The New Moon of Abundance

europe-175773_1280The next New Moon, symbol of new beginnings, takes place on Monday 18th May, exact at 05:13 BST (GMT +1).

This Β New Moon falls at 26 Taurus 56 in the sign of money, sensuality, produce & abundance.

It makes no other major aspects apart from a conjunction to the Part of Fortune – gorgeous!

It’s the New Moon of abundance.
The Lunation (New Moon/Full Moon) Cycle

The New Moon begins a new cycle in astrology which lasts approximately 28 days. The fortnight between the New and the Full Moon is a time to sow seeds, to initiate, to begin new projects. The Full Moon represents culmination and the fortnight between the Full and the New Moon is then a time to start letting go and slow down in readiness for a new cycle.

[n.b. this New Moon cycle coincides with Mercury retrograde but that’s no reason not to start testing the water, letting ideas germinate, playing around with new beginnings. This is the planting stage].

The Law of Abundance

The New Moon is a brilliant time to create intentions and many people write abundance cheques on the day of the New Moon. You take a cheque from your cheque book, write your name where it says ‘pay’ and sign your cheque ‘The Law of Abundance’. You then either write ‘pay in full’ or add an exact amount that you would like to manifest in the coming fortnight/month.

Then you store your cheque somewhere safe and forget about it, allowing the Universe to take care of your request or burn it in a ritual on the following Full Moon or New Moon.

It’s a very woo-woo practise and in my own experience with cosmic ordering, manifestation practises and the Law of Abundance, they work best when you trust in the process. You have to hide your inner cynic away!

Knowing your Chart

It’s also a good idea to know where in your chart the New Moon falls. This New Moon is a goodie for me as it falls in my 2nd house ruling money and I’m hoping to manifest lots of it πŸ™‚

Here’s a quick guide to which area of life the New Moon in Taurus rules in your chart. Read both your Sun Sign and your Ascendant:

  • Aries – money & values
  • Taurus – personal goals & self image
  • Gemini – retreat & secrets
  • Cancer – friends & wider society
  • Leo – career & status
  • Virgo – travel, study & deeper meaning
  • Libra – shared finances & resources
  • Scorpio – love & relationships
  • Sagittarius – job & health
  • Capricorn – new birth i.e. kids, love, creative project
  • Aquarius – home & family
  • Pisces – local community & ideas

You can check out your own chart to find your Ascendant at as long as you know your time of birth.

The Moon is already in the sign of Taurus and we’re heading for a glorious New Moon.

May your weekend be filled with abundance.

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  1. I’m anxiously waiting for the Federer /Djocovich match tonight. In transits the fab.Federer has his sun opposite uranus. Hope. That does’nt mean he loses ,yet he could. I can’t really get the meaning of the aspect as I have seen a player win with it. It’s a bit late for your reply Sally but I’m hoping nevertheless!!

    1. Sorry, late reply. Yes, Djokovic stormed it once again and is most definitely on a winning streak. Federer is playing brilliant tennis and he currently has Jupiter in Leo triggering his natal Sun/Mercury conjunction. Gorgeous! I really don’t think he can compete with Djokovic right now though when Djokovic is on form. Even when Federer is physically and mentally fit, Djokovic seems invincible. I think it’s going to take someone new to defeat him.

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