Taurus Monthly Horoscope February 2016

Cologne Carnival, TaurusTaurus (20 April – 20 May)

The pesky antics of communication planet Mercury in your travel and study sector are over. Theoretically this means that early February is a good time to go on holiday, to book a trip, to sign up for a course. It seems however that things have changed and events on or around the weekend of the 6th/7th reveal the reason why.

At this time, your ruling planet Venus is in Capricorn like Mercury and the focus again returns to experiences and activities which broaden your horizons.

Yet Venus clashes with the Uranus/Pluto pair during this weekend and whether you’ve changed your mind or you’re unhappy with the reasons why your plans changed, you’re not taking life lightly. Be honest with yourself if you’re holding onto resentment or difficult emotions and deal with these before you make any final decisions.

It would make sense to wait for New Moon energy flooding in on the 8th before you set new intentions and put new plans in place. Plus on the 10th, Venus teams up in a stunning aspect with the planet of opportunity and growth, Jupiter, and this is prime time to get the best deal on a holiday, to find the course that is right you.

With strong emphasis on earth signs in the first half of the month, the more you embrace your passion and actively chase after what you love, the happier you are and the more fun you have. Focus on pleasure and make play high-priority in your life. Being around children awakens your own youthful spirit and the more you indulge in creative activities, the better. Being ruled by Venus, you are an artist at heart and you thrive when you’re in touch with your own artistic abilities.

This month, you’re not short on passion and this is because Mars, the planet which rules action and the libido, is strong in Scorpio. This is brilliant news for your 1 to 1 relationships as Scorpio is your opposite sign. One area of your life in which to channel your passion is love and relationships.

In fact, this is an important year in general for love and sex because Mars spends almost 9 months in either your relationship or sexuality sectors. This is where you can learn the most and for one reason or another you need to focus on what makes a good relationship, what you want when it comes to love and sex and how to get in touch with your inner passion.

As Mars is your partner planet, this means your other half or a new lover is most definitely in charge. It’s good news if you want to boost your sex life and it’s good news if you enjoy your relationship when your other half takes the lead and makes the running.

That’s not to say you’re entirely happy with all the focus on your other half and especially in the first two weeks of February you give as good as you get. When Venus and Mars meet in the heavens on the 7th, this shows equality, a share of strength.

Work hard at love and relationships this month as what you put in place now will carry you through until the latter quarter of the year. Don’t forget Valentines Day either especially if you’re in a relationship or married. The Moon is in your sign of Taurus and in a stunning trine aspect to Jupiter, perfect for celebrating love.

Mars in Scorpio also flags up a competitive situation, a formidable opponent, a strong adversary as Scorpio rules not only personal but professional relationships. If you’re up against someone else this month in a professional context, you’re up against stiff competition.

Yet one thing you shouldn’t do now is give up. The Sun is in your career sector until the 19th and the second half of February is especially important to you with regard to career matters. On the 13th, communication planet Mercury enters Aquarius and your career sector followed by Venus, planet of relating, on the 17th.

The pivotal date for work in February however is the 8th when the New Moon is at the peak of your chart. Use this new moon energy to take the initiative with regard to your work, whether you’re applying for a job, expanding what you do, learning new skills or getting excited about a new project.

This New Moon energy continues until the 22nd and its prime time to update technology, to expand your network, and to make the most of your connections. It’s all about what’s new when it comes to your career so the focus isn’t on what you’ve been doing for years or your whole life.

Instead it’s about where you’re heading, what you want to try that’s different and most importantly what gets you excited. Be willing to experiment and don’t get stuck in the past.

The best advice with regard to other people involved in your career or vocation is to win them over. Identify someone in a powerful role or influential position and team up with them. Remember too that it’s best to keep your enemies close and with Mars so powerful right now, this is doubly important.

Harness your own ambition, be bold in the month ahead and go all out to lead the life that’s right for you.

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