Taurus Monthly Stars August 2012

Taurus Zodiac StampThe month begins with a glorious Full Moon on Thursday 2nd that has to benefit you in some way either work wise or financially. This Full Moon takes place in the sign of Aquarius up at the top of your chart, ruling your status, career and vocation. Full Moons tend to be emotional markers but also represent culmination, completion and achievement.

This time around the Full Moon is in a helpful aspect with Jupiter, planet of opportunity, in your money sector. This feels fabulously abundant and prosperous and it’s a wonderful date to make a key decision about work, money or both.

Jupiter’s in Gemini boosting your cash flow until June 2013 so this is the chance to build towards something special. Take a long-term view of your financial prospects, think big, be expansive and take risks and good things will come your way.

Your ruler Venus also begins the month in Gemini and your money sector where it’s been since early April 2012. Hopefully the first week of August brings you praise or satisfaction or even a cash bonus. Work at attracting money and abundance into your life and you will be rewarded.

Enter week two and pesky little Mercury picks up speed again in Leo and your domestic sector after three weeks on go slow. If you’ve had any kind of problems at home or within the family, communication-wise or appliances breaking down, the 8th is the date when you turn the corner and can start to resolve any home, property or family-related issues.

When Mercury turns direct it often brings new information to light, what was hidden emerges and a new picture unfolds. It’s an excellent date to initiate a conversation that can move you forward or help your understanding, whatever your current situation.

Other positive dates for home-related matters are Saturday 18th and Wednesday 22nd. On these two dates Mercury teams up with Uranus and Jupiter respectively for a third meeting. Events that began late June or early July come full circle and you have the green light to move ahead.

This time would be well spent de-cluttering, sorting things out at home, beginning a home improvement scheme or taking a trip down memory lane. Make good money at a car boot sale or sell unwanted possessions on ebay. You can draw up new agreements or arrangements with family members or estate agents and it feels positive and hopeful. Clear communication is the key to your success and there’s a sense that if you don’t ask, you won’t receive, so be bold and sort out child care, a cleaning rota or any other domestic-related project that benefits you.

Mid-month is likely to be the most challenging period for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Mars, the planet of ambition, is currently in Libra and your work sector where it joins sensible Saturn. Saturn’s energy can be relentless, however, and you can’t get away without working hard or seeing a project through to the end. Some of you may have to work overtime or will be extra busy whilst colleagues are on holiday and you hold the fort. If you’re out of work, you may feel disheartened but changes are on the way. Mars leaves Libra on the 23rd and Saturn moves on early October. Being disciplined helps you and keeping a structured routine does too. Being a Taurus and one of the earth signs, you’re nothing if not persistent so whether you want to improve your health or your working life, knuckle down and you will see results in the long term.

Your planet Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th and is heading for a showdown with Pluto and Uranus on the 15th and 16th respectively. This may be about your relationship with a sibling or neighbour or your involvement in your local community. It may also concern your education or training in some way. It is a real clash in the heavens and often it means you have to give something up or let someone go. Things just don’t work out and it’s time to accept where in life you need to close a door and move on.

A similar clash took place last month between 17th-19th July and also on 24th June so think back to what occurred on these dates and this may help you handle any confrontation or challenge in your life.

Finally, there’s positive movement in the heavens for you when on the 22nd the Sun enters your fellow earth sign of Virgo and on the 23rd Mars moves into passionate Scorpio. This is great news for love and relationships, whether you’re married, going steady, single or anywhere in between. It adds energy and heart to the mix and brings a lively vibrant feel to your love life and all one-to-one relationships. There may be more arguments but more chances to kiss and make up. Put energy into your friendships too and the 9th, 26th and 31st are wonderful dates to be kind and caring to the ones you love and hopefully bring some special moments your way in return.

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