Taurus June 2019

the moon, Taurus

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Your ruling planet, Venus, is in your star sign, Taurus until the 9th. Make the most of this, kick back, chill and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Notice where you’re being pulled or you called. This might be linked to travel or study, a desire to escape from some aspect of your life in the here and now. Take slow steps and consider your plans carefully.

Making Money

Money is one area that’s under the cosmic spotlight this month. In fact, it’s here where things could happen quickly. As June begins, talk planet Mercury remains strong in Gemini but only until the 4th. However, this coincides with a New Moon in Gemini on the 3rd. Plus, you have the Sun in your personal money sector until the 21st, the day of the Solstice.

Therefore, when it comes to money matters, keep on your toes, think quickly and make things happen. A New Moon is a gorgeous symbolism for new beginnings, taking the initiative and leaping into action. This is a positive New Moon for lining up an important business meeting, talking money and implementing new ideas.

Plus, on the 9th, your planet, Venus, moves into Gemini where it remains until the end of the month. Stay on your toes, keep things light and move fast. Encourage the flow of money and negotiate well.

Money Dreams

There is another dominant factor linked to your finances. Primarily, this is about the planet Jupiter, expansive, fortunate, a positive influence. Jupiter is spending most of this year in Sagittarius and your joint finance sector. 

This is about shared resources and any form of financial transaction. This includes inheritance, alimony, mortgage and taxes, savings and debts, money accrued and money owed. Plus, Jupiter is getting swept along in a big way throughout June. 

This has a lot to do with the boundless Jupiter-Neptune square aspect, one of the key astrological features of 2019. These two planets came together on January 13, 2019, they meet again on the 16th of this month and then connect for a final time on September 21, 2019. 

Jupiter and Neptune are both strong in their signs of rulership and together, they are a charitable, generous influence. Ultimately, they represent compassionate urges and are giving rather than taking. Wherever you find this combination in your horoscope is where you can take a leap of faith and tap into your dreams.

Charities & Fundraising

Neptune in Pisces lights up your friends and group sector, also your hopes and wishes. Put all this together and you may be involved in a fundraising event or be helping out someone you care about or a group you’re a member of.

The flip side can kick in, i.e. you are the one who’s gifted money or other people are there for you. Be open to receiving, practise the Law of Attraction and the art of gratitude and encourage the flow of abundance into your life.

This planetary activity is strong on the 9th and 10th, peaks during the Full Moon on the 17th and picks up speed again on the 23rd and 24th. The Full Moon is at the centre of this dynamic planetary activity. It falls across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac, highlighting the financial axis of your horoscope. 

Yes, there is a possibility to go over the top and be overly indulgent or for other people to over-promise. This is where your earth sign nature is invaluable, enabling you to make the right business decision or work out the nuts and bolts, the practicalities of any big goal or project.

Be Extraordinary 

Plus, there’s another planet in the mix, Saturn in Capricorn, a fellow earth sign. Saturn is the intermediary between Jupiter and Neptune, it holds them to task, keeps their enthusiasm tethered in a way that can turn dreams into reality. Consider who or what Saturn might be in your life. This could be a lawyer or judge; it could be a teacher or mentor.

Within yourself, it’s your ability to work out how you’re going to let your dreams fly high and this includes other people. You could be involved with something extraordinary this month, an event that takes off and makes a real difference within society or out in the world. If you believe deeply, angels and miracles are part of the magic.

Squabbles & Unrest

What’s happening, however, may not please everyone or you find yourself up against opposition. This might be because other people aren’t in agreement with you or you’re worried about someone else’s behaviour or who’s influencing them. It could be an issue with a sibling or neighbour, also someone within your local community. 

This is flagged up because of the position of Mercury (communication) and Mars (action). Mercury joins Mars in Cancer and your communication sector from the 4th to the 27th. The key period, however, is from the 14th to the 20th, when these two planets line up against the Saturn/Pluto/South Node combination.

This feels explosive, inflammatory and you can’t rule out a major argument or bust-up. You might be asked to decide whose side you’re on or find yourself caught up in the middle of a heated debate. As Mars is your partner planet, this could be what your partner’s involved in, their personal battle.

Take a Trip

The release comes at the Solstice on the 21st, the day the Sun moves into Cancer. This brings light to the situation and you see things differently. Use this opportunity to go somewhere new, experiment and shift your perspective on life. 

Take yourself off to Stonehenge, for example, and remind yourself of the wonders of the natural world. Being philosophical about life can be the way through any challenges or difficulties that arise. Home and family are also calling, once Mercury enters Leo and this sector of your horoscope on the 27th. 

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  1. Hi Sally, this is great! The only suggestion I would make is that it would be awesome if you could mention the degrees of each zodiac sign as it passes through the month. It’s not necessary, but would make a cool addition for those who know the degrees of their birth chart. Cheers.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hi Mel, thank you for your comment. I give the degrees of the key planetary movements in my newsletters – the paid weekly newsletter has all the information every week, the free monthly newsletter tends to focus on the lunations and the major planetary aspects. I want the horoscopes to be read by everyone whether you have astrological knowledge or not, hence my decision not to mention the degrees.

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