Taurus Monthly Stars June 2013

Taurus Kitschensyngk 2Taurus (20 April-20 May)

Your planet Venus is in the thick of the action this month as it moves into the water sign Cancer on the 3rd where it remains until the 27th.

The water signs dominate this month and next as two of the major planets Saturn and Neptune make a trine aspect in the other water signs of Scorpio and Pisces respectively and as the personal planets move through Cancer this creates what is called a grand trine, i.e. a triangle of planets in the heavens.

A grand trine creates a flow of energy, it’s easy and fluid. It’s important, however, to realise that this is the emotional sector so at times you may feel awash with feelings and more sensitive than usual both to the joyful side of life and the suffering. When planets are in water, you fare best by trusting your intuition and doing what feels right rather than what you think is right.

However, Neptune is so dominant this month that you may feel as if you’re all at sea, lacking boundaries and unable to find your footing. The key date in this respect is the 7th when not only does Neptune slow down and turn retrograde in the heavens but Venus trines both Saturn and Neptune on this date. This will give you more of an idea what this watery grand trine means to you, in your own life and your personal situation.

Venus in Cancer influences your communication sector so this is about your relationships with other people: your one-to-one partner, your friends, your community and the world at large. This is where inspiration and fulfilment lies and the positive side of this planetary aspect is that you may feel as if you’ve found your place in the world, whether it be your soul mate, your tribe or people who understand you. This can be a gloriously whirlwind experience for love and connection and if you meet someone new this month, you may experience the sensation of falling head over heels in love.

Just bear in mind that when Neptune dominates you don’t have your feet on the ground and this is necessary as you are one of the earth signs. Neptune can throw a veil over events and blind you with illusion, glamour and seduction. So keep hold of your common sense and ensure you have people in your life who are your ‘get real’ folk and who know how to ground you if you waft away and become hooked by whatever dream you’re chasing.

You are entering a phase when communication is becoming more important as Jupiter, planet of opportunity, also enters Cancer on the 26th where it will remain for the next 12 months. This is a shift in energy and whether you want your voice to be heard, you want to share your ideas with others or you want to learn something new, communication is key. You may feel a burning desire to launch a website, throw yourself into social media, buy a new car or new phone or commit to a community project.

Whatever you want to begin that’s connected to communication, take small baby steps instead of launching yourself fully into a new project. This is because on the same day as Jupiter enters Cancer, Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer and this is the communication planet. Do let your imagination run wild and be inspired by new thoughts, ideas and what next in life but take action slowly for now. Mid-July onwards will be much more effective to begin whatever’s new and happening for you.

One area of your life that can’t be underestimated this month is money and abundance. This is where you’ll find Mars, the planet of action, throughout the month plus there’s a New Moon in your cash sector on the 8th which has got to be good news for a money-related matter. The best date, however, is the 19th when the Sun and Jupiter make their annual connection in the heavens and this year they meet in Gemini, the sign that rules money and the things you value in life.

This may be the culmination of work or effort you’ve put in over the last 12 months but it feels lucky, prosperous and abundant. Trust your intuition where cash is concerned and be willing to take a risk however small and have a flutter or follow a whim. Where Jupiter leads you know that opportunity and growth are never far behind.

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