The Seventh Uranus Pluto Square: The Facts

Open - Time for changeTwo of the slower-moving outer planets Uranus and Pluto clash for the seventh and final time tomorrow, Tuesday 17th March 2015.

It’s been an epic battle between these two mighty planets and riots and upheaval around the world have been part of their legacy.

Uranus, the planet of change & revolution, has been in Aries, the sign of the individual whilst Pluto, the planet of loss, death & transformation has been in Capricorn, the sign of big business, government and the corporate world.

On a personal level, if you have planets or angles in your natal chart between 8 – 15 degrees of the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, more than likely you have your own experience or story of change and upheaval to tell. Here are the dates of the seven Uranus-Pluto showdowns:

  • June 24 2012
  • September 19 2012
  • May 20 2013
  • November 1 2013
  • April 21 2014
  • December 15 2014
  • March 17 2015

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Depending where Uranus and Pluto have been active in your chart, perhaps you too have discovered that it’s futile to resist change. Here is a quick guide to which areas of your life are highlighted by the Uranus-Pluto square and what it might mean for you. Read both your Sun Sign and Ascendant:

Aries 1st house v. 10th house. Self v. career/authority. It’s you against them or them against you. Brings out your inner rebel.

Taurus 12th house v. 9th house. Retreat/sacrifice v. ideology. A karmic clash. Breaking free from outdated thought/philosophy.

Gemini 11th house v. 8th house. Friends/society v. joint finances. Who or what are you indebted to? Forming new alliances is risky but exciting.

Cancer 10th house v. 7th house. Career/vocation v. the other. What happens to one partner affects you both. Less power games, more independence.

Leo 9th house v. 6th house. Travel/study v. routine. Saying YES to your vision. Ditching the day job or losing the day job. Either way creates freedom.

Virgo 8th house v. 5th house. Finances v. fun/creativity. Taking risks with money to free yourself from debt. Foregoing short-term pleasures for long-term gain.

Libra 7th house v. 4th house. Partnership v. home/past. Love or a relationship changes your life. Leaving the past behind to follow the one you love. Breaking free.

Scorpio 6th house v. 3rd house. Work/health v. communication. Doing things your way. Taking risks instead of living by someone else’s code.

Sagittarius 5th house v. 2nd house. Romance/fun v. money/values. Enjoying yourself whatever the cost. A new romance/child changes your outlook on life.

Capricorn 4th house v. 1st house. Deep inner change or transformation helps you release the past. Moving on, moving away.

Aquarius 3rd house v. 12th house. Communication/community v. retreat. Being true to your social values, playing your part, being heard. Not being a loner.

Pisces 2nd house v. 11th house. Money v. friends/future plans. Future plans are dependent on your changing financial situation. Letting go of a friendship/group.

In my own life, the symbolism is clear as my Midheaven (career point) is Capricorn and my Ascendant (self) is Aries. Pluto’s move into Capricorn completely transformed my business model as I lost lucrative media contracts with established companies and had to start over from a clean slate.

My online astrology business (Uranus rules both technology and New Age occupations) was launched in March 2011 when Uranus went over my Ascendant and it’s been onwards and upwards ever since. One obvious theme of the Uranus-Pluto square has been ‘out with the old and in with the new’. You have to let go of the old way of doing things to clear space for new energy. Uranus always has one eye on the future and new trends.

Tomorrow sees the final Uranus-Pluto square during a week when we also experience a Solar Eclipse at 29 Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac on Friday 20th March 2015. These two big events together suggest an ending, a final letting go. Then we can welcome in a new season thanks to the Equinox that also takes place on March 20th 2015, a symbol of renewal.

Uranus and Pluto remain in orb for some of 2015 and there will be times throughout the year when the personal planets trigger the dynamic duo and reverberations will continue to be felt. Yet, tomorrow’s seventh Uranus-Pluto square is the final one and that’s surely worth a big Hoorah!

2 thoughts on “The Seventh Uranus Pluto Square: The Facts”

  1. Franklin Atherton

    After the multiple conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto back in the early 60s EVERYTHING changed. The mores of our parents and grandparents were cast aside and replaced with nothing. This resulted in a lot of free-love, if it feels good do it, I’m okay you’re okay nonsense that created social chaos from which we’ve never recovered.

    Make no mistake, there was no progress involved in all of this. This was Pluto working in conjunction with Uranus to destroy everything. It was the Tarot’s Tower card happening in real time. It was symbolized by catalysts like John Lennon and acts like the Assassination of John Fitzgerald. Kennedy.

    Even looking at it in hindsight it’s hard to put it into words. It was a huge, ongoing shift in conscience. It was a paradigm shift. One minute we’re headed one direction, the next minute we’re going a different direction, or, worse, we don’t know where we’re going. Suddenly nothing makes sense anymore because the very rules for thinking have changed.

    It took fifty years from the conjunctions to the squares that we’ve just experienced, but it’s happening again. Consciousness is shifting again. We’re still too close to it to be able to tell where it’s headed, but if the conjunctions were any indication, everything is about to change. The squares of Pluto & Uranus were no passing thing, like, “wow, that Uranus/Pluto Square sure kicked my ass! I had a really bad weekend!” No, these will be ongoing and life-changing in ways we can’t even see.

    It could be Brexit was the Kennedy Assassination all over again, possibly Donald Trump will fill in for John Lennon and change everything. But, it’s happening. I can feel it. Everyone feels it. And it’s just getting started.

    1. Wise words. Thank you. Yes I agree this is a definitely a world transit with huge changes reverberating around us still. best, Sally

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