A Quick Guide to Taurus

Birthdays: April 20 to May 20
Zodiac Symbol: The Bull
Mode/Element: Fixed Earth
Colour: Green, colours of the earth
Part of the Body: Neck and throat
Day of the Week: Friday
Top Traits: Reliable,Sensual, Persistent
Your Star Sign Mission: to build solid foundations that are lasting, to savour life fully
Best At: patience, dependability, pleasurable activities, practical common sense, artistic talents, loving nature, nurturing others, making money, enjoying food, creating solid foundations
Weaknesses: stubborn, possessive, coarse, lewd, slides into inertia
Key Phrase: I produce
Taurus Quote: ‘Anyone can become a millionaire but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer’ J P Morgan


How to describe Taurus in a Tweet: Love, money, pleasure; the master/mistress of self-indulgence. Funny but coarse, persistent but stubborn. No-one can budge you.

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Astrology Talk - Star Sign Series Video: Taurus

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