Taurus Monthly Stars October 2013

Taurus KitschensyngkTaurus (20 April-20 May)

Venus begins the month in your opposite sign of Scorpio where it remains until the 7th. Even though Venus is moving on, personal and professional relationships and all your one-to-one encounters continue to play a key role in your life throughout the rest of the month.

Venus may well have laid the seeds of important developments last month when she met up with Saturn, ruling commitment and endings, plus the karmic north node. The decisions you make this autumn with regard to partnership issues will reverberate in your life for years to come. Marriage, divorce and joint ventures are all potentially in the mix.

This month, Mercury, planet of communication takes over from Venus and is taking a really long time moving through your partnership sector. This is because on the 21st Mercury turns retrograde, i.e. it gives the illusion of moving backwards through the heavens and only turns direct next month on 10th November.

This is a sign that you’re going to be having some key conversations either with yourself or with a.n.other. It’s time to say the things that have been building for months or years although at the same time to realise that what you say will have consequences and in some cases will be final. So don’t say your piece lightly and do be sure of what you’re willing to commit to or end over the next few weeks.

In addition, be aware that the Mercury retrograde period (21st Oct-10th Nov) is never the best time to sign and seal a contract or make major decisions as new information often comes to light once Mercury turns direct. There’s also a sense that secrets or something that’s hidden may play its part this month and again the truth may only be revealed to you come mid-November. In some shape or form, you have to play a waiting game now and realise that the decisions that other people make are as important to your own future as the decisions you’re able to make on your own.

With Saturn in your opposite sign where it’s been for a year, you’re probably already aware that relationships and partnerships in general have taken on a serious tone. If you want or need any advice, legal or otherwise, the w/b 7th October is a good time to turn to an expert or authority figure to guide you.

The potential for passion cannot be denied either as Scorpio is the sign that’s linked with sexuality and on the 15th Mars, the planet of sexuality, enters Virgo and your romance sector. Mars first contact is an opposition to Neptune on the 20th which indicates shady goings-on, whether you’re involved in a love affair or there’s an illicit quality to your encounters. If a relationship does begin on or around this time you will have to wait a few weeks before you know whether it’s going to last. Mercury retrograde tends to keep everyone in the dark.

The other area of your life that’s being brought to attention is your work and possibly your health. There are two potentially challenging periods with regards to these areas of your life at the beginning of the month from the 2nd-5th and mid-month on or around the 18th. It also feels as if there’s a sense of urgency to what you want to do whether because you’ve been putting something off or your current situation is changing.

A cardinal T-square that takes place on the 2nd/3rd repeats planetary aspects from late August and mid-September so looking back to those periods may help you decipher what’s to come.

It may be a moral or ethical issue around your work or a feeling that you’re not on the right track and that if you don’t follow your true vocation, you’re going to miss your chance. This isn’t necessarily true but when the Uranus-Pluto square’s involved, everything feels more dramatic. The New Moon on the 5th is your cue to initiate action with regard to your work or your health, whether you’re applying for jobs or cleaning up your act. It’s a good period to begin a new habit that will benefit you in the long run especially if you suspect that changes are on the way.

The lunar or Full Moon eclipse that takes place on the 18th cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of your chart highlighting work and health issues and you’re wise to do your best to pre-empt any possible changes that may happen.

On the 16th two days before the eclipse your ruler Venus is in Sagittarius, ruling joint finances, and in a helpful aspect to Uranus, this is a great date to take a risk and trust your intuition in knowing what to do. Put your money where your mouth is, invest well, pay off a debt or buy a lottery ticket. Acting fast can help you turn the wheel of fortune in your favour.

This is a month when timing is the key to your success and even though you may fear change, once you embrace life to the full and accept that you can’t stop certain events in your life, you may find that you can take advantage of a changing situation and can start ticking off some of the most important stuff on your list of dreams.

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