Taurus Monthly Stars March 2014

Taurus JaipurTaurus (20 April-20 May)

It’s worth reminding you that Mercury, planet of communication, turned direct in the sign of Aquarius and your career sector on the last day of February.

This is the equivalent of a green light, things beginning to pick up pace and moving in the right direction. You hear the news you were waiting for or relevant information comes to light.

March is a positive month for you with regard to your work, your career and vocation. There’s a sense of marching forward, gathering useful contacts around you and enjoying what you’re working on as well. The emphasis is on air signs so this isn’t about going it alone, instead it’s about extending your reach and working alongside others as part of a team or group endeavour to achieve your goals.

Join a new network, sign up to social media or participate in a club or social get-together. If you’re out of work, look into volunteering or find a group close to home which can benefit you and offer support.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, turns direct on the 6th in your communication sector but also in the sign of Cancer, so this is about finding your clan as well as sharing information. There’s a buzz in the air for you this month so get things moving and crack on.

Mars, planet of action, is one of the planets in air signs and on the 1st, Mars turns retrograde in the heavens and will remain on go slow until May 20th 2014. This may coincide with a change of direction in your work or a decision to do things differently.

I wonder whether this is about actively adopting a slower pace of life as Mars in Libra focuses on your everyday routine and also your health. There’s a sense that less is more so even though it’s worth your while opening up your world right now, maybe choose carefully what you do and don’t feel as if you have to cover all your options. Target your work more specifically and do one thing well rather than try overly hard to meet all expectations upon you. Work less hard but work better.

Other people are also a great source of inspiration now. Learn to delegate or ask for help and seek out a role model, someone who can give you some sound advice.

Lovely dates for work are the 14th and the 29th when first Mercury and then Venus team up with action planet Mars in a helpful trine aspect. You can move things forward on or around these dates and the other date to note is the 18th when your planet Venus in your career sector teams up with spontaneous Uranus. Trust your intuition on or around this date and listen out for synchronicities and life pointing you in a new direction.

The other big event for you is Saturn, the planet of commitment and responsibility, limitation and restriction, turning retrograde on the 2nd, and Saturn remains on go slow until July 20th 2014. Saturn is currently in Scorpio and your opposite sign so this puts the spotlight on 1-to-1 relationships, both personal and professional.

Saturn can be a hard taskmaster although being one of the earth signs you usually work well under Saturn’s tutelage. You understand the importance of knuckling down, taking the long-term option and playing by the rules. Personally I feel that when Saturn’s retrograde or on go slow it’s influence and strength is weakened so theoretically you could be in for an easier few months on the relationship front if you’ve been having a tough time of late. There can be less pressure or demands upon you.

However, the love and lust planets, Venus and Mars, also clash on the 2nd and later in the month on the 29th, Venus squares up to Saturn. So you may find that if you’re in a relationship or married, there’s an issue around work, perhaps one of you being in employment, one of you working shifts or some other situation that creates an imbalance between you. As work dominates this month, some of you may decide to put your career before love now and focus on what you want to achieve in life, your work or vocational goals.

If you do work alongside your partner, then this kind of relationship is likely to flourish and it feels an easier month for working partnerships than it does for romantic relationships. At least, you may have to make a big decision now which forces you to decide how high a priority love is.

If you’re looking for new love, take note of the Full Moon on the 16th that falls in your romantic sector and whether single or in a relationship, spend some quality time with your friends this month too.

As the month progresses, you may find you want to prioritise better self-care and give yourself the time and space to retreat from the busy-ness of life. There’s no rush. Planets are slowing down, so go with the flow of life.

6 thoughts on “Taurus Monthly Stars March 2014”

  1. Ive been following my horoscope avidly for the last 5yrs or more, and have just discovered Sally Kirkman, im hoping that her interpretation of the planets will mean something to me. Im a Taurus and nothing but nothing anyone else has written has meant a thing to me and my circumstances.

  2. Hi Sally, I’ve been reading your site and you’re right on time with the career thing. I am expecting a prenominal year filled with blessings and lots of change!

  3. I’m Taurus, broke up with my 12 years old Pisces love 6 months ago when he found a libra girl younger to him 20 years. He still hang around me by showing his presence at skype or emailing me anonymous emails. If he’s in a relationship, why is he still around me. I know Saturn’s in my marriage sector since 2012 & gave me a hard time in relationship ending it last year. Will Pisces love return to me after Saturn slows down this year? Thanks Sally

    1. hi Nalini, thank you for your comment. Pisceans are romantics and go with the flow. It sounds as if he’s unsure of his own feelings if he keeps popping up in your life. Saturn remains in Scorpio until the end of 2014 and when it’s in your relationship sector you need commitment. That’s important for you too as a Taurus. I think you need to ask yourself whether you can trust your Pisces again if he does come back to you? I would be tempted to let him go…

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