Taurus May 2019

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Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Your planet, Venus, is playing catch up until the 15th. Venus remains in Aries and the most hidden sector of your horoscope until then. Aries represents privacy and secrets in your chart; it’s about being quiet and inner. It’s also about caring for yourself and taking care of other people.

Time Out

You may want more time to yourself in the first half of May, whether you enjoy solitary activities such as reading or journalling. Or you simply sit and are quiet. When Venus is in Aries, it’s an ideal time to tend for your inner life and gently stroke and soothe your inner critic.

You might have some big decisions to make this month too, perhaps regarding travel or study. At times, your dreams could seem beyond your reach, impossible to attain. 

Notice what happens when your planet Venus clashes with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and your travel and study sector on the 7th & 9th. Sometimes, this flags up fear and doubt or real obstacles in your path. Make sure you differentiate between the two.

Positive Money Vibes

Money plays a key role in your endeavours and this is a month to use your earthy common sense to see what’s possible and what’s not. Up until the 16th, action planet Mars is in Gemini and your personal money sector. This is potentially ambitious and gives you drive to earn more or sort out your financial situation. You want to make things happen and fast.

Also, you have expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and your joint finance sector. Jupiter’s positive vibes kick in on the 3rd & 9th, key dates to trust your luck and develop a strong inner faith. You may not believe in the Law of Attraction but Jupiter’s influence swells through positive affirmations and generosity of spirit.

Taurus New Moon

These dates fall close to the New Moon on the 4th and this is a special New Moon for you as it takes place in your star sign, Taurus. New Moons are brilliant for setting your intentions and starting afresh. They hold within them the promise of the new so make a wish when you first see the crescent Moon in the night sky. This will be on the night of the 5th or 6th.

This is a clear indication that this is your time of year. The Sun represents vitality and energy and it’s in Taurus until the 21st. Make the most of your birthday month and put yourself first. Line up some events that make you feel good about yourself. This might include pampering and looking after your body, your image and profile.

It would be a good time to work on yourself, whether you sign up for a personal development course or boost your skills and talents in some way. Invest in yourself now so you can be your best self moving forwards.

Turn your gaze towards the future and line up some new experiences and adventures for yourself. Work out what it is that’s holding you back and then take steps to find answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Full Moon Excitement

Remember too that you have Uranus, the planet of change, in your star sign, Taurus. It took up residence here in March 2019 and is strong this month on the 8th and 18th. In fact, the 18th could be a remarkable date for you. This is when Venus, your ruler, sits next to innovative Uranus.

Plus, this combination takes place on the same day as a Full Moon which graces the world with its light and beauty. Trust your intuition on or around the 18th, do something special and find a way to shine your light brightly. 

Love and money are under the spotlight during the Full Moon and things could happen quickly. You may be the one who leaps into action and acts spontaneously. Or perhaps, it’s your other half who treats you or surprises you in some way.

This Full Moon falls in Scorpio and your relationship sector and it cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac. This promises something special for love and relationships, whether you’re breaking free or falling in love. 

You have love planet, Venus, in your star sign from the 15th onwards. Make the most of this gorgeous influence and, once again, put yourself first. Kindness breeds kindness and love dominates over hate. Bring more beauty into the world just because you can and flex your artistic and creative muscles.

It’s All About You

For you, May’s big theme is about restoring your confidence and focusing primarily on yourself. You might find that other people are a boon to you once Mars enters Cancer and your communication sector on the 16th. This is ideal for networking and being part of your community. 

On the whole, turn your attention to you, consider where you’re heading and what next. It’s an excellent month to bring more stability into your life and practise gratitude for all that you have. You are the builder and creator of the zodiac, so tend to your garden and see what you can make grow.

Money matters kick in again on the 21st when there’s a lively Sun/Mercury conjunction in Gemini and your personal money sector. This is a great date to choose for an important meeting or conversation around money. 

You gain nothing now from staying put and limiting yourself to your comfort zone. Stretch beyond what you know. If Uranus pulls the rug out from under you, even more reason to reinvent yourself, let go of the past and move on.

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