Taurus Monthly Horoscope November 2015

dead flowers, TaurusTaurus (20 April – 20 May)

There are lots of reasons to be happy as November gets underway and the first key planetary event involves the lovers, Venus and Mars, getting together in the heavens on the 3rd.

This is important for you because Venus is your ruling planet and Mars your partner planet. Put the two together and this feels amorous, loving and full of heart.

Plus Venus and Mars conjoin in your fellow earth sign Virgo and Virgo rules all the good things in your life, e.g. love affairs and romance, children and pregnancy, creative projects and self-expression, entertainment and fun. This adds the feel-good factor to life and whether you’re falling in love, making babies or showing off your unique skills and talents, do more of what you love.

Look out for other people who can help you in your personal goals and this links specifically to play rather than work, your fun-time, leisure, those activities which stir you, inspire you and seduce you into action. Life’s for living and when key planets are in Virgo, this is true for you.

The first two weeks of November are brilliant for upping the play factor in your life. Look into booking a holiday or trip away, sign up for a course that will motivate you or inspire you to make progress. Discover your passion and unleash it on the world.

If love is your thing and you’re looking for love, wanting more love, enjoying love, then November’s stars are right up your street. Not only are Venus and Mars in Virgo until the 8th and 12th respectively but this is Scorpio season and Scorpio rules your 1-to-1 relationships.

Take note of what happens on or around the 11th when there’s a New Moon in Scorpio, a symbol of new beginnings. This along with the Venus and Mars conjunction on the 3rd indicates that November is a top month for love and relationships.

It’s not a time to go it alone in any area of life now with the focus on people sectors in your chart. Communication planet Mercury is in Scorpio from the 2nd to the 20th and the Sun remains in Scorpio until the 22nd. You have to take other people’s opinions into account but you can also benefit from other people’s input.

Scorpio is an intense sign, a chance to get to know someone on a much deeper level. This might coincide with a soul-mate connection but it can just as easily mean that you connect with people you work with or whom you meet in your social circle.

Go a little deeper, enjoy your 1-to-1’s and ask questions that help you get to know other people on a different level. Move away from trivia and gossip and ask searching questions and be prepared to open your heart and delve deep into your imagination. The rewards will be worth it.

The focus turns towards your lifestyle from the 8th when your ruling planet Venus enters Libra, a sign in which she’s strong. Libra rules your working life and everyday routine, your lifestyle and your health and Libra is the sign of balance.

This means you’ll be striving for more peace and harmony not only within your working relationships but in your daily routine as well. You need and want to go with the flow whilst Venus is in Libra and it indicates that your interactions with other people make a big difference on how you feel and your own state of happiness.

This is not a time when you want conflict in your life and the easier your relationships in all spheres, the happier you are. So work at your 1-to-1’s, move away from people who you find difficult and gravitate towards those people who make you feel good about yourself. Focus on team work, bring people into your group, look after one another.

Venus does clash with two of the outer planets Pluto and Uranus on the 21st and 23rd respectively and this might show where you need to do things differently at work. What can you let go, where can you drop high expectations, where can you surrender control?

You might also find that things simply don’t work out during this three day period and what transpires raises your stress levels as you try to get a project or team of people on track. Again simplify your life and take the easy route wherever possible.

Money matters are highlighted in the last week of the month and this can be a questioning period for you with regard to joint finances and shared resources. The 25th/26th are incredibly powerful in this respect as there’s a Full Moon cutting across the money axis of your chart followed by a major aspect between Saturn square to Neptune.

You could find responsibilities wearing at this time or feel disillusioned about what you’re trying to achieve. Emotions are heightened and there’s confusion or uncertainty about what next. Remember that this is just a phase and on some level look at where you can let go and surrender to whatever life sends your way.

You might be dealing with past debts, a loss which impacts on you or simply be feeling the strain of the level of responsibility which comes with a mortgage, parenting, the conventions of society, etc.

What will help is to put a limit on your imagination and not let yourself fear the worst. Instead use your earth sign qualities to be practical and do what you can so you feel anchored and secure rather than adrift. Life will begin to stabilise once you sort things out head on.

For some of you, the last week of the month will present a different dilemma perhaps about how much you’re willing to give or help others. You might feel compelled to do charitable work and to look at where in life you can make a difference and put your money to good use. Do what feels right for you without giving in to guilt or worry.

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  1. Dear Sally, love the way you write! I wonder if people who know their birthtime look at their ascendent when reading your predictions. I read my rising sign right away and usually find it most apt. Are you doing your wonderful tennis predictions for the O2 which begins on the 15th? Only 8 of the best players are in it. Hope you’ve taken a look at this event as it means so much for the top 3 or 4. I ‘m sure lots of your fans and readers will be watching and hoping as much as I.

    1. dear Jackie, thank you. I do often suggest people read both their Sun sign and Ascendant sign so I hope so. I would love to predict the ATP finals which start today but I am too busy right now. I keep reading article after article about the stats of Djokovic. He remains the one to beat and they’re starting to say we can’t talk about the Big Four anymore (Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray) but we should be talking about the Big One. Will ATP confirm this? He’s won it the last three years so I guess so.

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