Taurus March 2019

Taurus, water

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

This is an intriguing month for you. On some level, it’s a time when you’re focusing on what next and you have drive and ambition to get what you want. 

There are a couple of key astrological reasons for this. Firstly, your ruling planet, Venus, is in Aquarius and your career and vocation sector from the 1st until the 26th. Therefore, you’re not going to be satisfied with playing small in your life. This is an excellent month to dream up big goals for yourself and draw up a strategy or plan for what lies ahead.

The stand-out date is the 21st when Venus teams up with expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and your joint finance sector. This whole combination feels lucky for you. You may team up with someone close and benefit financially or you pull off a good deal that will set you up nicely for the future.

Also, you have the planet of action and energy, Mars, in your star sign, Taurus, until the 31st. Mars makes you more determined to get ahead and crack on with your personal goals and aims. Mars is a physical planet so it’s a good month to focus on your body and health, to get fit and work at self-improvement. 

However, do so without giving yourself a hard time. There’s a fine line here between ambition and success, overwork and self-punishment if you’re not achieving all that you think you should be. The planets are urging you on to do more. There are, however, other factors involved which indicate you’re wise to pace yourself and not over-extend yourself.

Also, Venus and Mars are the relationship planets in your horoscope, so this may be about a close partnership, either personal or professional. Both planets are currently in fixed star signs, which is great for will-power but also stubborn and unyielding. 

The two planets are in signs that clash and they do so on the 21st when Venus and Mars make a square aspect in the heavens. This is the day of a Full Moon in Libra, the sign of relating, so this whole combination feels contradictory and diverse.

You and someone close may have different ideas of where you’re heading and why. Perhaps, one of you is doing all the heavy lifting in the relationship and the balance of support is skewed. Be aware of this throughout the coming month. Look at how you can complement each other and be grateful for your differences rather than see them as a problem or issue.

This is potentially a tricky month for your 1-to-1’s and close encounters because communication planet Mercury is retrograde from the 5th until the 28th. Notoriously, this is a time when things are unclear and you don’t understand what other people are thinking or feeling.

Mercury is on go slow in Pisces, your friendship and group sector, and it’s here where there’s overwhelming emotion and sentimentality. The day after Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces, there’s a New Moon in Pisces on the 6th, which pulls in Pisces’ planet Neptune.

In fact, Mercury and Neptune are never far away from one another and they come together for the second time on the 24th. This is gorgeous for dreams and imagination, inspiration and connection. However, it’s also potentially confusing and elusive. Note that this weird and wonderful planetary aspect takes place in your friendship sector.

Therefore, you’re wise to go with the flow and not get too het up with other peoples’ decisions or words. You never know the truth of the situation when Mercury’s on go slow. Also, you may find your own thoughts and feelings around friends and group activities ebb and flow, chop and change. Keep your options open and don’t take interactions at face value..

The turning point comes on the 27th when your ruler Venus is in Pisces and teams up with innovative Uranus. This is the day before Mercury turns direct on the 28th and an ideal time to sort out any muddles or mix-ups that have taken place.

There is one other over-riding and important planetary factor that dominates the month’s activity. This is the fact that, on the 6th, there’s a once-in-a-lifetime transit of Uranus, the planet which rules technology, revolution, independence and individuality, as it enters your star sign Taurus. 

At least, it’s once-in-a-lifetime for the majority of people as it takes eighty-four years for Uranus to circuit the zodiac and this time around, Uranus remains in Taurus until 2026. 

This is a huge shift for your star sign Taurus and it could immediately bring significant change. Certainly, you’re likely to find yourself feeling restless or out of sorts as the month of March gets underway. 

Uranus in Taurus is something of a mis-match because Uranus rules change and Taurus is a fixed earth sign. If you don’t want to be moved, you can dig your heels into the ground and remain doggedly determined or stubborn.

Uranus brings something new to the mix – and then some. In fact, it may be hard to stay put or remain rooted with Uranus in your star sign. It doesn’t mean that you have to leap into something new straightaway. In fact, that wouldn’t be wise with Mercury already retrograde. 

In fact, it’s probably wise to wait until that key date, the 27th, when your ruler Venus aligns with Uranus. Then, you can start your personal process of change and innovation. Uranus in your star sign is encouraging you to embrace all things new and different.

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