, we’ll know soon enough.



  59. hi sally the uso tournament chart shows the favourite will not win . nadal is by no means the favourite. does that mean nadal can win the uso. what about the chart for the commencement time of the final. you used to base your predictions on this chart also. but you have stopped using it now. why?

    1. The symbolism of the tournament chart has been working best for me so that’s why I use that along with the astrological transits for the players as my main prediction. I always give a nod to the chart of the final, i.e. Moon in Virgo on the day, another reason why I believe Virgo players/players with key planets in Virgo will do well. Nadal’s not the favourite for sure, no. 8 seed; I still believe the astrology speaks of a newer name, someone who’s not won a Grand Slam before or won only 1. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  60. Hi Sally

    Here are the players left with Virgo’s birth sign are Lopez, Thiem and Berdych. Could you please tell us which player out of these three have a chance winning USO. Berdych is on Roger half. I hope Roger Astrology can outweigh Berdych’s

    Kind Regards

    1. I see Lopez has reached the 4th round – Sun 27 Virgo so not yet benefiting from Jupiter but still progressing well. Berdych was the one to watch as the tournament began as Jupiter was slap bang on his Mars (competitive instinct) but let’s see how Thiem gets on too. I do hope one of the Virgos keeps winning to confirm my prediction 🙂 best, Sally

  61. Hi Mac,

    Thanks, i wont say nadal will win because we cant predict what is life if u know what will happen tomorrow then ur life is not so meaningful.but for sure djoker and fedex wont win the tournament.if nadal win i will be happy.even djoker has best drawn he will wind up before thursday.cant u accept what nadal does for tennis.

    Thums upppppppppp
    g saravanan.

  62. Hi G,

    Nadal is not my favourite player, unfortunately. I prefer to keep my reasons to myself. However, I can agree that he brought something different to the game. I feel the same about Novak. Out of the two, I think Novak has a chance to win the US Open but doubtful (relying on Sally’s analysis).

    You keep repeating Federer will not win and that’s annoying. You should say that once and leave it at that. I am a fan of his and I hope he does well. He is a class and a great player to watch. However, it would be nice to see a new player come through–who? That remains to be seen.



  63. Hi,

    I am impressed with the women–they are hitting their strides. As for men, they are struggling–Goffin just retired and he was winning and Milos lost because of back injury.

    However, the match between Bouchard and Cibulkova was incredibly intense and fun. As for Serena, she is struggling.

    US Open is drama-filled and interesting.



    1. hi Mac, interesting that I read your comment as I am writing about Venus (women) turning direct this weekend. The female planet is very powerful right now so maybe that’s why the women are going great. There do seem to be quite a few injuries this tournament, don’t there, and players retiring? I wonder if this is part of the Uranus effect – shocks & surprises. best, Sally

      1. I didn’t see it – the timing’s not great for me in this Grand Slam which is always a shame as I like to watch the big matches. Must do better. Nadal does seem to be playing well again but he’s not back to his past winning form. I do wonder what he will decide if he can’t win a Grand Slam soon. It must be demoralising for him and hard to keep coming back when you’ve been such a champion player previously. best, Sally

  64. Hi Sally,

    I don’t know if this is appropriate to ask–how did you come to understand astrology? Can you recommend a reading that would enable me to understand it more?



    1. hi Mac, yes it is appropriate to ask. As you can probably imagine, astrology takes a long time to study well. I was fascinated by it as soon as I discovered it and I trained with the Company of Astrologers in London. They rarely offer courses now but there are plenty of good teachers around if you’re interested. I keep hoping that I will be able to offer an online course but it won’t be this year, maybe I will be able to early next year. You can always sign up for my free monthly newsletter (top right of website). That will keep you informed about what’s going on in the heavens and a lot of people enjoy my astrology because I make it easy to understand. That’s always been my goal, to bring the stars down to earth. Hope that helps but please do ask away if you have any further questions. best, Sally p.s. re. readings – they are more about you and teach you about your natal potential, your strengths & weaknesses, and the events and people in your life. You won’t necessarily learn a great deal about astrology through them but you will develop greater understanding and insight into yourself. I offer readings too and all information is on the website.

  65. G,

    It’s good to cheer for your favorite player and seek healthy competition from other fans, but trying to degrade the other players in a public setting is most definitely not advised.

    For example, Nadal just fought his heart out against Fognini and lost. I have immense respect for the warrior he is, even though he caused me heart break many times when he beat my idol Federer. However, if I took your approach, I could easily make fun of you right now and ridicule Nadal for losing. But that’s just not how one should operate. Please be more considerate in the future with your posts.

    And finally, commiserations for Nadal’s loss. I’m confident he will be back stronger, so just keep your head held high.

  66. Hi Sally

    More interesting Astrology for Roger!

    I’ve been thinking about Roger’s match vs. Darcis. He was brilliant! The transiting Sun was on his Ascendant, the rising point of the chart, where one “meets the world.” He did really shine with that Sun factor!

    An eclipse is basically a super Sun. The upcoming eclipse will be lighting up Roger’s Venus “benefic” planet along with his progressed Sun, a career factor. And an eclipse brings its energy even before the date of its occurrence.

    Now, things aren’t so simple. Sometimes an eclipse expresses in a difficult way. And Roger’s opponents may have excellent factors in effect. But from what we’ve seen so far, I think this eclipse could bring Roger the title!

    The other big factor in effect for Roger the whole tournament is his progressed Midheaven career factor square his Jupiter, nearly exact and thus very powerful. Though this could bring “seeking the impossible” it could also express in success, since Jupiter can express that way even in challenging aspect. I hope that’s what we saw in Cinci, and that it can continue to express that way at the USO, when it’s even stronger. The comms have mentioned that the new stadium roof structure is reducing the wind, and this could benefit Roger. I would see that as some Jupiterian good fortune that could be a positive expression of the progression!

    So, both these factors, the eclipse and the Midheaven/Jupiter, are very powerful. And both could express with great success, or with limits to success. But since both are so powerful and things are looking so good, I am very hopeful!

    Now, of course things will get more difficult as the tournament progresses, tougher opponents. And Roger has some challenging transits coming up. But my hope is that the big factors will continue to express well and power Roger through to the title. Of course I can’t guarantee anything. But it’s wondeRFul to see our guy playing so beautifully and bringing us such excitement!

    Kind Regards

  67. Hi All for Roger match today.

    Transiting Jupiter is just starting to enter range of the square to Roger’s Midheaven career point. This factor will become much stronger next week. It’s interesting that it basically repeats Roger’s progression that’s now in strong effect, his progressed Midheaven square his Jupiter. A square tends to be a challenging aspect, but with Jupiter involved we can hope for a successful expression. This factor can bring confidence and hopefully success. The caveat is to avoid overconfidence. And hopefully it won’t bring “too much” to handle. Considering how well things went for Roger in Cinci with the progression in strong effect, I’m hopeful the transit will express well or at least not be too much to handle.

    For Roger’s next match, the transiting Moon will be square his Venus probably late in the match. This tends to be a pleasant, social transit, even though it’s a square. I suppose the only potential negative would be lack of concentration or maybe an unpleasant social encounter. This is a minor transit and shouldn’t be problematic. Sometimes Moon transits during tennis matches can express with something going on in the crowd. And sometimes we don’t see Moon transits in apparent expression at all.

    Well, that’s about all I see in transits for the next match. Of course, the big factors remain in effect for the rest of the tournament, the eclipse and the Midheaven/Jupiter progression.

    GO ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Yes it was a big match. Couldn’t take my eyes off the TV. I initially thought Nadal is going to win in straight sets. But Fognini had different ideas. He always broke back when he got broken. Worst year for Nadal in Grandslams. All the best to him next year. Fognini hits breath stopping winners… I thourogly enjoyed his winners

    1. I have mentioned him somewhere previously in the comments in reply to Patrick I think. He doesn’t have the exact Uranus transits going on which propelled him to victory before so that’s why he wasn’t on my ‘Best of the Rest’ list. He’s turning into a consistently good player though so will always be in with a shout. best, Sally

  69. Surely the uranus influence is not restricted to the sun- sign but to any player with uranus in their chart?? Both Federer AND Murray have Virgo ascendants and I think that the winner might come from one of these two….
    I like Dominic Thiem and he’s a virgo – but surely astrology can’t be interpreted literally in this way? Linda Goodman says that ‘the stars pursuade but do not COMPEL…’ I have always felt that astrology only shows what ‘might’ be; not what WILL be. There is room for free-will and alternative choice….
    As for an outsider, I would like to ask Sally about the player: Benoit Paire. He is not a virgo – and I have no idea of his chart – but he is performing well and almost beat Djokovic at Cincy recently. He has been under the radar – beat Nishikori and has a real chance. My picks would instinctively be: Federer, Murray – or for an outside punt: Paire….

    1. Hi Lucy,

      do you have Paire’s birth time giving him a Virgo MC?

      Regarding Uranus, if the final is played at 5 p.m., it’s conjunct with Roger’s Uranus. And Uranus opposes Rogers Pluto. Thiem has Uranus Uranus Trine the whole tournament besides tournament opener’s MC conjunct his Venus (possibly house 2),

      Sally, Roger appears to have Pluto opposing his Mars these days? Same as losing against Seppi in Melbourne. Doesn’t seem to bother him this time.

      1. Hi Patrick.

        Roger pluto opposing his mars was exact in July. It is now pass exact. Means it is out of range during the USO. Sally said it is exact again in November!

      2. Hi,
        No I don’t have the birth-time but read this on an astrology site. They placed this in his chart and I found it interesting. It’s all gobbledegook to me!

      3. hi Patrick, May 8 1989, 9:05 pm, Avignon, France – Paire’s birth data on Astrotheme. Not always 100% accuracy on that site as they don’t often cite their source but it’s worth considering for now.
        I don’t understand your Uranus sentence. What is conjunct Roger’s Uranus if the final is at 5pm?
        Plus with the outer generational planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, you have to remember they are relatively slow moving so you want a very close orb for accuracy with them. Pluto is retrograding away from Roger’s Mars. Yes, it is still within a 1 degree orb as it’s currently at 13 Capricorn 04 and his Mars is at 13 Cancer 57. We did see him being knocked out on a Pluto transit opposing his Mars earlier this year but that was exact.
        Again with the Uranus transit it is way too wide to take into account right now. Roger’s Pluto is 21 Libra 56 and the Uranus opposition is over 2 degrees away at 19 Aries 50. So I wouldn’t use either of them in a prediction for this tournament right now.
        Thiem is out but he will still have benefited financially (Venus 2nd house ruling money) from getting to the 3rd round.
        best, Sally

        1. Hi Sally,
          appreciate your insights, thanks again!

          Paire has no Virgo MC using Astrotheme’s data.

          Yeah, I forgot something: in the final’s chart for 5 p.m. the midheaven conjuncts Roger’s Uranus.

          Regarding Djokovic’s Opponents: I think we should consider more Maren Cilic for defending his title. Cilic is not seeded above the best 5, but the fact he has won last year is important from my perspective. Great memories will come up for him these days. He played well at Wimbledon and also in the first 2 rounds, having some problems against a strong Kukushkin (last year his 5 Setter against Simon in Round 4 was his turning point, he didn’t lose one set afterwards).
          I recognized Jupiter trine Jupiter in the forthcoming rounds still about 1 degree orb at the final and Mars conjunct Venus at Sunday. Earlier, you said that the surprise winner might be someone who has maximum 1 GS title, Cilic has 1.

          Also I have an eye on Fognini with Uranus conjunct Jupiter these days and closest with 0,24 degrees orb at the final. He played brilliantly against Nadal at the end and has abilities regarding his hand in no way inferior to the best (born one/two weeks after Andy and Nole).

          Excited what comes next.

          1. I’m sorry, mixed a.m. with p.m. with Paire. Looks stunning Jupiter conjunct his MC.

            Regarding Cilic I have seen he had mercury conjunct his Sun at the chart this Monday. When his first match started that day, the midheaven was about 10 degrees apart from his Sun.

    2. hi Lucy,
      Agreed on how astrology works, that’s what is being attempted with these tennis blogs. Are the players in flow with what’s happening in a wider context? As above, so below. Astrology is not a literal science but a symbolic art and the skill to using it is to understand this. We can’t harness it but it can help us understand why and gives us a depth of meaning that takes us beyond the everyday. I love the magic of astrology watching its symbolism in play in the world.

      Re. the Uranus aspect, I believe you’re a bit confused? The planets currently have a strong Virgo theme, plus there was a strong Uranus factor in the opening chart. Two separate astrological factors and not related.

      I haven’t checked out Donald Young or Benoit Paire yet. I will do when I get a chance. Already Djokovic’ side of the tournament is way open. I can’t see him not being in the final unless something goes wrong and there is an upset. The no. 2, 3, 5, and 6 seeds are in the other half; the top seed he has to face is no. 9!

      best, Sally

    1. Ooh yes, I’ve found him on! A time of birth – glorious. Yes, you’re right. Paire is a Sun Taurus with a Virgo Midheaven of 5 Virgo 52 which means Jupiter is slap bang on it right now. Jupiter starts the tournament at 4 Virgo and finishes the tournament at 7 Virgo so it’s strong for him. You’d expect him to come to prominence with Jupiter at the top of his chart. He’s playing Tsonga next – I’d bet a punt on Paire to win. best, Sally

      1. Thanks for that – and for explaining the different aspects. I did have a feeling about Paire, even though my knowledge of these things is a bit skewed. Call it my Pisces intuition…..!

  70. Federer just won his third round 6-4 6-3 6-4. Got broken twice and came back. His next round opponent is John Isner. Way to go Federer !!

  71. Hi

    Does anyone know John Isner astrology is? Is Roger Astrology better than Isner’s when they play Monday? It might be a night session!

    Kind Regards

  72. Aside from Novak, Roger, and Murray, the only other name that is listed in your list is Thomas–and as for the other players at the tournament like Gasquet and Paire make it intriguing. Can there be last minute influences that favour one player than the others?


    1. I never have time to look at all players’ charts, Mac. That would be a full-time occupation and I offer this service for free. When players start to do well throughout the tournament I will take a look at them and then we discover the astrology mid-tournament, e.g. how fab that Paire has his Midheaven (success point) at 5 Virgo 52 so Jupiter is currently exactly at that point in the zodiac. To put this into context, such an event happens only once every 12 years. So it makes sense that he’s suddenly coming to prominence. I did look at Gasquet’s chart and he didn’t end up on my ‘Best of the rest’ list. Hope that helps. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        Thank you for the prompt reply. I was curious if one’s astrology can alter from being favourable one day and not the next day, or can a person override their bad luck with strength and determination?

        Again, thank you for taking the time to do this–I am sure this must be time consuming and at your own free will. As a person learning this and appreciating your efforts, thank you.



        1. Astrology is always a mix of fate and free will so yes to your question. It’s partly destiny, partly individual effort, desire. best, Sally

  73. Another outsider who is under the radar at the moment is Donald Young. He is a cancerian and don’t know what his chart is, but boy, is he making good progress! He is so athletic and faces Wawrinka next round and has beaten Stan before at the US Open in 2011. Astrology aside, wouldn’t it be amazing if he won it this year? The fist black American since Arthur Ashe?? GO DONALD!

    1. It would be fab if Donald Young won, Lucy. No time of birth for him and yes, he is born on the Cancer/Leo cusp – probably Sun Leo and four planets in Leo, none in Virgo so without the Midheaven there (which we only know with a birth time), nothing leaps out astrologically. best, Sally

  74. Just double-checked and Donald Young isn’t a cancerian after all. He is on the cusp of Leo…interesting. Does he have positive aspects Sally??

    1. Interesting astrology for Tsonga. He has an Aquarius Ascendant so he has two ruling planets Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is moving ever closer to his Midheaven (success point) at 1 Sagittarius. It can be a defining moment for Saturn-ruled types but I often think of Saturn as bringing endings rather than glory. We shall find out soon enough 🙂 best, Sally

    1. No time for birth for Taurus John Isner so only half the picture. Nothing leaps out from his natal planetary positions although with his natal Mars at 0 Gemini, he is about to experience Saturn opposing it. Saturn tends to repress rather than expand so not what you’d want going into an important tennis match. best, Sally

  75. Well Sally, so much for Paire! He’s now out but hey, just noticed that Feliciano Lopez is making his way quietyly through and he is a VIRGO! Perhaps you might take a look at him?? You are a star doing all this just for us tennis fanatics, but it is fascinating!

    1. hi Lucy, yes Paire is out but I’ve now heard of him and this was his best Grand Slam performance ever! So there’s Jupiter working for you, bringing him to prominence. Lopez another name that’s emerging and a Virgo. best, Sally

  76. Hi Sally…I am a fan of your writing and just wanted to say Hi. I hope you are enjoying the US Open this year as much as we all are, since it has been a very unpredictable affair so far.



    1. Thank you, Rishi. Hasn’t it been unpredictable! Only 4 of the top 10 seeds are left in the tournament. Looking forward to the next matches. best, Sally

    1. Yup, one Virgo left, Lopez; only 4 of the top 10 seeds left; it’s anyone’s game? Gasquet had Uranus close to his Aries Midheaven during Wimbledon when he played exceptionally well and put out Stan the Man but couldn’t defeat the favourite Djokovic to get to the final. Not as strong for him now. best, Sally

    1. I have to say I feel as if this tournament is keeping me on my toes. Some unexpected names coming through. I hadn’t even looked at Kevin Anderson’s chart before today and he’s knocked out Murray. Sun Taurus – no time of birth so nothing spectacular to report. Lopez is the last Virgo I believe and not the one I expected to go far (I had my eye on Berdych). However… I think the game of the tournament is today – the Williams sisters against one another. What must Venus be thinking? If she puts out Serena, she stops her winning an amazing Calendar Grand Slam and equalling Steffi Graf’s Grand Slam record. Can she possibly play without that in the back of her mind? I doubt it! best, Sally

  77. Hi Sally

    Kevin Anderson has got Moon in Virgo in his chart.


    Roger, decendant line is close to New York. It is Venus which comes under his Venus/Mars of the tournament chart

    Is Roger coach Stefan Edberg got good Astrology?

    Kind Regards

    1. I didn’t look at Edberg’s chart so don’t know. All the Sun Virgos are out now although they did pretty well this tournament. Some new names coming through. best, Sally

  78. @Roger’s fan:

    Your last post was the 53th since Sally made her prediction. It was also at least the 53th question you have asked her although you should know that she cannot answer all this “if and buts”. I think Sally is just too polite to tell you this.

    I think we should all be happy that she had decided to make the effort again. Everything is a matter of degree.

    1. Hiya

      I do appreciate Sally comments but I am passing her Astrology I have found. I am learning as well.

      I respect all players, I am just interested in what Sally and others have to say. I am not the only one who is posting information.


    2. Thanks for your concern. I don’t answer all the questions, I haven’t got time so simply reply to the ones where I can add something. Sometimes less is more 🙂 best, Sally

  79. I think it’s time to give Sally kudos already before the final rounds!

    Surprises are numerous both at Women’s and Men’s competition as she predicted:

    We’ve got only three players from the best 19 women in the quarters. Only 3 of Top 10 seeded reached third round.

    At Men, Andy Murray has lost first time before the quarter finals since 5 years.

    We got seeded No. 12, 18, 19 and 20 in the quarters. Definitely surprising compared to most of recent Grand Slams with mostly the best among themselves:

    -Melbourne 2015: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    -Paris 2015: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 14
    -Wimbledon 2015: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, 21


    1. Kudos accepted. Thank you Patrick. I feel strangely detached from the result in this tournament. It has been quite weird to predict throughout. Still not completely clear what I think is going to happen. Who knows, Djokovic might surprise us and win easily? I hope not as that messes up my prediction 🙂 best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        Djokovic doesn’t convince so far, he seems beatable. Cilic certainly will be a huge test for him. When Cilic started yesterday Jupiter square Jupiter was exact. I have read that this square can also have negative tensions? This aspect seems to support him still in the final plus Mars conjunct Venus then. Can’t find convincing aspects for the Djoker against Marin.

        My feeling says Cilic will be in final again, maybe with Roger this time repeating last year’s semifinal? Jupiter square Roger’s MC seems to be gone at the final.

        Yesh, it’s exciting hiw things will unfold. Also have an eye on Azarenka who is traditionally very strong at the US Open and her Sun conjunct the tournament’s opener.


        1. Some more details:

          I have studied the updated TV schedule for the finals at For Women it’s Saturday 4 p.m. And for Nen Sunday 4 p.m.

          This would result in following aspects for players regarding the midheaven/IC-axis:

          -Azarenka: AC directly on her natal Uranus at warm up+ DC conjunct her Jupiter 3 p.m.

          -Williams: MC conjunct her natal Pluto

          -Cilic: MC conjunct his Pluto and IC conjunct his Moon


          1. Pennetta (12.30 birth time/Astrotheme) the surprise winner?

            -Jupiter Sun Opposition still within 1 degree
            -Uranus Mars Opposition + Uranus Saturn Opposition (both exact?)
            -Moon conjunct her IC
            -Mars sextile Saturn
            -MC closed to natal Mars/ Saturn/Pluto

            Final’s AC in Capricorn, it’s ruler Saturn in Scorpio. DC’s ruler Jupiter in Virgo (Opposition to Penetta’s Sun) and Neptun (within 2 degrees to Penetta’s Sun). The Moon conjunct Penetta’s IC.

            Uranus at Saturday’s Women final is 5 degrees closed to the IC

  80. Isn’t there a solar eclipse on the 13th September the day of the men’s final? I believe it’s in Virgo. So this also ties into the Virgo theme that’s going on. Lots of players getting sick and injured this year as well as racquet abuse. Eugenie Bouchard had a really bad fall in the showers. So Mars at the top of the chart has been showing its dark side.

    1. hi Shelley, yes there is a solar eclipse at 20 Virgo a few hours before the final. Eclipses are game-changers so tricky to see what they mean in an individual match. I often say with eclipses that someone wins and someone loses but that doesn’t help anything predicting a final match! I hope that both players remain fit throughout. The injuries/illnesses have been prevalent this time around and eclipses can bring surprises, like the Uranus theme. Maybe you’re right with Mars as one of the malefics, although in Leo it’s an easier energy than in one of the heavier signs, for example. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days. best, Sally

    1. No time of birth for Cilic sadly. Sun Libra opposite Mars Aries in his chart so nicely competitive. His Venus is 22 Leo so Mars will conjunct his Venus on the day of the final. Depends what Venus rules in his chart but yes, he could surprise us. best, Sally

  81. Well well!

    Lopez, the last standing Virgo (probably) in the Men’s Draw is out!

    An observation – Serena (Sep 26), Simona (Sep 27) and Marin (Sep 28) – all these Librans are doing well!

    If someone new from the Men’s Draw is to win the US Open, then it is obviously from Federer’s half.

    Could it be Wawrinka ? With the teeny weeny bit of Astrology I know Uranus has always been kind to him 😛

    1. I agree the Librans are doing well. Not sure why astrologically. Venus rules Libra and she’s been dominant during the tournament turning direct so perhaps a factor. Wawrinka has done very well with his Uranus transits, you’re right. Looking forward to seeing who comes through and makes the final – it could still be the no. 1 and no. 2 seed which would spoil my prediction 🙂 best, Sally

  82. Hi Sally

    Keep up the good work!

    Lopez lost to Djokovic in 4 sets. Could the time of the birth chart of Djokovic is wrong? Marin Cilic is progressing through the draw slowly.

    There are no more Virgo’s Sun signs left in the draw. The only Virgo’s are left in their birth chart are Roger and Anderson. Anderson got Virgo Moon.

    Roger is not the favourite.

    Kind Regards

    1. As you know there are two different charts for Djokovic. I tend towards the Capricorn rising chart but others like Juan Cruz I believe use the Leo rising chart. I think that chart links in to the astrology for the tournament chart but I still wouldn’t change my mind on which chart to use. best, Sally

  83. Hi Sally

    I have noticed Roger got three Libra in his birth chart – Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Libra and they are in direct motion

    Kind Regards

  84. Hi Sally, have a rectified birth time for Marin Cillic of 5:00am. I don’t know where it came from or how accurate it is but this gives him an ascendant at 24 Virgo which ties into the solar eclipse of 20 Virgo on the 13th September.

    1. Yes, I saw that! No information on who rectified the chart. It’s an astrological technique where you try to work out the birth time/Ascendant depending on life events. It would be interesting if Cilic has an Ascendant of 24 Virgo as he then has the Virgo theme. best, Sally

  85. Hi Sally and All

    This is worrying for Fed fans, if Roger reach the final with Marin Cilic. I am wondering who will have the best Astrology on the day.

    I do hope and pray that Roger Astrology will outweigh Marin but it seems that the Eclipse might help Marin more than Roger. I do hope that Roger can win this as you gave us all hope.

    Kind Regards

  86. Sally, As much as Iove to read your predictions, your bias for Roger simply wants me to stop visiting your blog.

    Please be neutral and objective.

    1. Tennis fan, thanks for your comment but I’m surprised by it to be fair. Last tournament I was rooting for Djokovic to win and other tournaments other players. Yes, I love Federer as a player and this time around his astrology is most closely connected to the tournament chart. He’s never my only choice though and I aim to show the astrology rather than favour one player. best, Sally

    2. @tennis fan. That is a bit harsh because Sally like Federer. Come on show some respect! She likes all players. It shows that you do not like Roger. I am surprised that you label yourself tennis fan.

    3. @tennis fan. Sally is using Astrology for all players, not just Federer to see which player got best Astrology. Shame you can’t accept that. You should respect all players

    4. I don’t think you are being fair. She has been unbiased and fair (to all players). As a huge tennis fan, I have read many of her comments and they have been honest, fair, and non-judgemental. Kudos to her for gifting us with her time and expertise, which she doesn’t have to do. I appreciate her for doing it, nonetheless.

      Thank you Sally. A fan of you and your site.


      1. Mac

        You said it wonderfully.

        I love coming on Sally site. I agree with you.

        Kudos to Sally for giving us wonderful opportunity to share Astriology information on different players.


  87. Fed has a good chance if he is fresh and the opponent is fatigued both Marin and Djoko like base line rallies so we can expect a long match .With astrology in Fed’s favor we may witness no.18.
    Sally usually hits bullseye with her prediction. Let us see.

  88. Hi Sally,

    besides his natal Moon in Virgo, Anderson has Sun Opposition Jupiter. From my point of view 2 degrees apart in the final.


      1. That Jupiter’s getting stronger then if it’s applying and only 3 degrees away. Hope it doesn’t knock Serena off the top spot. best, Sally

  89. Sally,

    Two Italians in the women’s semi-finals–who would have thought?! However, I think it is going to be Serena and Simona in the final but you never know.



  90. Hi Sally,

    My prediction for the final in the men’s are Federer and Cilic, and Federer winning it in the final, but I can be wrong. If I am, Stan is my pick. Interesting US Open 2015! More drama than the White House!



    1. Mac

      I think you might be right about the final between Cilic vs Federer.

      Cilic has got good Astrology at the moment. Weather wise for Sunday is not great.

      1. Federer seems to thrive under bad weather, judging from his experiences but since he is older, it might be difficult for him–too bad there is no roof (yet). If the weather is bad all day on Sunday, they might postpone it to Monday which could benefit Federer an extra day of rest. Who knows.

        Stan is looking great–he didn’t give Kevin a chance. As for Federer, he continues to be amazing. Kudos to their stamina and skill. Their semi-final will be intense to watch. Looking forward to it on Saturday. Super Saturday!!



    2. Yes, I’m finding myself rather detached from it as the matches are often on at the wrong time for me to watch live and it’s been quite unpredictable to predict! I would love Federer to grab his 18th Grand Slam but don’t want to jinx him by saying that! Nearly there… best, Sally

  91. Hi Sally and all

    Stan has won his match with ease. If you got time Sally what is Stan Astrology against Roger on Friday


    1. Really pushed for time this week. Is Wawrinka still benefiting from the Uranus transits in his chart even though they’re not exact right now? I’m still hoping for an 18th Grand Slam for Roger. I wonder if the pressure gets to him when he gets closer to the trophy? best, Sally

  92. Hi, It could well be djovokovic vs federer. Federer as hungry as ever to win a grandslam. His mind seems to be very strong and looks preplanned this tournament. He is the one to watch for sure. He has worked out his game plan ver well. Hopefully he serves better in the next two critical games. I remember Sampras greatest asset was his serve even in his last playing years. Now federer has worked out well.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jay. Yes, Federer continues to play amazingly well. I’ve not seen the matches this year but I’ve heard that Djokovic hasn’t always played as consistently as he usually does. When he’s on fire, he’s unbeatable. best, Sally

  93. The way Stan is playing, looks very promising.Amazing tennis – fantastic backhand. May be Stan will win Semi and can be in the finals. He is March 28, 1985 born. May be heading towards a second Grandslam for the year!!

  94. I felt bad for Anderson. He just couldn’t do anything out there tonight but then neither could Gasquet. Both Rog and Stan played brilliantly so their SF should be a whopper!????

  95. Kate Middleton's fan

    No, Sally, you were not rooting for Djokovic in Wimbledon this year, you were rooting for Murray, although Djokovic’s astrology was as good as Murray and the tournament picked the favorite which was Djokovic to win.

    Something I was surprised and unhappy was what you said after Wimbledon final. You said Federer didn’t play half as good as he played in semis, it is more like a Fedfan’s word. You disrespected Djokovic’s stunning perfomance to win that final, even Stefan Edberg said Fed did nothing wrong, he lost only because Djokovic played better in the final.

    No surprise that there is people saying you should be neutral and objective.

    However, I still love reading your Grand Slam predictions and I think your predictions were convincing most of the time. So keep going!

    Btw. Roger’s fan, you’re so annoying you know?

    1. Thank you for your mixed comment. I have been thinking about what a couple of people have said about me not being neutral and objective. Here’s my answer: I don’t think it matters hugely because this is a personal tennis blog and I don’t write for a paper or a forum. I don’t favour one player completely over the others and always push for the same person although I love tennis and therefore yes, I do have my favourites. At the same time, I appreciate great tennis by any player and will always say so. I aim to listen to everyone’s comments and reply fairly. I am also aware that I can’t please all of the people all of the time – that would be an impossible task. I hope that helps in response to what you’re saying. best, Sally

  96. @tennis fan Sally has always been non discretionary and non discriminatory. Its always astrology driven. That is the only reason why the column is so popular. Great going Sally….

  97. Let the Tennisfan have his or her view. We all know we follow Sally’s blog for un biased astrlogical prediction and that add lot of interest to grandslams. Great going Sally and thanks for the excelent work grandslam after grandslam.

  98. I think Wawrinka will be the surprise winner of US open 2015. He is playing awesome tennis. His game seems to be improving with each match. He will be the new winner of US open : a repeat of French open 2015. Sally has been fair to all players. The accusation of being biased for Federrer is unfounded. Her blog is making grand slam more interesting.

      1. I’d consider them both surprise winners, Mac, simply because they have won one Grand Slam each. Does it make it easier when you’ve won the same tournament before? Probably so perhaps he’d be less of a surprise than Stan. best, Sally

  99. Hi All

    This is what I found on Wawrinka Birth chart for all of us.

    Long term forecast is

    Uranus Conjuct Mercury – mid April to mid march 2016

    Uranus trine Uranus Mid April to Mid March 2016

    Uranus conjuct Venus mid Apri to mid march 2016

    Stan is :

    Sun – Aries
    Moon Gemini
    Mercury Aries – Retrograde
    Venue – Aries – Retrograde
    Mars – Taurus
    Jupiter – Aquarius
    Saturn-Scorpio- Retrograde
    Uranus – Sagittarius -Stationary (R)
    Neptune – Capricorn
    Pluto – Scorpico – Retrograde
    Trude Node – Taurus

    The one without Retrograde beside them, are in Direct motion.

    Stan’s Ascendant is Cancer.

    Stan’s transits for tomorrow are:

    Sun Square Uranus Exact at 02.26
    Moon sextile moon exact 02.20
    Moon sqaure Saturn exact 11.26
    Moon trine Nepturne exact 23.10

    Can anyone understand this? Sally?

    Credit to

    Kind Regards

    1. It’s listing all his planets and telling you when his Uranus transit begin and end – always a period that’s about a year. I’ve often found with Uranus that it’s very date specific so you want exactitude to make a prediction using Uranus. That’s why I didn’t pick him out this time around. Not much to say about his minor transits for the match – they’re not convincing. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  100. Alex, but Sally said early on that nothing is in stans astrology that jumps out. I specifically asked this question when usopen started.

  101. My only comments are the following…………. Djocovich seems to not do well in the heat which is extreme in N.Y. It does’nt seem to bother Roger that much. And,why not do a horary question concerning the G.S winner? Am sure one of you on this website knows how. Sally certainly knows. Another thing. I’ve found that looking at the charts of people who will be extremely affected by a win or loss are the wives( Mirka Federer, Mrs.Djocovich) and trainers Edberg,Boris Becker and whomever trains Warinka and Cilic. Sorry I don’t know their names. These are only my ideas and It’s worked on Mirka before I’ve noticed. Anyway I hope the winner is fabulous Roger.

    1. hi Jackie, good to hear from you. Are you there at the US Open? Thanks for your comments. Yes, always interesting to check out other key individuals related to the players and I have looked at the coaches’ charts in the past. I know you’re a huge Roger fan so it must be wonderful to see him doing so well. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,Have just returned from US Open but saw Roger play a few times.He’s just too good to be true! The heat unbearable there &Ithink it was certainly the fittest who had advantage. Only reason I could’nt stay for final ( had great seats) was due to negative things going on at home plus developing a major cold& bronchitas. As I have a 16 degree virgo ascendant am hoping that fact does’nt affect those players with the ascendant.Am thinking of Roger of course! If he loses it can only be due to his astro chart as he’s playing like a dream. Could see at very close quarters that Djocovich was affected by the heat. So back to watching it all from my tv now.

  102. Hi All,

    I have used the Birth time of 5am from someone who posted on here on Marin Cilic,

    Here what I have found using that birth time:

    Rising sign 26 degrees Virgo
    Sun is in 05 degrees Libra
    Moon is 08 degrees Taurus
    Mercury 27 degrees Libra
    Venus 22 degrees Leo
    Mars 5 degrees Aries
    Neptune 7 degrees Capricorn
    Pluto is 11 degrees Scopico
    N.Node is in 13 degrees Pisces.

    Anyone understand this!

    Kind Regards

    1. Listing all his planets. They have to be taken into context and looked at as a whole rather than individually to make most sense. What is interesting having his birth time that he has a Virgo Ascendant, like Federer and Murray. It’s a good Ascendant for tennis players as it makes Mercury, the tennis planet, their ruling planet. best, Sally

  103. Mac

    Any player who is not a big name winning a slam is a surprise in this era.

    In this era the big names are expected to win the slams.

    Whenever a Cilic, Wawrinka, etc. who are not big names win a slam, it is a surprise.

    It’s the likes of Djokovic, Murray, Federer and Nadal who have won most of the slams in the past decade or so.

    The Del Potros, Cilics and Wawrinkas are surprises when they win a slam.

    1. Alex,

      I see your point but I beg to differ. Stan is not a surprise when he won two championships already–and he defeated no. 1 and no. 2 easily in both of those championships.

      Del Potro was not a surprise considering he was expected to make a breakthrough and he did–and unfortunately, injuries derailed his progression.

      Of the three, Cilic is the most surprising. A repeat champion, that remains to be seen.



      1. I’ve just written my surprise winners in order. I have Wawrinka & Cilic the other way around as Cilic has won the US Open before. I expect that helps on a psychological level. He knows he can win on this surface but yes, either one would be the surprise. best, Sally

    1. @ Mac

      Federer could be the surprise winner as he hasn’t won a slam for nearly 3 years. Sally said some post back that Roger could be the surprise winner.

      Anything could happen in this tournament and Roger is not one of the favourites as everyone is going for Novak.

      We have to wait and see what the outcome is.

      1. OK, if we’re going for the surprise winner in this US Open it is as follows: Wawrinka, Cilic, Federer, Djokovic. That’s how I see it anyway! best, Sally

    2. Alex,

      I do miss Del Potro–he was so good for the game. His talent, personality, and wit are greatly missed. I hope he comes back.


  104. Del Potro’s game was single dimensional with lots of baseline game and slugging from baseline which led to his injuries. As shown by players like Federer and Djokovic, with their multi dimensional game, they are able to stay injury free and play tennis to viewing joy of the tennis fans.

    As Roger is growing older, he is making the game look simple to play. Whether he wins the US Open or not is irrelevant but one should enjoy each of his game played so far in US Open. Net Play and One handers are a few to be seen and compared with many other tennis players. Wish we start seeing more serve and volley players for which we need more coaches like Edberg around!!

    1. RamRishi,

      That’s an interesting perspective. I agree Del Potro was a slugger but I wouldn’t call him a dimensional player–yes, he played mostly from the baseline but he also played at the net, which he has a def touch and he is able to go offence to defence, backhand and forehand easily. However, he is unlucky with his injuries, mostly with his wrists. If it weren’t for his injuries, I believe he would have been a major player at the slams.

      Roger, with his type of game, is lucky. He is patient, a great mover, and takes care of himself well.



    1. Yes, he was under my radar. Looks right now like we might have a double surprise in the women’s semi finals. Salep out, Williams struggling! best, Sally