Taurus Monthly Stars March 2015

green bunny with white spotsTaurus (20 April – 20 May)

There’s a lot going on this month and for you, it’s effectively a month of two halves.

This is because Venus, your ruling planet, is in Aries until the 17th when she changes signs and moves into Taurus for the latter half of March.

Venus is hidden away in Aries as Aries rules the most hidden sector of your chart. This can be a time when you’re feeling ill or under the weather or you need some quiet time curled up under the duvet.

The focus is on your past and you may be dealing with events or a situation that you wish to resolve or complete in some way, perhaps something that’s very private to you or even confidential.

The dominant energy takes place within as the focus is on your inner self and your intuition and your inner guides are powerful now. Plus Mars the action planet is in the same place in the heavens until the end of the month so some of you might be working on an intense project, doing research, deeply involved in preparation, ready to launch yourself into the world. You can literally be back-stage when planets are in this sector of your chart or working behind the scenes.

There’s also a strong link to your home and family, your past and where you come from and this is due to Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, currently in Leo and the domestic sector of your chart. There’s a wonderful trine aspect this month and the 3rd and 4th are really important dates to listen to your intuition, to follow a hunch and to follow up a trail or mystery that leads you back in time.

You might be actively engaged in finding out more about your ancestry through your family tree, you might find yourself thinking of someone you know from your childhood or feel a strong calling to revisit your family home. These areas of your life are blessed so it does suggest something special for you, a trip down memory lane, a school reunion, discovering a member of your family you never knew about.

Go where your heart leads and see where you are when you arrive at your destination. Think of it as a magical mystery tour. Plus, if you want to hold out the olive branch of peace to someone in your past, this is the time to go for it. A change of residence or moving home can benefit you greatly at this time.

This is potentially a powerful month for another reason and this is the fact that the 7th and final Uranus-Pluto square takes place on March 17th, the same day as your ruler Venus moves into Taurus. This symbol is the end of the road for a project or decision or life path that began in June 2012 or even a few years before. The Uranus-Pluto symbolism is out with the old and in with the new and it’s futile to resist change when this combination is active.

The Uranus-Pluto square takes place in the sectors of your chart which represent your beliefs, your philosophy on life, your purpose and mission. This could be a time when you’re letting go of something that’s been strong and powerful and has guided you in the past. This might link in to your religion or your spiritual path and you find that you’re ready to change direction, to do things differently.

Plus Pluto is in the sector of your chart that rules travel, learning, knowledge so you could decide quite impulsively to change tack when it comes to a move abroad, taking a sabbatical, a course of learning. You decide to drop or let go of a plan or dream that’s been important to you for some time.

This may be due to your home or family circumstances or simply a realisation that you’ve outgrown the old you and by shedding a skin you reveal something new and fresh, a deeper understanding of who you are perhaps. At times this will uncomfortable as you jolt forwards and not everyone will be in agreement with what’s happening. Yet you can’t resist the pull of the new. Ideally if you’re in a relationship or married, you both need to change or at least find a way to accommodate this process as a team.

Venus and Mars are close by one another throughout the month. Mars leads the way until the 17th and then Venus steps up a pace so symbolically this might mean your partner holds the fort or calls the shots and then you take over the lead role. This is what a good partnership is all about, supporting one another as you move forward through life. Separate tracks but side by side.

Venus is powerful in your sign of Taurus so this does feel like coming back to you, knowing yourself inside and out. You’re less easily distracted when Venus is in Taurus, you’re no longer living in your head or confined to barracks but ready to engage with life, to be sensual and to be natural.

You might want to get out more, spend time in nature, visit the countryside. Hands-on activities benefit you in more ways than one: massage, sculpture, art, cooking, gardening, caring for a pet. Let your mother earth tendencies nurture and nourish yourself and others.

Finally this month there’s a powerful Solar Eclipse on March 20th, the day of the equinox. This eclipse is special not only because it’s a New Moon and an indication of new beginnings but it falls at the very last degree of the zodiac 29 Pisces. On the same day, both the Sun and Moon leave Pisces and start a new journey round the zodiac beginning in the sign of Aries.

Pisces rules friends, groups, social networks and your activities in wider society. This eclipse hints at an ending followed by a beginning so perhaps you decide to leave a group or a shift in your beliefs means that you’re ready to say goodbye and move on. Once you let go of a position, a role, an association this creates space to embrace new activities and in some shape or form to start over.

The eclipse can also indicate that a friend needs you at this time and your caring nature means that more likely than not you’re ready to drop everything and step in to help. The experience will be a powerful one for both parties involved.

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