Taurus September 2016


Taurus September 2016

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Everyday routine is up in the air at least until week 3 of September and this might prove unsettling for you being one of the earth signs. You like to know where you stand and you have a common-sense approach to life.

So take the pace slow now and this is due to two major planetary factors. Firstly communication planet Mercury is retrograde, i.e. in retreat in the earth sign Virgo. You don’t get the full picture when Mercury’s running blind so keep your options and your mind open. Nothing is settled or clear with Mercury backtracking through the zodiac until the 22nd.

Then there’s eclipse activity and eclipses too have a hidden or shadowy theme. The solar or New Moon eclipse takes place on the 1st also in Virgo and the lunar or Full Moon eclipse takes place on the 16th cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac.

For you this highlights social sectors of your chart. It’s about love and romance, children and pregnancy, creative projects, friendship and group activities or at least one of these key areas in your life. It’s here where change is likely and unexpected events may occur. Eclipses symbolise a time of highs and lows when you have to change your expectations or alter the way you do things normally.

So don’t try to rush into anything during eclipse season, especially the areas mentioned above. Instead take your time, explore your options, keep life flexible. If new people or new life appears, go with the flow, change your routine accordingly. If money’s an issue, the 1st and the 10th might prove tricky, a time when you experience scarcity or fear rather than joy and abundance.

Yet you can also achieve a lot now with regard to money matters as long as you’re forthright and ambitious. Action planet Mars is storming forward in Sagittarius and your joint finance sector until the 27th. Plus Mars is no longer held back by doubting Saturn and instead, you have the benefit of Uranus in one of the most intuitive sectors of your chart on the 17th.

Push for what you want financially and be willing to take a risk or speculate to make progress or move your financial goals in the right direction. Mars represents courage and there’s a sense of nothing ventured, nothing gained, at least if you time your moves well and go for it in the last half of the month.

Mercury turns direct on the 22nd and this is an important turning point. New information comes to light and after a period of confusion or uncertainty, you know what you need to do and why.

Love too begins to pick up once love planet Venus and your ruler enters Scorpio and your relationship sector on the 23rd. This makes up for an unsettled period romantically for the majority of the month. Venus in Scorpio is sexy, passionate and intense and it’s often a peak period in the year for love.

If you’re in a relationship or married, communicate cautiously up until this date because misunderstandings are likely and you and the one you love might not be reading from the same page. The 19th too is a positive date for love and you can often start to pick up the pace as you feel Mercury getting ready to switch direction.

Yet there are other factors throughout September which are more harmonious and can help you both keep the peace and feel more balanced within yourself. You might decide to stay away from difficulty, to avoid people who are being tricky and not get involved in anyone else’s dramas.

If so, you’re tapping into the fact that your ruling planet Venus spends most of September in Libra. Venus rules Libra, the sign symbolised by the scales, and for you this highlights the work and health sectors of your chart.

The more you apply yourself on a daily basis and ensure your routine works for you, the easier the month ahead. Do more of what you love, look after yourself. Eat well, sleep well, get regular exercise. Aim for peaceful relationships, a harmonious environment, be around people who make you feel steady and stable.

The biggest and best planet in the heavens, Jupiter, joins Venus in Libra on the 9th and this is a major planetary event. Jupiter changes signs approximately once a year and in Libra this lights up your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health. It’s here where you’re wise to move away from stressful situations, to avoid toxicity in any shape or form.

Jupiter might bring a new job your way, a new routine, significant changes to your lifestyle and health. It’s a clear signal that the more you focus on you and what works for you on a daily level, the happier and healthier you are.

Plus as September comes to an end, think about what next and consider the bigger picture of your life. Mercury turns direct in a close trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and your travel and study sector. Pluto itself turns direct in the heavens on the 26th and the day after on the 27th, action planet Mars enters this same sector of your chart.

This is strong, dynamic energy and the perfect time to push forward with your travel or study goals. Any activity which broadens your horizons is highly recommended. So do something daring, something bold, move out of your comfort zone and grab yourself a new and exciting adventure.

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