Taurus Monthly Stars May 2014

Taurus.15th CenturyTaurus (20 April-20 May)

Both the Sun and Mercury (communication) are in your sign of Taurus as the month begins indicating that it’s full steam ahead and the perfect time to focus on your personal goals and ambitions. Taurus is a steady, reliable and persistent sign so focus on what you want to achieve and knuckle down to it.

You may also be riding high or at least geared up on the back of the powerful Taurus Solar Eclipse which took place on April 29th at the end of last month. Eclipses often bring what’s hidden to light and they can be a time of deep insight or illumination. What’s dark becomes light, what was unknown becomes known. If this eclipse brought a revelation either in the form of a finale or a new beginning, this acts like rocket fuel and powers you forward certainly in the first half of May.

When planets are in your own sign, it’s time to focus on yourself, your appearance, your well-being, your image and how you come across in the world. Forget selfish and think self-centred. The time is right to know who you are and to let the world see more of you.

One area of your life under the astro-spotlight this month is relationships, personal and professional. Mighty Saturn has been trundling through Scorpio and your opposite sign since late 2012 and this will have been hard-going for some but also potentially a time of commitment in relationships and hanging on in there for the long run. Look at the symbolism of Saturn in your love life and it’s post-honeymoon period but you get the benefit from working at love and being committed to your relationship.

That’s the reality but Saturn does also show when you’ve hit a dead end and Saturn opposes both Mercury and the Sun on the 3rd and 10th respectively. These could turn out to be important weekends for love and partnership as Saturn’s ‘get real’ nature kicks in and asks you to be honest about what you want when it comes to love. It doesn’t have to be either bad or good but it’s about being honest.

This also feels a powerful month for love as there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis on the 14th and a glorious Jupiter/Saturn trine on the 24th. For some, this is undoubtedly a proposal or a renewal of your vows especially as Jupiter is currently in Cancer and your communication sector.

If you’re not in a relationship or married, then transfer this symbolism to a working partnership or to any other important 1-to-1 in your life. Heart and head are in alignment and it’s a time when you can see clearly what you want and who’s good for you.

Your ruler Venus is in slightly sneaky mode this month as she’s hidden away in your horoscope in the previous sign of Aries from the 3rd-29th. This may indicate a love affair, a hidden passion or the knowledge that you can trust your intuition and that developing your spiritual side works in your favour.

Again the symbolism is about embracing what’s ‘hidden’ whether that’s a secret, a confidence or something from your past. Here’s your chance to come to terms with it and to learn to love your hidden self.

When Venus is hidden in your chart, you also benefit from some quiet time and relaxation so you can hear your inner voice more clearly and feel that you’re in flow rather than out of kilter. The week from the 11th-18th is potentially patchy when Venus has to negotiate the Grand Cross planets but you know all about this now and you know how to deal with it. It may be a case of good time management, trying not to take on too much, putting your health first or a similar scenario.

This is a blip however in what’s turning out to be a positive and productive and potentially successful month. Mercury leaves Taurus and moves into your money sector Gemini on the 7th where it remains until the 29th and this means it’s all stations go with regard to cash matters, earning it, spending it and talking about it. Most importantly, it’s about doing whatever’s necessary to speed things up and make things happen.

Mars, the action planet, turns direct in Libra and one of your work sectors on the 20th so anything that’s been stuck or on hold since early March gets the green light. Good dates to note are the 12th and the 31st when you should go all out to achieve what’s key to you with regard to money and work. Things are picking up pace and fast so jump to it.

This is all the more urgent as Mercury will turn retrograde next month and reverses through your money sector from the 17th June-1st July. Deal with the important stuff before the middle of next month and highlight the 28th this month when there’s a New Moon in Gemini to launch a money-making venture or to get financial advice. A New Moon signals new beginnings and yours are cash-related.


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