Taurus July 2020

Venus In Gemini

Your ruling planet Venus is moving forwards throughout July. Venus was retrograde from May 13th to June 25th. This can be a time when you’re playing a waiting game or find it more of a challenge to get things moving.

Also, there’s been a theme of subterfuge or things remaining hidden and this may have impacted on you financially. This is because Venus is continuing its long transit through Gemini and your personal money sector.

As Venus moves through this part of your horoscope, it’s a good time to reflect on your values and consider your self-worth. You may already sense there’s a shift in the way you earn or spend money and your financial values could be undergoing a transitional phase.

Unusually, Venus makes only one planetary aspect this month on the 27th. Venus and Neptune have been interwoven together since May, hence the theme of subterfuge. Yet, this is only one way these two planets play out.

Together, they represent art & beauty, dreams & the imagination. They can be extremely creative or inspirational when they work hand-in-hand. This is also about dissolution, trust and having faith that things will work out for you.

As a star sign that values security, both financial and emotional, you are moving into a new phase. You might become less interested in the trappings of the material world and more interested in freedom or pursuing a spiritual path. Find your purpose beyond the mundane and everyday. Explore these themes deeply throughout July.

Fiery Mars

Mars’ move into Aries also turns your attention inwards. The planet of action and speed is going to be in the most hidden sector of your horoscope for the second half of the year. You could be immersed in inner work or want to take time out to do research or decide what next.

Trust your instincts and don’t repress your natural intuition during this time. Notice where your anger goes and try not to turn it on yourself. Keep physically fit and let off steam if you notice you’re feeling pent up or tense.

This could out to be an argumentative month and the key dates are the 8th and 27th. This is when Mars clashes with Mercury, the communication planet, which can flag up a falling out or a difference of opinion.

Study & Learning

Talk planet Mercury is diving deep into Cancer up until the 12th and this is your communication sector. This is a nod towards studying or learning something new. You might be finding out facts or gaining new information. You could be waiting on someone else’s nod of approval while Mercury’s in retrograde.

Once Mercury turns direct on the 12th, the information you need often comes to light or you hear the news you’e been waiting for. Up until the 12th, things remain hidden from you. This theme is emphasised because of a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 5th cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac.

You might be waiting on exam results or want to hear more about a course or study programme. Travel falls under the Capricorn umbrella too and you could be making up your mind whether to book a trip – or not.

The eclipse on the 5th is the last eclipse in a cycle that began in July 2018. What have you learned or discovered over the last two years? How have you developed your self in some significant way.

This is about learning and knowledge, the bigger picture, the part you play within the world. Your beliefs are powerful now and this is a time when you need something greater than yourself to believe in.

New Moon

This month’s New Moon also lights up the study and communication sector of your horoscope. It falls in Cancer on the 20th, following on from last month’s Solar or New Moon eclipse in the same star sign.

Traditionally, a New Moon symbols new beginnings. Yet, with the Sun opposite Saturn, something might have to come to an end before you can move forwards.

Who or what are you up against this month? Where do you need to find your voice, to speak your mind? This is a recurring theme for you in the month of July. Sometimes, it’s when you can’t have you want that the stubborn and determined side of your Taurus nature kicks into action.

Finally, the Sun’s move into Leo on the 22nd lights up the home and family sector of your horoscope. This is a good time to reach out to loved ones and organise some social get-togethers. Stay safe and bask in the glow of loving connections.

7 thoughts on “Taurus July 2020”

  1. Older and wiser

    I’m shutting up on shop for the rest of 2020 ! Have felt a desire for solitude and not to be encumbered by others since mid week with Mars moving into my Aries 12th and Saturn backing out of Aqua 10th. Sometimes feel amazed by how I feel these changes in the energies.

    Expecting Cap new moon in mid-January 2021 when Mars crosses ascendant and Saturn with Jupiter into 10th as a time when I’m going to get back out there. Back to researching and writing at home until then.

  2. Having a truly awful time. As of today 13 July had another breakdown of relations with my daughter she is 50 I am 71. I am Taurus I really can’t go through this again as I seem to always do the wrong things. I want to know if this will change I am desperate to know if I am to go through the rest of my life in this misery

    1. Hi Jenni, I’m sorry to hear things are tough for you. I suspect the answers to your troubles aren’t going to be found within astrology. You may find turning points through astrology, i.e. once the Sun is in Virgo on August 20th, this brings light and clarity to the sector of your horoscope that rules children. Yet, with all relationship issues, you often need to seek an outside source to help ease the opposition that occurs between two people, i.e. a mediator, a third person. As a Buddhist, remember the power of faith too – it requires surrender and a sense of letting go. Try not to give yourself a hard time – do the best you can and start with being kind and caring to yourself. Sending best wishes.

  3. Further to my comment I am supposed to be a Buddhist and am failing at that as I seem to be useless at compassion and love for others

  4. Hi Sally,

    I recently came across you and your work and must say very fascinating! I have a silly question- I am born on May 19th.. Would you say my attributes are closer to a Taurean based on my birthdayor do I fall into some kind of a cusp with Gemini as my birthday is closer to the 20th of May?

    Thank you!

    1. It’s not a silly question at all. The time the Sun moves from one star sign to the next changes slightly each year. So, yes, it is worth finding out which Sun sign you are. Having said that you can be reasonably confident that you are a Sun Taurus if your birthday is 19th May.

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