Taurus Monthly Stars September 2013

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It’s a relatively smooth start to September with your ruling planet Venus in Libra until the 11th where she’s very much at home. This is the other sign apart from your own that Venus rules. Libra’s the sign of charm and diplomacy, the strategist, the rule-maker, the negotiator.

In Libra, Venus brings beauty and order to your everyday routine, especially your work and your health. Venus requires harmony and peace to function at her best and creating a lifestyle for yourself that flows is recommended. Libra is also the sign of relating so turn to other people to help you and think co-operation and joint ventures. Service to others also falls under Libra’s domain so it’s as much about what you have to offer as what you can receive.

Your surroundings are especially important now as Mars, the action planet, spends all month down at the base of your chart in the sign of Leo ruling your home and family. This is a busy placing for Mars so everyday life won’t be all serenity and sweet-smelling candles but you can get a lot done. Domestic projects get the green light and family get-togethers are also well-starred.

Finding a balance between your place of work and your home feels more urgent now and how you move from one place to the other and how smoothly you change the different hats you wear is essential to your well-being. The easier you flow from work to friends to family to loved ones and back again, the more stress-free your world. ‘Make life easy’ should be your motto whether you’re considering your commute to work, the people you encounter everyday or the way you communicate in keeping up-to-date with new technologies or social media.

It’s also a good time to put more energy into having fun and enjoying yourself as the Sun is in your fellow earth sign of Virgo until the 22nd. Virgo rules all the good things in life such as creativity, children, romance and entertainment. Take your pick which you choose to focus on but the New Moon in Virgo on the 5th is a brilliant date to start something new in one or more of these areas. Begin a two week project and see what you can complete by the Full Moon on the 19th which cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis and if you involve your friends in the process, so much the better.

Behind the scenes this month there may be a darker story or a bigger issue that requires your attention. The action unfolds in your opposite sign of Scorpio and if you follow my monthly stars, you will know that Saturn has been in this part of your chart since October 2012. Saturn’s one of the heavyweight planets. It rules commitment but also endings. It’s the get real planet and you’re often dealing with the more serious side of life when Saturn dominates. How this has played out for you depends on your personal situation but the themes of loss or endings regarding relationships or business partnerships may have been more prevalent than usual.

This month’s stars repeat what took place towards the end of last year as Venus, your ruler, was in Scorpio in November 2012 and at the end of that month, Venus joined up with Saturn. Then at the end of the following month December 2012 there was a major aspect between Saturn and Pluto and both these events repeat this month. Venus is conjunct Saturn on the 18th and Saturn is sextile Pluto, a potentially helpful aspect, on the 21st.

In close relationships this combination suggests that there’s more pressure to engage with what’s going on between you whether you’re considering settling down, splitting up, going to couples therapy or dealing with any other major life events that inevitably affect you both. It’s how you respond to the tough stuff that’s important and recognising that if you do experience difficulties in your life or in your partner’s life, then does that bring you closer together or push you further apart?

If you’re not in a personal relationship this may play out in a professional context perhaps with an authority figure where there’s an issue around power and control. Venus isn’t strong in Scorpio but that’s not to say you’re not a tough character and you’re certainly capable of standing your ground. What this month’s stars may help you realise is where in life you need to let go and where in life you’re ready to fight for who or what you believe in. Certainly it feels important to plumb the depths or get expert advice if you need it. Go deeply into any issue or relationship in your life and examine it thoroughly. You may find that you learn the most when you’re prepared to face your fears or explore the darker or taboo side of life in some way.

What you discover could be a revelation especially on or around the 26th when Venus is supported by Jupiter in your communication sector. What you hear on or around this date may help you understand that you’re ready to move on from any situation or person that has too tight a hold on you. In a similar vein, Venus in Scorpio is urging you to take back control in some way so you feel powerful and not powerless. Use what you learnt at the end of last year to help you move forward in a way that feels positive and can help transform your current situation.

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