Taurus Monthly Stars February 2014

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Your ruler Venus turned direct on the last day of January and is now moving smoothly through your fellow earth sign of Capricorn throughout the month of February. This puts the spotlight on travel or study plans but also whatever gives your life meaning. It’s about discovering your vocation, following your passion and working steadily towards a life-style that suits you.

If you’re a typical Taurus, you make things happen by moving slowly but steadily towards your goals. You put one step in front of the other and before you know it you’ve reached the top of the mountain and you can see around you 360 degrees.

This feels like a powerful month for you as the Sun is up at the top of your chart until the 18th focusing on your work and your career and you have the big vision, you’re looking ahead to what you want to achieve.

In addition, Mars, planet of action, continues to move forward in the sign of Libra, so this is about finding your tribe and working alongside others to be bigger and better than you can be on your own. Mars has stamina and isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty. So knuckle down and join forces with other people to pursue your work goals or to follow a cause you believe in. Respect the mind-body connection too with Mars in Libra and channel your energy into physical activities or regular exercise. Create a happy balance between your work and your well-being and you can soar high.

There is one major planetary aspect this month that involves Jupiter, the planet of faith and truth, square to Uranus in the hidden sector of your chart on the 26th. This is about breaking the mould, doing things differently and being willing to speak out of turn if necessary to put your own thoughts and opinions forward. If you believe in something strongly, you’ll go the extra mile to prove your point.

This does mean that at times you may clash with other people but if there’s a chance that you can change someone else’s opinion to either help themselves or to see the truth of the situation and you believe it’s really important to do so, then there’s not a lot can stop you.

Do be aware, however, that Mercury, the communication planet, is retrograde this month from the 6th to the 28th and for most of that time, it’s on go slow in your career sector. So pick your battles carefully and learn to hold back sometimes instead of going full throttle to get your voice heard.

Be aware that when Mercury’s retrograde, you don’t have all the information you need and you’re more prone to communication chaos in some form of other. So make allowances for this and be ready to act if you experience techy problems or you have issues with bureaucracy or paperwork. Any problems will get ironed out towards the end of the month but do yourself a favour and back up important data before Mercury turns on the 6th.

When it comes to love and relationships, you may find that work takes precedence, whether you’re working extra hard or you’re currently out of work. This could cause issues if you’re married or in a long-term relationship and the dates to note are the 11th and the 19th. Saturn remains in your opposite sign of Scorpio and although Saturn rules commitment, it also represents blocks or obstacles. So in love too, you’re being asked to confront any problems and deal with them head on. If you’re feeling bored in a relationship, look at what you can do together to live things up.

The 25th is the best date for love this month when Venus is in a harmonious aspect with Saturn and this would be a perfect date for booking a holiday that you can enjoy together or signing up to an activity that you can experience as a couple; a dancing class or learning a language, for example. You need to find some common ground between you and be willing to compromise if one or both of you has less time for love. Relationships rarely survive if you’re on different paths to each other and have no shared or common interests.

Having said that, this month the focus is on work, vocation and channelling most of your energy and passion into what fulfils you on a daily basis. Look back to August 21st 2013 as there’s a sense that you have come full circle since then and what takes place on or around Valentine’s Day will show you exactly how far you’ve come.

With this knowledge comes a sense of pride in your own achievements or those of your family. This is where the focus lies mid-month and knowing that you’re putting in place a lifestyle that supports you and the ones you love.


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