Taurus Your Year Ahead 2016

Taurus 2016George Clooney, Sun Taurus (b. May 6 1961)

Actor, producer, director, humanitarian, sex symbol,

occasionally referred to as a trophy husband

Taurus 2016 – Summary (see Special Offer below on how to purchase your in-depth annual horoscope).

2016 is the year of fun as long as you do more of what you love and actively seek out pleasure. Love affairs, children & pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment and social events light up your life.

Learn to develop a healthy work/life ethic that allows you to be in flow, to play well and work well.

The end of the year brings harmony to your work, your routine or life style as you begin to build a team of people around you who are supportive and helpful. Your surroundings matter to you so think beautiful and spend quality time in nature and places which soothe your soul.

Allow yourself to dream big in life and activate your inner determination to keep working towards the wider goals which matter. Travel and learning are part of the picture.

Money management is a key element of your success strategy and whatever your current financial situation, do your best to eliminate debt, cut expensive ties and streamline your money so it works for you.

Financial advice is helpful so draw up a long-term plan. This is not the year to spend extravagantly and Saturn demands you play by the rules and live modestly.

Love has the potential to be passionate, a roller coaster ride and sex is highlighted in more ways than one. Fan yourself down and let an ardent lover take charge. If love goes off the rails, gently encourage it/them back on track.

Relationships in general are a steep learning curve as you change and the people close to you change. Someone might disappear from your life but a new friend or colleague makes a notable impact on your life and is here to stay.

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