Uranus Sextiles: Small Acts Of Kindness Make A Big Difference

reaching out, holding handsThere are two lovely planetary aspects today and tomorrow; Venus sextile Uranus and Mercury sextile Uranus.

Sextiles are an easy connection, a “tra-la-la let’s hold hands, skip along together and be friends” kind of an aspect. Venus rules love and Love, Mercury rules words and communication and Uranus is the trigger that lights the spark, in a good way.

Uranus brings surprises and when Uranus connects with Venus, love can spring upon you spontaneously and sometimes from left field. You weren’t expecting a smile or to meet someone who makes your heart go boom. Uranus sextile Mercury often brings good news or a social connection that warms your heart. Words can and do make a difference.

Uranus is a symbol of electricity and both Venus and Mercury are in Uranus’ sign of Aquarius so this is the ‘jolt of electricity’ you experience when you meet someone out of the blue, the thrill you feel deep within your body when you hear something that makes you proud or swells your heart.

Today the news from France is telling the stories (Mercury) of the people who helped others on impulse (Uranus) during last week’s terrorist attacks. Instinctive acts (Uranus) of kindness and caring (Venus) for fellow human beings. There couldn’t be a more lovely showing of Venus and Mercury soothing and wiping Uranus’ troubled brow after his run in with the planet of darkness, Pluto, caught up in last week’s powerful Full Moon.

The tragedies in France aside, what’s important to remember with astrology is that you can just sit back and let it come to you, i.e. leave your life up to fate, or you can jump to it and begin to create your own life’s destiny by making the most of the current astrology, i.e. choose free will.

So today and tomorrow you have the opportunity to be the Venus/Uranus and Mercury/Uranus sextiles in action and reach out to others, tell someone ‘I love you’, ask that gorgeous man/woman out on a date, give a compliment, say something nice, be spontaneously kind.

Here’s the astrological data: Venus sextile Uranus – Tuesday 13 January 2015 [20:12 GMT]: Mercury sextile Uranus – Wednesday 14 January 2015 [10:25 GMT]. Venus/Mercury are at 13 Aquarius; Uranus is at 13 Aries. [GMT is the time in London].

The spark that fired me up to write this blog article? A lovely post on my Facebook Timeline which I saw first thing this morning from Liz:

Hi Sally, I wanted to compliment you on your 2015 E-book which I just received. I have bought year ahead astrology reports in the past only to find they were computer generated and very disappointing.Yours was obviously written by hand, in your easy to read style of writing, and there is so much information for such a small price. I highly recommend it.

A perfect example of Venus/Uranus and Mercury/Uranus in action. Reaching out to another person, offering a compliment and delivering a warm glow to someone’s heart 🙂

Compliments and kindness leave a lasting effect, they swell positive feelings and quite frankly, the world would be a better place if we experienced more of them, both the giving and receiving. Over to you… who will you surprise today, in a good way?

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