Taurus Monthly Stars September 2012

Taurus Ukraine StampThe biggest area of change in your chart and consequently your life is an invisible one, a shift in the heavens that concerns the Moon’s nodes. The nodes are karmic points in the chart and are calculated due to their relationship with the pathway of the Moon.

On the 2nd, the nodes change sign and move backwards to the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac. This is where the majority of eclipses take place over the next 18 months and it’s a sign of change, a turning point in your life.

The south node is seen as a “stuck” point, it’s your comfort zone, where everything’s easy and this often coincides with a fear of change. Over the last 18 months, the south node has been in Gemini and your finance sector. Since early June, Jupiter, planet of abundance and opportunity, has also been in Gemini where it remains until June 2013. You may have read much talk of increased wealth for Taureans and new money-making opportunities.

If this hasn’t happened for you yet, then the movement of the nodes triggers a release. Here’s your chance to jump on the money bandwagon and improve your chances of financial success. It’s up to you how you go about this but Jupiter loves risk-taking, new ideas and thinking global. Attend a course to attract money, read a wealthy person’s biography, change your money mindset and generally become cash savvy.

Jupiter rules luck and this month, your lucky dates are the 21st and 26th so buy a lottery ticket or enter a competition. On the weekend of the 7th-9th, the focus is on money but trust your intuition to sniff out whether a deal promises more than it can deliver. This is not the best time to take a huge risk unless it’s well thought out, carefully researched and you have read all of the small print. Kids or a hobby could also be an extravagant expense.

So what’s to expect with the south node moving into your sign of Taurus? There may be a fear of change or a desire to hold on tight to your comfort and security. Taurus excels in the practical realm and enjoys real and tangible experiences and luxury. Think comfort zone and all the things that make your life comfortable.

The challenge over the next 18 months is to step out of your comfort zone and to experience life beyond the mundane and everyday. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore the metaphysical realm, whether for you that means a spiritual journey, answering philosophical questions or learning more about the wider world beyond your individual experience.

Other people play an important role in your life over the next couple of years and there may be issues around power and control, e.g. you may encounter individuals who have a charismatic or magnetic attraction, whether romantic or otherwise, so be wise. This is, however, also an opportunity for you to step into your own power and share your wisdom and experience with others. More will be revealed when the eclipses take place, the first of which happens in November, and is especially significant if your birthday is between 11th-13th May.

Back to this month and early on there’s already a chance for you to stand your ground and recognise that sometimes saying no is necessary and powerful. Your ruler Venus clashes with Saturn on the 3rd and your ability to be realistic helps you see where in life you need to close a door and move on. This may concern a sibling, neighbour or an area of work.

Venus is on the move on the 6th into Leo, the sign at the base of your chart. If a home, family or property issue was on hold during the summer, this is your equivalent of a green light. Focus on these areas of life and use this month to trust your intuition and move things along quickly. This may involve a family celebration, buying or selling of property or beautifying your immediate surroundings.

For some, love is in the air and with Mars in Scorpio, a certain person may not take no for an answer but with you they’ve met their match. You want a lover who adores you and treats you well and why settle for less? A passionate relationship results in a clash of wills at times (the 27th looks feisty) but as long as you respect each other’s needs, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the chance to kiss and make up.

If you’re in a relationship or married, this month allows you to sort things out at home and share the balance of domestic responsibilities more equally. You’re a natural earth mother (or father) but there’s no reason why everyone can’t do their bit to create a happy home life, kids included. The more you take charge and focus on a few key areas of your life, the more you’ll discover that it’s the smallest changes that can make the biggest difference.

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2 thoughts on “Taurus Monthly Stars September 2012”

  1. Hi Sally
    Are the dates mentioned in the monthly stars the same regardless of where you live? For e.g. Sept 21 being a lucky date. I live in Melbourne, Australia which is EST – Eastern Standard Time. According to time zone conversion website, that is Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +10 hours.

    1. hi Suze, it’s a good question as there’s such a wide time difference across the world. I am writing in the UK so use GMT and British Summer Time (only 1 hour difference) as my standard. So yes, if you’re 10 hours ahead, it could theoretically be the next day. However, working with the planets isn’t an exact science so you’re not only going to experience a Mercury/Jupiter trine, for example, at exactly 6pm GMT. Astrologers consider an aspect to be active when it’s applying by 1 degree and separating by 1 degree, so it gives a broader range time-wise. For you down under, it’s perfectly fine to consider the following date as well. If you follow me on Twitter @sallykirkman, I do often give the exact time of an aspect or planetary movement for those of you who’d like the exact timing.

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