Taurus Monthly Stars July 2014

Deckchairs and SeagullTaurus (20 April-20 May)

The brakes are off as July begins and the cosmic train picks up speed nicely throughout the month. Your ruling planet Venus is in Gemini as the month begins where it remains until the 18th and Gemini is the sign that rules your money, your personal finances and what you value in life.

It’s an easy run for Venus through the heavens this month making only beneficial or supportive aspects with other planets so this ensures you can get a lot done on the cash front. Venus is in the communication sign of Gemini and a positive attitude to money-making and wealth creates results. Enjoy talking about money, playing with money and finding out more about money. A happy relationship with money helps you earn more.

Plus, as of the 1st of the month, Mercury is no longer retrograde in this same sector of your chart. Mercury’s change of direction often acts a green light, it coincides with a second or even third chance to improve your cash situation and it can indicate good news coming your way. Mercury remains in Gemini until the 13th so it’s the first half of the month that requires you to speed things up, make those important calls and enhance your money management.

Work matters or a personal project picks up speed now as Mars, the planet of action and energy, completes its journey through the sign of Libra, where it’s been since December 2013. Mars in Libra is the diplomat, the negotiator who tries hard to work things out and keep everyone happy. This is the crux with Mars in Libra, a reminder that you can’t please all of the people all of the time and even though you have to make a nod towards teamwork and collaboration, Mars really wants to be in charge and go it alone.

Mars in Libra can prove indecisive but with Mars speeding up to leave this sector of your chart on July 26th, there is a chance to bring a project to a satisfactory conclusion. The weekend of the 12th/13th is especially valuable and working alongside people with like minds is not only effective but fun. A conference, workshop or team get-together is guaranteed to be a success.

The big news this month is Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, changing signs. Jupiter takes approximately one year to move through each sign of the zodiac and since June 2013, Jupiter’s been in Cancer, the sign that rules communication in your chart. If you’ve been able to make significant progress with the way you communicate on- or off-line, you’ve been in tune with Jupiter’s expansive nature.

Jupiter rules travel and education and it’s about reaching out on a global level, gathering new information and learning from the people in your tribe. Jupiter’s not had an easy run through the sign of Cancer as it’s been caught up with the Uranus-Pluto square that’s been dominating the heavens since 2012. Events may have forced you to change your beliefs, reassess your philosophy on life and at times you may have wondered what on earth it’s all about, where you’re heading in life and why.

There may be a reoccurrence of challenges involving travel, study, your spiritual path or your beliefs as both the Sun and Mercury clash with Uranus and Pluto from the 4th-8th and the 22nd-25th respectively, followed by your ruling planet Venus on the 28th when she opposes Pluto. The best advice with Uranus and Pluto is to let go of what’s old and outdated and to embrace what’s new and innovative. It’s about daring to be different and standing out from the crowd. Keep pushing and you will achieve a personal goal that’s very dear to you.

Jupiter’s move into Leo turns the spotlight to your home, family, your past and your roots and Jupiter remains in this sector of your chart until August 11th 2015. When Jupiter’s in Leo, this is a classic time to move home and to expand where you live. With Jupiter’s ‘foreign’ theme, you may be planning a move abroad or a get-together with family who live scattered around the world or in a different country.

A big family celebration is well-starred with Jupiter in Leo and it’s the perfect time to catch up with people from your past and to remember your roots and where you come from. For some, it’s about expanding your own family whether this is your own children, an adoption, the addition of a step family or living within a community.

The end of the month offers your first glimpse of what this new planetary transit means for you as the Sun and Jupiter connect in Leo on the 24th and a New Moon falls in Leo on the 26th: a perfect weekend for a wedding or finding your dream home.

Finally this month, there are two events which take place that are significant for your one-to-one relationships. Firstly, Saturn which has been in your opposite sign of Scorpio since October 2012 turns direct on the 20th and then picks up speed before leaving this part of your chart in December 2014. Secondly, Mars, the planet of action, enters Scorpio on July 26th where it remains until September 13th 2014

These two events suggest that you can’t ignore what’s going on in your love life or in a one-to-one business partnership. It’s time to get tough and channel your drive and determination into the relationship. You may be in a situation where you’re ready to commit or quit or there are some deeper issues that you feel it’s time to address.

Mars is strong and powerful in Scorpio and as Mars is your partner planet, you could find it’s your other half or a business partner who ups the ante and takes charge of the relationship and where you’re heading. Power is a huge turn on in a relationship now and extremely sexy.

If you are in a partnership where power is an issue, however, then it’s time to deal with matters and Mars doesn’t mess about. You stand firm, cut the ties that bind and move on. Turn to friends and family whose support will be invaluable and ensure that your own needs are met.

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