Taurus Monthly Horoscope October 2015

Wall boards, TaurusTaurus (20 April – 20 May)

There’s a feel good vibe to October’s stars for you and the fun continues throughout the month.

Admittedly it’s a slow start so don’t rush into anything if it doesn’t feel right early in October and enjoy proceeding at snail’s pace for a short while. If you’re a typical Taurus, then you’ll enjoy savouring life, experiencing slow living and practising indulgence.

One of the most important planetary shifts for you this month involves your ruling planet Venus. Venus, the planet which represents love, money, art and beauty, has been in Leo for the majority of the last five months since early June. Finally on October 8th Venus leaves behind Leo and enters your fellow earth sign of Virgo.

It’s important to note what you’re wrapping up, what’s coming to completion and the area of your chart where Venus has been residing for the best part of five months is your home and family sector. This links back to your past, looking backwards rather than forwards and reconnecting with family and friends from former days.

Why has this area of life been important to you? Have there been big family celebrations, a change of residence, a major period of DIY or interior design? On some level, it’s been about getting these relationships right, whatever that means for you. Getting to know new family but also being able to forgive yourself and/or others when family relationships don’t go according to plan. That doesn’t mean you end up best friends with everyone but you’re at peace within yourself.

If it feels right for you to perform some kind of ritual early in the month or to reconnect with a family member or someone from your past, the time is right to do so. Then… it’s on with the fun. Venus in Virgo from the 8th joins Mars, the action planet, in this sector of your chart and this is feel-good central.

Virgo rules all the good things in life, such as love affairs, children and pregnancy, creativity projects, entertainment and luck. Take your pick what you want more of but the good news is that throughout October there’s an abundance available.

This is mainly due to Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and abundance, also in Virgo and on the 17th and 25th, Jupiter connects with first Mars and then your ruling planet Venus. These are gorgeous planetary aspects and there’s a rush of enjoyment as Jupiter expands what it touches.

One area of your life that’s positively blooming this month is love and relationships as Virgo rules romance in your chart. Plus, last month Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, finally left your opposite sign of Scorpio and pushed off. Saturn won’t be back in your relationship sector for many years and this has to bring a sense of relief.

Love and relationships feel easier and lighter now and the more you have fun with the one you love, the better. Don’t take life too seriously, don’t focus on the difficult stuff but instead, embrace what you enjoy and love together. If you want to start a family or add to it, here’s your opportunity.

Even more good news for love and relationships is the powerful Full Moon in your sign of Taurus on the 27th. This is a gorgeous Full Moon as the Moon in Taurus represents ‘a safe harbour’. This is about feeling protected, being around people you love and who make you feel safe and happy.

After the trials and tribulations of Saturn in Scorpio from October 2012 to September 2015, you deserve some ease in love, some happiness. The Full Moon often brings matters to completion, it’s a fertile period when love can blossom and relationships flourish. Good news for love but also for other key 1-to-1’s and business partnerships.

Plus, this is a promising month for your working life too as the communication planet Mercury turns direct in Libra and your work sector on the 9th. It’s been a tricky retrograde phase and it’s best to hold off with important negotiations, meetings or interviews until after the 9th.

Look out for news coming to light on or around this date and hidden information tends to pop up too. You’re back on track with your work once Mercury is up to speed and this is confirmed because of a brilliant New Moon in Libra on the 13th. This is a good date to launch a project, bag a new client and be proactive in your working life.

Yet even though things are starting to proceed more smoothly with regard to your work in the second half of the month, there’s a sense that you’re itching for something more. There’s a restless quality to your stars in October, perhaps questioning what it’s all about, thinking there must be something else to life.

This links in to new experiences and you can satiate your lust or longing by booking a holiday, trip, talk or course. Look out for what materialises in your life on or around the 11th when there’s a stunning Jupiter/Pluto connection in the heavens. This is the perfect date to say Yes to an adventure, a new experience, something to look forward to which fills any void.

The more you embrace life and focus on play primarily, the happier and potentially more successful you are in the month ahead. Do what you love, be around people who make you laugh and inspire you, hang out with your kids, savour every moment.

Yes, there are some more serious issues bubbling away in the background but they’re not crucial right now. Plus, you might find that by shifting your outlook and choosing to be positive/happy makes everything seem easier, problems included. Fun is there for the taking in October so enjoy yourself.

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