Taurus Monthly Horoscope June 2016

diving-261581_1920Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Communication planet Mercury completes its long, slow Journey through your sign of Taurus this month.

Mercury entered Taurus on April 5th and only leaves your sign on June 12th. This has been a long haul for Mercury which is usually one of the swifter moving planets.

Now is your chance to wrap up unfinished business or to sign and seal a deal or contract which began two months ago.

You might have to go over old ground to achieve this, retrace your steps, catch up with someone from your past but the week beginning June 6th will prove significant. Deal with bureaucracy efficiently and finalise paperwork so that you can move on.

Your ruling planet Venus is having none of this go slow business. Venus is now in the sociable, chatty, lively sign Gemini where she remains until the 17th. Gemini rules your personal money sector and this is a big month for money matters.

This is because both the New Moon on the 5th and the Full Moon on the 20th highlight the money axis of your chart and Saturn is firmly established in your joint finance sector. Saturn represents authority and Saturn’s immediate response is to say No rather than Yes.

Whilst Venus is in Gemini, you’re having none of this and you’ll be looking at every option available to you. Venus in Gemini is about seeking out new possibility and doesn’t want to listen to the person who says No or ‘this is impossible’.

This month more than most it’s important for you to use your capable earth sign qualities to discern between what’s reality and what’s fantasy. Where are the limitations around money, what can you achieve, where is there a loophole, a chance to move forward? Use your enquiring mind and don’t give in at the first hurdle.

In addition, use the New and Full Moons to initiate action (New) or to make a definite decision (Full) about money matters. Some compromises will have to be made and you can’t have everything your own way but focus your energy and attention on what matters to you most.

There will be times this month when you feel unsettled or unsure of what next but keep your eye on the future and don’t lose sight of hope. You will have a chance to do battle or be more powerful in August and September but for now, negotiate, work out what you can and can’t afford and look at new ways of improving your current financial situation.

You will start to feel more secure or on an even keel emotionally once Venus enters the home-loving sign of Cancer on the 17th. Three days later is the Solstice, the important mid-year marker when the Sun moves into Cancer. This denotes the longest or shortest day of the year depending where you live.

It’s almost the halfway point through the year and a chance to stop and reflect. Look back at the last six months and what you’ve achieved or what’s gone by the wayside and give yourself time to reassess what next, where you’re heading. Write things down, make a list, communicate your ideas.

Cancel rules communication in your chart and this is the ideal time to gather information, gain new knowledge and share your ideas with the people close to you. Through talking and exploring, you start to feel more connected, more grounded and you can start new initiatives and find people of like minds to help you further your personal goals and aims.

The weekend of the 25th/26 is especially significant in this respect. This would be a wonderful time to join in with a group of people, connect with others, seek inspiration and plan ahead. On the 26th, there’s the third and final Jupiter-Pluto aspect which has dominated the earth signs since October 2015.

This is about inspiration for you as it lights up the sectors of your chart which rule travel, study, creativity, entertainment and all the good things in life. This is about doing more of what you love and it’s a wonderful date to book a holiday, sign up for a course and expand your horizons. Dream big, and say yes to life.

Jupiter in Virgo highlights romance, children and pregnancy in your chart. This can be a buoyant period for you with regard to love and relationships and the end of June is particularly important in this respect. This is because of the planet Mars and what Mars has been up to over the last 10 weeks.

Mars rules passion and Mars is your partner planet. When Mars is on go slow, you know that something is likely to be repressed, buried, hidden from view. It’s not a time for action but more a time for research and analysis. You can learn a lot when Mars is on go slow but you have to turn your attention inward.

Throughout June, Mars is retrograde in your opposite sign of Scorpio ruling your one-to-one relationships, both personal and professional. This Mars is intense, deep, a simmering energy. It’s not easy to access except through anger, rage, irritation or frustration.

If you’ve been experiencing any problems or issues with regard to love or a close relationship, it’s the end of June when you can turn the situation around. On June 29th Mars turns direct after 10 weeks on go slow. This is a significant turning point and, along with the Jupiter-Pluto aspect on the 26th, it suggests the chance to bring resolution to a difficult or challenging period.

Mars is back up to full power and strong at the end of the month. This is good news for any activity where you want or need to channel your passion and energy. This includes your sex life, a powerful partnership or any area of life where you couple up rather than go it alone. Someone’s back on your side, on your team and not before time.

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  1. Hi Sally, I was wondering with Jupiter transiting the 5th if your clients have ever given birth to twins, since Jupiter really likes to expand? I am pregnant and Jupiter is transiting my 5th house. Twins are also in the family, so maybe? I had a dream about twins last night.

    1. hi Felicia, Gemini rules twins and there can often be a planet in Gemini which’s triggered when there are twins. But if it’s in the family and you had a dream about it, trust your instincts. Sounds very possible. best, Sally

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