Taurus Monthly Horoscope December 2015

snow, TaurusTaurus (20 April – 20 May)

Your ruling planet Venus is on the move early in December as it enters sexy Scorpio on the 5th. This is prime time to focus on your intimate relationships and to work at partnership in general. Scorpio is your opposite sign and lights up your significant 1-to-1’s.

If you’re in a relationship or married, focus on love and romance and key dates to spend quality time together are the 11th, the 17th and Christmas Eve, the 24th. Go in deep when it comes to relationships and don’t take love for granted. The more you focus on what you want and need and you spend time listening to your partner, the more love flourishes.

If you’re looking for love, December’s a top month for flirting and kissing under the mistletoe and this is an especially positive month to meet someone new. Venus is in your relationship sector and Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and abundance, is in Virgo and your romance sector.

It’s a no-holds barred theme and if you play your cards right, you’ll be cosy-ing up over the festive period. Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day look special for love this year. If you want to get a commitment from your other half, you’re in the right place to talk marriage, sex, babies.

The same goes for New Years Eve as on the 30th your ruler Venus enters the party sign of Sagittarius and the Moon teams up with Jupiter. Once again the theme looks positive for making the most of love.

One area of your life that could be more of a bumpy ride is your work and routine, your lifestyle and health. Venus leaves Libra and this sector of your chart on the 5th where it’s strong and this leaves action planet Mars revving up in Libra, a sign it’s not happy in.

Mars is action and Libra takes its time. Mars wants to feed the ego whilst Libra cares about what other people think. Plus there are a couple of challenging aspects which connect to the Uranus-Pluto duo on the 6th and 11th. Mars squares Pluto on the first date and opposes Uranus on the second.

This is a volatile combination whether you’re dealing with difficult office politics or tempers are frayed. It’s not the time to take risks either physically or with your work status but instead, do your best to keep things calm and avoid anyone who’s angry or out of control.

For some, this might be the biggest issue when it comes to relationships as Mars is your partner planet. If they are enduring a tough time at work or health wise, you’ll feel for them. Encourage them to let off steam if this is the case but after the 11th to get back down to business and do whatever they can to streamline or simplify the situation.

If you can take a back seat at work this month, then slow things down sooner rather than later. This is especially the case if you sense that you’re on the wrong track with your work and you want/need a break so you can consider the bigger picture of where you’re heading and why. A philosophical or wider perspective on your life will help you define your goals for 2016.

The earth signs dominate after the 10th when communication planet Mercury enters Capricorn followed by the Sun on the 22nd. Capricorn rules travel, study, new experiences and the more you widen your horizons as the year comes to an end, the more inspired you become.

If you plan a few days away or you’re ready to book a holiday, go for it. Same goes if you want to widen your philosophy on life or explore a spiritual path. Line up some new adventures and experiences and dare to be different.

Money matters are also under the cosmic spotlight this month but it helps to team up with other people to keep expenses low. This can be a costly time of year but whether you’re pooling resources or setting up a Secret Santa with family, friends or colleagues, together you’re bigger and better.

In fact, you may find that you adopt a new policy this year that ‘less is more’. Plus you understand inherently that generosity doesn’t have to mean expensive presents but when you offer your time, your love and thoughtful attention, your gift is invaluable.

The New Moon on the 11th falls in Sagittarius and the sector of your chart which rules joint finances and shared resources. This is a positive time of year to bring your accounts up to date and to take the time to produce a financial review. The more you know where your money’s coming from and where it’s going to, the easier it is for you to plan for the future.

Pay attention to the details and create systems that enhance your understanding of money and finance. Ensure your finances are on track before a new year begins and you’ll be able to make super-fast progress in 2016.

Finally, there’s a Full Moon on Christmas Day in the home and family sign of Cancer. It’s a lovely symbol for family gatherings but for you there’s a social element to your Christmas stars too. Whether you’re catching up with friends or you enjoy the freedom of social media, reach out and connect with others and don’t feel that you have to do Christmas traditionally this year. New faces and new places are an integral part of your personal Christmas parcel.

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