Taurus July 2016

Ireland, TaurusTaurus (20 April – 20 May)

Life is beginning to pick up speed this month and you can start to look ahead to what next.

As July begins, your ruling planet Venus is in Cancer and the sector of your chart which rules communication, ideas and all matters relating to the written and spoken word.

This is not a month to keep yourself to yourself but instead spread your net wide to connect with other people and share what you know. This is about community and learning that there’s not only safety in numbers but added brain power, more ideas, the belief that together you’re bigger and better.

You might be connecting on-line and drawing new people into your life. This is a wonderful time to make new friends and to find people of like minds who inspire you. You might want to join in with your local community close to home and this sector of your chart also rules siblings and neighbours. This is where opportunity lies in the month ahead so make the most of it.

This month, the New Moon takes place in Cancer on the 4th, Independence Day. This is a brilliant date to launch a new initiative, to start a petition, to go back to school, to reach out to other people.

Plus two weeks later on the 19th, the Full Moon takes place cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac highlighting travel, study and what you believe in. This is a powerful date to take a trip away, book a holiday or course and to be open to new experiences and adventure.

The planets suggest that this month it’s time to get rid of whatever’s outdated and old in your life, the things you no longer need or no longer benefit you. This is also related to your mindset and your beliefs and anything or anyone who holds you back in life. It’s time for a fresh approach and doing things differently.

There may be occasions when you find it more difficult to trust yourself and your instincts and the 7th and 29th are especially challenging in this respect. If you’re let down or life surprises you in some way, work at letting go of your expectations and see whether a new path opens up for you. Sometimes it’s when life doesn’t work out the way you want it to that you feel liberated to strike out in a new direction.

The big news for you this month is the fact that action planet Mars is back up to speed in your opposite sign of Scorpio. This is a strong Mars and as Mars is linked to partnership in your chart, look out for someone who steps in to help or guide you in the month ahead. The 6th is the date to note.

This might be someone who can fight your corner, a powerful individual who’s ready to defend you or work for you. Mars teams up with all the personal planets in Cancer and your communication sector this month. It starts with Venus (relating) on the 6th, Mercury (communication) on the 11th and finally the Sun (identity) on the 17th.

This indicates that together you are powerful so look to creating strong partnerships both in your personal and professional life. This is good news for joint ventures and finding the right individuals to work with on a 1-to-1 basis whatever your personal goals.

Mars in Scorpio is also exciting news for your love life. If you’re in a relationship or married, you’re back where you were earlier in the year when Mars was strong in Scorpio in January and February.  This time around, it’s easier to talk about the things that matter between you, however difficult or sensitive the issues. Work at intimacy and connect on a deep level.

If you’re looking for love, Mars in Scorpio highlights a charismatic individual, someone who wafts into your life and wins you over. The 1st and 6th are the most intriguing dates for love so look out for the person you meet early in the month.

Money matters too feel more stable now after a challenging few months. Yet this remains a time when you’re wise to be cautious and conservative with your cash. An agreement you make on or around the 20th can help you stabilise your future security.

As the month progresses, the planets begin to move into the sign of Leo down at the base of your chart. The most important date for you is the 12th when your ruling planet Venus enters Leo and your home and family sector.

This is about your roots, your connection to the past and where you’re from. You might take a trip down memory lane and return to the place you were when you were born or catch up with family from your past.

Roots and heritage are important now too especially if you’re ready to branch out and lay down new foundations. Where do you call home? What does family mean to you? These questions will be foreground in your life as July progresses.

Look out too for a lucky coincidence which points you in a new path close to the 27th and go wherever life leads you. This remains a wonderful period to make the most of life, to embrace fun and bring more play into your life on a daily basis.

Bounteous Jupiter connects with your ruler Venus on the 1st, a lucky date for you, but also a reminder that the more you put into your life, the more you get back in return. This is especially good news for romance, children & pregnancy and creative projects.

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