Taurus Monthly Stars January 2013

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Happy New Year! There’s no point hanging around as 2013 gets underway deciding your strategy for the year or pondering what next. Mars, the action planet, up at the top of your horoscope signals that the beginning of this new year is the perfect time to get busy and make things happen.

Being one of the practical earth signs, you’re best at being productive and “doing” rather than spending too long thinking about things so, with Mars in dynamic form, jump to it.

On the 1st, Mars teams up with Uranus bringing brilliant insight if you listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition. Then on the 4th Mars partners Jupiter, planet of opportunity and good fortune. With Jupiter in your cash zone, here’s your cue to motor forward with plans to a) sort out your debts b) make your millions c) get a new job [tick whichever is most appropriate].

In fact, it’s what you put in place this month and next that’s going to determine how well 2013 progresses on the work and money fronts. Another key date is the 30th when Jupiter turns direct and picks up speed for a final three month surge through your cash sector. Anything goes with Jupiter and you benefit by taking risks, thinking big and buying the odd lottery ticket or two. It’s about getting a lucky break and then some.

For now, it looks as if you can do things on your own and that a partner or a key individual in your life may even hold you back. See what happens on or around the 7th, 25th and 30th when Saturn squares three of the personal planets in your career sector. Saturn squares slow things down and you’re wise to proceed with caution. With Saturn in your opposite sign of Scorpio, this may be someone in your life who acts as the voice of reason or someone who’s prone to viewing the glass half empty instead of half full.

You could just power ahead regardless as Saturn remains in your opposite sign for the next two years and you may already suspect that working alongside others is going to be a major learning curve in your life. Saturn acts as a mirror and may show you some aspects of your own personality that aren’t your favourite. This depends on your current situation but be realistic and see what lessons you can learn.

For some, this is about a personal relationship, perhaps one of you is out of work or ill and the other has to support the family. Saturn pares things back to the bare basics but it is also the planet of commitment and responsibility and it’s a good idea to work with Saturn rather than battle against it.

Venus, your ruling planet, is playing catch-up for most of the month. It’s slow to join in the action but on the 9th, Venus enters your fellow earth sign of Capricorn putting the spotlight on travel, learning and any area of life that expands your world. Capricorn rules the sector of your chart that’s about self-improvement and living to your full potential. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to consider the bigger picture and decide whether you want to study or learn something new, follow a more spiritual path or focus on your personal development.

It doesn’t have to be a worthy act, it can also be lots of fun, especially when you team up with a friend and do something new together. The New Moon on the 11th falls in Capricorn, a wonderful day to start something new in your life. Tap into your sense of adventure, decide what you want to tick off your bucket list or your list of personal goals and in the process begin to transform your life.

Pluto is also in this sector of your chart and it’s important to realise that Pluto’s gifts aren’t handed to you on a plate. Pluto’s gifts are ‘hidden’ gifts and sometimes you have to scratch beneath the surface, dig deep and be resolute in order to obtain them. You may even have to encounter the darker side of life to discover the true beauty of Pluto’s hidden treasures. It’s the equivalent of finding the nugget of gold only after you’ve turned over many worthless gems and if you’re a typical Taurean, you’re nothing if not persistent.

If you’re in a relationship or married, be aware that it’s through taking on a new challenge together and doing something radically different that tightens the bond between you. Start 2013 as you wish to carry on and ensure that it’s a special year of growth and transformation.

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