Turning Points: Mars Direct, New Moon Scorpio

Mars Turns Direct

Action planet Mars turns direct this weekend on November 14th after almost 10 weeks retrograde. Mars is a difficult planet when it’s on go slow as this is a frustrated Mars.

The planet which rules assertive behaviour, anger, passion, the libido and courage doesn’t like to be held back, tied down, repressed.

Since Mars entered its retrograde phase on September 9th, it’s been moving backward, retracing its steps through the zodiac, gathering power and intensity along the way.

Mars turns direct in Aries this week and you can feel the intensity of the God of War building. Once Mars is back, there’s a chance to air bad feelings, get back on track and be decisive. Mars in Aries switching to forward motion is ideal for heroic actions.

On a personal level, this will be most powerful for you if you have planets/angles between 28 and 15 Aries, the degree points where Mars turned on its tail (28 Aries) and where it reclaims its dominance (15 Aries). This is the hot zone where Mars has been moving to and fro. Mars is now ready to reclaim its power.

New Moon Scorpio

The day after Mars turns direct, there’s a New Moon in Scorpio, a symbol of new beginnings. The two events are linked because Mars rules Aries & Scorpio, so Mars is the ruler of this New Moon.

Scorpio is one of the water signs, linked to deep emotions and hidden motivations which are ultimately about power and control. Scorpio rules secrets and all things hidden.

This is without a doubt a powerful New Moon as it’s in the passionate water sign Scorpio when the Sun and Moon sit side by side. This is the depth sign and change takes place at a deep level. 

Scorpio evokes themes of regeneration, seeking out hidden riches, secrets emerging. This is the arena of hidden knowledge. Go in deep, wait in silence, listen, be, experience the void.

When you wipe the slate clean, you can start over. When you let go of toxins, purge, empty out, you make space in your life for new commitment and intensity. This is Scorpio power at it best; the ability to let go of what’s no longer needed so you can channel your energy and purpose with laser focus.

Passion & Fury

I’ve been looking at this combination for some time now. Yes, it’s ferocious and fiery, like a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Yet, it signifies a definite turning point.

Wherever you’ve felt powerless, out of control, not in charge, this is the ideal opportunity to recharge your power, be fierce & feisty, step up your game. Go forth into the world, conquer your demons, take back control. Onwards…

Here are the key areas of your life ruled by Aries & Scorpio – both are relevant:

  • Aries: Personal goals & aims; money & sex
  • Taurus: inner work & personal issues; relationships, personal & professional
  • Gemini: friends & groups; work & health
  • Cancer: career & vocation; children & lovers, luck & creativity
  • Leo: travel, study, your beliefs; home & family
  • Virgo: money & sex; communication, siblings & neighbours
  • Libra: relationships, personal & professional; money & values
  • Scorpio: work & health; personal goals & aims
  • Sagittarius: children & lovers, luck & creativity; inner work & personal issues
  • Capricorn: home & family; friends & groups
  • Aquarius: communication, siblings & neighbours; career & vocation
  • Pisces: money & values; travel, study, your beliefs

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8 thoughts on “Turning Points: Mars Direct, New Moon Scorpio”

  1. Hi Sally

    I posted a message to you several weeks ago as one of your articles regarding all the Saturnian activity had struck a chord. I have been going through my second Saturn return, which with a frail and elderly mum to care for in the midst of the pandemic was very hard.

    You gave me some reassurance at the time, and with my being an Aquarian you highlighted the change of weather coming. Well, I did start to feel things were changing, and also I sensed that this might involve my mum too (also an Aquarian). As if on cue, she died in the early hours of Thursday at almost 95. Although I am bereft, I know it was a blessed release for her. And now you’re talking about Mars going direct, right at Aries 15, which is where I have my Venus, and my Moon at 17 degrees, so I await the next developments in my life with sadness but hope, too.

    All I can say is that if anyone doubts the power and meaning of astrology, current events (and my own experience) are convincing evidence to the contrary…

  2. The astrology has been spot on all through this year! With my Mars at 20 Aries in the1st house, I feel my mood rising as things move forward. And how about these wonderful scientific announcements the past week or so? I feel like we are getting a preview of the next Age, in which science will help us evolve our global human society. Spreading my enthusiasm everywhere!

  3. HI Sally recently I studied article on tropical astrology regarding Zodiac releasing, Lots of fortune, Liots of spirit, Lots of Eros and Lots of nemesis. So when u see natal chart reading u r looking above things Sally. I think it same like sideral astrology dasha system.Pls clarify me Sally.

    1. I’m not sure what your question is? There are many different ways of using astrology and tapping in to its knowledge and wisdom. When you find what works for you, then go with it. As I’m sure you know tropical & sidereal astrology use different systems but I’ve found both to be useful. My preference and what works for me with my clients is topical astrology. I hope that helps answer what you were asking.

      1. Hi Sally I am aware that u r using tropical astrology since regularly from last 8 years I am following u starting from Wimbledon 2012 predictions and other articles from u r website. Just few days back I studied astrologer Liz greene article regarding Zodiac releasing ,lot of spirit ,lot of eros, lot of fortune . First time I heard regarding zodiac releasing regarding that only I asked u sally.

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